Impressive Wall Art at the Basil Street Gallery

Wing of Icarus Sculptural Wall FriezeThe walls of the home and business are ideal places to display high quality decor. When a guest or client walks through the front door, wall art is one of the first things they notice. Such decor is often situated at eye level, and stands out from other, more mundane aspects of the room. Since this type of decor is in the right place to make a big first impression, it becomes important to use impressive, high quality items that make a statement about your home, tastes, or place of business.

Basil Street is the best place to look for such high quality wall art because there are dozens and dozens of beautiful pieces for excellent prices. One those many wall decor items is the Wing of Icarus Sculptural Metal Wall Frieze. This striking metal sculpture is carefully hammered out and polished by hand to give it a detailed, classic appearance. Use this three foot long metal sculpture to complement your collection of classic antique replicas, or for highlighting a room with a bit of classic texture.

Classic wall decor at Basil Street also comes in the form of The Torso of Adonis Bas-Relief Wall Frieze, Le Bouquet Grand Sculptural Wall Frieze, and the splendid Royal Cartouche Sculptural Wall Frieze among many other beautiful items.

Get $75 or more of wall decor, garden statues, and other items on our site until June 21st and pay nothing for shipping.

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Free Shipping for Basil Street Gallery Decor

Ancient Tree of LifeOur Basil Street collection is where we keep fine interior decor, exquisite objets d'art, and other items that stand out in terms of quality and beauty. Shopping for fine decor at Basil Street is always exciting, especially when searching for unique gifts and new decor for the garden and interior of the home because there are dozens of beautiful items that just can't be found anywhere else. However, shop at Basil Street today and tomorrow, and you can also enjoy free regular shipping.

To pay nothing for shipping on beautiful Basil Street items, buy $75 or more of best-selling wall decor like the Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture. Hand-painted in faux bronze verdigris, the texture and beauty of this striking wall decor lends a storied look to any room. Pair it with the Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze to highlight the home with an additional, tranquil touch.

You can also save on shipping costs for new Basil Street decor. The Folk Art Wall Statue is a classic addition to any display of maritime-themed items, while "The Accolade" Statue is a beautifully detailed item that lends a classy, medieval touch to any room.

Buy $75 or more of garden statues or other exquisite decor from our collection and pay nothing for regular shipping.

This sale ends on May31st  cannot be combined with other offers.

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Last Day to Save 20% on Lovely, New Garden Statuary and Design Toscano Interior Decor

Ogling Outdoor OwlsToday, our Memorial Day sale comes to an end. It's important to know if you want to enjoy 20% off anything on our site. That's right, buy any of the beautiful garden sculptures, Gothic decor, or unique items in the Basil Street Gallery today and you can enjoy a 20% discount.

The 20% savings are also valid for our New Arrivals, including unique resin garden statues like the "Ogling Outdoor Owls" Garden Statues. These fun, modernistic animal garden statues are a creative addition to any backyard and place of business. Pair them with the funny "Tower of Frog Power" Garden Statue for more savings on creative backyard decor. If the backyard would look better with a realistic animal yard statue, you might also want to save 20% on the "Climbing Cubs Black Bear Statue".

Exquisite interior decor is also on sale including best-selling Basil Street items like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble, and the classy Versailles Telephone. These and other fine decor from Basil Street lend an elegant touch to any home.

Take 20% off any of the beautiful decor and high quality garden statues on our site when purchased today, May 26th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Show Appreciation for Mom with Beautiful Garden Statuary Gifts

In God's Grace Angel StatueEach year, at the end of April, many of us spend a fair amount of time looking for the best Mother's Day gift. We want to give her something equal to or better than last year's present while also demonstrating our deep appreciation for Mom. Even if you always give Mom a fantastic gift, at our site, you can still find plenty of suitable options including fine objets d'art in the Basil Street Gallery, and a wide range of high quality resin garden statues.

