Order $75 or More from the Basil Street Gallery and Enjoy Free Regular Shipping

The Italian Garden Hand-Painted Oval Wall MasterpieceHead to Basil Street to find exquisite objets d'art, interior decor, and breathtaking garden statuary. While browsing our collection of high quality decor, keep in mind that when you order $75 or more of any items between today and tomorrow (March 17th), you don't have to pay anything for regular shipping. That offer makes this weekend the perfect chance to avoid paying any shipping fees when you order $75 or more in beautiful new decor such as the sleek Art Deco Panther on the Prowl statue or the eye-catching unique Cherry on Top Modern Statue. Both of these statues will add an elegant modern touch to the office or any room in the house.

It's the ideal occasion for buying quality replicas of beautiful works of art such as that of the Renaissance period Madonna della Seggiola or Monet's Waterlillies. Both of these replicas are displayed in elegant, gold-toned frames and are classic decor for any room. You can also opt for original works of art like the Italian Garden Hand-Painted Oval Wall Masterpiece, a beautiful, solid wood piece that is carefully painted with vibrant colors by expert hands.

Find these and hundreds of other high quality decor items in our Basil Street Collection.

Enjoy free regular shipping until March 17th with purchases of $75 or more!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Browse the Basil Street Gallery for Fine Tabletop Accents

Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra EnsembleTables are essential pieces of furniture. We use them for dining, as temporary desks, and sometimes as a place to put books and other items. However, they also make wonderful places for putting a variety of decor on display. Some of that decor provides lighting for romantic evenings while other items help to add character to a room. The best in unique tabletop accents can be found in our Basil Street collection and include objets d'art suited for everything from homes that use Egyptian decorations to abodes in search of Old World elegance.

Get the Egyptian Pharaoh Altar Candle Holder Statues to blend the ancient beauty of Egyptian art with tabletop functions. These fine candleholder statues of Egyptian Viziers display the fine colors of ancient Egypt with striking faux gold and ebony hues. This fine decor can hold tealights or tapered candles and are inspired by seers that were used by the Pharaohs to divine the future by peering into sacred flames.

Add opulent elegance to the top of your dining table with the gorgeous Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble. These stunning, artistic accents help illuminate your dinners with ornate details and show the time with a Roman numeral, quartz clock flanked by two Greek maidens and supported by Cherubim.

Bring quality decor into the home with these and other excellent tabletop accents from Design Toscano.

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Shop at The Basil Street Gallery for Unique, Elegant Tabletop Accents

Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated StatueHome decor comes in many forms. Buy elegant, artistic furniture for the living room and it becomes automatically decorated with functional works of art. Hang a beautiful frieze over the fireplace and your den can take on a truly royal appearance. Other types of decor are smaller and suited for desks and tabletops. These smaller items are essential for adding details that are an expression of elegance and exquisite taste and the best place to find them is in our Basil Street Collection.

Browse Basil Street to look for stunning, beautiful items like the Berkshire Hall Fine Ceramic Urn. Whether used to hold something or not, the eye-catching, gorgeous blue and faux gold colors, and intricate claw-footed base turns this urn into a fantastic piece of regal decor. Match it with other royal blue and gold items like the Eye of Horus Ceramic Vase.

Elegance is also expressed with the Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue. This work of art provides soft, romantic lighting held by twin sculptures of two elegant maidens. It can be appreciated from every angle and is decorated with tiny faux jewels. Add soft lighting to another room with the beautiful Goddess of the Stars Art Deco Illuminated Statue.

Order any of these charming items and resin garden statues by the end of today, February 17th, and pay nothing for shipping!

Free shipping is only availablefor items that incur normal shipping costs.

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Free Shipping This Weekend on Garden Statuary Purchases!

