Cheetahs: The Epitomy of Grace and Speed

The big cats are recognized and admired for their power and royal appearance. Lions are used in many Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statueparts of the world as a sign of nobility and courage while tigers are a common subject of Asian art. While the fierce strength of those big cats, the leopards, and the Jaguar can't be denied, none of them hold the title for fastest land animal. That erstwhile award goes to the Cheetah as this lithe feline can attain speeds of 75 miles per hour! 

Cheetahs are fast and built for it with long, slender bodies, small heads, and short claws that help provide traction by gripping the ground. Whether sitting on its haunches, crouched in the grass, or flying across the plains, the Cheetah is always a portrait of grace in action. People throughout the ages have admired Cheetahs for their abilities and have trained the speedy cats to hunt for gazelles, antelope, and other swift-footed herbivores. Unfortunately, they have declined and become rare in many areas of their former range. Nevertheless, Cheetahs can still be seen in action on visits to large protected areas in eastern Africa, and detailed animal garden statues of this beautiful cat can also be placed in the backyard or home.

Animal garden sculptures of a Cheetah on the prowl acts as graceful "yin" to the powerful "yang" of a tiger sculpture. Inside the home, the Basil Street Gallery Fluidity of Motion Cheetah Statue makes an elegant addition to any desk.

Save on these and other Cheetah objets d'art at Design Toscano today!


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Last Day for Free Shipping with $75 purchase

If you were lucky enough to order more than $75 worth of items from Design Toscano the past couple of days, you saved on shipping because it was free! That offer still stands but only until the end of the day on February 18th. Up until the end of that date, no matter what you buy from Design Toscano, as long as the purchase is more than $75, you won't have to pay for any shipping. This is the perfect time to take Socrates, the Gargoyle Thinker Statueadvantage of large items like the Big Foot Garden Statue. Order that modern classic Design Toscano sculpture and become the talk of your neighborhood. Don't wait until tomorrow though if you don't want to pay the shipping costs.

If you have been thinking of doing something Gothic with your home and garden, now is also the time to order Socrates the Gargoyle Thinker statue. Over two feet tall, this detailed gargoyle sculpture makes an excellent addition to a fireplace or corner in your garden.

The size and weight of furniture also makes this an excellent day to buy a piece like King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair.

To pay nothing for shipping any purchase over $75, place your order by the end of February 18th!

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A Snake, Iguana and Elephant

Giant Burmese Python Snake StatueWhen one thinks of an extraordinary type statue what comes to mind?  Perhaps our Big Foot garden statue or even an alien statue, but what if you were thinking of an animal that actually exists in some part of the world, what would that statue be like?  Well it certainly might be like the Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue which is eight feet of colorfully and authentically sculpted, hand painted python.  We think that this lovely python will make people walk a little bit away from your yard.

We love our reptiles here at Design Toscano and naturally we make them as lifelike as possible, an example being our tortoise sculpture.  While tortoises and turtles are actually seen every now and then, how would you like a reptile that would bring the tropical rain forest to your yard.  This exotic guy is the Tropical Iguana Sculpture who stands over a foot tall and is now on sale.  He is hand painted in the greens, yellows and a little pink of the reptile of the rain forest and he sports a pouched chin and is sculpted in excellent detail.

If you know someone who absolutely loves our great outdoor elephant statues and collects every elephant they see, then we have the perfect gift for them.  A very dignified and lovely walking stick called the Elephant Pewter Walking Stick because the handle is an elephant head elaborately sculpted out of solid pewter.  The stick itself is polished hardwood and would make an excellent collectible.

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An Evil Scarecrow, Elephant Wall Sculpture and Drago

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueDesign Toscano is the place for extraordinary statues, like our popular Bigfoot statue.  We have just the perfect extraordinary statue for Halloween and fall and that is our Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue. Crows will not be the only things frightened when this skeletal guy is raised in your garden.  Standing over 2 ft. tall this scarecrow seems to be a cross between a zombie and a skeleton and he’s never been down the Yellow Brick Road.

