Big Savings on Animal Garden Statues

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueSculptures of animals are a beautiful addition to any garden. They add a wonderful touch of natural beauty to the backyard and are symbolic displays of such attributes as luck (elephant statues), freedom (horse statues), powerful beauty (tiger sculptures), and nobility (statues of lions). The beauty of a high quality animal yard statue also makes it a popular conversation piece for a hotel or other place of business as well as a private backyard. When you buy certain animal garden statues today and tomorrow, you will get even more of a return on your investment because all of our on sale animal statues get an additional 20% discount as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale!

Among the animal sculptures included in this fine summer deal are Mombasa the Giraffe and the Galapagos Tortoise Statue. At eight feet in height, Mombasa will literally stand heads above you and all of your guests whereas the Galapagos Tortoise Statue is an incredibly realistic depiction of one of the most interesting animals on the planet. These items are just two of the animal garden statues in our collection destined to be conversation pieces at any home, hotel, or restaurant foyer. Their realism will make them a hit among kids of all ages and you will love the big discount when purchased by tomorrow.

Order these animal garden sculptures and any other on sale item by the end of tomorrow, July 22nd and enjoy a 20% discount!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Animal Garden Statues from Down Under

Tasmanian Devil StatueAustralia is a place of wonder and enchantment. The Great Barrier Reef harbors thousands of colorful fish, anemones, and other sea creatures while the isolation experienced by that southern continent resulted in a wide variety of unique and incredible animals. Kangaroos hop across open grasslands dotted with Eucalyptus groves, and Bottlebrush trees, and bizarre duck-billed Platypus swim in quiet creeks. It's a place that every world traveler hopes to visit but even if you can't make it to Down Under this vacation, you can still bring the flavor of that beautiful land to your yard with certain animal garden sculptures.

One of the most mysterious of all Australian animals is a Canine-like creature known as the Thylacine. Although it might look like a combination of a tiger and a dog, this predator is actually a marsupial and thus more closely related to kangaroos! Sadly, the Thylacine is believed to have gone extinct in Tasmania in the first half of the twentieth century but occasional unverified sightings provide some hope that this secretive creature may still roam wild areas in Tasmania and parts of the Australian mainland. Historically, it coexisted with the infamous Tasmanian Devil, a small, tough, marsupial that uses its strong jaws to crack open the bones of carrion.

Find realistic, quality resin garden statues of these two Australian animals and hundreds of other quality decor items at Design Toscano today.

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Everyone Loves Outdoor Animal Statues

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueGarden statuary has become a very popular part of the modern day backyard. In fact, ask most people who spend time in their backyard and they might even say that outdoor garden statues are pretty much an essential part of their garden. Statuary might take the form of a small welcome sign, a few garden gnomes, or a fantastic display of full-size Greek garden statues but no matter how big or small, some type of garden sculpture is typically present. However, If you are just getting started with decorating the garden, picking out the right sculptures can be a challenge. You may have always felt intrigued by Buddha statues but you also love dragon sculptures. A big stone angel looks majestic but maybe a couple of small garden fairies would be better when just starting out with backyard decor?

If you aren't sure about which resin garden statues to buy, start out with an ever popular favorite genre of backyard decor, that of the animal yard statue. Most people enjoy animal garden statues and put them on display whether they have a Gothic-themed yard or a panoply of fantastic, classic statues. One of the great things about animal garden statues is that you can always find one that will fit into any type of decorating theme. Something like a Meerkat Statue can also add an incredibly cute touch to the backyard while a Shadowed Panther Sculpture shows the captivating, natural beauty of a jungle predator on the prowl.

Buy $75 or more of animal garden sculptures, other types of garden statuary, and any items from Design Toscano until the end of today, July 14th, and pay nothing for regular shipping!

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The Virtues of the Tortoise Statue

Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron StatueAnimals have been associated with certain attributes since people started drawing on the walls of caves thousands of years ago. Owls have often been used as a symbol for wisdom and longevity, royal lions are featured on the crests of a number of noble families, and elephants are said to bring good luck to those who put pachyderm images and sculptures on display. Another lesser known animal that has also been viewed as a symbol of longevity, good luck, and wisdom is the lowly tortoise. Although this ancient order of reptiles might not look as pretty as a macaw or cute as a Meerkat, they win hearts with their good natured, harmless appearance and patient attitude.

