What a Bigfoot Statue Can Do for Business

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueBigfoot is alive and well in the forests, swamps, and wild places of North America. Although definitive evidence for the huge, hairy hominid known as Sasquatch is lacking, sightings continue to be reported from places as far away as Florida, Ohio, and Oregon. Unexplained tracks are also still encountered now and then and unexplained digital footage is taken of a large, dark creature that walks off into the woods. Despite a lack of interest and outright ridicule by the scientific establishment, a number of people take Bigfoot seriously enough to search for the creature with night vision goggles, and an impressive array of cameras. Their searches have spawned television shows and documentaries, and ensure that alleged Sasquatch sightings make the local news.

The popularity of such shows demonstrates that millions of people are very much interested in Bigfoot and a large number of those people believe that a huge, bipedal creature may actually stalk the night in the wild corners of North America. Put one on display in a hotel, restaurant, or even a store and folks are going to walk through the front door to catch of glimpse of the Great North American Ape. Although attempting to capture one of these wary, intelligent creatures will probably be a hopeless endeavor, putting up a realistic Big Foot garden statue in your place of business is just about guaranteed to draw a crowd or at least get people talking about your place. Display a statue of Bigfoot and watch as your business becomes the talk of the town.

Find realistic Bigfoot statues, detailed animal garden sculptures, and other unique resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Where to Put a Tiger Sculpture on Display

The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: Bengal Tiger StatueSome animals have such a striking, impressive appearance that they look like living works of art. One such charismatic animal is the Tiger. This large cat used to roam the forests and grasslands of Asia from Iran in the west to China in the east. Unfortunately, this top predator has disappeared from large areas of its former range and is currently endangered. Although it still survives in protected areas and reserves, it's very difficult to see even in those places.

Whether you take a trip to India to try and see a Tiger or not, you can pay homage to the wild beauty of this rare feline with Tiger statues. In keeping with the secretive nature of this big cat, put the Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue near protective cover such as a hedge or a tree. Its nearly eight foot in length and beautiful details make this one of the most realistic tiger statues you will ever see!

Couple the grand scale adult tiger with equally realistic and incredibly cute Bengal Tiger cub statues. These life-like sculptures capture the inquisitive nature of tiger cubs and deserve to be displayed out in the open.

Save 20% on these fantastic garden statuary items and everything from the Design Toscano site when ordering today until March 31st.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Outdoor Animal Statues that Make a Big Impression on Guests and Clients

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueThe animal yard statue makes a beautiful, naturally-inspired addition to any backyard. Although there are plenty of small animal sculptures that bring wild, dramatic beauty to the garden, the ones that make the biggest impression are grand scale, life-size statues like Mombasa the Garden Giraffe. Mombasa thrills with an eight foot height and life-like details that will make neighbors wonder if you have a backyard zoo. Put this beautiful sculpture in the patio of a hotel, restaurant, or other business and people will walk through your doors just to get a look at your unique garden statuary.

The Walking Crocodile statue is another item that will make your place of business or backyard the talk of the town. Crocodiles don't just swim, they also walk and can even run when the need arises.This life-like sculpture of a walking croc entertains with scaly hide and an all too realistic toothy grin. Put it on display near a backyard pond or in the garden of your business to give guests and customers an experience they will never forget.

Every visitor will be amazed by the incredibly realistic Galapagos Tortoise Statue. This huge, detailed tortoise looks so much like the real thing that you might get people asking if you actually have a stuffed tortoise on display.

Browse our grand-scale collection of animal sculptures to add thrilling, unforgettable statues to the garden.