There are so many elephant collectors around that we have increased our collection from outdoor elephant statues to some very intriguing indoor statues and wonderful wall sculptures, all celebrating the elephant.  If you have an elephant lover on your gift list they might enjoy the Elephant Sculptural Wall Sconce.  This one foot wide sconce is a well detailed sculpture of an elephant head with his big floppy ears holding a candle sconce in his trunk.  This is perfect for someone who enjoys something different, but it is not exceptionally large as a wall sculpture.

Now with the summer ending and the fall beginning many of our glorious sculptures for outside are on sale.  For the medievalist, we have many dragon statues and one of them is Sir Gawain’s Dragon Sculpture.  Sir Gawain was one of the Knights of the Round Table and this fierce dragon looks like he has been captured and chained up by the knight.  He is perfect protection for any house or even castle.

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Skull Box, Scarab Box and Mistress Ginger

Zombie Skull Cauldron BoxDesign Toscano is pulling out all the stops for Halloween and presenting some very unique, perhaps a little creepy, items.  We’ve always had mythical statues such as our Big Foot garden statue, but now is the time to look for something in maybe zombies or skulls.  The Zombie Skull Cauldron Box certainly is just the right thing, whether you are bringing a gift to a Halloween party or decorating your home.  This box is surrounded with highly detailed carved skulls, each different from the other.  The top is one nasty zombie done in a sickly green finish for just the right touch.

When you are looking for a garden fairy statue, you most often like to browse our sweet innocent fairies, who bring cheer to the garden.  Now is the time to look at the fairies with not so good intentions like the Ginger Mistress Fairy Statue who will add spice to your garden or décor.  Our artist has carved her to be bad and while she has beautiful fairy wings and is hand painted, she is looking for trouble.

Many of our customers love the large Egyptian décor collection that we have from extraordinary wall hangings, furniture, to statues.  Something that seems a little on the darker side and would also make a nice gift is the Sacred Scarab Egyptian Offering Box.  Hand painted in Egyptian colors, the box has bas relief scarabs on the sides and the top, with faux gold falcons on the corners; this is an exclusive.

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Triumphant Elephants, a Crocodile and a Witch

Triumphant Entry Elephant SculptureWe have featured many an outdoor elephant statue in our blog, but here is one that is worth repeating and he’s on sale.  That’s right, our Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue is now $100 off.  He has his trunk raised for good luck and appears to be striding onto your patio.  He is of course hand painted in wonderful color which contrasts with the brightness of his tusks. 

Many people have browsed with wonder at our “extraordinary” animal collection; these large and wonderful animals, some like our Big Foot garden statue which may or may not be real, others taken directly from nature.  A statue that is just right for your garden may be the Grandscale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Walking Crocodile Statue.  The incredibly statue depicts a crocodile looking for his next meal; he is large at more the 4 ft. long and so detailed that you’ll think he just dropped in from the swamp.

While cruising through all of our many sculptures for outside, some customers might have missed our intriguing weather vanes and garden stakes.  As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and you might want to pick up this lovely Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane Garden Stake.  This fearsome witch which is a little bit over 5 ft. tall, will keep your garden safe from other haunters this season.
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Large and Very Different Sculpture


Authentic Replica British Telephone BoothWe are very proud of our collection of "extraordinary" statues which includes many dinosaurs and of course our marvelous Big Foot Garden Statue.  However, the collection is not just about animals, it is also about great statues and replicas that you won’t see anywhere else like the Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth.  The booth is created out of solid pine wood and has the royal crown displayed at the top.  There are 72 hand crafted windows and the booth is hand painted in British red.  This is a great conversation piece for your home.

Another of our “extraordinary” statues is a tortoise statue, but not just any tortoise; it is The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Galapagos Tortoise Statue.  This amazing statue is over five feet long and is incredibly realistically sculpted.  He is depicted lifting his head and looking around your yard, possibly wondering where he is. 

