Keep It Natural with These Garden Statuary Bird Baths

Frogs and Dragonfly with Basin Bronze Garden Sculpture: LavaBird baths are a wonderful addition to any garden. Put out a bird bath and you can feel good about providing our feathered friends with a place to keep cool on hot summer days while also being entertained by their avian bathing antics. While traditional bird baths come in the form of stone or marble bowls that are sometimes part of another larger sculpture, there are also more natural looking bird basins that blend in with their surroundings.

One such item is the bronze Ducklings with Basin Sculpture. The cast stone basin looks like a large, water-filled rock that happens to be part of the natural landscape in your garden. Little bronze ducks add to its quaint beauty. Maybe they will help attract some real birds?

Another Basin Bronze Sculpture that blends in with natural surroundings is the Basin Bronze Garden Sculpture with Frogs and Dragonfly. Painted in natural, earthy tones, the cast stone basin will look right at home in any backyard. The birds that visit will be accompanied by two bronze frogs, one of which is testing the waters with its webbed toes. They share the basin with an equally cute bronze dragonfly.

Add these natural bird baths to your garden to heighten the beauty of natural decor while providing a place for birds to cool off. Find these items, the best in animal garden statues, and beautiful garden fairies at Design Toscano today.


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Last Day to Save Even More on Resin Garden Statues

A Memory Captured in Time SculptureToday is the final day of our three day sale that lets you take an extra 15% off any on sale item. From now until midnight tonight, you can still save even more on ornate Gothic tables, stunning resin garden statues, and anything else on our site that already happens to be on sale. Take advantage of this sale to enjoy a further discount on items like the classic Le Printemps and Le Etoile Wall Sculptures. Whether used for holding a bouquet of bright flowers or as wall decorations on their own, these sculptures will add a touch of class to both the garden and the home interior.

Enjoy the discount on the nostalgic Memory Captured in Time Sculpture. This amazing sculpture shows a young girl happily jumping rope and the scene is captured with her in in mid-air! Detailed and realistic, you can almost hear the swish of the rope and see her hair bob up and down as she jumps. The beauty of this work of art is heightened by the faux verdigris bronze finish.

Several  animal garden sculptures are also on sale including the striking Zairen, the Zebra Sculpture. This highly realistic depiction of a Zebra colt will capture of the hearts of children of all ages.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and every on sale item at the Design Toscano site from now until the end of today, October 18th!

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The Enchanting Beauty of Mermaid Garden Statuary and Decor

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueThe sea is a mysterious realm. When you stand on the beach and gaze out over the endless water, it seems like anything could be found beneath the waves. Throughout the ages, those who set sail on the oceans have experienced many strange phenomena and created amazing tales in an attempt to come up with explanations.

One such recurring tale involves beautiful creatures that are part woman, part fish. Known as mermaids, sirens, kelpies, as well as by other names, they emerge from the deep to sing to lonely sailors on moonlit nights. Those unfortunate enough to listen and pay heed to their deadly songs willingly leave the safety of the boat to sink and drown in the deeps. However, not all mermaids are said to be so dangerous. Some live a simple life beneath the waves and venture out onto rocks to watch the ships pass by. These latter mermaids are the ones you want in your garden and we make that happen with the classic Daydreaming Mermaid of Langline Cove statue. This beautiful piece will look just as mesmerizing as a real mermaid as she sits next to your pool or koi pond.

Inside the home, you can continue to show the mysterious beauty of mermaids with the Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp. Over six feet tall, this ornate lamp with faux verdigris bronze finish will be an enchanting work of art for any home.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and all on sale animal garden statues, Gothic tables, and greenmen at the Design Toscano site from now until Thursday, October 18th!

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Beautiful Bronze Garden Fairies

Mushroom Fairy Solid Bronze Garden SculptureFor centuries, many cultures believed that fairies made their homes in wild places like ancient woodlands and windy moors as well as in more familiar environments such as backyard gardens. Food was even left out for the little magical creatures to appease them and hopefully gain their aid in helping the garden grow. In modern times, most people have stopped believing in pixies and their kind but that doesn't stop us from decorating our backyards with depictions of those enchanting creatures.

One of the best ways to pay them homage is by depicting them with bronze statuary. The beautiful  solid bronze sculpture of the Mushroom Fairy  is a fine piece that reminds us of the enduring beauty of fairies with a gorgeous verdigris and bronze patina. 

The similarly colored solid bronze Dancing Fairy statue is an enchanting expression of elegance. Her dress flowing with movement, this fairy looks ready to spring to life. Maybe she will on nights when the full moon reigns.