This Mother's Day, why not show your appreciation for the most special person in your life with a beautiful statue of an angel? The popular In God's Grace Angel Statue is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys a positive, beautifully detailed sculpture that never fails to inspire.

If Mom's garden could use a classic angel statue, we also have a wide variety of beautiful angels including the lovely Tranquil Guardian Angel Statue, and the Nature's Blessing Angel Garden Statue.

At Basil Street, there are literally hundreds of wonderful gift ideas, including exquisite tabletop accents like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble, and striking wall art like The Torso of Adonis Bas-Relief Wall Frieze.

Take 20% off any of the high quality decor, garden statues, and other unique items on our site until April 30th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Visit the Basil Street Gallery for Beautiful Asian Decor

Forbidden City Asian Console TableThere comes a time when everyone needs new decor. The occasion might be a new place of residence, holiday, hosting an event, or just because the home needs a new look. Whether that new look involves a complete home make-over, or a few new items for the living room, you might want to consider Asian-themed decor. High quality Asian decorations lend the home a classy, exotic touch, and the best place to find beautiful, affordable Asian-themed statues, wall decor, and art is at Basil Street.

We reserve space in our Basil Street collection for the most elegant of sculptures, objets d'art, and other unique items for home and business. Browse our Asian gallery to find classy, artistic furniture like the "Forbidden City" Asian Console Table. Modeled after fine, 17th century Ming dynasty furniture, this solid hardwood console table makes an elegant statement in any home. This work of art looks especially nice when used for displaying other Asian gallery items like the Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture.

Browse our Asian gallery and you will also find breathtaking wall decor items like the mesmerizing Tibetan Sculptural Dragon Wall Mask and the stunning "Bali Lotus" Sculptural Wall Frieze. These Asian-themed pieces will make an impression on every client or house guest, and are just two of several fantastic wall decor works of art in our Asian gallery.

Find the best selection of fine decor for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Last Call for Free Shipping of Design Toscano Decor

St. Michael the ArchangelThe weekend is coming to an end along with free shipping on purchases of $75 or more. Take advantage of this offer today to save money on regular shipping costs for fine interior decor, new animal garden sculptures, and other unique items in our collection. Could the home use new wall decor? Buy and save on the fantastic St. Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze to decorate with a dramatic, classic work of art. This eye-catching wall frieze is carefully modeled after the famous 17th century Italian painting by Guido Reni.

Find this frieze, objets d'art, and other fine decor in our Basil Street collection. This is also the best place to look for unique, exquisite gifts, and artistic lighting like the Majestic Maiden Art Deco Illuminated Sculpture.  This lovely piece adds beauty to a room with a silver-colored, classy female form surrounded by soothing, soft golden light. Pair this illuminated sculpture with the stunning Film Noir Art Deco Mirrored Accent Table and other fine art deco items at Basil Street.

Free shipping is also possible for several animal garden statues. Simon the Fox Garden Statue lends a classy touch to any yard, and the Lioness of Namibia Statue gives the backyard a wild, beautiful look.

Buy $75 or more of exquisite Basil Street Gallery decor, garden statues, and anything else in our collection, and pay nothing for regular shipping.

This offer ends on March 22nd and can't be combined with other offers.

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Celebrate St. Pat's with Discounts on Unique Garden Statuary

Sitting Baby Deer FawnHappy Saint Patrick's day! Whether you have Irish heritage or not, this is always a fun day to show off your favorite green shirt and celebrate with family and friends. At Design Toscano, we are marking this special day with a 20% discount on any of the items in our collection. Everything from beautiful garden statues to exquisite interior decor in on sale, today only.

Shop our collection today and save on fantastic new animal garden statues like the Sitting Baby Deer Fawn Cast Bronze Garden Statue. This lovely bronze lends a timeless look to any garden. Put it next to a favorite flowerbed or a backyard pond to impress all of your guests with this heirloom piece.