Our grand animals are incredibly amazing and many, like our outdoor elephant statues, are very realistic.  Some, however, are created in a solid tone which accentuates the careful sculpting of the animal’s musculature and pose.  One such statue is the Majestic Horse Sculpture which is four feet long and four feet tall.  He is cast in designer resin and his beautiful body is covered in bronze patina.  This statue is a must have for all horse lovers.

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Beautiful Art Reproductions and Egyptian Sculpture


Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art ReproductionAn exceptional piece in our Japanese garden statues collection is a lovely pagoda for outdoors.  Now we have an exciting art reproduction that will bring the peace and serenity of the pagoda into your home.  This is the Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art Reproduction.  The original of this painting by Kawase Hasui now hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but we have created a beautiful reproduction of the painting which highlights a pagoda rising toward the stars surrounded by cherry blossoms.  We create the reproduction on artists’ grade paper, place it under Plexiglas and frame it in an outstanding hardwood frame.  You will also receive a plaque with the title of the piece and the name of the artist; this is all available at a great price.

As always you can’t go wrong browsing in our Basil Street Gallery especially considering the upcoming LABOR DAY SALE.  Here are museum quality pieces that you can afford and will be proud to display in your home.  A lovely piece is The Fire Dance Illuminated Sculpture which is an art deco sculpture of dancers surrounding an orb of light.   It is over a foot tall and is hand painted in faux bronze.

Design Toscano is certainly the place to go when looking for pieces of Egyptian art with which to decorate your home.  We have an excellent selection and also a big LABOR DAY SALE coming up on Sept. 1, so you can get the best price.  A nice item is the Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment which is a large winged sculpture with the sun goddess in its center.  It is hand painted in Egyptian blue, a red sun and stunning faux gold.

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Great Gator and a Hoot Owl

The Gargantuan Garden Gator StatueDesign Toscano prides itself on its “extraordinary” animals that will have your neighbors talking; things like our dinosaurs and Big Foot garden statue.  A big guy that will surprise and perhaps frighten your visitors a bit is The Gargantuan Garden Gator Statue.  This guy is 74” long and 22” high and surprisingly he has a hat and binoculars in his large sharp teeth, is someone missing?  Of course he is hand painted and done in good detail, also on sale, so get him at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th at an even greater bargain.
Most of our animals look like the real thing when they are created in designer resin and beautifully hand painted such as our tiger sculpture and other large animals.  We also have some pretty cute realistic smaller animals such as Howie the Hoot Owl Swinging Sculpture.  Howie sits on a swing with moon over his head.  His wing and body feathers are so well done that everyone will expect to hear a whoooo from him. Howie would be a great buy at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th.

This is certainly not the time to forget about all of our adorable garden statues gnomes.  They too are looking forward to fall and all the tasks that preparation for that season will entail.  One guy who keeps busy is our Garden Gnomes Toad House Statue who watches over the Toad House.  Here all the little creatures of the garden can come and dig and visit with the wonderful gnome on top.  The sculpture is 360 degrees and has a back entrance too.  Get it on sale at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE from August 16th through August 20th.

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From a Lovely Mermaid to a Bust of Shakespeare

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueIn our garden statue section we have a collection called “extraordinary” and here is where our exclusive Big Foot garden statue can be found among many other large and very different sculptures.  A sculpture that is truly extraordinary and beautiful at the same time is the Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue and she is at a sale price. This delicately rendered mermaid is 35” tall and appears to be sunbathing with her hand on her great tail and a peaceful gaze around the landscape.  She is not wearing a bathing suit.

William Shakespeare Sculptural BustMuch in the style and serenity of our large Buddha statue, we have another wonderful statue of peace that will fit in any garden.  She is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest Statue rendered in a bronze hue created with style and grace out of designer resin.  This mother nature goddess has feathers in her hair, surrounded by the doves of peace and perfect for a meditation garden.