The gorgeous little Bird Fairy is another bronze piece destined to enchant for ages. Like all of our fairy statues, the posture and gentle look on the face of this fairy impart a realism that has to be seen to be believed.

Find these beautiful bronze garden sculptures, high quality resin garden statues, and the best in animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.


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Classic Animal Garden Statues

Majestic Horse SculptureSculptures of animals have been used in gardens for centuries. The more realistic and detailed the statue, the better it captures the natural artistic beauty of its wild subject. Horses have long been one of the more popular subjects for animal statues. Anyone who has watched a horse race or seen the power and grace of a wild Mustang can easily understand why artists might have a tough time not making equine sculptures.

Our Majestic Horse Sculpture couldn't be more appropriately named. This resin statue with a beautiful bronze patina is an heirloom piece destined to be marveled over by generations to come. Its flowing mane and tail, and detailed muscled appearance make this stunning grand scale sculpture the closest thing to having a real, live horse prancing around the garden.

The smaller yet more dramatic Majestic Mustang Horse Sculpture displays the power and fierce beauty of a wild, free-roaming Mustang. He rears up on his hind legs in defiance of ever being captured and tamed.

Dogs have also been a common subject for animal garden sculptures. Faithful, loving, and loyal to the end, dogs can demonstrate a range of admirable characteristics. The heartwarming Man's Best Friend animal yard statue demonstrates the things we love about canines by eagerly awaiting the arrival of its master with a basket of flowers and eager, loving eyes.

Find these and dozens of other classic animal sculptures at Design Toscano today.


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Where to Display Garden Fairies During the Fall Months

The Daydream Fairy SculptureFall is here across much of North America. Evenings are cooler in many areas and the foliage will be changing in a matter of weeks. Unlike the Spring months, most people are paying less attention to planting and weeding the garden and doing more to get it ready for Winter. Some people start to take their garden statuary down and any decorations left outside are geared towards Halloween.

Despite the lack of bright flowers, statuary still helps backyards look fantastic during the Fall months. In fact, the decreased amount of vegetation helps statues stand out even better than other times of the year and can give the backyard a stark, enchanted look. Statues of fairies look even more magical when placed near tree trunks or next to a Koi pond.

The incredible realism of the Daydream Fairy Sculpture will be much more apparent when displayed on a bed of fallen red, green, and orange Maple leaves. The lovely tones of the Bird Fairy solid bronze statue will complement the earthy hues of an Autumn backyard while the stunning beauty of Rhiannon the Archer Fairy Statue looks best when displayed in the center of the yard.

The place for the best in fairy statues, quality decor, and unique decorations is Design Toscano.

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Savings Start Today on Egyptian Tables and other Furniture

The Val de Loire Ebony Console TableWe have been providing people with fantastic garden statuary for several years but resin garden statues and beautiful bronze sculptures aren't the only items we carry. We also love furniture and the items that we sell are just as detailed, unique, and beautiful as our statues of fairies, animals, and angels. To celebrate gorgeous, artistic furniture, we are holding a sale on all of our furniture items that runs from today until Monday, August 27th.

Buy breathtaking pieces like the Val de Loire Ebony Console Table and get 20% off the regular price. The same goes for incredible decor like King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair and the stunning Neoclassical Egyptian Revival Chair. The beauty of these chairs is certainly enough to make then independent of any table but since tables are included in the sale, now is also a great time to order an item like the Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console. This unique, functional objet d'art displays two beautiful, seated cheetah statues with a thick, glass table top on their heads. It's the perfect place to show your smaller Egyptian treasures. You can admire your treasures while relaxing on the gorgeous black and gold Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise.

Get 20% off these items and all furniture from today until Monday, August 27th!

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What Does a Large Buddha Statue Say About Your Backyard?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureThe garden statuary used to decorate the green space behind your house says as much about you as it does the yard. Put up a few classic Greek garden statues and you might have an appreciation for ancient cultures and art that lasts for ages. It might also represent pride in your Greek or other Mediterranean heritage and a tendency to appreciate realistic art forms.

A Buddha statue could show that you enjoy the neat appearance of an Asian-themed garden. This is almost certainly the case if the sculpture is flanked by bronze cranes or an animal yard statue of a panda. If the Buddha sculpture shares the backyard scene with statues of dragons and other legendary creatures, it might show that you have an imagination that appreciates fantasy novels and are intrigued by the many mysteries of life, or it could indicate that you are a practicing Buddhist.