The positive attributes and unique look of the tortoise have actually made it one of the more popular and enduring of animal garden statues. People have put sculptures of this characteristic reptile in gardens for more than a thousand years to bring luck to their home and family, and because they add a wholesome, happy look to any garden. The low height of the tortoise makes it an excellent choice for an animal yard statue that can provide a natural look to the backyard while looking right at home with its surroundings. Like the actual, live tortoises that actually do enter gardens in certain parts of the world, the tortoise statue makes for innocuous, naturally interesting decor.

Find beautiful statues of tortoises and hundreds of other realistic animal garden statues at Design Toscano today.

Buy $75 or more of garden statuary and other items from Design Toscano until Sunday, July 14th, and pay nothing for regular shipping!

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Animal Garden Sculptures that Show the Stars of the Animal World

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger SculptureOur planet plays host to an amazing number of species and creatures great and small occur just about everywhere. Life can be found from the coldest, darkest depths of the oceans to the steamy jungles of the Amazon but we don't pay much attention to the vast majority of those life forms. This is because most are microscopic, insects, or small sea creatures that are all too easy to ignore.  Ask almost anyone if they know what a tiger or panda is, though, and they will give an accurate description. It's the big and bold animals that are the stars of the animal world and these also happen to be the ones that look best when displayed in garden statue form.

Some animals dazzle by merit of their ferocious appearance while others show striking patterns and bright colors. The Tiger combines both of these aspects better than any other animal and thus makes an excellent subject for a breathtaking animal yard statue. The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture shows the power and incredible beauty of this big cat with accurate, exquisite details. Pair it with such beautiful statues as the King of the Beasts Lion Sculpture and Tian Shan the Asian Panda Sculpture and your garden will show some of the most eye-catching, incredible animal stars of our world.

Find these exquisite sculptures and dozens of other beautiful animal garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Last Chance to Save 20% on Garden Statuary and Everything Else as Part of our Fourth of July Sale

Guzzling Gulp Black Bear Garden FountainAnother Fourth of July has come and gone but you still have one more day to get a 20% discount on any of the fantastic animal garden statues, Gothic tables, and other quality items available at the Design Toscano site. Buy garden fairies for your backyard by the end of today and you can take 20% off. That includes such beautiful, enchanting sculptures as the Fairy of the West Wind and the Sunflower Fairy Statue. Both of these fairy statues demonstrate quality with a high detailed, lifelike appearance and a soothing two-toned finish. Use these fine garden statues to give the backyard an exquisite magical touch. They also make excellent gifts for any gardener!

Outdoor garden water fountains also make very fitting gifts for gardeners and anyone who enjoys their backyard. The Guzzling Gulp Black Bear Fountain blends the natural beauty of a realistic animal yard statue with the refreshing sights and sounds of bubbling water. To blend the heavenly beauty and inspiration of a stone garden angel with the soothing sounds of falling water, you can't go wrong with the Resting Grace Angel Garden Fountain. Put this beautiful sculptural fountain in the backyard and you might find yourself feeling as at peace as the beautiful angel relaxing by the fountain.

Buy these items and anything else on our site by the end of today, July 5th, and get a 20% discount!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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How to Find Savings on Beautiful Animal Garden Sculptures

"Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan" StatueThe animal yard statue is essential decor for any garden. Animal sculptures celebrate the beauty of nature and can give the backyard a dramatic yet peaceful touch. There is also an animal garden statue that will fit into every decorating theme and many are wonderful decor for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. However, you won't find high quality, unique animal statues at the corner store. High quality sculptures of animals might eventually be located at a store in your city but they will probably cost a lot more than you expected to pay. Follow these two tips and you will always find high quality animal statues for great low prices:

  • Shop for them at the Design Toscano site: We only carry high quality animal statues because all of the sculptures in our collection are commissioned or carefully selected. In addition to being beautiful works of art, we can sell them for excellent prices because we distribute them right from our warehouse.
  • Sales: We hold sales on animal statues and other items on a regular basis. In fact, speaking of sales, if you buy any animal sculptures between today and July 5th, you get a 20% discount! This makes today the perfect time for buying and saving on a fantastic tiger sculpture, and cute animal sculptures like Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan.

