Deck the Halls with the Bigfoot Statue Ornament and More Unique Decor from Design Toscano

Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Holiday OrnamentThis is one of the best times of the year for anyone who loves to decorate. The limits are nearly endless when it comes to holiday decor and you can go many routes. You can go for a traditional look inside and outside the house for a classic winter holiday scene, just do a bit of modest decorating, or make use of very unique, high quality decor to entertain the neighbors and all of your guests. The easiest way of attaining that unique winter holiday look is with decor from Design Toscano. Although we make it possible to go as far as putting an alien or Bigfoot statue in the yard (which can then be decorated with colored lights and elf hats), we also offer a number of beautiful ornaments for the tree and inside of home and business.

The Twist and Twirl Dragon Ornament makes it possible to blend Gothic decor with the winter holidays. This fine ornament will add character to any tree along with the curious scrutiny of holiday party guests. Pair it with the Dragon with a Sweet Tooth Ornament for more dragon-inspired decorations. Adorable dog ornaments like the Beagle Holiday Dog Ornament Sculpture will melt the heart of any Grinch but no matter which wonderful ornaments you buy, don't forget to put our classic Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Ornament on display.

Find these and other fine decor for the holidays and any time of the year at Design Toscano today.

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Three Excellent Outdoor Garden Sculpture Gift Ideas

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree SculptureThe holiday shopping season is in full effect and with it comes that same annual conundrum of not knowing what to buy for family and friends. How fortunate indeed are those folks who know exactly what to buy for all of the special people in their lives. However,most of us have to spend hours of shopping, looking around, and attempting to discover the best gift for uncle Ralph, our siblings, or dear old dad. Nevertheless, no matter how tough it can be to find the best gift for that special person, it's going to be much easier if you pick the right place to shop. If the people in question spend any amount of time in the garden, try giving them one of our unique resin garden statues. The following are just three of many high quality statues in our garden statuary collection:

Find these garden statue gifts, quality Egyptian decorations, and hundreds of unique, stunning items for home and business at Design Toscano today.

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Statues for Garden Can Be Animals, Religious, or Simply Unique

Humpty Dumpty SculptureGarden statuary encompasses a much wider range of subjects than most people realize. While gnomes and fun welcoming signs continue to be popular additions to the backyard (and there's nothing wrong with using them as decor), nowadays, you can also accent the garden with a highly realistic animal yard statue, decorate the yard with stone garden angels along with a wide variety of religious statues, or add a unique touch to the yard with a fantastic Bigfoot Statue.

To bring a bit of Africa into your yard, put statues like the fantastic Lioness with Cub and  the Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue on display. Both of these fine animal sculptures capture the essence of wild Africa with beautiful details and characteristic behaviors shown by these felines in the wild. Compliment these striking sculptures with the impressive Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Sculpture.

Religious statues come in many forms and range from classic Christian statues like the breathtaking Ascension: Grand Scale Christ Sculpture, artistic angel-themed decor such as the Santa Croce Angel Wall Frieze, and beautiful Asian religious statues such as the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture.

As far as unique statuary goes, you won't find a better selection of fantasy-themed and unique resin garden statues anywhere else. In addition to our signature Bigfoot Statue, we also make it possible to decorate your yard with friendly alien decor, a quality Humpty Dumpty Sculpture, and much more.

Find the best garden statuary for every backyard at Design Toscano.

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How to Decorate a Bigfoot Statue for the Winter Holidays

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueIt's been a bit more than a week since we celebrated Halloween and although it's hard to beat the fantastic decorating used for that fun day, some of us give it a shot with light displays and amazing decor meant for Christmas and other winter holidays. However, since so much of the decor is the same, using decorations that stand out from those of friends and neighbors is a common challenge. This year, to overcome that challenge, try decorating a Bigfoot Statue. No, Bigfoot on its own isn't exactly associated with the winter holidays in any traditional fashion, but dress him up with the right decor and the Great North American Ape will become the life of any holiday party.

