A very dramatic wall sculpture

The Horses of Anahita Wall Sculpture: Original


Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


My ex-wife loves this piece, and when we moved into our condo we had one huge bare wall that she thought this would be perfect for-in the stairway that led from the front door to the living area. When it arrived we fiddled about with exactly how high to hang it so that would be visible, safe from someone accidentally bumping into it and easy to get to for dusting. When we finally got it situated, guests coming into the house were amazed and awed over both the presentation and the execution of the piece. The only complaint we ever had about it was keeping it clean and making sure that the areas that were deliberately shadowed did not appear dusty and vice versa. It is a sturdy piece of artwork and has held up well in the time it has been in the collection. I know she still enjoys it.

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