Large Buddha Statue or Small Buddha Statue?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureSome of the largest statues in the world are sculptures of the Buddha. Carved out of mountainsides, shaped from natural rock formations, or painstakingly sculpted from different stones that are then put together, huge Buddha statues never fail to leave most people in awe. This was one of the main reasons for making them so large in the first place but it's not the only size shown by the Buddha statue. Smaller statues are actually the norm and this is demonstrated by many Buddhist temples in Asia. Although the largest statue is the centerpiece of the temple, there is typically a number of other, smaller sculptures in various shrines here and there on the temple grounds. The different sizes of the statues make it easier to be reminded of the Buddha and the importance of striving for humility.

The size of the Buddha statue for your garden depends on how you want to display it. If it's going to be the most important of all your resin garden statues, then a large Buddha sculpture is probably the best one to get because such an item tends to take center stage. If you would rather have the Buddha sculpture act as a simple highlight to an Asian-themed garden that also features a large tiger sculpture and other decor, then you probably need medium or small Buddha statues.

Find an assortment of Buddha statues and other religious outdoor statues at Design Toscano.

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Highlight the Asian Garden with Buddha Statues and Animal Garden Sculptures

A statue of the Buddha is frequently found in Asian-themed gardens. This reflects the tendency for Buddhist Tian Shan, the Asian Panda Sculpturetemples and shrines to combine the beauty of nature with the meditative, peaceful demeanor of sculptures of the Buddha. In keeping with the peaceful tenets of Buddhism, many temples also act as sanctuaries for wildlife by protecting natural habitat and feeding the animals that frequent the surrounding bamboo groves and forests. For this reason, in places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, they can be great places to see monkeys, exotic birds, and other Asian wildlife.

Although you won't find actual Asian animals like tigers and cranes in your Asian-themed garden, you can come close with our realistic, detailed sculptures. Complete the look of your Asian-themed garden by displaying both Buddha statues and animal garden statues such as Tian Shan, the Panda sculpture. Just like a real Giant Panda, this adorable statue has bright, inquisitive eyes, and is keeping busy by chewing on a bamboo stem.

Tigers are another animal that have been the subject of paintings and Asian folklore for centuries. Highlight your Asian-themed garden with a tiger sculpture that showcases the grace and power of this beautiful predator.

Get 20% off the regular price of these animal statues and everything on the Design Toscano site through Sunday, November 25th as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale!

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Get 20% Off Garden Statuary and Everything On Our Site During our Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureHappy Thanksgiving from all of us at Design Toscano! We hope you are enjoying the turkey, stuffing, and Thanksgiving Day game. Get in plenty of relaxation because once the clock reaches midnight, the holiday shopping season kicks into gear with Black Friday. We are celebrating this most auspicious of shopping days with a 20% sale for everything on the Design Toscano site.

Why leave the house to look for resin garden statues when you can browse through the biggest variety of quality, unique sculptures right from your home? If you adore fairy sculptures (or know someone else who loves these enchanting statues), our beautifully detailed and lifelike Fiona the Garden Fairy makes for an excellent gift. Even people who never imagined putting a fairy statue into the garden will be enchanted by this high quality sculpture.

Or maybe one of our Large Buddha statue is in order? The monument-sized Buddha statue will be the jewel on the crown of any Asian-themed garden or room. This sculpture is closely modeled after Buddha statues from Thailand and shows the same serene, meditative look and flowing robes.

Animal garden statues also make for unique, wonderful gifts for both home and businesses. Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe demonstrates the artistic detail that goes into our animal sculptures.

Save 20% on these and everything on our site through Sunday, November 25th!


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Last Day to Get 20% off Garden Statuary

Jolly Hotei Buddha StatueNow that the holiday shopping season is upon us, taking advantage of every discount can add up to big savings. Speaking of saving money, if you want to enjoy a 20% discount on garden statue gifts, don't wait until tomorrow because the sale ends today, November 11th. All garden statue items are applicable and that includes classic Asian-themed sculptures such as the Jolly Hotei Buddha statue and the Bodh Gaya Buddha Statue as well as the more contemporary Basho the Sumo Wrestler.

You also get 20% off any of our animal garden statues if ordered by the end of today. Help loved ones and yourself pay homage to majestic lions with sculptures like the stunning Lioness with Cub Statue, the dramatic King of Beast Lion Sculpture and the strikingly realistic Lioness of Namibia Sculpture.

The savings also count for realistic sculptures of other African wildlife savannah like the South African Rhino Garden Sculpture and the beautiful Zairen the Zebra Sculpture. Both of these statues, lion sculptures, and sculptures of other African animals capture the wild, classic beauty of the African plains with exquisite details.

