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howie85 from Kissimmee, FL reviewed the Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large

Bottomline: No, would not recommend to a friend.


Comments: I bought this piece several years ago and have loved it ever since. It started out being a large gag-gift for my wife, but after seeing this statue in person, I kept it for myself (sorry, Honey). The quality of the sculpting is wonderful and very lifelike, and the colors do not fade out even when displayed outside. It is big (which is what I wanted), but if you don't have the space for it, it could overtake a small area.

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Who Puts a Bigfoot Garden Statue on Display?

Bigfoot has become a classic, essential part of American and Canadian folklore. Although irrefutable evidence is lacking, thousands of people claim to have glimpsed or heard the primeval screams of the huge, hairy biped while visiting remote and wild places. Whether it truly walks beneath the huge evergreens of the Pacific northwest or only occurs in our imagination, Bigfoot represents the wild and mysterious side of North America's forests and mountains. We, of course, offer detailed, realistic statues of Bigfoot and thousands of people have put one or more on display in in their backyards. People put statues of Bigfoot on display for a variety of reasons, but the following are a few of the most common reasons for showing this unique decor in the garden:

  • An intriguing creature: Bigfoot captures the minds of millions of Americans and Canadians. Many of us are captivated by the stories of witnesses who claim to have seen Sasquatch and we can't help but wonder if it could actually exist in some deep, dark forest.
  • A unique sculpture: Although we offer hundreds of unique, high quality sculptures, a statue of Bigfoot is a far cry from your average garden gnome. It makes it possible for people to add a truly different statue to the garden.
  • An expression of fantasy and an open mind: Putting a sculpture of Bigfoot on display shows that you have an appreciation for the fantasy genre as well as a realization that our modern world is hardly bereft of mystery.

Find high quality Bigfoot statues, beautiful garden fairies, and other stunning resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Start Saving 20% on Garden Statuary Today!

The Angel's Message Garden StatueSpring is here for many places in the USA and Canada and in addition to being a time to clean out the house, it's also the season to think about how you are going to decorate the garden. Warmer weather is just around the corner and that means opening the pool, hosting memorable evening garden parties, and spending a lot more time in the backyard. It's time to look through your collection of garden sculptures, pick out those to be put on display, and maybe even give away the statues you have never used. In all likelihood, the time has also come for buying a few new statues and when you can get a 20% discount, there's little reason to wait to augment your garden sculpture collection.

From now until April 11th, you get 20% off the regular price of every purchase of resin garden statues from Design Toscano as part of our pre-season garden statues sale! Get statues like the Angel's Message Sculpture that combine the innocence and beauty of children with the heavenly form of an angel. Give your backyard a wild touch with stunning animal garden statues like the "Leopard's Kingdom" statue and the King of Beasts Lion Sculpture. It might also be time to put a a modern classic among garden sculptures on display, the Bigfoot Statue.

Buy these and any statues for the garden from now until April 11th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Extraordinary Statues for Outside

Roswell, the Alien SculptureWith spring in the air, it's time to plan your garden statuary display. If you just have one or two resin garden statues or want to give your backyard a new look, don't settle for sculptures that look just like the ones in your neighborhood. Go for statues that make a statement and impress every guest. These are sculptures that stand out for their high quality and realistic details. While all of our garden statues are high quality items, some also tend to stand out more than others for their unique appearance.

Our famous Bigfoot sculpture is one such statue. Modeled after descriptions of the legendary, elusive creature, this striking sculpture captures the gestalt of a Sasquatch as it strides through your back on large hairy legs. This realistic statue is destined to be a hit at evening parties.

While garden guests appreciate your Bigfoot statue on one side of the backyard, thrill others with Roswell, the Alien sculpture on the other side of the pool. Don't worry, this friendly alien shows that it comes in peace by gesturing with an open hand. Combine this detailed statue of an extraterrestrial with the Crash Landing Flying Saucer sculpture.

Save 20% on these fantastic garden statuary items and everything from the Design Toscano site when ordering today until March 31st.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Yeti is too fun!!

1YetiMama from Lititz, PA 17543, USA reviewed the Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue: Large

Bottomline: No, would not recommend to a friend.


Comments: Yeti came to live with our family a few years ago. He is the life of the party!! Everyone always wants to know what Yeti is wearing or what kind of antics he has gotten himself into. Everyone needs a Yeti!!