The Templeton Regulator Wall ClockCelebrate the third weekend in February with free standard shipping when ordering  items from Design Toscano! From today until Sunday, February 17th, if you buy any of our objets d'art, animal garden statues, or other unique decor, it gets shipped to your home for free (as long as they would normally incur regular shipping costs). Take advantage this weekend and save on shipping costs on gifts like The Templeton Regulator Wall Clock. This exquisite clock is functional decor with an open heart design that exposes its artistic, efficient engineering.

Buy a Masters of Western Philosophy Statue Set for friends and family members who appreciate science, literature, and learning. This trio of detailed sculptures includes small statues of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Put them on your work desk and in your library for inspiration to gain knowledge and understanding.

You could also always reward yourself with elegant decor from our Basil Street Gallery. All of the items in the Basil Street collection are chosen for their quality and unique, classy appearance. Get simply classic wall decor such as the Paris Metro Wall Frieze or a beautiful replica of an antique painting.

No matter what you decide to buy this weekend, you pay nothing for standard shipping.

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Final Day to Get 20% Off Garden Statuary and More as Part of Our Anniversary Sale

Neoclassical Egyptian Revival ChairHappy Valentine's Day from all of us here at Design Toscano! We hope that you have a fun, romantic February 14th and while celebrating this special day with friends and loved ones, we hope that you also take the time to take advantage of the final day of our Anniversary Sale. Order any of the objets d'art, garden fairies, and other unique decor items from our site by the end of today and you enjoy a 20% discount!

That sale includes beautiful Egyptian decorations and stunning furniture like the Neoclassical Egyptian Revival Chair. This elegant chair is a functional work of art that lends a classic look to every home. Combine it with the Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise to give your home an absolutely stunning set of furniture.

Buy and save on resin garden statues to decorate the backyard during warm weather and the inside of your home at other times of the year. Buy detailed angel sculptures like the Angel's Garden Blessings Statue and the Nature's Blessing Angel Statue to celebrate the beauty and peace of garden angel statues.

Don't forget to also take a look in the Basil Street Gallery to find the best in unique, high quality decor for your home and office.

Order any of these and other items on the Design Toscano site by the end of today, February 14th, and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Accent the Home with Beauty from the Basil Street Gallery

The winter is the perfect time to add beauty to the home with stunning decor. Why wait until spring or The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpturesummer when your home could use a bit of extra color in the form of Egyptian decorations or art with beauty that vanquishes the winter blues? Many of our most exquisite home decor items are found in our Basil Street collection and when you order them by the end of today, you get 20% off the regular price!

Combine lighting with sculptural beauty by ordering items like the Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture. The elegant curves of the figure in this lamp are highlighted by the soft glow of the frosted glass globe. Don't be surprised if you want to leave this light on at all times on account of its artistic beauty.

The Bershire Hall Urn will add a beautiful touch to hallways or a living room. A replica of French sculptural urns from the 18th century, the gorgeous blue ceramic of this item is simply breathtaking. Its regal appearance is highlighted by faux gold leaf and exquisite details such as a claw foot base and ornately carved side maidens. It will look even more stunning when placed on top of the Venetian Doges Solid Marble Column!

Order these beautiful items, stunning Egyptian art, and anything else in the Basil Street collection by the end of today (January 24th) and get 20% off the regular price!



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Save 20% on Exquisite Décor from the Basil Street Gallery Today and Tomorrow Only

Fine decor can turn an average room into a chamber fit for royalty. It can help to inspire conversation in a Count Nikolay Faberge-Style Enameled Egg Collection Set of Twohome, office, or business and can be a reflection of the person who lives and works there. The right type of decor can also affect our moods and those of our guests and clients. For these reasons, it's worth it to pick out decor that is both unique and of a certain, high quality. These are the types of decorations found in our Basil Street collection and when you order anything from the gallery today or tomorrow, you can take 20% off the regular price!

Breathtaking new decor such as beautiful Count Nicolay Faberge-Style Enameled Eggs are included in this sale. These beautiful objets d'art are modeled after 17th century works of art created by Carl Faberge and add a stunning touch to any room with sparkling faux crystals on a bright, shining blue field.

