Beat the Heat with Savings on Garden Statuary

Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe StatueIt's that time of the year when summer kind of lingers on and the swimming pool becomes your second home. The days are still hot and humid in many areas and even the birds seem to have grown tired of the extra-warm weather. Most stopped singing back in July and they still frequent the backyard but spend most of their time splashing around the bird bath. Like you, they are looking forward to cooler, refreshing autumn weather. They do what they can to beat the heat and so do we with sales that reward the customer by giving bigger discounts for bigger purchases.

During the Beat the Heat sale at Design Toscano, when you buy a medium-sized Bigfoot statue, you get an extra $10 off because the price falls within the $75 to $99.99 category.  Buy the large version of the same statue for $125 and you get a $20 discount. If you go for the amazing, life-size version, you get $100 off the price!

It's a great way to get significant savings on many of the larger items so you might want to take advantage of the Beat the Heat Sale and buy a realistic Giraffe animal yard statue for your business or garden today.

The Beat the Heat Sale goes from today until Friday, August 18th.

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+

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The Realism of Our Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueNorth America has plenty of legends but the one that has captivated Americans and Canadians the most is that of Bigfoot. Also known as Sasquatch and the much less mysterious "skunk ape", Bigfoot is an enigma. The huge, hairy creatures are mentioned in many Native American legends and thousands of people have reported sightings of the bipedal giant from the swamps of Florida to the lush forests of southern Alaska. Although Sasquatch has yet to receive scientific documentation and be fully recognized as an actual animal, hundreds of the stories are compelling and at least one bit of filmed footage is believed to be the real deal by more than one expert.

However, given that Bigfoot is still officially considered to be a creature that only exists in legend and in the minds of people who also believe in the existence of garden fairies, more than one person has wondered how we can claim that our sculptures of Bigfoot are realistic. Well, if you believe in the existence of Bigfoot, you could say that our Sasquatch statues are realistic because they are based on sightings of the creature. If you think that the North American Yeti is just a figment of wild imaginations, you could still say that our animal yard statue of the creature is realistic because we provide a detailed depiction of what it is supposed to look like. Whether it exists or not, our statues of Bigfoot certainly help bring it to life!

Find a Bigfoot for your garden and other unique garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Olympic-sized Savings Today Only on Garden Statuary and All Decor

Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur StatueIt's August first and sales on school supplies remind us that summer is heading into the home stretch. Fall might be on the way but that doesn't mean that we have to spend all of our time indoors. On the contrary, some of the best summer garden parties happen as August turns into September. The sultry evenings of August and star-filled September night skies actually make it tough to stay indoors and especially so when you have a beautiful backyard decorated with quality sculptures for outside.

However, no matter how many pieces you might own, there's always room for another detailed animal yard statue or sculpture that take your breath away with their beauty. Whether looking for a another garden statue to liven up the backyard, or the first statue for your yard, today is the day to order. Sure, you could wait until tomorrow but then you wouldn't enjoy a further 20% off the regular price. For today only,  everything at Design Toscano gets a 20% discount! The bigger the object you buy, the more you save, so if you ever thought about getting one of our classic Bigfoot sculptures or a life-sized, detailed Velociraptor, you might as well order it today and get an equally hefty 20% discount.

Get 20% off anything on the Design Toscano site when ordering it today, August first!

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Big foot statue

I really like my statue I have it in my living room much To my wifes dismay

Name: Ray fowler
Company: None
City: Marion
State: Virginia
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What to Bring to the Design Toscano Garden Statuary Warehouse Sale

The Internet has made shopping such an easy affair. All you need to do is go online, search for that Design Toscano Warehouse Salespecial item, buy it with a credit card, and then go pick it up when it gets delivered to your home. Of course it helps if you know the websites that have the highest quality items for the lowest prices. The Design Toscano site is one such place and it's the only way to purchase exclusive Design Toscano items like the Bigfoot Statue. Nevertheless, there are two days of the year when you can buy those same beautiful items right at the Design Toscano warehouse. Those dates are July 14th and July 15th, 2012 and they hold the promise of huge savings on everything from detailed Egyptian decorations to  classic statues for the garden.