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Sculptures for Outside that Make an Extraordinary Impression

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueThe backyard is a place that can be used for a wide variety of activities. During the summer months, depending on the size of the backyard, it can play host to everything from badminton games to neighborhood volleyball championships. It also acts as a fine locale for evening meals, outdoor parties, or trying your hand at gardening. When you have guests, you also make an impression with backyard garden statuary.

The bigger the statues the bigger the impression and certain extraordinary sculptures will make your garden the talk of the town. Put a giant Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue in the backyard to amaze and entertain guests. This faux stone sculpture was carefully designed and crafted to look just like the actual signature stone head statues that dot the barren Easter Island landscape.

If you have a tree or two, decorate one of them with the realistic Hanging Jungle Monkey statue. Kids of all ages will love this detailed Chimpanzee animal yard statue and neighbors will wonder if you have a pet primate on the premises.

Of course, no extraordinary backyard decor is complete without one of our exclusive Bigfoot statues. Decorate the yard with a giant, Life-size Yeti Statue for full effect and put a Bashful Bigfoot behind a tree.

Shop at the online Design Toscano store for the best in unique and extraordinary backyard decor.

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Bring the Great North American Ape into Your Yard with a Giant Big Foot Statue

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueAccording to legend and thousands of people who insist that they have seen it, Sasquatch haunts the deep forests, remote mountains, and dark swamps of the United States of America and Canada. Also known as the Great North American Ape, "Bigfoot" is said to be anywhere from six to eight feet in height, is covered in hair, has huge shoulders, and almost only comes out at night. It's also believed to be intelligent and extremely elusive, and has yet to be officially documented by the scientific community. For that reason, the possibility that Bigfoot might exist is mostly ignored by scientists despite hundreds of credible reports, detailed footprints, and unexplained sound recordings.

When it comes to the Bigfoot phenomenon, the only certainty might be the fact that Sasquatch continues to be an enigma that lacks an adequate explanation. Whether actively searching for Bigfoot or not, the surest means of bringing this creature into your life is by putting one of our Bigfoot statues in the backyard. Get the Giant,  "life size" Yeti Statue and don't be surprised when you start hearing about rumors of Bigfoot in the neighborhood. If people talk about glimpsing the creature in your yard, they are probably seeing the big, highly detailed statue. However, if they also talk about seeing more than one Bigfoot, or a large, hairy bipedal ape that creeps through people's backyards, maybe your unique animal yard statue will have managed to attract a live Sasquatch!

Order realistic Bigfoot sculptures and the best in animal garden statues from Design Toscano between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Write a Review and You Might Win $150 to Spend on Fantastic Garden Statuary!

We love it when our customers share their feelings about one of our Bigfoot Statues, our animal garden sculptures, and other unique items from our collection of quality decor. When you write a review, it lets us Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensembleknow if we are providing our clients with the type of high quality decorations and objets d'art that we strive to offer. However, we also know that it can take time to write those reviews so to show our appreciation, we are holding a contest for the next ten days.

From now (January 15th) until January 25, 2013, anyone who writes a review about any of our items is entered into a drawing to win a $150 gift card! All you have to do is review your favorite statuary, indoor decorations, or other item purchased from Design Toscano and you could win $150 to spend on exquisite, breathtaking decor like the Chateau Chambord Clock and Candelabra Ensemble, or beautiful furniture like the Hawthorne Collection Wing Chair.

It could also be used towards the purchase of Asian-themed items like a bronze replica of a Tang Dynasty Horse Statue or a monument sized, large Buddha statue.

Write a review for one of your Design Toscano favorites and get entered into a drawing for a $150 gift card! Reviews must be written between January 15th and January 25th and only one winner will be chosen at random. The lucky winner will be announced during the final week of January.

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Hurry! There's Still Time to Order Gorgeous Garden Statuary for Christmas!

Frederic, the Little Fisherman of Avignon SculptureChristmas will be here in a matter of days but don't fret if you still need to find a few gifts. There's still time to get every gift you need if you act fast and order them today. If part of the problem is not being sure what to buy for your daughter, cousin, or best friend, try taking a look around on our online store. We have hundreds of beautiful high quality statues,objets d'art, replicas of antique furniture, and more, and all of them are unique!

You probably won't find anything like the Bigfoot statue at the local mall. A Design Toscano classic, this sculpture of America's most famous and enigmatic legend is a wonderful present for anyone with an interest in cryptozoology, mystery, and the unexplained. If that special person already has a sculpture of Sasquatch, you could get them the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture.