You will also get 20% off beautiful furniture items like the Forbidden City Asian Console Table. This Asian-themed decor is inspired by antique Chinese console tables from the Ming dynasty era and is carved from solid hardwoods.

Forbidden City Asian Console Table

Find these beautiful items, Egyptian art, Medieval home decor, and hundreds of other high quality decor in our Basil Street collection.

Order anything from Basil Street today and tomorrow (January 24th) and get 20% off the regular price!

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Get 20% off Egyptian Art and Everything Else at Design Toscano!

King Tutankhamen Wall SculptureToday marks the start of our End of the Year sale and that means 20% off everything on our site from December 27th until January 2nd! It's a chance to save on stunning Egyptian home decor, exquisite resin garden statues, and the beautiful objets d'art and decor in the Basil Street Gallery.

Buy beautiful decor like the eye-catching Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment and the breathtaking King Tutankhamen Wall Sculpture. Both of these sculptures will make a statement on the walls of your home and office and are replicas of ancient Egyptian works of art. While visitors and clients will probably recognize the King Tutankhamen sculpture, you can tell them that the wall pediment is a "Ur-Uatchti", a winged sun disk meant to protect Egyptian temples against evil.

Save on unique garden statuary like our Snapping Swamp Gator, Bigfoot, and dramatic sculptures of  angels. The Snapping Swamp Gator is an incredibly lifelike resin representation of an angry alligator. Put it next to the pool to fascinate and entertain your garden guests. Get one of our signature detailed Bigfoot sculptures and neighbors might report sightings of the Great American Ape from your backyard. Our angel collection is simply breathtaking and includes statues for every type of backyard.

Order these and other items from Design Toscano between today and January 2nd and get 20% off the regular price as part of our End of the Year sale! 

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Last Chance until Christmas to Find Garden Statuary Gifts and More!

It's the 21st of December and we are definitely hitting the home stretch to Christmas, 2012. Kids of all ages The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Tablecan hardly wait to open their gifts on that special day, we look forward to sharing it with family members, and quite a few of us still need to buy presents! With Christmas just a few days away, it's really now or never so pick out those last few items you need and buy them today.

If you are stuck in the frustrating quagmire of holiday indecision, that special gift item idea is probably found by thinking outside the box. You can start by browsing through our Basil Street Gallery. All of the decor, objets d'art, and other items in this online gallery are as high in quality as they are unique. You will find fantastic illuminated statues like the Art Deco Peacock Maidens Lamp, and the intriguing Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Both of these pieces are detailed functional works of art and representative of the quality shown by items showcased in Basil Street.

There are also beautiful sculptural clocks like the unique "Teardrop Melting Clock" and the ornate Versailles Maidens Clock , stunning Egyptian art and decor, and hundreds of other beautiful items.

Find the best last minute gifts and garden fairies at Design Toscano today! Next day shipping required to receive by Christmas.

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Order a Garden Statue Today and It Gets Shipped for Free*

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureEvery extra bit of savings helps when shopping for the holidays, especially if you have a big family, need new holiday decor, and plan on throwing several parties. Shopping online saves huge amounts of time but you pay for that extra efficiency with shipping costs. The more you buy, the higher the shipping fees and although they might not add up to anything extravagant, why shell out those extra dollars if you don't have to?

This is why it's worth it to shop for and buy all of your unique holiday gifts today at Design Toscano. Order anything on our site today, November 30th and you won't have to pay any standard shipping fees! Find hundreds of quality, artistic gift ideas in our Basil Street Gallery. This includes items like fantastic Art Deco Lighted Sculptures, and beautiful furniture like the Empire Curricle Bergere Chair.

For friends and family who spend time in the garden, they might love a stone garden angel. The Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture is one of many of our beautifully detailed angel statues and there is even an angel for fans of felines.