Find the best animal statues and other excellent decor for home, garden, and business for the best prices at Design Toscano.

Buy anything on our site between today and July 5th and get a 20% discount as part of our 4th of July Sale!.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Three Signs that the Time Has Come for Buying a Meerkat Statue

The Meerkat Family SculptureMeerkats have to be one of the cutest animals on the planet. Since they are small, furry, can stand on two legs, and have a mischievous masked appearance, they more than meet the requirements for being downright adorable. It would be wonderful to have real live Meerkats in the garden but unless you live in the Kalahari Desert, you will have to settle for sculptures of these beautiful creatures instead. Luckily, we have a fine collection of very realistic Meerkat sculptures. If you aren't sure that the time has arrived for buying one or two Meerkat statues, the following signs should help:

  • The gnomes and fairies are looking lonely: If those garden gnomes and fairy statues seem like they could use some company, you couldn't ask for a better statue than a Meerkat. The beyond adorable appearance and size of the Meerkat Family Sculpture makes it a perfect accompaniment to garden gnomes, trolls, and fairies.
  • You don't have any animal garden statues: A Meerkat makes for an excellent first animal yard statue. It doesn't look very wild, easily fits in with other decor, and adds a cute touch to any backyard.
  • You could use a "welcome" sculpture: Every garden should have a sculpture that literally welcomes guests. Make them smile with the Meerkat Menagerie Welcome Sculpture.

Find the best in Meerkat decor and outdoor resin garden statues at Design Toscano. Buy these and any other items on our site between today and July 5th and get a 20% discount as part of our 4th of July Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Gargoyles in the Garden, Greenmen on the Trees, Oh My!

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set - LargeThere are many ways to decorate the garden. Plant enough flowers and prune the vegetation and the backyard becomes filled with natural decor. Put several stone garden angels and replicas of breathtaking classic garden statues on display and your green space will begin to resemble an authentic Victorian garden. Buddha statues and other Asian-themed sculptures can turn a generic backyard into a fantastic Chinese or Japanese themed garden, and the right set of animal garden statues will add a wild, natural touch to even the most urban of yards. As exciting as these garden decorating ideas sound, they still might not be very appealing to fans of Gothic decor. Fortunately, when you shop at Design Toscano for backyard statuary, there are plenty of sculptures that give the backyard a wonderfully Gothic, Druidic, or mystical touch.

Gargoyles can be used to flank the entranceway to the garden or back door to the home with absolutely regal results. With its open fanged mouth, glaring eyes, and crouched posture, the Argos Sentinel Statue is perfect for this purpose. The fun Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures, on the other hand, look more at home guarding a bed of flowers.

Another essential statue for a Gothic-themed garden is the greenman sculpture. These mystical statues have been used in Europe for hundreds of years and fantastic decor such as the Oak King Wall Sculpture continue to add a mysterious, magical touch touch to modern day gardens.

Find the most realistic Greenman statues, gargoyles, and Gothic garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Save 20% on Tropical Garden Statuary and Decor

Revenge of the Great White Shark SculptureToday, June 23rd, marks the final day to get 20% off any of the items in our tropical collection as part of our Dive into Summer Sale. If you thought about getting some beautiful, unique decor for the pool, backyard, or inside of your home this summer, don't wait until tomorrow to place your order unless you want pay full price for striking, functional decor like the Lono Grand Tiki Sculptural Table. This fun, unforgettable item is carefully crafted with faux wood-grained resin to resemble the actual wooden Tiki statues found on many a Polynesian island. The Lono table looks even better when the Kanaloa Grand Tiki Sculptural Table serves drinks on the other side of the pool.

For unique, tropical seating, you can't go wrong with the Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab Chair. Guests will feel like the king or queen of the sea when they relax in this unique chair. In addition to providing you and party guests with a fun place to sit, this furniture item also works as an animal yard sculpture.