The following are a couple of ideas to spice up your holiday festivities with a big foot garden statue:

  • Crown him with an elf hat and garland: Decor as simple as an elf hat can do wonders for any statues, including a sculpture of Bigfoot. Put an elf hat on his head and he goes from being a wild creature of the dark woods to becoming one of Santa's funniest little helpers.
  • Dress him up like Santa: Do this and not only will your party guests be very much entertained, but pictures of your decorated Bigfoot statue might even end up being featured in the local paper. Put a red hat, white beard, and Santa Claus coat or cape on Bigfoot and put him in the lobby to greet holiday guests for full effect.

Find all of your unique garden statuary gifts and beautiful decor at Design Toscano.

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The Appeal of the Big Foot Garden Statue

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureBigfoot! The name of this supposedly mythical beast provokes scorn and laughter for some, curiosity in others, and for a few people, a knowing apprehensive look. This last set of people are those who claim to have seen Sasquatch, a swamp ape, or other hairy, two-legged creature in the wild places of North America. Although irrefutable, accepted scientific evidence is lacking, Bigfoot has earned quite a few believers on account of huge, unexplained footprints, unidentified cries during the dead of the night in wilderness areas, and credible sounding sightings.

These stories and possible evidence give some credence to the otherwise unbelievable idea that a large hairy, unidentified Hominid haunts the deep forests of North America. That spark of possible truth to the tales of Sasquatch makes Bigfoot appealing to many people with open minds and affirms its place as a wonderful garden statue. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, a statue of this supposed mythical creature turns an average backyard into something extraordinary. Since our Bigfoot Statues are carefully based on descriptions and legends of the creature, they demonstrate a high degree of realism. Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti turns its head to look at the observer as it quickly walks off into the forest while Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture shows how this very shy creature has occasionally been described.

Find these and other unique statues of Sasquatch, fantastic garden fairies, and other resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Three Tips on Decorating a Bigfoot Statue for Halloween

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureSpooky decorations are a huge part of Halloween. Decor that is both unique and realistic will make a big impression on guests especially if you put a Bigfoot Statue on display. Neighbors might have cut-outs of ghosts and witches in their windows and inflatable decor on the lawn but none of that decor can compare to a life like depiction of Sasquatch. The long shadows of an October night make our sculpture of Bigfoot looks even more life like and mysterious but don't stop there with using it as Halloween decor. Follow these three tips to augment the entertainment value of your Bigfoot:

  • Give Sasquatch a mask!: Put a Halloween mask on Bigfoot to help the Great North American Ape celebrate this spooky holiday! Guests and trick or treaters will love the look and your yard might even be featured in the local newspaper.
  • Use two Bigfoot statues: One Bigfoot sculpture is an excellent addition to the yard but two will help turn your place into the most mysterious Halloween display on the block (or maybe even the city).  Greet Halloween guests with a huge Bigfoot near the front door and add mystery to the yard with a Bigfoot that peeks from behind a tree.
  • Put a hat on Bigfoot: A little bit of flair can do wonders for anyone and Bigfoot is no exception. Put a fishing hat, jester's hat, or other head wear on your Bigfoot sculpture to help your yard stand out from all of the rest.

Find high quality, unique resin garden statues for Halloween and any time of the year at Design Toscano.

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Animal Garden Statues to Help Celebrate Halloween

Call of the Wild: Growling Gray Wolf StatueHalloween is much more than entertaining trick or treaters with candy and frightening decor. It's also a celebration and we show it by attending and throwing Halloween parties. These aren't just any old parties either but festivities that include Halloween-themed games, food, spooky music, and more. Two of the essentials for any Halloween party are costumes and decor. They help turn a regular get together into a memorable Halloween bash and decor plays a huge role in determining whether your party is a hit or one that ends up being forgotten a few days later. The following are three animal garden sculpture ideas to turn your Halloween bash into an unforgettable event:

  • Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture: Yes, Sasquatch is an animal too and one that makes a perfect fit for Halloween. Display this detailed depiction of the North American Ape on a tree in the backyard and it will be a frightening reminder to stay out of the woods (or your backyard) at night!
  • The Bad Intentions Giant Warthog Garden Statue: Add character to your Halloween decor with this intimidating statue! Modeled after one of the roughest, toughest wild pigs on the planet, the sharp, long tusks and stout, mean look of our Warthog makes it look like a natural gargoyle!
  • Growling Gray Wolf Statue: Use this very realistic statue of a growling wild wolf to give your yard a truly frightening touch.

These are just a few of the many life like animal garden statues in our collection. Enjoy 20% off decor when purchased until tomorrow, September 20th!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.



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Get Ready for Halloween with 20% Off Garden Statuary Décor

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueNow that we are half way through September, it's time to start seriously thinking about how you are going to decorate the yard for Halloween. You could just go for the traditional approach and put up a few pictures of skeletons, witches, and ghosts in your windows or you could take this fun holiday a big step further and get some truly incredible decorations for the yard. The decor we are talking about includes realistic resin garden statues of scarecrows, zombies, and other creatures and when you buy them from today until September 20th, you also enjoy frighteningly good savings in the form of a 20% discount on decor!

This Halloween, greet trick or treaters of all ages with the Harvest of Evil Scarecrow. While some scarecrows keep birds away from crops, be careful where you put this monster on display because it could keep guests from making it to your front door! Add to the evil look of this zombie-like scarecrow by pairing it with the classic Zombie of Monteclaire Moors statue.

While the zombies add ghoulish appeal to the yard, highlight the mystery of your impressive Halloween display with a Bigfoot Statue. Our large garden Yeti looks real enough during the light of the day but when seen in the evening shadows of the backyard, it just about comes to life!

Get ready for Halloween with stunning garden statues and 20% off decor from Design Toscano when purchased by September 20th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Three Garden Statuary Ideas for an Extraordinary Backyard

Raptor Skeleton Garden SculptureWe all want our gardens to look fantastic and many of us use a combination of landscaping and beautiful resin garden statues to make that happen. However, some statues stand out for their combination of unique subject matter and realism. The following trio of sculptures are three of the more interesting and unique statues in our collection:

  • Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture: Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a skeleton of a dinosaur right in your own backyard. As children, many of us entertained just such a fantasy and now you can sort of make that childhood dream come true with a sculpture of a dinosaur skeleton. Bury the weathered looking resin bones of this two foot long dinosaur raptor skeleton in a corner of the garden and invite neighborhood kids of all ages for your very own archeological backyard dig!
  • Roswell, the Alien Sculpture: A surprising number of people have seen unidentified flying objects and a few have even claimed to have seen actual alien visitors. Put this sculpture of a Gray alien into the backyard to pay homage to the mystery of UFOs and entertain guests with one of the most unique statues they will ever see.
  • The Abominable Snowman: No sampling of extraordinary garden statues would be complete without  mentioning a Bigfoot statue. In addition to our classic Bigfoot sculptures, we now also offer statues of its Himalayan cousin, the mysterious Abominable Snowman.

Save 20% on these extraordinary resin garden statues along with anything else from our collection from now until September 3rd as part of our Labor Day Sale.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Animal Yard Statues with a Sense of Humor

Laughing Cow StatueAnimal garden statues come in a cornucopia of styles and themes. Animals that roam the wild forests of the Rocky Mountains and deep, dark tropical jungles can be put on display with dramatic results. Meerkat statues and other cute depictions of animals make a nice addition to garden space shared with gnomes and fairies. Folks looking for Gothic animals will also find them in the form of ravens and dragon statues while those in search of mystical sculptures can't go wrong with a sculpture of a Unicorn or a Bigfoot statue. No matter what type of animal statue you go with, the best are the ones that show the highest degree of realism. However, combine that realism with a sense of humor and you end up with some of the most endearing, unique animal sculptures available.