Or, your much needed gift ideas might come in the form of one or two of our beautiful statues of children. Frederic, the Little Fisherman of Avignon is an adorable work of art suitable for anyone with a backyard pond and our Flowers for Felicity Statue is cute as can be.

Find quality last minute gifts and resin garden statues for low prices at Design Toscano today see the site for shipping details!

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Two Reasons to Buy a Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueBigfoot has several names. In the southern states, this large, hairy bipedal creature is called the Skunk Ape. In Ohio, believers in Bigfoot claim that the "grassman" roams the oak woodlands of the Buckeye State. In the wild coniferous forests of the west, it goes by the name of Sasquatch and in Asian mountains, a similar furry giant is known as the Yeti. An enigma for sure and one that deserved to be immortalized as one of the more fantastic  animal garden statues.

The following are two reasons why it's worth it to buy a garden sculpture of Bigfoot:

  • Gentle Giant: Despite Bigfoot's massive size and obvious strength, the scarcity of sightings indicate that it might be the most shy creature in the woods. As opposed to being threatening, an animal yard statue of Bigfoot fills the garden with mystery and enchantment.
  • It's unique: While neighbors can claim that their backyard is inhabited by statues of pink flamingoes and garden gnomes, get a Bigfoot sculpture and you can show that your garden hosts one of the most unique and detailed sculptures in town.

Yet another reason for buying a Bigfoot Sculpture today is because you get a 20% discount as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale. This sale ends today, November 25th!

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Free Standard Shipping on Everything from a Bigfoot Statue to the Smallest Garden Fairy

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueShopping online can make it easy to find garden statuary and other objets d'art for great low prices. Although you have to pay for shipping and can't get your purchase two seconds after buying it, the time saved and convenience of shopping from the comfort of the home or office makes up for those small disadvantages. Even when large purchases result in sizeable shipping costs, they are still outweighed by the advantages of online shopping. Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less so it's worth it to take advantage of times when discounts are offered on shipping, especially for large items like beautiful Greek garden statues

At Design Toscano, one of those rare times happens to be in effect from today until Thursday, November 15th. All you need to do to get free standard shipping from now until November 15th is order anything from our site. Order something small and exquisite like a Versailles telephone from our Basil Street Gallery or large statuary like Bigfoot the Garden Yeti and it gets shipped for free* right to your front door. It doesn't matter what you order, nor how big or small your purchase may be. Just buy between now and Thursday, November 15th and standard shipping is free!

*Does not include oversized or freight surcharges. Get free standard shipping from now until Thursday, November 15th, 2012 when ordering anything from Design Toscano!

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A Few Animal Garden Sculptures for the Trees

Out on a Limb Hanging Brown Bear Cub StatueStatues for the backyard don't just have to be placed on the ground or even on a plinth. Some, like the Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue seem to come right out of the ground, while items like the Bigfoot Statue seem to lope through the yard and statues such as the Black Panther stalk the flowerbeds. Others find their home in the trees and make for a naturally beautiful addition to outdoor holiday decor.

Animal garden statues like Simone, the Squirrel Hanging Sculpture are so realistic that you can expect the live, bushy-tailed, inquisitive variety to come and scold it on more than a few occasions. Birds may keep their distance and neighbors will wonder why you have a pet squirrel until you put a little Santa Claus hat on its head.

Yonva, the Climbing Bear Sculpture is another animal statue meant for the trees. Modeled after a real bear cub, Yonva plays the role perfectly with its adorable face and highly detailed, furry appearance. Black Bears like Yonva are naturally good climbers and they often sleep in nests high up in a tree. Larger and bulkier Brown Bears usually stick to the ground because they don't climb trees nearly as well. This is demonstrated by the oh so cute Out on a Limb Hanging Brown Bear Statue!

Order these and other high quality animal statues as holiday gifts from Design Toscano.

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Free Shipping on Garden Statuary and Everything Else Today and Tomorrow Only!

It's always nice to find low prices on quality resin garden statues, but it's even better to get those sculptures and other quality decor delivered to the front door free of charge. For just today and tomorrow, Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Tableanything ordered from the Design Toscano site gets shipped free of charge! To get that free shipping, it doesn't matter if you order a life size Bigfoot Statue or a the smallest of garden fairies. You don't have to order items for the backyard either. Buy heirloom quality furniture for the interior of home or the office and it also gets delivered free of charge.