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How to Put Unique Hunting Trophies on Display without Going Hunting

African Antelope Wall Mounted Trophy StatueSome people like animal trophies and some people don't but you don't necessarily need to go hunting to put them on display in the home or office. The following steps are the easiest way to get unique, eye-catching animal trophies without actually going hunting:

  • Browse the wall decor category on the Design Toscano site: While looking through hundreds of beautiful interior decor such as replicas of classic paintings, stunning sculpted  mirrors, and other eye-catching items, keep an eye out for wall decor like the African Antelope Wall Mounted Trophy Sculpture. This impressive faux ebony sculpture captures the essence of these African grazers in elegant form.
  • Buy an Alaskan Moose Trophy Wall Sculpture: Put this realistic replica of a big northern Moose head up on the wall and get ready to tell a hunting story to clients and guests. This fun, two foot wide wall decor is sculpted and painted with fine details to look just like the real thing.
  • Order the Horned Dragon Wall Sculpture: Your guests will have even more questions when they see this trophy of a dragon skull displayed on the wall! This wall decor captures the fierce nature of the legendary beast with sharp details and a fossilized bone look.

These are just a few of the animal wall trophies to be found on our site. Find the most realistic of animal wall decor, animal garden statues, and greenmen at Design Toscano.

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Bring the Great North American Ape into Your Yard with a Giant Big Foot Statue

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueAccording to legend and thousands of people who insist that they have seen it, Sasquatch haunts the deep forests, remote mountains, and dark swamps of the United States of America and Canada. Also known as the Great North American Ape, "Bigfoot" is said to be anywhere from six to eight feet in height, is covered in hair, has huge shoulders, and almost only comes out at night. It's also believed to be intelligent and extremely elusive, and has yet to be officially documented by the scientific community. For that reason, the possibility that Bigfoot might exist is mostly ignored by scientists despite hundreds of credible reports, detailed footprints, and unexplained sound recordings.

When it comes to the Bigfoot phenomenon, the only certainty might be the fact that Sasquatch continues to be an enigma that lacks an adequate explanation. Whether actively searching for Bigfoot or not, the surest means of bringing this creature into your life is by putting one of our Bigfoot statues in the backyard. Get the Giant,  "life size" Yeti Statue and don't be surprised when you start hearing about rumors of Bigfoot in the neighborhood. If people talk about glimpsing the creature in your yard, they are probably seeing the big, highly detailed statue. However, if they also talk about seeing more than one Bigfoot, or a large, hairy bipedal ape that creeps through people's backyards, maybe your unique animal yard statue will have managed to attract a live Sasquatch!

Order realistic Bigfoot sculptures and the best in animal garden statues from Design Toscano between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Bring Dinosaurs to Your Home and Business with These Animal Garden Sculptures

It's hard to believe that truly monstrous creatures used to roam the very places where we live and work. Jurassic-Sized Kentrosaurus Stegosaur Dinosaur StatueMassive sauropods stretched incredibly long necks up into the sky to feast on the vegetation of huge, ancient conifers. Stegasaurus stomped through the undergrowth of those same primeval woodlands and both of those massive beasts were hunted by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The height of the dinosaur era happened and ended during the Cretaceous period. Although the big dinosaurs disappeared from this planet more than 60 million years ago, we still celebrate those amazing animals in movies, books, and works of art. We keep the memory of dinosaurs alive because they fascinate us by their size and ferocious appearance. Here at Design Toscano, we take dinosaur celebration a step further by presenting them as highly realistic, detailed sculptures. Put a statue of a Kentrosaurus Stegosaur into the garden of your home, hotel, or other business and your place will be the talk of the town. The lifelike spikes on its back and wrinkled skin make this an incredibly realistic dinosaur sculpture.

Its realism is rivaled by that of the Parasaurolopus sculpture. When guests and clients stop to look at this amazing, eight foot tall creature, you can tell them that it used to be a common dinosaur in North America!

Find amazing animal garden statues and other unique garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Buddha Outdoor Statues for Gardens Big and Small

Gardens come in just about every size imaginable. They can be a large piece of land that extends into other Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculptureopen, green spaces or a postage stamp of vegetation in a crowded urban area. No matter what the size of your garden, there are ways to decorate and turn it into your own peaceful retreat. Garden statuary helps in that regard and there are sculptures of the Buddha suited for backyards of all sizes.