You can also save on animal statues meant to put a smile on the face of every garden guest. Skyler, the Climbing Squirrel Statue is perfect for giving the garden a unique, cheerful touch. Pair him with the "Strike a Pose Zen Yoga Frog" for more savings on unique animal garden sculptures.

Don't forget to also save on unique decor for the interior of home and business. You will find our finest selection of exquisite interior items in the Basil Street Gallery, including beautiful illuminated sculptures, amazing wall decor, and more.

Enjoy 20% off quality resin garden statues and anything else in our collection, today only, March 17th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Final Day for 20% Off Exquisite Basil Street Gallery Decor

Chateau Chambord ClockWe have a large collection of decor for every decorating theme but that doesn't stop us from reviewing and collecting more decor throughout the year. Not all of the decor makes it into our collection but the garden statues, interior decor, and other items that do "make the grade" must show a certain degree of quality and creativity. Of those items that make it into the collection, we carry out a second round of inspection to pick out the decor to be featured at Basil Street.

Only the most exquisite of items make it into Basil Street and when you buy any of those decorations, wall art, and garden statues today, you can also take 20% off. We gave a lot of beautiful items on sale, including elegant tabletop accents like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble and the Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden Sculptural Vessel. Both of these high quality pieces lend a detailed, beautiful touch to any home, especially when displayed on a mantel, or on fine, antique replica furniture.  

Speaking of furniture, Basil Street is also an excellent place to find unique furniture items like the Columns of Corinth Shelves, and the Grand Duchess Boudoir Stool.

Enjoy a 20% discount off any Basil Street Gallery items today, March 10th.

This sale ends today and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Two Day 20% Discount on Fine Basil Street Gallery Décor

Kendall Manor Stained GlassWe all love to decorate both home and business with the finest of high quality decor but most people are constrained by a bit of a budget. This keeps us searching for sales and deals on high quality garden statuary until we discover the best place to shop. Even if you already knew that our gallery of fine decor at Basil Street was the best place find great deals on exquisite garden statues, the deals are even better today and tomorrow because we are offering 20% off everything at Basil Street!

Purchase any of our beautiful Basil Street decor by tomorrow, March 10th and you can take 20% off. That means 20% off striking wall decor like the St. Michael the Archangel Wall Frieze, and the Last Supper Wall Frieze. Both of these are beautiful, textured representations of famous paintings that add depth and class to any room.

You can also enjoy savings on elegant stained glass decor like the Kendall Manor Stained Glass Window and the stunning Delaney Manor Stained Glass Window. The jewel-like colors of these works of art lend a cheerful, regal touch to the home. Complement them and save more with classy furniture like the Marceau Half Crescent Hall Bench and the Baroque Leaf Salon Mirror.

Enjoy 20% off any of the unique decor in our Basil Street collection until tomorrow, March 10th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Beautiful Urns and Vases from the Basil Street Gallery

Salon Michele Art Nouvea VaseCould the home or place of business use new interior decor? Since we all need to change up our interior decor from time to time, it's good to think about decorating options whether the home needs new decor now, or at some later time. One of the essential and classic types of interior decor is the urn. Beautiful urns and vases lend an elegant touch to any room while also making it easy to showcase our favorite flower and plant cuttings.

The Salon Michele Art Nouveau Vase is one of several elegant, eye-catching vases at Basil Street. This beautiful vase is directly cast from a 19th century original and shows gold and ivory colors that can highlight a variety of flower cuttings.

The Salon Michele Vase also pairs well with the Carlisle Cherubs Centerpiece Urn. The cherubs, claw-foot base, and bright faux gold and lovely blue colors work together to make this antique replica a true centerpiece item.

Egyptian-themed vases can also be found at Basil Street, including the eye-catching Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase. This beautiful vase is modeled after original works of art found in the tombs of the pharaohs and thus has a similar, regal appearance. Pair this beauty with the colorful Peacock Bud Vase

Shop at Basil Street for an excellent and varied selection of high quality interior decor, objets d'art, and unique garden statuary.

