Garden Statuary also Includes Bridges

When most people think of statues or sculptures for the backyard, items like garden fairies or maybe a stone lion come to mind. As valid as these statues are for every garden, they only represent a fraction of the sculptures that can add personality to a backyard. While exquisite statues of fairies hide among the The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridgeflowerbeds, and scenery and animals immortalized in bronze liven up open spaces, bridges provide one of the nicer additions to a garden. 

Although a real, stone bridge that can be used by people for crossing streams and ponds would be ideal, it might also cost just as much as putting a new addition onto your home or business. Luckily, you don't have to construct an entire, life-sized bridge to add one to the backyard. The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge is a beautiful sculpture that can be placed over a trickle of water or a miniature gully. It might be too small for you to use but would work just fine for fairies and gnomes. With its cobblestone texture, this miniature replica of an old English bridge adds quaint realism to any garden.

Find this garden sculpture, animal garden statues, and the perfect stone garden angel for your backyard at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Get 20% off On Sale Garden Statuary and Other Items

Super-sized David Garden SculptureThe final day of the Virtual Warehouse sale at Design Toscano has arrived and with it comes a last chance at getting 20% off the prices of every on sale item in the catalog. Looking to add serenity and peace to the garden accompanied by savings for your wallet? Get the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and your backyard will be transformed into a scene from a Zen-inspired dream. Since this Large Buddha Statue is already on sale, it qualifies for the Virtual Warehouse sale and you get 20% off when ordering this peaceful garden sculpture today.

If a sculpture of the Buddha doesn't fit into your personal decorating theme, perhaps a modern twist on a classic will fit the bill. The Super-Sized David Garden Sculpture will put a smile on the face of every backyard and dinner guest. He sort of looks like a replica of the original David but instead of rippled muscles in every nook and cranny, this David spent a little too much time watching reruns of Italian soap operas while lazing away on the couch. Order this unique objet d'art today and get 20% off the already reduced price!

Get 20% off any sale bronze garden sculptures and other on sale items but only until the end of today, May 11th!

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Last Day to get 20% off of Garden Statuary

Young Girl with her Horse Bronze Garden StatueToday is a great day for ordering animal garden statues and other outdoor sculptures for the backyard. The warm weather means that you and your guests will be spending more time in the garden so you might as well order new decor for the backyard now to ready your place for those Summer parties. Today is also the best time to order statues for the backyard because you will get 20% off the regular price. Yes, April 12th has arrived and that means that you have until midnight to get a 20% discount on all garden statues and sculptures from Design Toscano.

The 20% discount means that this is the best time to place orders for larger items such as the Leap Froggin Playing Boys Bronze Garden Statue or the Young Girl with her Horse Bronze Garden Statue. Both are beautiful solid bronze sculptures destined to be incredible additions to your garden. The quality and timeless nature of these works of art also makes them heirlooms to be cherished by future generations of loved ones. Buy them today and the 20% discount turns into serious savings.

Buy statues and sculptures for the backyard from Design Toscano and get 20% off the regular price until midnight, April 12th!

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Dragon Garden Statues for the Asian-themed Backyard

The classic, exotic beauty of an Asian-themed garden is a sight to behold. Carefully tended gardens have been an important part of east-Asian cultures for more than two thousand years. Trees can be tended for generations in the hope of attaining an exquisite, sculptured appearance. Beautiful wooden or stone bridges cross small streams and Koi ponds. Miniature pagodas, Buddha outdoor statues, and other sculptures are common features of Asian gardens. Dragon sculptures in particular are especially Benevolent Asian Dragon Statueimportant for adding a touch of authenticity and mysticism.

These mythical winged beasts have played an important role in many east-Asian cultures and are typically viewed as harbingers of good luck. Few dragon sculptures embody this belief better than the Benevolent Asian Dragon Statue. Sculpted by Chinese master artist Gary Chang, this wonderfully ornate dragon has an open, smiling mouth and appears ready to proclaim your good fortune and prosperity.