Family and friends will also enjoy the artistic and detailed beauty of our garden fairies and collection of stone garden angels while you enjoy the 20% discount. That discount only lasts until the end of today, November 11th though, so don't wait until tomorrow to order the best in garden statue gifts from Design Toscano.

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A Peaceful Trio of Religious Outdoor Statues Plus 25% Sale Extended!

Artists have been sculpting statues of deities and other religious inspired themes since people first Madonna of Notre Dame Garden Statuestarted making statues. Uses for worship, inspiration, reminders, and intrinsic beauty, they can also help to make the backyard a more peaceful place. Three of the most peaceful resin garden statues in our collection are:

  • Madonna of Notre Dame Statue: This statue of the Madonna gives an open, peaceful welcome with outstretched arms and loving look on her face. This simple yet beautiful sculpture of the Madonna is based on similar statues that adorn French churches. 
  • Nature's Nurturer Saint Francis Sculpture: One of the most peaceful and beloved of Catholic saints, Saint Francis shows his humble nature and devotion by renouncing everything and befriending all of God's creation. Offering food to the squirrels and birds that flock to him, this wonderfully detailed statue captures his love for the animal kingdom.
  • Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture: This large Buddha statue is four feet tall and depicts the enlightened one in the serene depths of meditation. Modeled after Buddha statues from southern Asia, this beautiful sculpture will help bring peace and tranquility to any type of garden.

Save on these religious sculptures, the most peaceful of stone garden angels, and dozens of other beautiful, spiritual statues at Design Toscano. Our 25% Off Sitewide Sale has been Extended thru 10pm tonight!

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Last Day to Save on Wall Décor from the Basil Street Gallery

The wall decor sale at Design Toscano ends tonight at midnight but until then, order any wall decor on our Royal Cartouche Sculptural Friezesite and you get 20% off the regular price. That includes exciting, exquisite wall decorations found in our Basil Street collection.

The Ancient Tree of Life wall sculpture is one such item. This beautiful bas-relief sculpture captures the essence of the "tree of life" philosophy with long roots that make a strong connection to the Earth and ensure continued growth while the healthy branches of this old growth tree reach to the sky in all directions.

Aficionados of stunning Egyptian art will be happy to know that the discount applies to pieces like the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze. Painted with glittering faux gold, this beautiful work of art is an accurate depiction of a scene from the Boy King's royal throne room.

Wall pediments will also be discounted at 25%, including classic pieces such as the four foot long San Galgano wall pediment. This impressive wall decoration will look great on a garden wall, above a fireplace, or above an archway.

Homes that display Asian-themed art can't go wrong with the impressive Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze.

Enjoy 20% off these and all of our wall decor until the end of today, October 24th!

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What Can Buddha Outdoor Statues Do for Your Garden?

The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary SculptureStatues of the Buddha are a common sight in places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal. Visit those and other predominantly Buddhist countries and you will be hard-pressed not to visit temples with huge, gilded sculptures of the Buddha. As awe-inspiring as those statues are, most of the Buddha sculptures in those and other places come in much smaller proportions. These are the statues that people place in their homes, businesses, and gardens to be reminded of spiritual quests and needs.

Statues of the Buddha can also be seen in many gardens in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Those sculptures find a place in those backyards sometimes because the owners subscribe to the Buddhist faith but most place them in the garden either because they have an Asian-themed backyard or because resin garden statues of the Buddha seem to fit in with just about any garden. Like many garden angel statues, sculptures of the Buddha are often depicted with a face that exudes tranquility. With closed eyes and a peaceful, gentle smile, the Buddha appears to be enjoying the most peaceful of dreams and plain happiness. No matter what sort of decorating theme is followed, a statue of the Buddha helps turn it into a place of sanctuary and peaceful retreat.

Find beautiful sculptures of the Buddha and dozens of other quality religious outdoor statues at Design Toscano today.

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How to Get a Discount on Religious Outdoor Statues

Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis SculptureStatues have been used for religious purposes since people first learned to carve. They help remind us of ideals and philosophies to live by and for many people, give form to faith. They represent some of the earliest pieces of art, sculpted masterpieces that take center stage in some of the most prestigious museums, and beautify gardens around the globe.

Religious statues also fit into just about any decorating theme and when you order them from Design Toscano through today, September 4th, you can get 20% off the regular price as part of our Labor Day Sale. Animal lovers can save on the beautiful Nature's Nurturer: St. Francis Sculpture. The bird bath in this statue makes it possible for Saint Francis to show his love for animals in real time as sparrows, goldfinches, doves, and other birds come to perch on his shoulders and splash in the basin.