However, if a look around the garden also reveals items as varied as garden fairies, animal statues, and water fountains, it could just be that you love to decorate your backyard with beautiful statues. No matter what the reason is for including a Buddha statue in the garden, both jolly and meditative depictions of the Buddha are a fantastic addition to any yard.

Find the best in Buddha sculptures and other detailed decor at Design Toscano.


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Garden Statuary for Enchanting Backyard Soirees

Mystical Unicorn of Avalon SculptureThe summer winds down in August and those dog days make more than a few of us ready for the refreshing winds of autumn. Even the trees seem ready to change the color of their leaves as you stroll through the backyard. Birds spend most of their time splashing around in one of your outdoor garden water fountains and you find yourself spending just as much time in the pool. However, despite the lazy, tired atmosphere so common during the last days of August, evenings can be downright enchanting.

As the sun once again turns the reins over to the dark skies of night, the shadows lengthen and the backyard takes on a different personality. Garden fairies seem ready to spring into action and animal garden statues like the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon turn the backyard into a place where magic still exists.

It's the perfect time for throwing enchanting backyard parties and the garden will reveal its true sylvan character with detailed sculptures like Simon the Fox or the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden Statue. These and other unique Design Toscano sculptures will turn your late summer backyard soirees into unforgettable evenings for all of your guests.

Save on these and other unique garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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How to Get a $100 Discount on Bronze Garden Sculptures

Windy Girl Solid Bronze Garden SculptureBronze, that classic medium for casting statues, is just as beautiful in modern day gardens as it was back in ancient Greece. Whether with a deep brown, copper hue or verdigris patina, bronze always looks lovely. Statues cast in the metal have a certain air of distinction about them that lasts for centuries. They make wonderful heirlooms that can be passed down for countless generations and are prized works of art. Quality bronze sculptures don't come cheap but when you buy them from Design Toscano today and tomorrow, you can get a hefty discount on treasured bronze garden fairies, cranes, and other artistic decor.

As part of the Beat the Heat sale at Design Toscano, when you buy more than $75 of bronze decor (or any other items), we take something off the regular price. The discount goes up the more you buy with a ceiling of $100 for purchases of $400 or more. Get the enchanting Mermaid of Capri to sit beside your garden pond and we take $100 off the regular price! The same goes for the elegant Bronze Crane Set and the lifelike Windy Girl Bronze Statue. Don't wait any longer to acquire these and other heirloom pieces because the Beat the Heat Sale ends tomorrow, August 17th!

Enjoy the Beat the Heat Sale until tomorrow, August 17th. As part of the sale, we offer the following discounts:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400



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The Quality, Beauty, and Longevity of Bronze Garden Statuary

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden StatueSculptures for the garden should be built to last. They need to stand up to the elements in every season while still showing off their detailed beauty and it's even better when they can be passed down from generation to generation as heirloom pieces. To be used as heirlooms, we aren't talking about statues that last just a few years or even a few decades but works of art that stand up to the elements for centuries. To last that long, they require a certain degree of care but given the durable nature of resin and bronze, it's not as if anyone would need to store them in an airtight vault.

Bronze in particular is known for its longevity and this is demonstrated in many a museum by exhibits of sculptures that were crafted hundreds or even thousands of years in the past. The ancient Greeks probably gave just as much importance to quality and beauty as they did durability when crafting bronze sculptures. That polished, gorgeous look of the bronze sculpture lives on in such modern day statuary as garden fairies and animal garden statues as well as pieces more classical in nature like a Buddha statue.

Enjoy 15% off all bronze items at Design Toscano when ordering on August 8th, the final day of our Best of the Bronze sale!

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Save 15% on Bronze Garden Statuary Just Today and Tomorrow!

Resin garden statues are a beautiful addition to any backyard. They help turn everyday gardens into dramatic, exciting places with statues of creatures from legendary places and awe-inspiring angel and Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden StatueBuddha sculptures. As wonderful as resin is for a sculpting medium, it's not the only substance that fantastic statues are made of. Bronze, one of the most classic of sculpting mediums, is still used in modern times to create gorgeous statues of everything from leap-frogging boys to stately Japanese Cranes. When you order bronze items from Design Toscano on August 7th and 8th, you also enjoy an extra 15% off the price as part of our "Best of the Bronze" sale!

If you ever considered buying one of our beautiful bronze objets d'art, today and tomorrow are certainly the best times to order them. Given the cost of these heirloom-worthy works of art, a 15% discount adds up to serious savings. For example, when you buy the amazing Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden Statue today or tomorrow, the discount adds up to more than two hundred forty dollars! That's even more than the full price for the smaller yet no less classy Heron Bronze Garden Sculpture.