Another dragon for the garden that is more mystical in character is the Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. This serpentine dragon of water and wind demonstrates its magical prowess by clutching a power orb. This beautiful solid bronze sculpture comes in three different sizes and is also piped for use as a fountain.

Get 20% off these and all garden statuary until Thursday, April 12th!

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Last Day to Help us Celebrate Our Anniversary with 20% off All Items

February 14th is here and millions of couples are celebrating this most romantic day of the year Vici Cupid with Bow Statuewith visits to their favorite restaurants, trips to the movies, and romantic getaways. It's a day for fresh cut flowers, pink candy hearts, and time well spent with that special person. This year, it's also happens to be the last day of our anniversary sale so don't forget to shop and save at the Design Toscano site while looking forward to your special evening.

Keeping in line with February the 14th, why not buy a Vici Cupid with Bow Statue? This classy, little sculpture shows a slender cupid so eager to smite the hearts of all passersby that he is standing on his tippy toes.

Or, if a more dramatic depiction of Cupid is called for, get a beautiful sculpture showing the God of romance embracing his wife "Psyche". The Cupid and Psyche statue in faux verdigris bronze makes for an elegant addition to any desk as well as an inspiration for intimacy.

If you already have a Cupid and Psyche statue on display, you can't go wrong with the Cupid and Psyche wall frieze. This romantic decoration works well in both the inside of your home and in the garden.

Save 20% on these decorations, animal garden statues, Gothic tables, Egyptian decorations, and everything else on the Design Toscano site until February 14th!
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Last Day to Get 20% off of Asian-Themed Décor!

Sunday, February 5th has arrived and in terms of Asian-themed decor, this the last day that you can get 20% off a variety of quality Asian-themed decorations. If you ever thought about Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statueturning your garden into green space that reminds both you and guests of the Far East, today is the day to stock up on some necessities.

For example, your garden will take on an immediate Asian appearance as soon as you install a pagoda sculpture. Don't stop there though. If you would like your garden to be a meditative place of serene tranquility, get a couple of Buddha outdoor statues. The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary is perfect for providing a niche for meditation, the solid bronze tranquil Buddha statue will make your backyard look a bit like a temple, and the Baby Buddha statue will add a unique touch to any place.

Lighting can be provided by Pagoda lantern sculptures and a dragon statue can hide in one of the flowerbeds. Other Asian-themed animal statues can also be used to compliment the colors of flowering plants. Put in colorful and very realistic tiger cub statues to add a wild touch to your garden.

Whether you already have an Asian-themed garden or would like to start one, today is your last day to get 20% off all Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian decor!

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Asian Garden Statues and Decor Fit for an Emperor

Emperor Xuanzong's Fat Horse Asian StatueThe emperors of ancient China and Japan filled their homes with amazing works of art. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, beautifully lacquered furniture decorated the hallways of the Imperial palace in Beijing. Vases, paintings, and Buddha outdoor statues were scattered throughout the massive residences of Chinese and Japanese rulers. While much of the art during ancient Asia was limited to a small number of rulers and the very rich, most modern day people can fill their homes with similar looking pieces and thus live like the emperors of old.

Show the Emperor Xuansong's Fat Horse statue in your home and you will be displaying a replica of one of the most highly esteemed works of art from ancient China. Place "your horse" where it can be seen by all and tell guests that the original statue was made for an important Chinese emperor.

In ancient China, there were no telephones, computers, or intercom systems. Other means of communications had to be employed to let people know when the emperor was going to speak or when it was time for dinner. The easiest way of getting other people's attention was with a large, bronze gong. Although you don't have to use it to announce meals or speeches just as the emperors did, you can own very similar decor in the form of  the Sheng Kwong gong.