People who appreciate classic Renaissance-themed art and the sacred union of the family will love The Holy Family Sculpture. Detailed, lifelike, and sculpted in classic Italian sculpting traditions that have been passed down for centuries from generation to generation, this work of art has the elegance of an heirloom piece.

Save 20% on these excellent statues, Buddha outdoor statues, and everything on our site when ordered by today, September 4th.

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Stone Garden Angel or Animal Statues for the Yard?

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureGarden statuary comes in so many shapes, themes, and sizes that it can be hard to pick out the sculptures meant to beautify your backyard. Although some of those big, Buddha statues look downright inspirational, most folks tend to feel like they look out of place in non Asian-themed gardens. The same goes for Greek garden statues in a backyard that already hosts sculptures of a Giant Panda and pagodas. If the backyard is big enough, you could probably get away with dedicating different corners of the yard to different decorating themes but mixing them together is likely to result in a confusing, crowded, conglomeration of statuary.

In the case of angel statues, though, their universal appeal helps them fit into a wide variety of decorating themes. As long as an angel is placed off to the side of Asian-themed statues, they don't cause much of an intrusion. The same goes for a yard replete with animal garden statues. Although the animal sculptures are more colorful and generally realistic than sculptures of angels, as long as both types of statuary are kept somewhat separate, they don't really disrupt the decorating theme.

Is your backyard graced with angel and animal statues? Do you mix them together or keep them separated? Tell us about your yard in the comments!

Save on beautiful angels and animals statues for the backyard at Design Toscano.

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What Does a Large Buddha Statue Say About Your Backyard?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureThe garden statuary used to decorate the green space behind your house says as much about you as it does the yard. Put up a few classic Greek garden statues and you might have an appreciation for ancient cultures and art that lasts for ages. It might also represent pride in your Greek or other Mediterranean heritage and a tendency to appreciate realistic art forms.

A Buddha statue could show that you enjoy the neat appearance of an Asian-themed garden. This is almost certainly the case if the sculpture is flanked by bronze cranes or an animal yard statue of a panda. If the Buddha sculpture shares the backyard scene with statues of dragons and other legendary creatures, it might show that you have an imagination that appreciates fantasy novels and are intrigued by the many mysteries of life, or it could indicate that you are a practicing Buddhist.

However, if a look around the garden also reveals items as varied as garden fairies, animal statues, and water fountains, it could just be that you love to decorate your backyard with beautiful statues. No matter what the reason is for including a Buddha statue in the garden, both jolly and meditative depictions of the Buddha are a fantastic addition to any yard.

Find the best in Buddha sculptures and other detailed decor at Design Toscano.


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The Quality, Beauty, and Longevity of Bronze Garden Statuary

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden StatueSculptures for the garden should be built to last. They need to stand up to the elements in every season while still showing off their detailed beauty and it's even better when they can be passed down from generation to generation as heirloom pieces. To be used as heirlooms, we aren't talking about statues that last just a few years or even a few decades but works of art that stand up to the elements for centuries. To last that long, they require a certain degree of care but given the durable nature of resin and bronze, it's not as if anyone would need to store them in an airtight vault.

Bronze in particular is known for its longevity and this is demonstrated in many a museum by exhibits of sculptures that were crafted hundreds or even thousands of years in the past. The ancient Greeks probably gave just as much importance to quality and beauty as they did durability when crafting bronze sculptures. That polished, gorgeous look of the bronze sculpture lives on in such modern day statuary as garden fairies and animal garden statues as well as pieces more classical in nature like a Buddha statue.

Enjoy 15% off all bronze items at Design Toscano when ordering on August 8th, the final day of our Best of the Bronze sale!

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Save 15% on Bronze Garden Statuary Just Today and Tomorrow!

Resin garden statues are a beautiful addition to any backyard. They help turn everyday gardens into dramatic, exciting places with statues of creatures from legendary places and awe-inspiring angel and Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden StatueBuddha sculptures. As wonderful as resin is for a sculpting medium, it's not the only substance that fantastic statues are made of. Bronze, one of the most classic of sculpting mediums, is still used in modern times to create gorgeous statues of everything from leap-frogging boys to stately Japanese Cranes. When you order bronze items from Design Toscano on August 7th and 8th, you also enjoy an extra 15% off the price as part of our "Best of the Bronze" sale!

If you ever considered buying one of our beautiful bronze objets d'art, today and tomorrow are certainly the best times to order them. Given the cost of these heirloom-worthy works of art, a 15% discount adds up to serious savings. For example, when you buy the amazing Spitting Manatee Bronze Garden Statue today or tomorrow, the discount adds up to more than two hundred forty dollars! That's even more than the full price for the smaller yet no less classy Heron Bronze Garden Sculpture.