The extensive gardens of larger estates and big backyards are a perfect fit for our Giant, Monument-Sized Buddha Statue. Seated in the lotus position, this four foot tall statue of a meditating Buddha will hold a prominent place in even the largest of backyards.

The three and a half foot tall Enlightened Buddha Sculpture is another fairly large Buddha statue that acts as a centerpiece sculpture in large Asian-themed gardens. Its smaller footprint also means that it can easily fit into smaller backyards.

Speaking of small green spaces, statues such as the Bodh Gaya Buddha and the Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts can fit into very small gardens and help provide peaceful inspiration in cluttered, urban areas.

Order Buddha statues for the backyard, quality resin garden statues, and anything else on our site until the end of today, December 16th, and pay nothing for standard shipping

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Bring Good Luck to Your Home with Outdoor Elephant Statues

Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant StatueElephants are considered to be good luck in Thailand and other parts of southern Asia. Rumored to have excellent memories and known to be fiercely loyal to their herd and protective of their young, elephants embody a number of noble characteristics. To demonstrate reverence and appreciation for pachyderms, statues of these powerful, intelligent, and unmistakable animals can be seen in many hotels, restaurants, and shops in southern Asia. They also make for interesting garden statuary, especially when the sculptures are as realistic as the ones offered by Design Toscano.

Put the Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue in the yard and neighbors may wonder if you are harboring a private zoo or the most exotic of pets. This statue is about as realistic as you can get without having a real, live elephant roaming through the garden. Kids and adults alike will love the detailed wrinkles and playful features of this cute baby elephant.

The Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue might not be life-size but it makes up for that with highly detailed features and a proud, realistic appearance. Its three foot height and more than four foot length also make it big enough to impress and bestow good luck upon your guests.

Find these and other unique statuary at Design Toscano.


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Searching for Sasquatch and Finding a Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueSasquatch or Bigfoot is a fantastic legend. Unlike tiny fairies and monsters that can hide out in deep, dark lakes, Bigfoot is a huge, towering creature that wanders through the wild woodlands of North America. It leaves massive footprints wherever it walks, has been glimpsed by hundreds of people on the darkest of nights, and even reveals itself with howls that send shivers up the spines of even the most stalwart of woodsmen. The absence of definitive proof in the face of numerous sightings and evidence makes this creature a true enigma. In fact, the legend of Bigfoot is so enduring that believers have even formed Bigfoot study and research groups.

Armed with the latest in infrared technology and night vision goggles, they head out into the night in the wildest of places to howl like Bigfoot and search for an encounter. Some say they get a response while others come up with nothing. Whether Sasquatch roams the wilds of America or not, a much easier way to find it is by ordering a Big Foot Garden Statue. Although we won't deny or state that we got a Sasquatch to pose for the sculpture, we will say that it's the most realistic Bigfoot animal yard statue available.

Find the best Sasquatch garden statues and other unique garden statuary at Design Toscano. 

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Scary, Prehistoric Garden Statuary

Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur StatueBirds are fascinating. They come in many colors, sing pleasant songs, and most of all, they fly! It's hard to believe that they are the living descendents of some groups of dinosaurs when you compare the feathered beauty of a macaw to the big claws and sharp teeth of a velociraptor but as far as scientists know, this does appear to be the case. Lucky for us, dinosaurs evolved into the feathered creatures that visit the bird bath and bird feeder instead of continuing to be monstrous predators like the T-Rex.

It wouldn't do to have a huge carnivore making visits to the backyard but if that does happen to be one of your fantasies, we can sort of make that happen with a realistic, eleven foot tall sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Although it's about half the size of the real apex predator that roamed the American west, it's still big and detailed enough to fascinate and intimidate any visitors to your backyard or business.

For a slightly smaller but even scarier reminder of the "thunder lizards" that used to dominate our world, pair that T-Rex with our life-size Velociraptor statue. This unique animal yard statue is so detailed that it looks as if it's going to jump into deadly action at any moment!

Find these and other fantastic animal garden sculptures only at Design Toscano.