The Laughing Pig Statue will cheer you up on the most trying of days and will put a smile on the face of every guest to your garden. This jolly farm porker is carefully painted by hand to make it look as real as possible and shows a hilarious laughing face. Pair this happy hog with the equally realistic and hilarious Laughing Cow statue and the Laughing Donkey statue to fill the backyard with cheer.

Find the best in unique, high quality garden statuary at Design Toscano today.

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Cheers to Happy Hour! 25% Off Sitewide for 4 Hours Only - Drink this Deal Up!

Grand Cathedral Angel SculptureAs all of our regular (and much appreciated) customers surely know, at Design Toscano, we offer sales now and then for 20% off such items as garden fairies, Asian garden statues, and other types of quality decor. Since those sales only last for a few days, you can't hesitate to buy if you want to enjoy the discount. The same can be said for today's sale except that in this case, you really have to order today, August 9th to enjoy discounted prices. In fact, since the Happy Hour Sale only lasts for four short hours, you may have to order now if you want to enjoy that hefty 25% discount!

Since this is a store wide sale, you will enjoy 25% off everything from a Bigfoot Statue for the garden to unique wall decor for the office or home. It's a key time to pick out unique resin garden statues for Halloween as well as a summer backyard. Buy and save big on a stunning  faux stone garden angel like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture for the summer and get an eerie Zombie of Montclaire Moors statue for the scariest time of the year.

Don't forget to also browse the many pages of our Basil Street Gallery to see the multitude of interior decor, stunning statues, and other exquisite items that can be had for 25% off the regular price.

This sale lasts for just four hours, today, August 9th and cannot be combined with other offers.

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A Mythical Animal Garden Statue as Wall Décor

"Alicorn Unicorn Trophy" Wall SculptureNature has come up with millions of life forms over the eons. The dinosaurs were so big and looked so ferocious that it can be hard to imagine those massive beasts walking and hunting in the same places where we camp, hike, and live. Even elephants, giraffes, and other large mammals look strange enough to be the inventions of an over creative mind. However, as odd as many of Earth's animals may seem to be, that hasn't stopped us from creating animals that only exist in myth. Some of those mythical creatures continue to fascinate us to this day and can act as magnificent wall decor subjects.

One such animal is the Unicorn. Although there are a lot more people who believe in the existence of Bigfoot than a magical white horse with a lone horn sticking out of its head, a few people here and there still believe in Unicorns. They say that like garden fairies, it only allows those who believe in it to catch a glimpse and even then, that lucky look might only occur once in a lifetime. Given the extremely low chances of seeing an actual Unicorn, you are probably better off putting the Alicorn the Unicorn Trophy on display. Although we have never seen a live Unicorn, we are pretty sure that this beautiful, unique wall decor item is a close copy of that enchanting mythical creature.

Find the best in unique wall decor and fantastic garden statuary at Design Toscano today.

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Write a Review about Your Favorite Garden Statuary For a Chance to Win a $200 Gift Certificate!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueWouldn't it be nice to have an extra $200 to spend on high quality resin garden statues and exquisite interior decor? We think so and that's why we are giving away a $200 gift certificate to a lucky customer who writes a review about their favorite animal yard statue, Egyptian decor, or other unique item from Design Toscano. All you have to do to be eligible is write and send us a review about any of the Design Toscano items you have purchased. If you love your Bigfoot Statue, a large Buddha statue, or unique objets d'art from the Basil Street Gallery, it should be pretty easy to find inspiration for a written review.

You can also find inspiration by checking out the decor you could buy with that $200 prize. You could buy a Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture, a mesmerizing Black Panther animal garden statue, or finally get the Zombie of Montclaire Moors statue!

Although winning that gift certificate depends on luck of the draw, this is a win-win situation because it's always fun to write about the things you love. What do you have to lose? Pick out your favorite Design Toscano purchase and start writing about it today!