Get 15% off the absolute best in quality bronze statuary at Design Toscano when purchased between August 7th and August 8th.


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Humorous Garden Statuary for an Asian-Themed Backyard

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureAsian-themed gardens aren't necessarily known for the comical side of life. Although they aren't exactly against laughter, the decor that is typically displayed usually lends to a general ambiance of peace and tranquility. Order is given to nature without overly disrupting natural lines and shapes. Statues of pagodas and Buddhas remind visitors that some aspects of life are timeless while bamboo fountains and animal garden sculptures of the Giant Panda are reminiscent of ancient, mystical Chinese mountains.

That said, humor can still be a part of any Asian-themed backyard. Laughter and smiles play just as much of a role in finding peace as meditating near a large Buddha statue. Sculptures of happy, smiling Buddhas demonstrate the importance of joy and fit into to any backyard decorating theme. For one of the cutest, funniest little Asian-themed statues, though, you can't go wrong with the ninja gnome sculpture. Yes, this little guy is both a ninja and a gnome and he's ready to use his magical stealth to protect your garden from squirrels, mischievous garden fairies, and other would be intruders. Although no true ninja needs any amount of back-up (they prefer to work alone), it won't hurt his ego to also deploy Basho the Sumo Wrestler.

Save on these and other unique garden decor items at Design Toscano.


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Get an Extra 10% Off These Great Japanese Garden Statues!

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculpturePicking a theme for decorating the garden isn't easy. Animal garden statues can add a wild, natural touch to any backyard but classic statuary gives your place an ancient, eternal appearance. Angels are synonymous with peace and magical mischief is associated with garden fairies. Then there are the garden decorating themes that are meant to turn the entire backyard into a veritable work of art. This is one of the goals of an Asian-themed garden and the Japanese garden in particular excels at it.

Carefully placed stones and trees patiently trimmed with expert clippers are vital parts of every Japanese garden but no Asian-themed backyard is complete without a few quality statues. Get the Giant Buddha Monument sculpture for your garden and its peaceful demeanor will emanate throughout the backyard. Buy it from today until July 22nd and get an extra 10% off the sales price.

If the backyard could use a more rotund, happier Buddha, the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue would cheer up a garden in the middle of a thunderstorm. Raising Chinese gold pieces above his head with outstretched arms and gleefully smiling from ear to ear, this large Buddha statue is supposed to bring good fortune to all who put him on display.

Get 10% off these and other on sale items until July 22nd as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale.  


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Demonstrate the Sanctity of the Garden with Religious Outdoor Statues

Ascension: Grande Scale Christ SculptureThe backyard is a special place. Even if it is only used as a play space for the kids or an area for the family dog, the backyard is still your own private green space. You can use it as a place to cultivate plants for food and beauty, a place for hosting summer parties, swimming in the pool, or dining outdoors. However, perhaps most importantly, the garden can be used as a place for meditation and prayer. It can act as your very own sacred place and sanctuary from the stresses in life.

No matter what your belief system, you can also cultivate and show the sacred aspect of your garden with certain resin garden statues. Folks who meditate may feel inspired by the serene, peaceful look on the face of a large Buddha statue. The Grand Scale Christ Sculpture that shows Jesus ascending from the cross will remind Christians of hope and faith. The  Holy Family Sculpture will have the same effect with its classical beauty and peaceful appearance. The sanctity of the garden will also be demonstrated by the presence of beautiful, inspirational angel statues.

Get 20% off these classic religious-themed sculptures and all garden statuary from now until July 5th as part of the Design Toscano Fourth of July sale!


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Last Day to Save on Asian Garden Statues for Dad

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden StatueFather's Day is still a little more than a week away and that means that you still have plenty of time to find that perfect gift for dad. However, if you want to combine great savings with unique, exquisite gifts, you only have until the end of today, June 8th to buy them. Today, June 8th, marks the final day of the tiered discount Father's Day sale at Design Toscano. Buy more than $400 worth of unique Greek Garden Statues and other fantastic objets d'art from Design Toscano today and you get $100 off! Wait until tomorrow though and you won't get anything off the same purchase.

Better to look for Father Day gifts now than check tomorrow and realize too late that you could have saved money on the best gifts for dad. If he has an Asian-themed garden or wants to start one, he will love the timeless solid bronze Tranquil Buddha Statue. Order this beautiful, stunning work of art today to get $100 off the regular price.