When you head to the warehouse on that second weekend in July, the following are a couple of recommendations on what to bring to the event:

  • A big vehicle: You wouldn't want to show up and go home empty-handed because you couldn't fit a life-sized statue of the Yeti on your bike. Come prepared with a large vehicle to haul away your treasures!
  • Water: Hey, it's summertime and it's hot out so be prepared to stay hydrated while searching through detailed furniture and other breathtaking objets d'art.

Mark July 14th and July 15th on your calendar for the warehouse sale. It's located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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Show Support for Sasquatch with a Big Foot Garden Statue

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureHe's huge, he's hairy, and he's a lot more shy than anyone ever imagined. Even though Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch or the Great North American Ape) is big and strong enough to pulverize your prize bronze garden sculptures, the creature would never dream of carrying out such a senseless act of violence. No, despite its strength, Bigfoot keeps to itself and rarely enters into anyone's yard. 

The gentle beast prefers to venture outside in the dark of the night and stays hidden from prying eyes during the day. Although people who have a run-in with Sasquatch are typically terrified, since Bigfoot runs away from anyone it encounters, it's obvious that they have nothing to fear. Native American tribes felt the same way about the monstrous ape and just stayed away from the deep canyons and other wild corners of America haunted by this legendary creature.

Despite all of the Bigfoot sightings, pre-Columbian legends, and controversial footage of the creature filmed in the wilds of northern California, Sasquatch is still awaiting acceptance by the scientific community. Whether you believe that Bigfoot is real or not, you can help keep the legend alive with the most detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculptures in existence. Who knows, maybe one day you will see two Sasquatch "statues" in the backyard and realize that the legend is real because you only bought one!

Find a unique, highly detailed Bigfoot statue and other exquisite garden statuary from Design Toscano. 

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Like Design Toscano on Facebook As Much As You Like Our Garden Statuary and You Might Get Free Shipping

Victorian Cast Iron Shell FontWe all know how hugely popular Facebook is. If you don't participate in that massive social media phenomenon by talking about your status or playing one of its many social media games, then you probably know someone who does. Businesses also have profiles on Facebook and Design Toscano is no exception. It's an easy means of keeping our clients informed of sales, discounts, and new items in our catalog and to show our appreciation for helping us get 10,000 "likes" on Facebook, we are offering free shipping on any Design Toscano item to everyone who has given us a "like" on Facebook.

Even if you haven't liked us on Facebook yet, you can still do so and get that free shipping but you have to do it today because the free shipping deal only lasts for 48 hours. This is an excellent window to save on everything from a breathtaking Bigfoot statue to detailed replicas of  classic garden sculptures and any of the items from our exquisite animal sculpture menagerie.

If you haven't clicked that "like button" yet for us on Facebook, do so now!



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What Resin Garden Statues can do for a Business

Garden statuary, despite its name, isn't just for that private green space behind the house. The beauty Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statueof some stone angels, depictions of animals, and other works of art make them just as suitable inside a home as they are beneath the dappled shade of a backyard Oak. Nor do they need to stay within the confines of a home. Buy the right sort of statues for a business and they will probably pay for themselves in a month.

The secret about detailed sculptures of dinosaurs, Bigfoot, or beautiful replicas of more classical statues is that they help with marketing. Whether the business happens to be a restaurant, hotel, or hardware store, they get people's attention and bring them into the store. By adding character to any establishment, they make every visit to the business a memorable one and thus help with branding. 

Flank the front doors of a hotel or restaurant with two Egyptian Revival Winged Great Sphinx Statues and customers will know they are walking into someplace special.

Put furniture like the The Salentino Crescent Garden Bench into the lobby along with a beautiful tiger sculpture and guests will know that they chose the right place to stay.

Beautify your business and improve its image with fantastic sculptures for outside from Design Toscano.

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Just Today and Tomorrow to Save on Garden Statuary Father’s Day Gifts

Easter Island Moai Monolith SculptureToday marks the second from last day for saving on unique and memorable Father's Day gifts from Design Toscano. The sale ends tomorrow and this is one that rewards you with bigger savings for bigger purchases. The tiered discount associated with this Design Toscano sale means that you:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99 and

Save $100 on purchases of $400 or more!