Speaking of animal garden statues, there are several animals sculptures found in our tropical collection. These include such breathtaking, dramatic sculptures as the Revenge of the Great White Shark, and easy going party favorites like the Just Chillin Tiki Parrot statue.

Order these and other quality decor from our tropical collection by the end of today, June 23rd, and get a 20% discount.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Two Garden Statuary Essentials for the Summer

French Quarter Garden BenchJune is such a beautiful time of the year. After months of snow, brown grass, and bare branches, the backyard beckons with a fresh green lawn, nesting birds, and trees filled with greenery. The weather is warm, the pool looks great, and you spend most of your time in the garden. This summer, add to the natural beauty of your personal backyard oasis with quality resin garden statues and the right type of decor. That would include such essentials as:

  • A garden bench: We put a lot of time and effort into planting and weeding the garden and putting up a detailed animal yard statue or two but how many of us remember to buy garden furniture? The French Quarter Garden Bench provides an elegant place to sit and read a wonderful book while being surrounded by the decorated beauty of your backyard. The cozy appeal of this bench also makes it an ideal spot to share with your favorite person.
  • Bird bath statues: Use endearing statuary to add atmosphere to the yard while providing the birds with a place to bathe. Sophie in her Sundress and Angelica's Garden Bounty combine the innocent, angelic beauty of children with the functionality of an elegant basin that can hold rainwater, cut flowers, or bird seed.

Save on these items and hundreds of other high quality garden statues and decor at Design Toscano today.

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Animal Garden Statues for Dad

Catch of the Day Grand Bear SculptureFather's Day will be here soon but that doesn't change the fact that many of us still need to buy a gift for Dad. The funny thing about Father's Day gifts is that they can be the easiest of presents to find or the most difficult. This ironic situation stems from so many Dads being easy to please because they don't seem to want anything. This is why we buy ties, maybe a tool set, or some other common, useful item for Father's Day. Nevertheless, even though most Dads are happy to get a new tie, the majority are going to be much happier to get a more memorable, unique gift for their special day.

Whether Dad weeds the garden or only uses his backyard space to enjoy a cold drink while reading the paper by the pool, he just might be thrilled to get an animal yard statue this Father's Day. If he goes fishing and loves the great outdoors, he will love the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture. This work of art is one of our most realistic statues and captures the essence of a wild bear as it catches a salmon from a rushing river. Dad might also like animal statues like the Shadowed Predator Black Panther or the fun Snapping Swamp Gator.

Find the most memorable animal garden sculptures and gifts for Father's Day at Design Toscano.

Get great discounts from today until June 7th as part of our Father's Day Tiered Sale:

$20 off orders of $100 to $199

$50 off orders of $200 to $399

$100 off orders of $400 and higher!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.


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Enjoy Big Savings on Garden Statuary Starting Today!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueFather's Day is approaching fast but it's not too late to buy Dad unique, high quality gifts from Design Toscano. Nor is it too late to find great savings on our animal garden statues and other decor when purchased from today until June 7th. To help celebrate Father's Day, we are holding a tiered sale that rewards you with discounts that range from $20 to $100 when ordering any items on our site from today until Friday, June 7th.

For example, on orders of $100 to $199, you get $20 off. That means that if you buy a beautiful animal yard statue like the striking Shadowed Predator Black Panther, it might be better to add something along the lines of the Spirit of Nottingham Woods Greenman Sculpture to the order to enjoy a $20 discount. However, if you would rather get a full $50 off of your order, including a Large Bigfoot Statue will do the trick by pushing the amount over $200.

To get the biggest savings, though, make sure that your order exceeds $400. It only takes one stunning Hawthorne Collection Wing Chair to enjoy a $100 discount!

From now until June 7th, the more you buy, the more you save with the Father's Day Tiered Sale at Design Toscano.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Green Lizard Animal Garden Statues

"Veiled Chameleon" StatueLizards are a common sight in warm, sunny climates. They frequent the gardens of Mediterranean villas, and the backyards of homes in desert regions. In tropical countries, geckos also live in people's houses. However, for people who live in places with more northern, temperate climates, lizards are only found in terrariums and the local zoo. Small lizards are a welcome sight just about wherever they occur because these fun little reptiles feed on bugs, many of which are considered to be pests. They don't bother people and with their textured skin and green coloration, look like living animal sculptures.