If your dad has a sense of humor, Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture or will put a smile on his face. Buy him the medium-sized Basho today and you will get $20 off the regular price.

Find the best gifts for dad at Design Toscano. Buy them today and enjoy savings with the Father's Day Sale tiered discount:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+

Don't wait until tomorrow because this sale ends today, June 8th!

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The Realism of Stealthy Animal Yard Statues

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatueSculptures of animals are a natural fit for every garden. Even if you put statues of exotic animals on display, they can still seem right at home in any backyard. Put a tiger sculpture on display in an Asian-themed garden and it will blend in perfectly with your Buddha statues and pagodas. Show a mini-menagerie of African animals in the backyard and they look as if they belong out there with the rose bushes and tulips.

Unless there's a breakout at the local zoo,  you aren't going to see a jaguar in your backyard but even so, the Prowling Spotted Jaguar sculpture seems right at home as it sneaks through the grass. Realism in a sculpture doesn't just come from fine sculpted details and accurate colors. It also stems from the overall depiction of the statue and feelings that it generates. In the case of stealthy statues like the prowling jaguar, you couldn't be more realistic than showing a powerful feline in the process of stalking its prey. The same can be said for the beautiful, elegant Grande Black Panther Statue. These and other animal garden statues exclusive to Design Toscano are so realistic that it might take a week or two for your dogs to stop barking at them!

Buy these realistic sculptures and other fantastic decor from Design Toscano by Tuesday, May 29th and get 20% off the regular price!


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20% Off All Buddha Garden Statues

The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary SculptureThe Memorial Day sale at Design Toscano includes everything from garden fairies to Egyptian art. No matter what decorating theme happens to be on display in your home, garden, or business, at Design Toscano, there are dozens of objets d'art, sculptures, and unique decor that fit right in. Better yet, buy any of the fantastic items from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and you will get 20% off the regular price! That includes Buddha statues, and for Asian-themed gardens, a sculpture or two of the Buddha is a must.

Put the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture at one end of the pond or place it in a secluded corner of the backyard. Whether meditating in front of this jolly Buddha or just using it as classic, Asian-themed decor, it will be an excellent accompaniment to a Koi pond or Asian dragon sculptures.

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue will also enlighten any backyard. Stading on a lotus, the happy, peaceful look on the face of this Buddha is an expression of pure tranquility. Standing two and a half feet tall and hand-painted with subtle colors, this sculpture will add a touch of peace to every garden.

Get 20% off these items and everything else at Design Toscano from now until May 29th!

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Last Day to Get 20% off On Sale Garden Statuary and Other Items

Super-sized David Garden SculptureThe final day of the Virtual Warehouse sale at Design Toscano has arrived and with it comes a last chance at getting 20% off the prices of every on sale item in the catalog. Looking to add serenity and peace to the garden accompanied by savings for your wallet? Get the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and your backyard will be transformed into a scene from a Zen-inspired dream. Since this Large Buddha Statue is already on sale, it qualifies for the Virtual Warehouse sale and you get 20% off when ordering this peaceful garden sculpture today.

If a sculpture of the Buddha doesn't fit into your personal decorating theme, perhaps a modern twist on a classic will fit the bill. The Super-Sized David Garden Sculpture will put a smile on the face of every backyard and dinner guest. He sort of looks like a replica of the original David but instead of rippled muscles in every nook and cranny, this David spent a little too much time watching reruns of Italian soap operas while lazing away on the couch. Order this unique objet d'art today and get 20% off the already reduced price!

Get 20% off any sale bronze garden sculptures and other on sale items but only until the end of today, May 11th!

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Save on Garden Statuary with the Spring Blowout Sale

As April comes to an end, the tail end of Spring has also arrived. The warm weather came into town a few weeks ago in many parts of the United States and has just arrived in the northeast and southern Canada. It's safe to say that Winter is officially gone for yet another year and this is always cause for celebration. It's Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninjathe perfect excuse for throwing a backyard barbecue or wine-tasting party in the garden and is also why Design Toscano is holding a Spring blowout sale! Check the early Summer catalog and watch the website to see what's being sold at discounted prices.

You might find that large Buddha statue you have always wanted for your Asian-themed backyard at the type of price you have been waiting for. Complement it with a light-hearted Ninja Gnome statue or a beautiful Panda sculpture.

You might also find sales on beautiful outdoor garden water fountains such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain or a quality, detailed replica of the famous, cheeky Peeing boy of Brussels sculptural fountain.

There are also dozens of other garden decor pieces to choose from. Just remember to keep an eye out for the Spring blowout insert that comes with the early Summer catalog and browse the Design Toscano website for sales!

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