Get 15% off the absolute best in quality bronze statuary at Design Toscano when purchased between August 7th and August 8th.


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Some Animal Garden Sculptures Are Almost Too Realistic!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueThe animal yard statue is standard backyard decor in every garden. Whether hosting a pantheon of Greek-themed sculptures or putting pagodas and pandas on display, animal statues add a lovely, natural touch. Just like the animals that make up Earth's wild kingdom, they come in all shapes and sizes and can remind us of Mother Nature's deadly beauty, her charm, or the cute side of life. Although animal sculptures can also be cast in noble bronze or represented in cold stone, they are at their most realistic when crafted with resin. The pliable nature of this sculpting medium allows for extremely detailed depictions of tigers, giraffes, and other exciting wildlife.

In fact, some of those resin animal statues look so realistic that neighbors may think that you are harboring an exotic menagerie or are really into taxidermy. For example, take Tank, the Armadillo Garden Statue. This sculpture of the small, naturally armored creature is as about as realistic as any statue can get without turning into the real thing. From the minute pattern on the ears to the faded lower parts of the carapace, no detail, no matter how minute, was left undone.

Save on the most realistic of animal garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Resin Garden Statues

Terrence the Terrier Digging Pet Dog Statue Animal garden statues, beautiful sculptures for the backyard, objets d'art, and the most unique decor on Earth.

Even if you already think you have enough sculptures for your garden, it's still worth your while to browse through the collection of classic sculptures, fairies for the flowerbeds, bronze heirloom pieces, and stunning items like the Lioness with Cub Statue.

Today is a good day to think of friends and family who have birthdays in the coming months. Whether they enjoy spending time in the backyard, reading in the den, or playing billiards in the basement, you are going to find fantastic gifts for everyone at Design Toscano. Dog lovers will adore the Puppy Parade Welcome Sign and Terrence the Terrier Digging Pet Dog Statue. If that special person loves the outdoors, take their breath away with statues like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture or the Mischievous Bear Cub statue.


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Show Support for Sasquatch with a Big Foot Garden Statue

Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree SculptureHe's huge, he's hairy, and he's a lot more shy than anyone ever imagined. Even though Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch or the Great North American Ape) is big and strong enough to pulverize your prize bronze garden sculptures, the creature would never dream of carrying out such a senseless act of violence. No, despite its strength, Bigfoot keeps to itself and rarely enters into anyone's yard. 

The gentle beast prefers to venture outside in the dark of the night and stays hidden from prying eyes during the day. Although people who have a run-in with Sasquatch are typically terrified, since Bigfoot runs away from anyone it encounters, it's obvious that they have nothing to fear. Native American tribes felt the same way about the monstrous ape and just stayed away from the deep canyons and other wild corners of America haunted by this legendary creature.

Despite all of the Bigfoot sightings, pre-Columbian legends, and controversial footage of the creature filmed in the wilds of northern California, Sasquatch is still awaiting acceptance by the scientific community. Whether you believe that Bigfoot is real or not, you can help keep the legend alive with the most detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculptures in existence. Who knows, maybe one day you will see two Sasquatch "statues" in the backyard and realize that the legend is real because you only bought one!

Find a unique, highly detailed Bigfoot statue and other exquisite garden statuary from Design Toscano. 

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A Garden Fairy Statue for the Middle of the Lawn

Every backyard needs garden statuary and each sculpture has its proper place. For example, greenmen look right at home on trees and garden walls, some detailed animal statues look better Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statuewhen they lurk in the grass beneath a shady oak, and gnomes compliment any flowerbed. The center of the yard also deserves a statue but only certain, special types of sculptures or decor merit being placed out front and center. Beautiful fountains and bronze sculptures come to mind and Greek-themed statues always command attention but some fairy statues also exude the type of drama and majesty that earns them a central spot in the yard.  

One such fairy statue is Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue. As she gracefully releases an arrow into the sky, the focused determination on her face shows that Rhiannon is no flowerbed fairy. She's a powerful, beautiful warrior with details and demeanor that are simply breathtaking. Given the beauty and realism of this two-toned statue, it's hard to imagine showing her in any other place than the middle of the yard.