However, even if you live in Alaska, you can still add the beauty and unique personality of garden lizards to the home and backyard with realistic lizard statues. Get the Giant Garden Gecko Lizard sculpture and you can decorate the walls of garden and home interior with a big green, glossy, yellow-toed Gecko. This striking lizard statue is slightly over a yard in length and makes a beautiful, unique statement as it hangs head-down on your wall.

Complement that big green gecko with a lifelike statue of a beautiful chameleon. Although our Veiled Chameleon can't change its colors, its mesmerizing shades of green and blue will blend in with the greenery in your backyard.

Add unique flair to your summer garden with these and other beautiful animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano.

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This Summer, Decorate Your Trees with Animal Garden Statues

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueFortunate indeed are people with yards graced by tall, majestic Sugar Maples and old, Live Oaks. Trees provide shade, nesting sites for birds, and add a stately natural touch to any property. However, as nice as trees look on their own, they look even better when you touch them up with the right type of decor. Greenmen help bring trees to life by giving them personality but certain animal garden sculptures can help a tree take center stage in any backyard.

Put Pongo, the Hanging Baby Orangutan on your favorite backyard tree to decorate it with one of the cutest ape statues you have ever seen. Guests will marvel over the lifelike appearance of baby Pongo as he dangles from his rope swing. This unique animal yard statue is painted by hand and carefully crafted to mimic the reddish fur and appearance of the actual big apes that frequent the canopy of Indonesian rainforests.

Complement Pongo with the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. This high quality animal statue is so realistic that guests and neighbors will wonder if you have a live Chimpanzee living in your backyard. This and Pongo are also excellent decor for a restaurant or hotel.

For a wilder, more colorful animal statue, try the Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue. This beautiful, very realistic sculpture of a young Tiger comes with a "branch" that can be attached to a tree with slot and block connections.

Get 20% off these items, other high quality resin garden statues, and anything from our site when ordered by the end of today, May 28th!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Last Day to Get 20% Off New Garden Statuary and Other New Arrivals at Design Toscano

Giant Loggerhead Sea Turtle StatueHere at Design Toscano, it's always exciting to see our new decor and objets d'art arrive at the warehouse. Many of these items are replicas of beautiful antiques and works of art that have graced European cathedrals, Victorian gardens and private villas, and show their history with elegant, stunning details. Such new, high quality decorations aren't usually the items that one expects to find on sale but when you order any of our new arrivals by the end of today, May 15th, you can indeed get a 20% discount on that purchase! To showcase the beauty and creativity of our new arrivals, we have held a sale on them for the past couple of days.

Today, May 15th, however, is definitely the final day of this sale so don't wait to save on realistic animal garden sculptures like the Giant Loggerhead Sea Turtle Statue. This detailed animal decor looks so incredibly real that guests might wonder if you have an actual sea turtle on display in your yard. Put it by the pool or near a garden pond for full effect.

You will also save on high quality Greek garden statues like Susanna and The Elders. This exquisite garden statue expresses the same emotions and dramatic beauty as the Baroque French original.

Save 20% on these and other new arrivals when ordering today, May 15th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Keep the Backyard Cool with Arctic Animal Garden Statues

The Polar Bear on the Prowl StatueMay is here and with it comes beautiful warm weather and great days for helping your garden grow. The summer months are just around the corner and most of us can't wait to revel in the hot weather of June, July, and August. At the same time, we know how important it is to stay cool when it gets a little too hot for comfort. To keep cool in the upcoming hot days of summer, many of us go for a refreshing dip in the pool, or sit in the shade with a cold, ice-filled drink in hand. Use the right set of garden statuary and just looking at it might also make you feel comfortably cool on those muggy, hot days of summer.

Put the Polar Bear on the Prowl statue in the yard and you can be reminded of the freezing cold ice floes far to the north where this big arctic predator lives. In Europe, the Polar Bear  is also known as the "Ice Bear" in many places and this is an accurate description for this truly Arctic species. This top predator mostly feeds on seals, including the hefty Male Bull Fur Seal. Although the cold conditions are similar on the other end of the globe, Polar Bears don't occur in Antarctica. Instead, we see flocks of captivating penguins, including the regal King Penguin, another excellent reminder of a much colder place than your summer garden.