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Free Shipping for $50 or More of High Quality Garden Statues

Fairy of the West WindWhy pay for shipping if you don't have to? Shipping fees add up to extra costs that we would rather use for snacks, gifts, or more garden statues for the backyard. This weekend, you won't have to pay for shipping when buying beautiful decor from the Design Toscano site as long as you purchase $50 or more. This offer makes it easier to buy new animal garden statues for the spring, including beauties like Touco the Tropical Toucan Sculpture on Ring Perch and the Rock Hopper Penguin Statue. Use these fun bird statues to give your garden a new spring makeover.

Saving on shipping costs also makes it easier to buy fantastic garden fairies. The Fairy of the West Wing Sitting Statue adds an enchanting, detailed touch to every garden. Before the weather turns warm, this lovely, leaf-garbed fairy also lends a magical touch to a library or book shelf. Pair her with the equally exquisite Sunflower Fairy Statue to take advantage of this free shipping weekend.

This weekend is also a good time to buy unique gifts in the Basil Street Gallery for special friends and loved ones. The Dragonfly Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp is just one of dozens of fine gift ideas at Basil Street.

Buy $50 or more of resin garden statues and other items from Design Toscano and pay nothing for shipping.

This offers lasts from February 6th to February 8th and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Beautiful Egyptian Art for Less at Design Toscano

King Tut Wall SculptureEgyptian decorations can be breathtaking, especially when they are crafted with care and show the same colors and style as paintings and decor from the tombs of the pharaohs. We carry a wide variety of Egyptian-themed items because we love the beauty and ancient regal appearance of decor pertaining to the Egyptian genre. Many stunning Egyptian items are also on sale including regal pieces fit for a pharaoh. One such work of wall decor art is the King Tutankhamen Wall Sculpture. Modeled after relics found in the tomb of the boy king, the features of that ancient Egyptian ruler extend eight inches from the wall.

In addition to beautiful, eye-catching wall decor, you can also save on unique Egyptian furniture. The Egyptian Goddess Eset Glass-Topped Table is a wonderful way to showcase Egyptian-themed objets d'art or other favorite decor. Like other Egyptian items, this sculptural table shows the regal golden colors and unique details of the ancient Egyptian genre. Pair this table and save more with the fantastic Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Glass-Topped Console.

Beautiful Egyptian vases are also featured at Basil Street including the Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase and the equally stunning Wadjet Sculptural Egyptian Vase.

Find the best prices on the best selection of Egyptian decorations and fine decor for any theme at Design Toscano.

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25% Off Anything at Design Toscano, Today Only!

Bentley Grand-Scale ArmchairIt's winter, cold outside, and we all miss our beautiful summer gardens. We thought that a flash sale would add a bright note to these dark, winter doldrums so today, we are offering 25% off everything in our collection! Take advantage of this big discount to save on stunning furniture, unique gifts, and anything else on our site.

Do you love to sit back with a good book in a cozy chair? If that sounds inviting, you might want to treat yourself to big savings on the beautiful Bentley Grand-Scale Armchair. This wonderful, spacious chair helps you curl up with a favorite book in classic, elegant comfort. Buy it today and you can also take a very comfortable 25% off!

If you know anyone with a birthday coming up, browse the Basil Street Gallery for big savings on hundreds of unique gift ideas. Francois, the Parisian Art Deco Butler is a fine, unique present for anyone who enjoys the art deco genre and creative, functional art.

Illuminated sculptures at Basil Street also make wonderful gifts. The Elegant Slumber Art Deco Illuminated Sculpture is a beautiful piece that combines lighting with creative class.

Buy any of the beautiful decor, Egyptian art, and other items in our collection and take 25% off, today only!

This offer is only good for today, January 16th, and cannot be combined with other offers. 