This contest ends on August 11th and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Entertain Summer Backyard Guests with Zombie Garden Statuary

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors StatueThis summer season, we hope that all of our clients are enjoying the beauty of their backyards. We also hope that everyone is taking advantage of the warm weather to throw evening garden parties. This year, in addition to using beautiful outdoor resin garden statues to provide your guests with enchanting surroundings, try putting some unexpected sculptures on display for a memorable source of entertainment. A Bigfoot statue and gargoyle garden statues will be hits at any outdoor party but if you want to hear your guests scream with delight, put zombie decor on display!

For whatever reason, zombies have taken center stage in popular culture for the past two years. The undead have been showing up on television shows, books, and movies, and you can also put them on display right in the backyard! Put the Zombie of Montclaire Moors in a prominent place in the backyard and watch the reactions of guests as they marvel over this incredibly realistic zombie. This fantastic sculpture captures the frightening look of a ravenous zombie with crooked arms, kinked fingers, and a mindless, furious expression.

Complement The Montclaire Moors Zombie with the Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue. Put this green-skinned, claw-handed zombie in a shadowed corner of the backyard for full horrific effect!

Find these quality zombie statues and the best in unique garden statuary at Design Toscano today.

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Enjoy Big Savings on Garden Statuary Starting Today!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueFather's Day is approaching fast but it's not too late to buy Dad unique, high quality gifts from Design Toscano. Nor is it too late to find great savings on our animal garden statues and other decor when purchased from today until June 7th. To help celebrate Father's Day, we are holding a tiered sale that rewards you with discounts that range from $20 to $100 when ordering any items on our site from today until Friday, June 7th.

For example, on orders of $100 to $199, you get $20 off. That means that if you buy a beautiful animal yard statue like the striking Shadowed Predator Black Panther, it might be better to add something along the lines of the Spirit of Nottingham Woods Greenman Sculpture to the order to enjoy a $20 discount. However, if you would rather get a full $50 off of your order, including a Large Bigfoot Statue will do the trick by pushing the amount over $200.

To get the biggest savings, though, make sure that your order exceeds $400. It only takes one stunning Hawthorne Collection Wing Chair to enjoy a $100 discount!

From now until June 7th, the more you buy, the more you save with the Father's Day Tiered Sale at Design Toscano.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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What a Bigfoot Statue Can Do for Business

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueBigfoot is alive and well in the forests, swamps, and wild places of North America. Although definitive evidence for the huge, hairy hominid known as Sasquatch is lacking, sightings continue to be reported from places as far away as Florida, Ohio, and Oregon. Unexplained tracks are also still encountered now and then and unexplained digital footage is taken of a large, dark creature that walks off into the woods. Despite a lack of interest and outright ridicule by the scientific establishment, a number of people take Bigfoot seriously enough to search for the creature with night vision goggles, and an impressive array of cameras. Their searches have spawned television shows and documentaries, and ensure that alleged Sasquatch sightings make the local news.

The popularity of such shows demonstrates that millions of people are very much interested in Bigfoot and a large number of those people believe that a huge, bipedal creature may actually stalk the night in the wild corners of North America. Put one on display in a hotel, restaurant, or even a store and folks are going to walk through the front door to catch of glimpse of the Great North American Ape. Although attempting to capture one of these wary, intelligent creatures will probably be a hopeless endeavor, putting up a realistic Big Foot garden statue in your place of business is just about guaranteed to draw a crowd or at least get people talking about your place. Display a statue of Bigfoot and watch as your business becomes the talk of the town.

Find realistic Bigfoot statues, detailed animal garden sculptures, and other unique resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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One More Day to Save on Sculptures for Outside!

Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden StatueMother's Day is such an important holiday that we decided to extend our Mother's Day Weekend Sale for one more day. This means that you can still get 20% off any of our items as long as you buy them by the end of today, April 30th! It's a chance to pay less for unique and impressive sculptures like our Bigfoot Statue. This signature, modern classic comes in three different sizes to make it work in any type of garden and also acts an an excellent conversation piece in restaurants and hotels.