Asian decor fit for an emperor, Japanese garden statues, and all Asian garden sculptures are 20% off until Sunday, February 5th!
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Implement the Exotic of the Orient in Your Garden

The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda SculptureWhen it comes to the Orient, an air of royalty and mystique seems to pervade any ambience that is associated with it.  So it is only natural that you would want to inject a little bit of that into an outdoor space.  You don’t need to renovate your entire outdoor space to create an Orient theme, you would be surprised at how easy it is to do so with the addition of one or two Asian garden statues.  Even better, you won’t need to pay the prices of the Orient when you shop with us.

A Pagoda structure is as symbolic of the Orient as anything else, and is in itself a serene symbol that exudes mystery.  When you add small Pagoda Asian garden sculptures into your outdoor space, you inject Eastern style in a way that nobody else will.  Our Nara Temple may be all you need to add Asian grace to your outdoor space, and is finished with a gorgeous bronze that will exude a regal touch as well.  At only two and a half feet high, it won’t overpower anything else in your outdoor space either.

There is perhaps no symbol more Asian than that of the dragon.  Dragon garden statues are an easy way to start an Asian theme in your outdoor space with one simple sculpture.  Whether you want to ward off nosy neighbours or preying pests, our Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue is all you need to add a royal Asian touch to protect the garden space you have worked so hard on.

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Create a Zen Outdoor Space with Buddha

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian StatueThe symbol of the Buddha is one that is revered by many, even if that is not the religion that you worship.  Many people respect the Buddha simply for its symbolism alone.  A lot of people like to add a little Buddha token into a Feng Shui space, or simply as an element of spirituality.  What prevents many people from adding Buddha to their home however is the preconceived expense.  With us, you don’t have to worry about that.  And if you’ve been thinking of adding either a small or a large Buddha statue to your home or garden, you don’t have to worry about budget here.

A bronze garden sculpture is one that certainly adds an element of royalty to any outdoor space.  And if you want a bronze Buddha, you can certainly break the bank doing so. 

of ours is one that can fit every budget, and adds just the tone and spirituality into your garden without being obtrusive.  Fashioned in faux bronze, this piece will add just that royal and spiritual touch you are looking for, without breaking the bronze bank.

Buddha outdoor statues come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter what size you get, adding just one will also add a sense of Zen to your outdoor space.  If you have been looking for a way to create harmony and peace into your garden, but always thought you couldn’t afford a Buddha, think again!

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Poseidon, Buddha and a Tree of Life

Young Poseidon Sculptural FountainNow is the time to browse for outdoor statues and fountains as so many of them are on sale.  We have artistic sculpture of all types and one of our most popular collections is our Greek garden statues.  The many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes have been the favorite subjects for artists for many centuries and ours are no exception.  A marvelous outdoor fountain in this style is the Young Poseidon Sculptural Fountain and it is now on sale.  The young god rides a dolphin and is surrounded with water in this 54 ½” fountain.

Nothing adds serenity and peace to a meditation garden like a large Buddha statue and we have some in our collection that are beyond beautiful and unique.  One of these is The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden Statue which is over a foot wide and a foot and a half tall.  Using the lost wax bronze method of casting, this loving depiction of Buddha is finished in different tones of verdigris patina.

For those of you who enjoy our Japanese garden statues and all other Asian or contemporary décor, we have some lovely wall sculptures that you will want to hang immediately.  One such sculpture is the Ancient Tree of Life Wall Sculpture.  This sculpture is over 3 ft. wide and is a bas relief created in designer resin.  The tree has something of the look of an ancient Bonsai and would blend wonderfully with many different types of décor.
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Heraldic Lion, Playful Knight and Fairy Mirror

Now that you have begun your gift shopping, you need to carefully browse our marble busts for sale collection for something unique yet surprisingly affordable.  One such item that is just perfect for your friends or relatives that love heraldry and medieval décor, this is the Heraldic Lion of Chiminees Iron Statue.  The statue created from foundry iron is of the lion of heraldry that appears on so many knights’ shields.  He has a bronze finish and is rearing up on a white marble stand over a foot tall.  This is a beautiful and very affordable gift for anyone.

Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall SculptueWe have more items done in foundry iron that would make wonderful gifts for anyone that loves knight statues.  Right now at a great sale price we have a humorous knight called Elmo the Scowling Italian Knight Authentic Foundry Iron Casting.  Initially he sits on your desk rather like a knight paperweight full of himself and then when you lift his face shield, he gives you a nasty look and has great storage space for your pencils and other desk items.  Have you gotten your boss anything yet?

There are more pieces of wall sculpture on sale now, especially for all the fans of our garden fairy statue.  We have brought some fairies inside and infused them with wonderful colorful wings to create the Twin Fairies Mirrored Wall Sculpture.  The mirror is about 17” tall and is surrounded by two gorgeous intricate fairies on either side.  These fairies have fiery wings that spread out in a glorious frame.  This is a great gift, not too large for anyone and now at just the right price.

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A Fire Dragon, Unicorns and a Black Cat

So many customers are so fond of our Japanese garden statues and all our other outdoor Asian sculptures that we have some wonderful indoor wall sculpture that we know you will like.  The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture is a wonderful Asian piece and not bad for Halloween either.  This dragon appears to be coming directly through your wall and is one of our most detailed dragons with great scales, plumed head and long tongue.  Hand painted in wood tones with a touch of faux gold, he is a dramatic specimen.

Black Cat on a Witch's Broom StatueThe Basil Street Gallery is filled to the brim with items that will raise your home décor to museum quality.  When looking for something a little mythical, but also beautiful for this time of year, you need to see The Mythical Unicorns of the Glade Sculpture. This sculpture stands 11 ½” tall and is created with a faux bronze finish.  The artist has given these mythical beasts all the beauty of majestic horses with an exquisite horn on each of their heads.

Animals are something that we do better than anyone else in the statuary business and this is reflected in our realistic tiger sculpture.  For Halloween you need to find the perfect black cat for your decorations and the Black Cat on a Witch’s Broom Statue is just the best. The snarling cat is created in designer resin and hand painted completely black.  He is standing on a witch’s broom, guarding it for her return from maybe a little spell casting.

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An Elephant, Fox and Saber Tooth


Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting StatueWhile there is nothing really scary about our outdoor elephant statues or the wonderful indoor statues that we have, Halloween brings to mind gift shopping season and you may well have some elephant lovers on your list.  A great gift for the elephant collector is Ernest the Lounging Elephant Sitting Statue.  This stately elephant in a faux bronze finish has decided take a break and sprawl just anywhere you want to put him. 

Our adorable animals are more likely to be fun, like our Meerkat sculpture, than they are to be threatening or scary.  We do have an adorable animal though that might make the scene at Halloween and that is Simon the Fox Garden Statue.  Simon is exquisitely hand painted in red and white fur and a sharp foxy face.  You just know that he looking for someone’s hen house to pillage.

Design Toscano tiger sculpture is absolutely beautiful with its brightly hand painted striped tigers doing anything from napping to prowling.  Now if you want some tiger genre sculpture for Halloween, we present the Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Artifact which is an amazing replica of the skull discovered at the La Brea Tar Pits.  It has a bone finish, is almost 2 ft. tall and would make a great man cave decoration.

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Cute Frog Statues and Caesar’s Lions

Crouching Frog Bronze Garden StatueOur amphibian statues are some of the most remarkable of the many nature statues that we have such as our tortoise statue.  In our bronze statue section you will find some other wonderful amphibians also, such as the Crouching Frog Bronze Garden Statue: Small.  What a distinctive face this guy has, the artist caught him just right hanging on a lily pad looking for flies.  He’s 8” long and is cast in solid bronze, also piped to be a fountain.