Other gift ideas can be found in our large collection of beautiful Egyptian art, dragon statues, and other objets d'art. Order by midnight today, November 30th to enjoy free standard shipping! Does not include oversized and freight surcharges.


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Not Sure Which Gifts to Buy? Check Out the Basil Street Gallery!

It's that time of year again when we have to shop for presents and have no idea what to get! It would The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Tableprobably be better if our family and friends could just post a list of possible gift items than having us go on an annual quest to find the gifts that they might appreciate. This year, instead of pulling your hair in frustration, save yourself time and money by shopping at Basil Street. To get to Basil Street, you don't need to go any further than the link on our website to this fantastic selection of unique decor and objets d'art.

At Basil Street, you will find everything from beautiful furniture to stunning wall art. Family and friends who have a penchant for sculptural furniture will love the Entwined Mermaids Floor Lamp and the Sultan's Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Both are functional works of art that will provide any room with a fantastic, unique touch.

For people who enjoy religious art, try giving the Saint Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze. Modeled after a seventeenth century painting by Guido Reni, this sculpted work of art depicts the famous archangel triumphing over the master of evil.

If by some chance, you don't find fitting gift items in our Basil Street collection, you might find that special gift among our wide selection of animal garden statues and Medieval home decor.

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Free Standard Shipping on Everything from a Bigfoot Statue to the Smallest Garden Fairy

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueShopping online can make it easy to find garden statuary and other objets d'art for great low prices. Although you have to pay for shipping and can't get your purchase two seconds after buying it, the time saved and convenience of shopping from the comfort of the home or office makes up for those small disadvantages. Even when large purchases result in sizeable shipping costs, they are still outweighed by the advantages of online shopping. Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less so it's worth it to take advantage of times when discounts are offered on shipping, especially for large items like beautiful Greek garden statues

At Design Toscano, one of those rare times happens to be in effect from today until Thursday, November 15th. All you need to do to get free standard shipping from now until November 15th is order anything from our site. Order something small and exquisite like a Versailles telephone from our Basil Street Gallery or large statuary like Bigfoot the Garden Yeti and it gets shipped for free* right to your front door. It doesn't matter what you order, nor how big or small your purchase may be. Just buy between now and Thursday, November 15th and standard shipping is free!

*Does not include oversized or freight surcharges. Get free standard shipping from now until Thursday, November 15th, 2012 when ordering anything from Design Toscano!

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Last Day to get Free Shipping on Resin Garden Statues for Home and Business

Freedom's Pride American Eagle Wall SculptureGarden statuary isn't just for the green space behind a home. Despite the name, sculptures aren't solely found in the garden either. Although backyards are an ideal place to display classic statuary, enchanting sculptures of garden fairies, and other sculptural decor, we have hundreds of items designed for the interior of your home and the workplace.

Make a proud statement with the Freedoms' Pride American Eagle Wall Sculpture. Not your average sculpture of a Bald Eagle, this detailed depiction of America's national bird flies right out of the wall with outstretched talons! This dramatic sculpture won't fail to inspire whether working at home or in the office.

From our Basil Street Gallery, add natural drama and beauty to walls in the form of the Animal Masks of the Savannah wall sculptures. These elongated, sculptural masks depict three of the most striking animals to roam the African plains; the African Elephant, Giraffe, and Zebra.

For unique and exquisite lighting, get the Old World Map metal candle lantern for your sitting room or office. This unique lantern provides a touch of romance and antiquity with its depiction of a centuries old map of the world softly illuminated by candlelight.

Order these beautiful items for both home and office and anything else on our site by the end of today, October 30th and pay nothing for shipping!

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Last Day to Save on Wall Décor from the Basil Street Gallery

The wall decor sale at Design Toscano ends tonight at midnight but until then, order any wall decor on our Royal Cartouche Sculptural Friezesite and you get 20% off the regular price. That includes exciting, exquisite wall decorations found in our Basil Street collection.