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Show Support for Sasquatch with a Big Foot Garden Statue

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureHe's huge, he's hairy, and he's a lot more shy than anyone ever imagined. Even though Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch or the Great North American Ape) is big and strong enough to pulverize your prize bronze garden sculptures, the creature would never dream of carrying out such a senseless act of violence. No, despite its strength, Bigfoot keeps to itself and rarely enters into anyone's yard. 

The gentle beast prefers to venture outside in the dark of the night and stays hidden from prying eyes during the day. Although people who have a run-in with Sasquatch are typically terrified, since Bigfoot runs away from anyone it encounters, it's obvious that they have nothing to fear. Native American tribes felt the same way about the monstrous ape and just stayed away from the deep canyons and other wild corners of America haunted by this legendary creature.

Despite all of the Bigfoot sightings, pre-Columbian legends, and controversial footage of the creature filmed in the wilds of northern California, Sasquatch is still awaiting acceptance by the scientific community. Whether you believe that Bigfoot is real or not, you can help keep the legend alive with the most detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculptures in existence. Who knows, maybe one day you will see two Sasquatch "statues" in the backyard and realize that the legend is real because you only bought one!

Find a unique, highly detailed Bigfoot statue and other exquisite garden statuary from Design Toscano. 

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Get 20% Off Large Animal Sculptures until Friday, March 30th

Any animal sculpture adds a wild touch to a garden. Depictions of nature in a natural setting remind The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Komodo Dragon Statuepeople of the potential posed by green space. Although no one expects a tiger to come prowling through the backyard, a tiger sculpture does remind us that these beautiful creatures still exist in the wildest parts of Asia. Any size statue will have that effect but they look far more realistic as life-size sculptures.

The Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue shows exactly why villagers take care to avoid these big cats at all costs! Nearly eight feet long, this detailed, beautiful depiction of a royal Bengal Tiger can be downright intimidating after putting it into the garden.

Likewise, when you put the life-size statue of a Komodo Dragon into the backyard, guests might run for the back door out of instinct. This ten foot sculpture is about as detailed as one can get outside of having a real Komodo Dragon creeping around the garden.

Another animal yard statue that will be the talk of every garden guest is the Gargantuan Garden Gator. More than six feet long, the straw hat in its toothy maw show why one should never get too close to these large predators!

Get 20% off these animal garden statues, Asian garden sculptures, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th.

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Cheetahs: The Epitomy of Grace and Speed

The big cats are recognized and admired for their power and royal appearance. Lions are used in many Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statueparts of the world as a sign of nobility and courage while tigers are a common subject of Asian art. While the fierce strength of those big cats, the leopards, and the Jaguar can't be denied, none of them hold the title for fastest land animal. That erstwhile award goes to the Cheetah as this lithe feline can attain speeds of 75 miles per hour! 

Cheetahs are fast and built for it with long, slender bodies, small heads, and short claws that help provide traction by gripping the ground. Whether sitting on its haunches, crouched in the grass, or flying across the plains, the Cheetah is always a portrait of grace in action. People throughout the ages have admired Cheetahs for their abilities and have trained the speedy cats to hunt for gazelles, antelope, and other swift-footed herbivores. Unfortunately, they have declined and become rare in many areas of their former range. Nevertheless, Cheetahs can still be seen in action on visits to large protected areas in eastern Africa, and detailed animal garden statues of this beautiful cat can also be placed in the backyard or home.

Animal garden sculptures of a Cheetah on the prowl acts as graceful "yin" to the powerful "yang" of a tiger sculpture. Inside the home, the Basil Street Gallery Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statue makes an elegant addition to any desk.

Save on these and other Cheetah objets d'art at Design Toscano today!


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Last Day for Free Shipping with $75 purchase

If you were lucky enough to order more than $75 worth of items from Design Toscano the past couple of days, you saved on shipping because it was free! That offer still stands but only until the end of the day on February 18th. Up until the end of that date, no matter what you buy from Design Toscano, as long as the purchase is more than $75, you won't have to pay for any shipping. This is the perfect time to take Socrates, the Gargoyle Thinker Statueadvantage of large items like the Big Foot Garden Statue. Order that modern classic Design Toscano sculpture and become the talk of your neighborhood. Don't wait until tomorrow though if you don't want to pay the shipping costs.