This includes furniture like the amazing Warwickshire Dragon Glass-topped Coffee table. The masterpiece of a dragon sculpture that makes up the base of this table is so detailed that you may be tempted to remove the glass top to just put the dragon on display! Use it to serve coffee to all of your guests in Gothic-themed splendor.

Egyptian decorations are also shipped free of charge when ordered today or tomorrow. Get a Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor Lamp or the stunning Egyptian revival Isis Table Lamp to give your place some serious Egyptian flair.

Order these and other unique decor and objets d'art from Design Toscano today or tomorrow and pay nothing for shipping!

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What Statues for Garden Do You Need?

Whether just getting started with a garden or maintaining one for several years, picking out the right decor Pagoda Lantern Sculpturescan be a challenge. Do you go with greenmen sculptures for the trees or opt for statues that hang from the limbs? Do you limit your garden sculptures to topiary or go for a classic display of Greek-themed statues? Is decor in the backyard going to follow a certain theme or blend Asian sculptures with African animals? No matter how you decide to decorate the garden, the huge assortment of classic and unique decor at Design Toscano gives you a cornucopia of garden statuary options.

If the garden lacks any decor whatsoever, decide on a theme (or not) first and foremost. If going for an Asian-themed garden, Pagoda Lantern sculptures are a good choice. Their simple design and easy-going appearance make them a versatile and ideal addition to any type of flowerbeds.

Speaking of flowers, garden fairies also work well with just about any type of garden on account of their small size and naturally enchanting appearance. The detailed beauty of Fiona the Flower Fairy makes this one of our more popular fairy sculptures.

If you already have an established, well decorated garden, you might want to consider something unique like a life size tiger or Bigfoot.

Save on the best decor for both the backyard and the interior of home and office at Design Toscano.

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12 Hour Sale on Garden Statuary Today!

Angel of Grief Monument StatueToday is an auspicious date on the Gregorian Calendar and to mark the event, we are holding a sitewide sale for 12 hours. On today, 10/11/12, you get a 20% discount on all of our animal garden statues, unique objets d'art, and everything else on our site! This is why it pays to check our blog on a daily basis and also why you shouldn't wait to order items like one of our classic Bigfoot Sculptures or a huge sculpture of a prehistoric Triceratops for the backyard or business.  Given the 20% discount, today is also the best time to buy other dinosaur sculptures like our highly detailed, amazing Velociraptor, and the haunting, impressive Allosaurus sculpture.

Not to worry if prehistoric statues just aren't your cup of tea. You still enjoy the 20% discount off any of the angels and other classic statuary in our collection. This includes the awe-inspiring Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture and the touching Angel of Grief monument statue.

Don't forget about our unique, high quality interior decor either! Enjoy 20% off elegant items in our Basil Street Gallery such as the stunning Madame Antoinette Wall Console and other breathtaking furniture  like the Empire Curricle Bergere Chair.

Just don't wait until tomorrow to order these and other items because this sale only lasts for 12 short hours. Buy anything on our site for 12 hours on 10/11/12 and get 20% off the regular price!

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Go for a Sci-Fi Theme with Alien Garden Statuary this Halloween Season!

Who says that all things spooky need to come crawling out of the grave? While the idea of zombies Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statuecreeping up and out of the dark earth isn't exactly for the faint of heart, those undead creeps don't have a monopoly on scare tactics! Beings from other planets can vie with zombies and even the most hideous of gargoyle figurines when it comes to terrifying us. Although at least a few aliens shown on the silver screen have been downright adorable, many more are the stuff of nightmares.

In terms of terror and originality, an alien invasion is an excellent idea for a Halloween decorating theme. But where on Earth can you find decor that truly looks as if it comes from beyond the Kuiper Belt? Well, where else but Design Toscano? Aliens sculptures fit right in with realistic Bigfoot statues and creeping zombies, so of course we carry them!

Start the alien decorating with a sculpture of a flying saucer that just happened to make a crash landing in your garden. Put this very eerie statue in the backyard and you can rename your place "Roswell Two" or "The Real Area 151". When guests ask where the pilot is, direct them to the alien coming out of your wall!

Find these and other frighteningly realistic Halloween decor items at Design Toscano today!