In the area of Egyptian décor, Design Toscano is second to none from furniture and statues to wall art.  A lovely wall piece is the Icons of the Egyptian Realm Wall Sculpture; this is a bas relief of the Isis and the sphinx and finished in a metallic cast.  Over a foot wide, the black and metallic shades are a classic on any wall.

Now that you are eyeing your interior décor with a look to possibly making some additions or a total change, you should browse our Egyptian tables, chairs and other furniture which are always unique.  A great chair is Caesar’s Royal Lions Hand-carved Throne Chair now on sale.  Hand carved in hardwood, this chair is hand painted in faux gold and ebony with exquisite carvings of Egyptian and Roman symbols on the back and sides with gold claw feet.  Not everyone will have one of these.

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A Unicorn and a Red-Eyed Frog

We have several statues of mythical legend such as our Bigfoot statue and, who knows that one might not be mythical.  A beautiful statue is The Enchanted Unicorn Sculpture celebrating the mystical creature well beloved by all.  This Design Toscano exclusive statue is over a foot tall, sculpted in extraordinary detail and hand painted in pastels. have many sculptures of reptiles, like lizards and other small creatures like our popular tortoise statue.  A new guy on the block is this adorable and intriguing Red-Eyed Tree Frog Statue.  The frog with bulging red eyes has traveled from the Amazon rainforest and is distinctively hand painted in bright green and yellow colors.  He can be fitted anywhere, but will find a place in your heart.

Our animals are very often hand painted in the colors of nature, like our outdoor elephant statues in gray with large white tusks.  However we do have several sculptures done in bronze that show off the incredible detail that the artist put into creating the animal.  One of these detailed and also fun animals is the Long Necked Goose Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  The goose’s long neck gives it a feel of high fashion and at the same time the detailed webbed feet are ready for a splash.  You even have the option of having it flow water from its beak.
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Large and Very Different Sculpture


Authentic Replica British Telephone BoothWe are very proud of our collection of "extraordinary" statues which includes many dinosaurs and of course our marvelous Big Foot Garden Statue.  However, the collection is not just about animals, it is also about great statues and replicas that you won’t see anywhere else like the Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth.  The booth is created out of solid pine wood and has the royal crown displayed at the top.  There are 72 hand crafted windows and the booth is hand painted in British red.  This is a great conversation piece for your home.

Another of our “extraordinary” statues is a tortoise statue, but not just any tortoise; it is The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Galapagos Tortoise Statue.  This amazing statue is over five feet long and is incredibly realistically sculpted.  He is depicted lifting his head and looking around your yard, possibly wondering where he is. 

Our grand animals are incredibly amazing and many, like our outdoor elephant statues, are very realistic.  Some, however, are created in a solid tone which accentuates the careful sculpting of the animal’s musculature and pose.  One such statue is the Majestic Horse Sculpture which is four feet long and four feet tall.  He is cast in designer resin and his beautiful body is covered in bronze patina.  This statue is a must have for all horse lovers.

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Beautiful Art Reproductions and Egyptian Sculpture


Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art ReproductionAn exceptional piece in our Japanese garden statues collection is a lovely pagoda for outdoors.  Now we have an exciting art reproduction that will bring the peace and serenity of the pagoda into your home.  This is the Pagoda in the Moonlight: Classic Art Reproduction.  The original of this painting by Kawase Hasui now hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but we have created a beautiful reproduction of the painting which highlights a pagoda rising toward the stars surrounded by cherry blossoms.  We create the reproduction on artists’ grade paper, place it under Plexiglas and frame it in an outstanding hardwood frame.  You will also receive a plaque with the title of the piece and the name of the artist; this is all available at a great price.

As always you can’t go wrong browsing in our Basil Street Gallery especially considering the upcoming LABOR DAY SALE.  Here are museum quality pieces that you can afford and will be proud to display in your home.  A lovely piece is The Fire Dance Illuminated Sculpture which is an art deco sculpture of dancers surrounding an orb of light.   It is over a foot tall and is hand painted in faux bronze.