Order by the end of today and you can also get a 20% discount on beautiful, timeless bronze statues such as the Spitting Asian Dragon. Made in the traditional lost-wax tradition, this bronze sculpture is an authentic replica of exquisite bronze serpentine dragons that grace Chinese gardens and monasteries. If you would rather decorate the yard with a Medieval dragon, put the Dragon of Falkenberg on display or surprise guests by decorating the flowerbed with a realistic skull of a dragon!

Of course, outdoor sculptures aren't just limited to mythological creatures. We also have dozens of awe-inspiring, classic angel statues like the Angel of Patience sculpture, beautiful animal garden statues, and a host of Greek garden statues.

Buy these beautiful garden statues and hundreds of other unique, high quality decor at Design Toscano by the end of today, April 30th and get a 20% discount as part of our Mother's Day Weekend Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Great Piece Indoors or Out

howie85 from Kissimmee, FL reviewed the Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large

Bottomline: No, would not recommend to a friend.


Comments: I bought this piece several years ago and have loved it ever since. It started out being a large gag-gift for my wife, but after seeing this statue in person, I kept it for myself (sorry, Honey). The quality of the sculpting is wonderful and very lifelike, and the colors do not fade out even when displayed outside. It is big (which is what I wanted), but if you don't have the space for it, it could overtake a small area.

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Who Puts a Bigfoot Garden Statue on Display?

Bigfoot has become a classic, essential part of American and Canadian folklore. Although irrefutable evidence is lacking, thousands of people claim to have glimpsed or heard the primeval screams of the huge, hairy biped while visiting remote and wild places. Whether it truly walks beneath the huge evergreens of the Pacific northwest or only occurs in our imagination, Bigfoot represents the wild and mysterious side of North America's forests and mountains. We, of course, offer detailed, realistic statues of Bigfoot and thousands of people have put one or more on display in in their backyards. People put statues of Bigfoot on display for a variety of reasons, but the following are a few of the most common reasons for showing this unique decor in the garden:

  • An intriguing creature: Bigfoot captures the minds of millions of Americans and Canadians. Many of us are captivated by the stories of witnesses who claim to have seen Sasquatch and we can't help but wonder if it could actually exist in some deep, dark forest.
  • A unique sculpture: Although we offer hundreds of unique, high quality sculptures, a statue of Bigfoot is a far cry from your average garden gnome. It makes it possible for people to add a truly different statue to the garden.
  • An expression of fantasy and an open mind: Putting a sculpture of Bigfoot on display shows that you have an appreciation for the fantasy genre as well as a realization that our modern world is hardly bereft of mystery.

Find high quality Bigfoot statues, beautiful garden fairies, and other stunning resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Start Saving 20% on Garden Statuary Today!

The Angel's Message Garden StatueSpring is here for many places in the USA and Canada and in addition to being a time to clean out the house, it's also the season to think about how you are going to decorate the garden. Warmer weather is just around the corner and that means opening the pool, hosting memorable evening garden parties, and spending a lot more time in the backyard. It's time to look through your collection of garden sculptures, pick out those to be put on display, and maybe even give away the statues you have never used. In all likelihood, the time has also come for buying a few new statues and when you can get a 20% discount, there's little reason to wait to augment your garden sculpture collection.

From now until April 11th, you get 20% off the regular price of every purchase of resin garden statues from Design Toscano as part of our pre-season garden statues sale! Get statues like the Angel's Message Sculpture that combine the innocence and beauty of children with the heavenly form of an angel. Give your backyard a wild touch with stunning animal garden statues like the "Leopard's Kingdom" statue and the King of Beasts Lion Sculpture. It might also be time to put a a modern classic among garden sculptures on display, the Bigfoot Statue.

Buy these and any statues for the garden from now until April 11th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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