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Free Shipping on Garden Statuary and Everything Else from Now Until Sunday

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueThe last weekend in September has arrived and we are marking these last days before October with free shipping on everything in our store. If you haven't bought a Bigfoot statue for the yard yet, this weekend could be the best time to make that purchase because even large-scale items like our realistic Yetis get shipped for free. Bigfoot is an excellent Halloween decoration but will also add mystical drama to the backyard at all times of the year.

It's not too late to order the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue for Halloween either. This is one scarecrow that works better on keeping people away than the birds! Some evil force turned a docile scarecrow into a menacing, fanged undead creature and it doesn't look as if corn cobs are on his menu!

You will also get free shipping on the unique Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statue when you order it between today and Sunday. Use this sculptue for a frightening sci-fi Halloween theme.

Save on shipping costs for all of your quality Halloween decor but don't forget to also order and save on classic Greek garden statues, and garden fairies. Free shipping last sfrom today until Sunday, September 30th.

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Backyards are Spookier with Greenmen

Poison Oak: Greenman Tree SculptureEven if you have never seen what greenman decor looks like, it's easy to surmise that it might be spooky. Although it sounds like another name for Martian-themed decor, greenman items are very much connected to Earth. These nature-themed decorations literally give faces to trees and the result is magical, mysterious, and somewhat frightening. Adding personality to trees with woody faces and piercing eyes, these sculptures will provide a unique, naturally spooky touch to the yard.

Most trees are innocent and docile but when the big craggy oak in the backyard decides to come awake and show its true face, trick-or-treaters might skip your house during their quest for candy. The Spirit of Nottingham Woods greenman can be especially frightening on dark, October nights. With perceptive, woody eyes, he peers out at all passersby and dares Halloween party guests to approach his twiggy abode.

While the Nottingham Greenman can look frightening or intriguing depending on the lighting, there's no doubting the evil designs of the Poison Oak Greenman Tree Sculpture. This leering sculpture literally shows his teeth in a malicious grin that taunts guests to "Come closer for a better look!".

Save 20% on these and other Halloween decor from now until September 24th!

Don't forget to participate in our Pin-spiration contest by creating your own Halloween pinboard with scary garden statuary and the best in gargoyle figurines. The winner gets $200 off a Bigfoot statue or anything else at Design Toscano.

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Garden Statuary for Terrifying Halloween Themes

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie StatueWith October 31st a little more than a month away, it's time to make a decision about Halloween decor. If you decide to focus on the undead, do you go with vampires or zombies? Do you turn the backyard into the horrifying laboratory of a mad scientist or make it into giant spider central? Of course you can always mix and match these and other themes but you should know if appropriate decor is available before settling on any particular decorating theme.

We carry a number of excellent detailed decorations to compliment a wide variety of Halloween decorating themes. If you decide to go with zombies, our terrifying Zombie of Montclaire Moors and Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue will send shivers down the spines of the bravest of guests. Both of these realistic items look as if they are clawing their way out of the ground!

Several of our animal garden statues will also put the fright into trick-or-treaters and and other unwary visitors. Put out the incredibly realistic Grand Scale Crocodile Statue, though, and they might not make it to your front door.

Find these, the best Bigfoot garden statue, and other fantastic Halloween Halloween decor at Design Toscano. Save 20% on decor until September 24th!

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Did You Get a Bigfoot Statue for Halloween Yet?

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueThe best Halloween displays in town aren't necessarily the ones with scary sounds piped into a front yard that has been transformed into a spooky cemetery. While those do look great, they have been done before and who knows how many houses will follow that theme in 2012. If your place is going to stand out from the rest of the Halloween decorating crowd, you need to let your creative juices lead you to places where decorating ideas have no boundaries. Let your mind wander outside the box and you will come up with some amazing decorating themes.

For example, while zombies crawl out of your flower garden, how about putting up a Bigfoot crossing sign, or something like, "Beware of the Great North American Ape". Of course you should also combine those curious warnings with Bigfoot decor and that's just one of the ways we can help. You can start out by putting Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture behind a tree in the yard. Party guests and trick-or-treaters will do a double-take when they spot this highly detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculpture peering at them from the shadows! Follow that up with the huge, realistic Life-sized Yeti Sculpture in the garden and they might run for the door!

Find garden statuary and the best gargoyle figurines for Halloween at Design Toscano!

Save 20% on decor from now until September 24th!

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