Design Toscano is certainly the place to go when looking for pieces of Egyptian art with which to decorate your home.  We have an excellent selection and also a big LABOR DAY SALE coming up on Sept. 1, so you can get the best price.  A nice item is the Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment which is a large winged sculpture with the sun goddess in its center.  It is hand painted in Egyptian blue, a red sun and stunning faux gold.

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Heavenly Angels and the Eye of Horus

Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural FountainWhenever you see a beautiful stone garden angel statue in any outdoor garden, 9 times out of 10 it will have originated from Design Toscano.  Our angels are renowned for the artists’ attention to detail and the serenity they emit.  If you love fountains, take a look at the Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural Fountain.  The fountain is almost four feet tall and has a verdigis bronze finish.  A beautiful angel is dipping her toes in a large basin of water and the water sounds create a tranquil peaceful space.

As part of our GARDEN SALE, many of our wonderful animals are now on sale.  These are realistically sculpted and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  The panda is always a sought after item and now Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpture is on sale!  This adorable panda, depicted chewing on some bamboo, is a foot and a half tall.  The artist did excellent work with detail on his paws and marvelous face.

Also on sale are some pieces in our extensive Egyptian art collection.  Now is the time to pick these up a great price and perhaps redo some your indoor décor.  A great start for decor would be with the sparkling Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase.  This is a ceramic vase with the Eye of Horus painted on a crisp Egyptian blue background.  It is 9” tall, hand fired and accented with real gold leaf.  A great item to find on sale!

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From a Lovely Mermaid to a Bust of Shakespeare

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueIn our garden statue section we have a collection called “extraordinary” and here is where our exclusive Big Foot garden statue can be found among many other large and very different sculptures.  A sculpture that is truly extraordinary and beautiful at the same time is the Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue and she is at a sale price. This delicately rendered mermaid is 35” tall and appears to be sunbathing with her hand on her great tail and a peaceful gaze around the landscape.  She is not wearing a bathing suit.

William Shakespeare Sculptural BustMuch in the style and serenity of our large Buddha statue, we have another wonderful statue of peace that will fit in any garden.  She is Mother Nature: Maiden of the Forest Statue rendered in a bronze hue created with style and grace out of designer resin.  This mother nature goddess has feathers in her hair, surrounded by the doves of peace and perfect for a meditation garden.

When you shop Design Toscano you must always check out our marble busts for sale section which is filled with marvelous items at unbelievable prices.  A popular bust at a great price is our William Shakespeare Sculptural Bust: Desktop which would make a great gift for the lovers of the Bard among your friends.  Sculpted in designer resin, this 12” highly detailed bust would look wonderful on a bookshelf or a desk.  Be the first to get this bust and start your Christmas shopping early.

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Unique Statuary

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureDesign Toscano has garden statues for every taste and décor from our little gnomes to our Japanese garden statues.  We now have some wonderful statues on a contemporary theme done in solid bronze.  This is our Modern Man Solid Bronze Garden Statue: Urn on Shoulder piece.  This sculpture is done in a primitive style of solid bronze cast in the lost wax method.  He holds a flower pot in which you can place any plant that will enhance your garden.  This statue is over two feet tall and the flower pot can be ordered in different colors.

As always we implore you to shop through our marble busts for sale section to find many beautiful items for your home or garden at fantastic prices.  One such item is the lovely bust called The Cathedral Statue.  This is a replica gallery quality of the Rodin statue of two hands meeting in a union.  It is foundry iron casting with a solid black marble base.

In our collection of stone garden angel and religious figures are some of the most wonderful statues that create an atmosphere of love and serenity in your garden.  A fine example of this collection is Nature’s Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture.  This incredibly detailed sculpture of St. Francis stands over 3 feet tall and depicts the animal lover surrounded with many animals of the forest while holding a basin of water.  This is a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

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