If dear old dad likes archeology, get him a replica of one of the Easter Island monoliths for his garden. These statues are the closest thing to the actual giant, carved stone heads from that remote, distant island in the south Pacific and you get $10 off the regular price when ordering one today or tomorrow.

If he appreciates classic statuary, he will be thrilled with the Apollo Belvedere Bust on a Roman Column Plinth or the Versailles Cherub Urn. Both are about as classic as you can get and destined to add a serious touch of elegant beauty to every garden. Also, when you buy the Apollo Belvedere Bust on a Roman Column Plinth today or tomorrow, you get $50 off the regular price. The same goes for the Versailles Cherub Urn.

If your father prefers the most unique types of statuary, he just might love the Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab Chair. This fantastic piece not only acts as a humorous garden chair, it's also a detailed animal garden sculpture. Buy it today or tomorrow and you get $100 off the regular price!

Take advantage of the tiered discount and save on everything from a realistic life-size Bigfoot Statue to beautiful bronze garden sculptures until Friday, June 8th.

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Ellen DeGeneres Gives Matt LeBlanc a Design Toscano Bigfoot Statue

On a recent airing of the Ellen DeGeneres show, the talk show host gave a Design Toscano favorite to one Design Toscano Big Foot Matt LeBlanc and Ellen DeGeneresof her guests. Matt LeBlanc was the lucky recipient of "Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Sculpture" and this picture from that fortunate occasion shows how very pleased he is to receive such a unique gift item. Ellen presented the detailed statue of Bigfoot to her friend Matt because he had mentioned that he likes the reality show "Finding Bigfoot". Thanks to Ellen, as the "Friends" star watches "Finding Bigfoot", he can also look at his very own, detailed statue of the legendary creature.

This Design Toscano classic works well both in and outside the home. Whether Matt puts it in his garden or proudly displays it on a pedestal in the den, this sculpture will remind him and his guests of the mysteries awaiting discovery in modern-day America. As is the case of every home that hosts this realistic sculpture of Sasquatch, it will also be a great conversation piece at parties and admired by every guest. Maybe next year, Ellen will give Matt the "Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture"

Find unique garden statuary like Ellen's gift to Matt LeBlanc at Design Toscano. Place an order of $75 or more and get free shipping and handling until Sunday, June 3rd!

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Herb from Michigan reviewed the Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large.

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: Very nice, looks great by my pond, at the right angle makes for a realistic picture of the beast see attached photo. Very pleased and talked me into keep shopping with Toscano. Don't think about it go get one. Fast shipping and great packing.

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Last Day to Get 20% Off of Garden Statuary from Design Toscano

Jurassic-Sized Allosaurus Dinosaur StatueMemorial Day is over and Summer has officially started but you still have time to get 20% off greenmen and other unique decor from Design Toscano. Everything at Design Toscano is on sale for 20% off the regular price until midnight, Tuesday, May 29th. It's a last chance to save on beautiful, detailed statues for your garden, a Summer fountain for the backyard, Medieval-themed decor, and hundreds of other breathtaking decorations for home, garden, and business.

That 20% discount makes this the best time to buy larger items like huge, life-size statues of Bigfoot, realistic dinosaurs, and exquisite replicas of antique furniture. Put the Giant, Life-Size Yeti Statue in your backyard this Summer and watch as reports of Bigfoot show up in the local newspaper! Party guests of all ages will love this incredibly detailed resin sculpture.

Get a big, statue of an Allosaurus for your hotel or garden and watch guests marvel over its realism. This and other dinosaur sculptures from Design Toscano look so real that every guest will be snapping pictures and doing a double-take when they first lay eyes on them.

Find these and amazing items for every decorating theme at Design Toscano. Order them by the end of today, May 29th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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Last Day to get 15% off New Garden Statuary

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueAll good things have to come to an end and today, May 17th, is one of those times. This date marks the last day when you can get 15% off any of the new arrival items at Design Toscano. If you haven't picked out and ordered any of the exciting new items found in the Design Toscano catalog, it's time to browse and buy to take advantage of this sale.