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Benefits of Basil Street Gallery Décor for Any Business

Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee TableDecor has a number of functions. It can be used in the backyard to lend a bit of character to our personal green oases. We use interior decor to help turn an apartment or house into a personalized home. Decor can also be used for illumination, and furniture like the Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table can help you serve drinks in unique style. However, fine decor can also be successfully used outside the home, especially in a place of business.

When we walk into a store, hotel, or restaurant, we want to feel welcomed. We are more likely to make a purchase, enjoy our stay, or at least talk about the place of business if we feel "at home", are treated like royalty, or are pleasantly surprised and entertained by our surroundings. The right type of decor helps make this happen, and some of the best decorations for this purpose can be found at Basil Street. The Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp is a unique and elegant way to provide lighting for a store, restaurant, or hotel. To make an even bigger impression on customers and guests, pair it with the Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp.

Clients can also be given a royal, classic welcome with decor like The Rose Garland Sculptural Pedestal and the Venus of Arles Sculpture.

Find the best selection of beautiful garden statues and unique decor more at Design Toscano.

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Tell Us What You Think and You Could Win $200 Off Beautiful Garden Statuary!

Zombie of MontclaireAt Design Toscano, we love to hear about high quality, unique resin garden statues and beautiful decor. In fact, we love hearing about it so much, we are willing to give $200 to someone who writes a review about a favorite item from our collection. To enter the contest, all you have to do is pick out and write a review about one of your favorite animal garden sculptures, a favorite from the Basil Street Gallery, or other unique decor purchased from our collection.

We suggest writing about a favorite item because it's always easier to write about the things we like the most. Tell us why you like it, how you put it on display, and why you bought it. If you have a special story you would like to tell about the decor in question, we are all ears! Did your Bigfoot Statue make an unforgettable impression on the neighbor's kids or your holiday guests? Tell us all about it! Did The Zombie of Montclaire Moors play an especially frightening role in your Halloween display? We would love to hear about that too!

Write a review about your favorite garden statuary, stone garden angel, or other item from our collection of fine decor and have a chance to win a $200 gift certificate!

This contest ends on January 15th and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Take 20% Off High Quality Garden Statues in the Basil Street Gallery

Head Above Giraffe Floor LampAnyone who has shopped for resin garden statues is aware of the huge difference between cheap, poor quality sculptures, and stunning, high quality decor. Although we only include high quality statues in our collection, we reserve places in Basil Street for the most artistic and unique of sculptures. Shop at Basil Street when you need to find stunning gifts, fantastic interior decor, and statues that you won't find anywhere else.

Browse the gallery and you will also find wonderful African-themed items like the Heads Above Giraffe Floor Lamp, and Shaka, the Zulu Warrior King Sculpture. Both of these items showcase famous aspects of African culture and the Giraffe Floor Lamp is one of the more unique means of adding light to a room.

In Basil Street, you will also find a high quality replica of the Venus of Arles sculpture. The statue that this sculpture is a replica of was discovered in the southern French (and formerly Roman) city of Arles during the 17th century. Currently on display in the Louvre, this stunning sculpture lends a classy look to any garden. Complement Venus with the lovely Hebe with Urn Sculpture, and another replica of a famous Louvre work of art, The Dying Slave Statue.

Save 20% on high quality garden statuary and any of the unique décor in our collection until January 31st, 2014.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Final Day to Save Big on Fantastic Basil Street Gallery Decor

Art Deco Peacock MaidensThis is the last day of our Family and Friends Sale and the perfect time to take one last look for high quality decor for yourself or the final few people on the list. If you still haven't found the right gifts, it's time to check Basil Street. Since this is where we put the most unique and exquisite items in our collection, it's no surprise that the objets d'art and decor in Basil Street make fantastic gifts.

Shop at Basil Street today and you can save big on artistic, eye-catching, tabletop accents. The Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue is just one of many fine accents at Basil Street. This unique, illuminated decor lends soft, romantic lighting and an elegant touch to any room. It also pairs especially well with the Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp.