When you shop Design Toscano you must always check out our marble busts for sale section which is filled with marvelous items at unbelievable prices.  A popular bust at a great price is our William Shakespeare Sculptural Bust: Desktop which would make a great gift for the lovers of the Bard among your friends.  Sculpted in designer resin, this 12” highly detailed bust would look wonderful on a bookshelf or a desk.  Be the first to get this bust and start your Christmas shopping early.

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An Extraordinary Statue and Cute Kittens

This weekend starting August 5th through the August 7th , we have a Free Shipping Weekend of anything over $75.00. Make this the time to get those items you’ve been wanting.

Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome SignWe have a section called “extraordinary” garden statues wherein we have such pieces as the Big Foot garden statue, the dinosaur statues and several other outdoor statues that defy definition.  An interesting piece in this collection is the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue.  As harvest time is coming up and we have our free delivery sale, now is the time to take a look at this scarecrow with a skull for a head and something of a lizard, zombie-like body.  He is dressed like any scarecrow and is sculpted in haunting detail and hand painted.

You know that you have wanted to pick up some of our reptile sculpture such as our tortoise statue and now is the perfect time to add something slimy and cute to your garden.  Our Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue is just the thing.  These adorable four frogs of cast iron are stacked one upon the other making the statue 10” high.  They are finished in a green patina and are an exclusive.

So many of our little animals are so cute and have so much personality such as our popular Meerkat sculpture.  Many people love kittens and we have the purrfect welcome sign for them.  The Kitten Kaboodle Cat Welcome Sign is a sculpture of five adorable kittens done in the fine animal sculpture detail that our artists are known for and are hand painted.  This is a 360 sculpture and when looking at them from behind you can see their tails a wagging.  They are peeking over the top of a handsome WELCOME sign.

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More Meerkats, Bigfoot and a Crazy Parrot

The Meerkat Clan StatueSome of our most popular and playful pieces are those of Meerkat sculpture.  There is just something about the way these joyful animals are sculpted that just make you want to take them home and give them a place of honor in your yard.  A very popular piece is The Meerkat Clan Statue.  Here are three members of the clan posing on a large piece of tree branch as if they were posing for a family portrait.  They are lovingly hand painted and totally adorable.

In many of our blog posts we have mentioned the Big Foot garden statue in relation to other extraordinary statues that we have, but this one is all about him.  Our piece, Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large, is a Design Toscano exclusive and this is the only place you will find him.  While the rest of the world goes searching for the Yeti, you can have a sculpture of him in your yard that is over 2 ft. tall.  Like all of our exclusives he is finely detailed and of course, hand painted.
When we say we have sculptures for outside don’t think that it just means the average Greek gods and wonderful fountains (although we have many of these).  We also like to think a little bit out of the box and so we bring to you our Polly in Paradise Parrot Sculpture on Ring Perch: Large.  If you want to give a tropical touch to your yard or patio, Polly is just the thing.  She is 17 ½ in. tall and swings from her own perch.  Finely detailed in designer resin, she is hand painted in all the tropical colors.

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Cute Bear Cubs and Elephant Sculpture

Many people have collections of elephant statues and those who feel they bring good luck gather all sizes, from outdoor elephant statues to smaller pieces in their indoor décor.  To be sure of good luck, we present our Elephants of Fortune Sculpture which are shown in a golden finish with raised trunks for good luck.  These three elephants are sculpted in great detail and stand about a foot and a half stacked upon each other.

Ragnar: Garden Dancer Troll StatueWe pride ourselves on having unusual statues such as our Big Foot sculpture and prehistoric animal sculpture.  One that you won’t see in every garden is the Rangar: Garden Dancer Troll Statue.  This big bellied troll is having a good time dancing in the garden and looking as different as anything.  He’s over a foot tall, is beautifully hand painted and is a Design Toscano exclusive, of course.

Cute animals have a place in every yard and garden.  Certainly our popular Meerkat sculpture always has a home in someone’s yard as do our silly gophers and adorable tiger cubs.  Now welcome another cute animal to the group, this is our Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture.  These two little bear cubs are trying to find their balance on a log and holding on with bear claws.  They are well detailed and as always, beautifully hand painted. 