The Ancient Tree of Life wall sculpture is one such item. This beautiful bas-relief sculpture captures the essence of the "tree of life" philosophy with long roots that make a strong connection to the Earth and ensure continued growth while the healthy branches of this old growth tree reach to the sky in all directions.

Aficionados of stunning Egyptian art will be happy to know that the discount applies to pieces like the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze. Painted with glittering faux gold, this beautiful work of art is an accurate depiction of a scene from the Boy King's royal throne room.

Wall pediments will also be discounted at 25%, including classic pieces such as the four foot long San Galgano wall pediment. This impressive wall decoration will look great on a garden wall, above a fireplace, or above an archway.

Homes that display Asian-themed art can't go wrong with the impressive Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze.

Enjoy 20% off these and all of our wall decor until the end of today, October 24th!

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12 Hour Sale on Garden Statuary Today!

Angel of Grief Monument StatueToday is an auspicious date on the Gregorian Calendar and to mark the event, we are holding a sitewide sale for 12 hours. On today, 10/11/12, you get a 20% discount on all of our animal garden statues, unique objets d'art, and everything else on our site! This is why it pays to check our blog on a daily basis and also why you shouldn't wait to order items like one of our classic Bigfoot Sculptures or a huge sculpture of a prehistoric Triceratops for the backyard or business.  Given the 20% discount, today is also the best time to buy other dinosaur sculptures like our highly detailed, amazing Velociraptor, and the haunting, impressive Allosaurus sculpture.

Not to worry if prehistoric statues just aren't your cup of tea. You still enjoy the 20% discount off any of the angels and other classic statuary in our collection. This includes the awe-inspiring Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture and the touching Angel of Grief monument statue.

Don't forget about our unique, high quality interior decor either! Enjoy 20% off elegant items in our Basil Street Gallery such as the stunning Madame Antoinette Wall Console and other breathtaking furniture  like the Empire Curricle Bergere Chair.

Just don't wait until tomorrow to order these and other items because this sale only lasts for 12 short hours. Buy anything on our site for 12 hours on 10/11/12 and get 20% off the regular price!

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Huge 12 Hour Sale on Garden Statuary and Everything Else at Design Toscano!

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden StatueCan you tell that we love sales at Design Toscano? Although the Basil Street Gallery sale ended yesterday, the fortunate and faithful customers who follow the blog will see that we are holding a 12 hour sale when you can get 25% off everything on our site! It doesn't even last an entire day but can you blame us with such a big discount?

The unheard of 25% discount means that now is the best time to order any and everything that happened to tickled your fancy. Order holiday gifts now to take advantage of these big savings and while you are at it, why not buy a stone garden angel for yourself?

This 12 hour sale is definitely the best time to order our life-size Bigfoot Statue. Even if you don't want it for the backyard, think of what it might do for your business. Or, save on the popular Bear Dance Garden Statue by ordering it during the sale for your garden or office.

Now is the time to order the mystical Bronze Spitting Asian Dragon statue for your Asian-themed backyard. This exquisite heirloom piece will be the envy of gardens for miles around.

Order these items and anything else from our site during the 12 hour, sitewide sale and get 25% off!

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Last Day to Save 20% on Items in the Basil Street Gallery

Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden UrnAll good things must eventually come to an end and today, September 13th, is the final day of the Basil Street Collection sale. If you have yet to browse through the unique, beautiful decor found on Basil Street, do it now if you want to get a 20% discount on fantastic Egyptian Decorations, stunning wall decor, and exquisite furniture pieces. Whether you follow a decorating theme in your home or not, there are hundreds of objet's d'art and items designed to please anyone with refined tastes.

Get the gorgeous Bershire Hall Dual Maiden Urn to add a touch of fine decor to your sitting room. Modeled after eighteenth century French pieces, this stunning blue and gold colored sculptural decor is perfect for adding color and classic atmosphere to any room.

Order today and save on the dramatic Saint Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze. This high-relief replica of the famous sixteenth century painting by Guido Reni shows everyone's favorite archangel stepping on the devil and putting him in chains.