You can also save big on beautiful accent furniture including the popular Sixteenth-Century Italian Globe Bar. If this functional decor was simply a decoration and nothing else, it would still add a classy touch to a living room, den, or office. However, since it also acts as an elegant bar with rolling casters, this unique decor is a fun, wonderful addition wherever it is put on display.   

Buy any of the beautiful decor in our Basil Street collection or other Design Toscano items and take 25% off.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Free Shipping on Fantastic Basil Street Gallery Decor

Viennese Pressed Metal Ceiling SculptureThe holidays are here and the sooner we cross off the name of the last person on our lists, the easier it is to just sit back and enjoy the holidays. Buying gifts online saves a lot of time and money, and when you need unique gifts, it's also the easiest option. It also helps when you know where to find a large selection of high quality gift ideas.

At Design Toscano, we reserve places for our most exquisite items in our Basil Street Collection. This way, we already know where to go when we need to find a gift for the most special people on our lists. Since we are also offering free regular shipping today and tomorrow, this is also an excellent time to pick out fine gifts for all of the remaining people on the gift list.

Shop Basil Street to find fantastic wall decor like the Viennese Pressed Metal Ceiling Tile Wall Sculpture and the Wing of Icarus Sculptural Metal Wall Frieze. These are just two of several stunning wall decorations at Basil Street. You will also find high quality replicas of such classic paintings as the Lady with an Ermine, and a wide variety of striking tabletop accents including the Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue.

Buy any of the beautiful objets d'art and other fine decor at Basil Street until Saturday, December 6th, and pay nothing for regular shipping.

This cannot be combined with other offers.

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Big Cyber Monday Discounts on Garden Statuary and Fantastic Décor at Design Toscano

Twinkle Toes Fairy StatueThe Thanksgiving Day weekend is over and shopping for the holiday season has had its official start. However, don't worry if you missed out on all of those Black Friday sales because you can still save big on holiday gifts by shopping at sites that celebrate Cyber Monday! We happen to celebrate this unofficial holiday and are marking it by offering 25% off everything! Take 25% off garden fairies, beautiful decor in our Basil Street Gallery, fine antique replica furniture, and more.

The Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue makes a wonderful gift for folks who love the fantasy genre and enjoy relaxing in the garden with a good book. Like the other fairies in our collection, Twinkle Toes is crafted with realistic, life-like details, and adds an enchanting touch to any garden or sun room.

Take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale and shop for unique gifts at Basil Street. The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture is a fine gift for anyone with an appreciation for unique lighting, and classic, artistic decor. Pair it with the Versailles Telephone to boost the unique flavor of your gift and enjoy even more savings during holiday shopping. 

Enjoy 25% off beautiful resin garden statues and everything else on our site today, December 1st only!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.


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Black Friday Bargains on Beautiful Resin Garden Statues!

Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden Sculptural VesselIt's the day after Turkey Day and the holiday weekend continues with the biggest shopping day of the year; Black Friday! This day is filled with bargains but they come at a price that includes crowds of frenzied shoppers, traffic jams, and occasional fights over merchandise. It's enough to just make you want to stay indoors and feast on Thanksgiving leftovers. However, if we don't venture out into the cold, we miss out on all of those Black Friday bargains. Well, that's the rumor but it happens to be false because you can take 25% off garden statuary and unique gifts at Design Toscano from the comfort and warmth of your home.

After eating a hot turkey sandwich with a side of cranberry sauce, shop for amazing Black Friday gifts at the Basil Street Gallery. The Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden Sculptural Vessel makes a fine gift for anyone who appreciates beautiful, high quality decor. The claw-foot design, sculpted maidens, and bright blue and gold colors give this piece a striking, distinguished appearance.

Basil Street is also the best place to find great deals on artistic clocks, including the Teardrop Melting Clock Sculptural Timepiece. This surreal desktop decor is a unique addition to any collection.  

Take 25% off these beautiful items and anything at the Design Toscano site from today until November 30th!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers. 

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