Get the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue for your backyard or business to add some arboreal excitement to your place. As he hangs from a tree branch, this realistic replica of a Chimpanzee shows a sly smile that belies his mischievous intentions.

Today is also the last day to get 15% off the Giant Life-Size Yeti Statue. If you ever thought of buying this detailed, fantastic Bigfoot Statue, today is definitely the best day to buy it because that 15% adds up to substantial savings. The same can be said about the detailed, realistic Grand-Scale Holstein Cow Statue. Get both of these life-size, realistic sculptures and neighbors will be convinced that your backyard is both a haven for Sasquatch and a dairy farm!

Order these, new garden fairies, and other new arrivals today and get 15% off the regular price!

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Free Shipping for $75 or more Orders of Gothic Décor

It may be April first, but this is no joke. When you order $75 or more of Gothic decorations or anything else from Design Toscano, the shipping is free! No need to worry about those extra costs associated with large purchases such as furniture or a big Buddha sculpture for your Asian-themed garden. As long as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinetorder is at least $75, Design Toscano pays for the shipping on April 1st. This is a type of discount that you can truly take advantage of when ordering big items.

Just imagine how much it would cost to ship the new, life size Bigfoot statue? When you take those shipping costs into account, that's a discount nearly as big as Bigfoot himself! The same goes for the beautiful, grand scale tiger sculpture. It's not going to be cheap to ship that to your home but buy it today and all shipping costs are taken care of.

That free shipping on April first means that today is also the day to start decorating the inside of your home with beautifully detailed Egyptian decor and furniture sculptures like the Gothic Sanctuary Table Cabinet.

Find the best objets d'art for your home and garden at Design Toscano and get free shipping today only when you order $75 or more.


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Spring Sale Starts Today at Design Toscano!

The end of March is in sight and Spring is in full swing across the nation. Warm, southerly winds speak of change in the air and Design Toscano is celebrating with a Spring sale. From today until Friday, March 30th, everything on the Design Toscano site is 20% off the regular price! That includes all of the classic Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Crestingobjets d'art, Egyptian decorations, new Spring items, and everything else. It's the right time to order all of your Spring decorating needs and Summertime garden statuary.

Get 20% off and save on items like the new giant Bigfoot statue, animal sculptures from tall giraffes to lions and tigers, and every type of fairy imaginable. Your garden will become a wild, magical place that inspires every day of the week.

It's the perfect occasion for buying one of the dragon sculptures you have been eyeing for the past year. Buy Apex, the Winged Dragon and get 20% off this unique sculpture for the roof. Or put Sagremor's Dragon with Gazing Orb in the garden to give it a magical, Medieval look. Inside the home, the Warrior Dragon, glass-topped sculptural table helps you serve guests with a touch of fantasy.

Shop at Design Toscano from today until Friday, March 30th and get 20% everything!

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Giant Insects in the Backyard?

There are plenty of ways to add a bit of pizzazz to the backyard. A huge Bigfoot statue will make all Oversized Dragonfly & Butterfly Wall Sculpturespassersby look twice and some will probably start taking pictures with their mobile devices. Greenmen are less obvious but just as interesting and give personality to your trees. Of course there are also dozens of elegant fairy and angel statues to choose from. When shopping at Design Toscano, the possibilities seem endless and especially so when you check out the new, creative items available in the Spring catalog.

A couple of new items that will pep up any backyard are the oversized butterfly and dragonfly wall sculptures. With a two foot wingspan, these insects would have looked right at home in a forest stalked by dinosaurs. Metal sculptures that are built to last, both the dragonfly and butterfly will brighten your backyard or solarium for years. Their bright colors glitter in the sunlight just like the insects that were the inspiration for this garden decor. Glass cabochons on their wings give them a jeweler's touch while their detailed appearance is sure to draw the eye of every garden guest.

Find these unique items, exquisite garden statuary, and other fantastic decor for the backyard in the new arrivals page of the Design Toscano website.

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Unveiling the Biggest, Scariest, Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot is an enigma. While millions of Americans and Canadians don't accept that there is a large, hair-covered undescribed Hominid stalking the dark forests of North America, a huge number of people do believe that Bigfoot exists. Many of these believers are folks who claim to have actually seen Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) as it strolled across a road at night, howled from the darkness, or even threw large rocks at their cabin. Many of the stories and evidence are compelling and have made thousands of people wonder if the legends just might be true.  