Find this exclusive, gorgeous garden sculpture and hundreds of detailed items for the garden at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Save on Asian Garden Statues for Dad

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden StatueFather's Day is still a little more than a week away and that means that you still have plenty of time to find that perfect gift for dad. However, if you want to combine great savings with unique, exquisite gifts, you only have until the end of today, June 8th to buy them. Today, June 8th, marks the final day of the tiered discount Father's Day sale at Design Toscano. Buy more than $400 worth of unique Greek Garden Statues and other fantastic objets d'art from Design Toscano today and you get $100 off! Wait until tomorrow though and you won't get anything off the same purchase.

Better to look for Father Day gifts now than check tomorrow and realize too late that you could have saved money on the best gifts for dad. If he has an Asian-themed garden or wants to start one, he will love the timeless solid bronze Tranquil Buddha Statue. Order this beautiful, stunning work of art today to get $100 off the regular price.

If your dad has a sense of humor, Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture or will put a smile on his face. Buy him the medium-sized Basho today and you will get $20 off the regular price.

Find the best gifts for dad at Design Toscano. Buy them today and enjoy savings with the Father's Day Sale tiered discount:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+

Don't wait until tomorrow because this sale ends today, June 8th!

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Just Today and Tomorrow to Save on Garden Statuary Father’s Day Gifts

Easter Island Moai Monolith SculptureToday marks the second from last day for saving on unique and memorable Father's Day gifts from Design Toscano. The sale ends tomorrow and this is one that rewards you with bigger savings for bigger purchases. The tiered discount associated with this Design Toscano sale means that you:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99 and

Save $100 on purchases of $400 or more!

If dear old dad likes archeology, get him a replica of one of the Easter Island monoliths for his garden. These statues are the closest thing to the actual giant, carved stone heads from that remote, distant island in the south Pacific and you get $10 off the regular price when ordering one today or tomorrow.

If he appreciates classic statuary, he will be thrilled with the Apollo Belvedere Bust on a Roman Column Plinth or the Versailles Cherub Urn. Both are about as classic as you can get and destined to add a serious touch of elegant beauty to every garden. Also, when you buy the Apollo Belvedere Bust on a Roman Column Plinth today or tomorrow, you get $50 off the regular price. The same goes for the Versailles Cherub Urn.

If your father prefers the most unique types of statuary, he just might love the Spice Islands Sculptural King Crab Chair. This fantastic piece not only acts as a humorous garden chair, it's also a detailed animal garden sculpture. Buy it today or tomorrow and you get $100 off the regular price!

Take advantage of the tiered discount and save on everything from a realistic life-size Bigfoot Statue to beautiful bronze garden sculptures until Friday, June 8th.

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Last Day to Get 20% off Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Saint Remy Lion Corner FountainFountains are an essential piece for any garden. You can have the most realistic of animal yard statues and breathtaking statues in your garden but  the backyard won't be complete without the soothing sound of flowing water associated with a true work of art. These functional sculptures have been used for ages in most parts of the world. In many parts of southern Europe, communal fountains in plazas still provide flowing water for residents just as they have been doing for centuries. If you don't have a fountain in the garden of your home or business, today is the perfect day to start a fountain tradition of your own.

Today, May 22nd, marks the second and final day for the Design Toscano 2 day fountain sale. Whether buying beautiful bronze garden sculptures that also act as fountains or going for sculptural fountains that incorporate cherubs and animals, you get 20% off the regular price when buying them today! Don't wait until tomorrow to order the Saint Remy Lion Corner Fountain or the L'Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain unless you want to pay full price for these and other beautiful fountains.

Buy fountains for your home, family, friends, and business today from Design Toscano and get 20% off the regular price!

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20% Off All Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Today and Tomorrow Only!

Many people dread Mondays. In representing the start of the work week, Mondays are a reminder of the Curious Sea Otters Garden Fountaintasks and the stress that wait in the wing during the days that follow. Nevertheless, this day can also be one to look forward to. You don't know what's in store at the start of each work week but if you keep an eye open for opportunities, they will reveal themselves. One such opportunity is happening Monday, May 21st at Design Toscano. Just for the dates of May 21st and May 22nd, all fountains are on sale! Buy any fountain from Design Toscano on these dates and you get 20% off the regular price!

That includes classic bronze garden sculptures like the Man with Shell Bronze Sculpture and the beautiful Grand Herons solid bronze garden sculpture. These heirloom pieces are of the highest quality and fit for fountains in zoos, hotels, and any garden.

You will also save on beautiful animal-themed fountains like the Curious Sea Otters Garden Fountain and the Bright Waters Otters Garden Fountain. Both of these fine sculptures depict the cute curiosity of otters in a functional fountain.

Get 20% off these and all fountains from Design Toscano until tomorrow, May 21st!

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