If you have been thinking of doing something Gothic with your home and garden, now is also the time to order Socrates the Gargoyle Thinker statue. Over two feet tall, this detailed gargoyle sculpture makes an excellent addition to a fireplace or corner in your garden.

The size and weight of furniture also makes this an excellent day to buy a piece like King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair.

To pay nothing for shipping any purchase over $75, place your order by the end of February 18th!

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A Snake, Iguana and Elephant

Giant Burmese Python Snake StatueWhen one thinks of an extraordinary type statue what comes to mind?  Perhaps our Big Foot garden statue or even an alien statue, but what if you were thinking of an animal that actually exists in some part of the world, what would that statue be like?  Well it certainly might be like the Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue which is eight feet of colorfully and authentically sculpted, hand painted python.  We think that this lovely python will make people walk a little bit away from your yard.

We love our reptiles here at Design Toscano and naturally we make them as lifelike as possible, an example being our tortoise sculpture.  While tortoises and turtles are actually seen every now and then, how would you like a reptile that would bring the tropical rain forest to your yard.  This exotic guy is the Tropical Iguana Sculpture who stands over a foot tall and is now on sale.  He is hand painted in the greens, yellows and a little pink of the reptile of the rain forest and he sports a pouched chin and is sculpted in excellent detail.

If you know someone who absolutely loves our great outdoor elephant statues and collects every elephant they see, then we have the perfect gift for them.  A very dignified and lovely walking stick called the Elephant Pewter Walking Stick because the handle is an elephant head elaborately sculpted out of solid pewter.  The stick itself is polished hardwood and would make an excellent collectible.

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An Evil Scarecrow, Elephant Wall Sculpture and Drago

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueDesign Toscano is the place for extraordinary statues, like our popular Bigfoot statue.  We have just the perfect extraordinary statue for Halloween and fall and that is our Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue. Crows will not be the only things frightened when this skeletal guy is raised in your garden.  Standing over 2 ft. tall this scarecrow seems to be a cross between a zombie and a skeleton and he’s never been down the Yellow Brick Road.

There are so many elephant collectors around that we have increased our collection from outdoor elephant statues to some very intriguing indoor statues and wonderful wall sculptures, all celebrating the elephant.  If you have an elephant lover on your gift list they might enjoy the Elephant Sculptural Wall Sconce.  This one foot wide sconce is a well detailed sculpture of an elephant head with his big floppy ears holding a candle sconce in his trunk.  This is perfect for someone who enjoys something different, but it is not exceptionally large as a wall sculpture.

Now with the summer ending and the fall beginning many of our glorious sculptures for outside are on sale.  For the medievalist, we have many dragon statues and one of them is Sir Gawain’s Dragon Sculpture.  Sir Gawain was one of the Knights of the Round Table and this fierce dragon looks like he has been captured and chained up by the knight.  He is perfect protection for any house or even castle.

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Skull Box, Scarab Box and Mistress Ginger

Zombie Skull Cauldron BoxDesign Toscano is pulling out all the stops for Halloween and presenting some very unique, perhaps a little creepy, items.  We’ve always had mythical statues such as our Big Foot garden statue, but now is the time to look for something in maybe zombies or skulls.  The Zombie Skull Cauldron Box certainly is just the right thing, whether you are bringing a gift to a Halloween party or decorating your home.  This box is surrounded with highly detailed carved skulls, each different from the other.  The top is one nasty zombie done in a sickly green finish for just the right touch.

When you are looking for a garden fairy statue, you most often like to browse our sweet innocent fairies, who bring cheer to the garden.  Now is the time to look at the fairies with not so good intentions like the Ginger Mistress Fairy Statue who will add spice to your garden or décor.  Our artist has carved her to be bad and while she has beautiful fairy wings and is hand painted, she is looking for trouble.