If you would rather go with Egyptian Art for your walls, the highly detailed Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze is also found in the Basil Street collection.

Order these and other items from our Basil Street collection by the end of today, September 13th, and you can get 20% off the regular price!




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The Classic Magic of Basil Street Gallery Water Nymphs

The Garonne Water NymphAncient Greece and Rome abounded with tales of magical creatures. Although few people claimed to actually see them, a lot of folks probably believed that fauns, dryads, and other magical beings made their home in the wild woods and enchanting meadows of the Mediterranean region. Waterways were the supposed abode of nymphs and like mermaids, they took the form of beautiful young women. However, instead of sporting a scaled tail, they had long legs and looked just like humans.

Whether taking care of rivers and ponds or simply singing on moonlit nights, water nymphs were pretty harmless and a popular legend that lasted for centuries. Renaissance sculptors popularized them with many a statue, including four found in the Fontaine des Innocents in Paris. Built during the sixteenth century, it's the oldest monumental fountain in the City of Lights and the nymphs that it depicts represent the four major rivers in France. In proper water nymph fashion, each of them is equipped with a basin for keeping the waters of their rivers flowing downstream. Detailed replicas of each of these four nymphs can also be found in our Basil Street Collection and are presented in Roman arch wall niches so you can put these magical statues on display in your own, private bath.

Find the best garden statuary and garden fairies for the backyard and stunning Egyptian art for the interior of your home or business at Design Toscano. Order anything from the Basil Street Gallery (including the water nymphs mentioned above) from now until Thursday, September 13th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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Angels for the Office from the Basil Street Gallery

Prayers of an Angel Bonded Marble StatueOffice space might be dedicated to work but decorations shouldn't be limited to different colored memo papers. A photo or two can work wonders for making you feel more comfortable with your work space and various types of decor can be used for inspiration. If the employer allows it, statues of angels can work their own little decorating miracles when placed on a desk. Those harbingers of hope raise our spirits on dreary Mondays and other times of duress and can remind us to keep the faith. Get the right angel statues and they also add a unique, beautiful touch to the office.

Strength and determination are expressed on the fierce face and muscled appearance of Uriel the Archangel. Uriel points to challenges before raising his sword to vanquish all evil-doers. Get inspired by this heavenly superhero to overcome whatever challenges are thrown your way in the workplace.

If you look for strength in prayer, put the Prayers of an Angel Sculpture on your desk to help calm the mind and take a pause and search for inner strength. This statue is so peaceful and beautiful that you might want to also get one for  the home.

Order these angel statues, Egyptian decorations, and marble busts for sale from the Basil Street Collection from now until Thursday, September 13th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Every Home Could Use a Pedestal or Two from the Basil Street Gallery

French Neoclassical Griffin PedestalThe ancient Greeks and Romans had some great ideas when it came to decorating. They adorned their temples, gardens, and olive groves with fantastic, lifelike garden statuary. In fact, beautiful, realistic statues continue to look right at home in modern day gardens. They also gave us a variety of architectural ideas, the marble bust, and made use of pedestals to put their beautiful statuary on display.

The concept was a simple one and ends up accentuating anything placed on top of it. Basically, by placing the statue or other object on a decorative column or pedestal, it increases its height, and displays it in a way that can't be missed. The pedestal helps to showcase the importance of anything placed on it and works well for everything from a flower vase to prized Egyptian decorations.

Pedestals for every theme can be found in the Basil Street collection, including the French Neoclassical Griffin Pedestal. It's a fantastic piece all on its own but looks best when used for displaying plants next to entranceways or for adding a touch of green to the corners of rooms.

The Venetian Doges Solid Marble Column is so beautiful that it might outshine the marble bust or flowers placed on top of it!

Save 20% on these, other pedestals, and Egyptian art in the Basil Street Collection when ordering them by Thursday, September 13th!

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