Sightings of the creature typically describe a large, bipedal ape-like animal with long arms and a large, domed head. It doesn't seem to want to harass anyone but that didn't stop the people who have supposedly sighted it from being absolutely terrified. A large, hairy creature certainly looks threatening but their fears probably just as likely stem from a brush with the unknown in the primeval, pitch black of the nighttime forest.

The artists at Design Toscano have recently released the fruits of four months of hard work that investigated stories about Bigfoot to come up with a huge life-size, detailed replica of the Great North American Ape. It's so big and looks so real that you may find neighbors filming footage of the Bigfoot in your yard a day after putting it into the garden.

Buy this new, amazing, life-size Bigfoot sculpture, beautiful garden fairies, and the best in garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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Add Light to a Room with Art Deco

Lamps come in all shapes and forms and many act as intricate works of art. Even though they serve a The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpturefunction, they never need to be boring. That would do your home a disservice, especially since there are so many beautiful and interesting means of adding light to a room. Instead of using a regular lamp for lighting, you could also provide a soft, warm touch with elegant art deco like the The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture.

Is it a lamp? Is it a sculpture? It's actually neither and both at the same time. The graceful curves of this art deco piece are beautiful to look at and add elegance to any room. The piece would be beautiful enough on its own but the frosted, lit globe helps it to take on a much more magical appearance. Colored in a trio of faux ivory, ebony, and gold leaf, this sculpture also has just the right amount of contrasting tints to give it an eternal, peaceful, museum-like appearance. While a tiger sculpture or Bigfoot statue adds excitement to a backyard, this beautiful little piece from the Basil Street catalog is functional elegance at its purest.

Find everything from art deco to Greek garden statues and Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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Bigfoot in The Garden

There is something mysterious about old, primeval forest. Massive trees stretch their way up into the sky to leave the forest floor in perpetual shade. The rustling of leaves in the undergroth reveals the presence of small animals that attempt to stay hidden from larger predators. Treetops are given voice by the wind and woodland birds enchant the forest with song. At night, however, the woods take on a different, more Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statuesinister appearance. The shadows grow long and dark and every sound sets your nerves on edge. Diurnal beings that we are, we can't see into the dim recesses and fear is quickly made tangible by repressed instinctive memories of predators lurking in the dark of the night.

Bigfoot might not be a predator but this legendary creature is every bit as scary and mysterious. People who have heard it howl in the night were petrified to the core. Those who have glimpsed this big, shaggy creature were both terrified and intrigued. Whether real or not, Sasquatch represents wilderness and the great unknown. Although a real Bigfoot isn't likely to turn up in your backyard (folks who reside in the Pacific Northwest might beg to differ), you can capture the essence of one of America's most persistent and fantastic folktales with the Bigfoot statue from Design Toscano. Hide it behind a tree decorated with greenmen to make its presence that much more realistic or let it walk among garden fairies and outdoor animal statues such as a tiger sculpture.

Buy that statue of Bigfoot today and get 25% off the regular price!


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Everything on Sale for Leap Year!

King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne ChairOn most years that can be divisible by four, the month of February gets an extra day. These are the Leap Years and if your birthday happens to be February 29th, you know all too well that this date doesn't show up on every calendar. However, it does make an appearance in 2012 and Design Toscano is marking this special day with a 15 hour sale!

Shop at Design Toscano this February 29th and get 25% off of everything! Buddha outdoor statues, gargoyle gifts, beautiful hand-crafted furniture, elegant replicas of classic works of art, and hundreds of unique decor will be available for 25% less than their normal prices on this elusive date. This is the perfect time to buy decor from Design Toscano for the entire year, to build an Asian-themed garden, or to find gifts for friends and family who appreciate Gothic wall art.

If you have always wanted a detailed replica of King Tut's throne or a Bigfoot statue, you might as well buy them both now and get 25% off the regular price.

With 25% off everything, the more you buy the more you save so take advantage of the Leap Year sale and save big on February 29th!

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