Many of our customers love the large Egyptian décor collection that we have from extraordinary wall hangings, furniture, to statues.  Something that seems a little on the darker side and would also make a nice gift is the Sacred Scarab Egyptian Offering Box.  Hand painted in Egyptian colors, the box has bas relief scarabs on the sides and the top, with faux gold falcons on the corners; this is an exclusive.

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Triumphant Elephants, a Crocodile and a Witch

Triumphant Entry Elephant SculptureWe have featured many an outdoor elephant statue in our blog, but here is one that is worth repeating and he’s on sale.  That’s right, our Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue is now $100 off.  He has his trunk raised for good luck and appears to be striding onto your patio.  He is of course hand painted in wonderful color which contrasts with the brightness of his tusks. 

Many people have browsed with wonder at our “extraordinary” animal collection; these large and wonderful animals, some like our Big Foot garden statue which may or may not be real, others taken directly from nature.  A statue that is just right for your garden may be the Grandscale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Walking Crocodile Statue.  The incredibly statue depicts a crocodile looking for his next meal; he is large at more the 4 ft. long and so detailed that you’ll think he just dropped in from the swamp.

While cruising through all of our many sculptures for outside, some customers might have missed our intriguing weather vanes and garden stakes.  As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and you might want to pick up this lovely Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane Garden Stake.  This fearsome witch which is a little bit over 5 ft. tall, will keep your garden safe from other haunters this season.
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Large and Very Different Sculpture


Authentic Replica British Telephone BoothWe are very proud of our collection of "extraordinary" statues which includes many dinosaurs and of course our marvelous Big Foot Garden Statue.  However, the collection is not just about animals, it is also about great statues and replicas that you won’t see anywhere else like the Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth.  The booth is created out of solid pine wood and has the royal crown displayed at the top.  There are 72 hand crafted windows and the booth is hand painted in British red.  This is a great conversation piece for your home.

Another of our “extraordinary” statues is a tortoise statue, but not just any tortoise; it is The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Galapagos Tortoise Statue.  This amazing statue is over five feet long and is incredibly realistically sculpted.  He is depicted lifting his head and looking around your yard, possibly wondering where he is. 

Our grand animals are incredibly amazing and many, like our outdoor elephant statues, are very realistic.  Some, however, are created in a solid tone which accentuates the careful sculpting of the animal’s musculature and pose.  One such statue is the Majestic Horse Sculpture which is four feet long and four feet tall.  He is cast in designer resin and his beautiful body is covered in bronze patina.  This statue is a must have for all horse lovers.

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Beautiful Art Reproductions and Egyptian Sculpture


Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art ReproductionAn exceptional piece in our Japanese garden statues collection is a lovely pagoda for outdoors.  Now we have an exciting art reproduction that will bring the peace and serenity of the pagoda into your home.  This is the Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art Reproduction.  The original of this painting by Kawase Hasui now hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but we have created a beautiful reproduction of the painting which highlights a pagoda rising toward the stars surrounded by cherry blossoms.  We create the reproduction on artists’ grade paper, place it under Plexiglas and frame it in an outstanding hardwood frame.  You will also receive a plaque with the title of the piece and the name of the artist; this is all available at a great price.

As always you can’t go wrong browsing in our Basil Street Gallery especially considering the upcoming LABOR DAY SALE.  Here are museum quality pieces that you can afford and will be proud to display in your home.  A lovely piece is The Fire Dance Illuminated Sculpture which is an art deco sculpture of dancers surrounding an orb of light.   It is over a foot tall and is hand painted in faux bronze.

Design Toscano is certainly the place to go when looking for pieces of Egyptian art with which to decorate your home.  We have an excellent selection and also a big LABOR DAY SALE coming up on Sept. 1, so you can get the best price.  A nice item is the Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment which is a large winged sculpture with the sun goddess in its center.  It is hand painted in Egyptian blue, a red sun and stunning faux gold.

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