Enjoy a 20% discount on the stunning, new animal garden sculptures mentioned above and any of our other new arrivals from today until Wednesday, May 15th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Entertain Garden Guests with Fantastic Gargoyle Figurines

Legend of the Cambridge Hopping Gargoyle SculptureWe use garden statuary for a number of reasons. A beautiful stone garden angel can transform an ordinary backyard into a classic place of peace. Realistic animal garden statues add a wild, beautiful touch to a backyard with carefully crafted details. Resin garden statues can also be used to augment the personality of your personal green space while reflecting your interest in the fantasy genre, a belief system, or love of the outdoors. Statuary can of course also be used to entertain guests and certain gargoyle statues accomplish this in a frighteningly easy manner.

Garden guests won't help but notice the Legend of the Cambridge Hopping Gargoyle Statue. The sly grin on the devilish face of this modern gargoyle shows that it is clearly up to no good. Resting on its haunches, it looks ready to hop through your yard on large, clawed feet, and take flight with long, bat-like wings. You can further entertain your guests by telling them that this gargoyle statue is inspired by unexplained sets of strange, hopping  gargoyle-like prints that have shown up around Cambridge, England on several occasions.

Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons Gargoyle Statue, is another sculpture destined to be a topic of conversation. As this detailed gargoyle sits atop a Gothic plinth, it ponders its next move with an evil grin.

Buy these excellent gargoyle statues and any other sale item from today until Friday, May 10th, and get a 20% discount as part of our Virtual Warehouse Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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One More Day to Save on Sculptures for Outside!

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden StatueMother's Day is such an important holiday that we decided to extend our Mother's Day Weekend Sale for one more day. This means that you can still get 20% off any of our items as long as you buy them by the end of today, April 30th! It's a chance to pay less for unique and impressive sculptures like our Bigfoot Statue. This signature, modern classic comes in three different sizes to make it work in any type of garden and also acts an an excellent conversation piece in restaurants and hotels.

Order by the end of today and you can also get a 20% discount on beautiful, timeless bronze statues such as the Spitting Asian Dragon. Made in the traditional lost-wax tradition, this bronze sculpture is an authentic replica of exquisite bronze serpentine dragons that grace Chinese gardens and monasteries. If you would rather decorate the yard with a Medieval dragon, put the Dragon of Falkenberg on display or surprise guests by decorating the flowerbed with a realistic skull of a dragon!

Of course, outdoor sculptures aren't just limited to mythological creatures. We also have dozens of awe-inspiring, classic angel statues like the Angel of Patience sculpture, beautiful animal garden statues, and a host of Greek garden statues.

Buy these beautiful garden statues and hundreds of other unique, high quality decor at Design Toscano by the end of today, April 30th and get a 20% discount as part of our Mother's Day Weekend Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Order Today and Get a 25% Discount on Garden Statuary and Everything Else from Design Toscano!

It's April 19th, 2013 and this date marks a sudden, 12 hour Flash Sale at Design Toscano! If you are checking out our site today, reward yourself by getting a nice 25% Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpturediscount off your purchase! Just place your order today, April 19th and you can enjoy big savings on a beautiful new stone garden angel, exquisite interior decor from our Basil Street Gallery, wall decor, and other items on our site.

Now is the time to buy and save on that angel you have always wanted. Buy our popular Music from Heaven Angel Statue to add charm and the peaceful sound of wind chimes to your backyard. Even if no sound came from this statue, it would still be an elegant, breathtaking piece of garden statuary. However, it becomes simply sublime when the chimes on her harp play with the slightest breeze.

Or, if your garden could use an animal yard statue or two (and which garden doesn't), buy animal garden sculptures today and take 25% off. This includes striking,  realistic statuary like Zairen the Zebra and The Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture. Both of these statues show the type of careful detail found in all of our realistic animal garden sculptures.

Enjoy 25% off anything on our site but this Flash Sale only lasts for 12 hours so place your order now!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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