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Egypt On Sale

Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural TableThe time is here for our Design Toscano Three Day Egyptian Sale.  This sale is 20% off the Egyptian collection from June 16th through June 18th.  Here are some of the items you might want to put on your shopping list.  In our Egyptian tables section, we have the Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.  This large piece has a glass top that is almost a yard wide.  This great table is based with a pictorially sculpted Egyptian  barge done in beautiful detail  with hand painting . It is a 33 pound replica of the one found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Our sculpture pieces are known for great engraving even on simple animals like our tortoise sculpture.  In the Egyptian collection, our artists have gone all out to present the beauty and wonder of that ancient time.  A greatly detailed piece is the Golden Obelisk of Ancient Egypt Statue which is over two feet tall and inscribed with the names of the kings that commissioned it.  This is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop a Egyptian PlinthWe like to do things big and of course we have done that with many of our large unusual statues like the big foot garden statue.  In Egypt everything was done in a large way from the pyramids of Giza to the giant sphinx.  You can have this giant sphinx in your yard with our Grand Stone Sphinx Statue atop an Egyptian Plinth.  This piece is more than seven feet long and detailed with hieroglyphs and a wonderful sphinx. 

The 3 Day Egyptian Sale starts on Thursday, June 16th, so make a point to come in and see all the wonders of Egypt.

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Statues of Gods and Dinosaurs

Confucius Garden SculptureDesign Toscano has many statues of many different religions, such as our Buddha outdoor statues.  Many people like to create a meditation garden and these statues from many different religions add to the peace and spirituality of the space.  On such outdoor statue is the Confucius Garden Statue.  This statue is from the ancient Chinese religion of Confuscianism.  This is a two foot, well detailed statue of Confucius with a finish that has the look of ivory and is also a Design Toscano exclusive.

Browsing our marble busts for sale section, you will discover many wonderful statues, busts and other sculpture for great prices.  In keeping with the theme of the god or goddess statue, we have Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue.  This is another one of our great exclusive sculptures and is the Greek goddess of justice done in bonded marble and holding the scales of justice made of faux gold.

We love to have fun with our sculptures and to have statues that will make your yard just a bit different from your neighbor’s.  Certainly our big foot statue and large dinosaur statues are a fine example of a little quirkiness for the yard.  If you would perhaps like a slightly smaller piece for a side garden with a little style, you might take a look at our Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture.  He is 2 feet long and has the look of an ancient dinosaur skeleton just recently excavated. 

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Big Foot Garden Statue and Other Wonders

Design Toscano has always been extremely proud of our exclusive sculpture Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue.  Obviously this guy has some big feet that can really extend through your yard.  He is also sculpted in design resin with realistic (do we know what he looks like?) fur and facial features.  Soon the media will be on your lawn after your neighbors report the Yeti sighting in your yard.

Goliath the Gargoyle SculptureGargoyles are so popular in these days of vampire stories and things of the supernatural. 
Our gargoyle figurines are the best that you can find to add some of this magic to your yard or home. Goliath the Gargoyle Sculpture is taking a nap at your home stretching out to about one and a half feet.  He seems peaceful and serene, but don't wake him up for anything.

Animal statues are a great favorite from domestic pets like cats and dogs, to our perky frogs and not too perky turtles and our fine jungle cats like our tiger sculpture.  There's a new cat in town and it's stalking its prey in your yard, this is our Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue.  This fantastic muscular cat is sculpted on a tree trunk looking for prey.  The statue is over four feet tall and so lifelike your guests will hide their dogs. 

Take advantage of serious savings with our Memorial Day sale!  Get 20% off of everything until 5/31/11!

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Too Shy

Some of our smaller statues stand very shyly aside and let the big guys get all the attention, but these detailed and lovely figures should not be overlooked.  One stone garden angel stands tall, but shy and has something for you.  This is our Angel's Message Garden Statue who is two and a half foot tall and appears to be approaching with a prayerful pose to deliver peace and serenity to your garden.

Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome StatueOur garden statues gnomes are always off doing something interesting, whether playing music, working in the garden or just taking a nap.  This shy little gnome is thinking up marvelous things that will change the world.  He is Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome Statue perched on a tree stump next to a mushroom thinking about the things around him and how they work.  He has the typical red gnome hat and of course a long white beard and is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

The figures in our greenmen collection are usually anything but shy, they might even be called a wee bit scary.  There is one greenmen wall sculpture however, that does not want her full face to be seen by all.  This is the Bashful Wood Sprite Wall Sculpture which like most of the greenmen has elements of a tree around her and is covering her face with her hand which looks much like a leaf.

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Beautiful Ladies

Sculptors often show the best of their skills when the subject is a beautiful woman.  Many gorgeous women and goddesses have become famous statues over the centuries.  In our Greek garden statues collection we have the exquisite Venus De Milo Statue: Grand.  What other woman could look so stunning without arms.  She is over four feet tall and displayed on a marble stand to lend grandeur and beauty to your yard.

Flower Maiden of Bali SculptureFor the garden with an Asian theme, we have our Japanese garden statues collection which features many beautiful women of the Far East.  One such lovely girl is the Flower Maiden of Bali Sculpture.  She is presenting lotus flowers to any and all and is about three feet tall.  She is well crafted in resin with exquisite detail.  Our Maiden of Bali is another Design Toscano exclusive.

We stock many different and somewhat bizarre statues like our Big Foot garden statue and we have some unusual, but beautiful ladies in this area also.  Our Enchanted Garden Fairies: Colleen and Marilee are gorgeous yes, but just also little bit more bizarre than our classical female sculptures.  These ladies are calm and serene with large fairy wings and look excellent amidst all the flowers in your garden.
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Beautiful Asian

Shou Xin Gong: Chinese God of Longevity StatueMany people like to use themes in the outdoor gardens or patios and even on porches.  There are all types of themes of course, from Greek to animal to quirky.  If you are interested in creating an Asian theme in your garden here are some suggestions from Design Toscano.  We have wonderful Buddha outdoor statues that range from the serene to the joyful and we also have a very serene and well sculpted Chinese statue.  This is Shou Xin Gong: God of Longevity Statue.  Shou Xin Gong is a statue of an old Asian man with a long beard (showing his longevity) carrying the "peach of immortality" and the "staff of longevity". 

To perk up your Asian theme and add some joy, you should look at our Japanese garden statues.  One of the more interesting of these is our Dancing Asian Fish Spitting Garden Statue Collection.  These fish come in four different sizes and are depicted standing on their tails dancing with their mouths wide open.  They are piped if at any time you would want to use them as a small fountain spitting water.

We have many extraordinary statues like our big foot garden statue which is quite amazing.  In the Asian theme a similarly large and spectacular statue is our Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  He spouts water, so no fear of fire from him, and he is holding an orb in one of his claws.  He is large and beautiful.
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Great Outdoor Sculpture

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall SculptureYour property may be pretty large or you may just love large statues.  We have the wonderful Big Foot garden statue which is so lifelike your neighbors will be calling the local paper about a Big Foot sighting.  Another fun big sculpture although an indoor one is the T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture which shows off the head of the dinosaur that you just bagged on your last hunting trip.

Another one of our sizable statues is the large Buddha statue which is sculpted in great detail and yet even with his monumental size he casts a serene feeling all around the area.  This is the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and the extra good news is that he is on sale now just in time to enjoy spring in your outdoor space.

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureWe can't talk enough about our outdoor garden water fountains as there is such a great selection and some are even on sale.  The Nature's Blessed Prayer St. Francis Sculptural Fountain is at a great sale price now and is just wonderfully done with the bird on the saint's shoulder and the fountain falls as a river from the side of the display.
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