Absolutely beautiful!

dpicker1 from Mesa, AZ, USA reviewed the The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I love this bird. It is strikingly realistic and catches the eye of anyone who enters my living room. It is placed on a narrow wall separating my living room from the kitchen and is just three dimensional enough to really shock people as they come around the corner. It has such a great attitude in that it is not mean looking or foreboding as many people think crows and raven are linked to evil or occult thoughts. I think they are intelligent, creative creatures and enjoy watching them in nature whenever I can. I collect crows and ravens and have 25 to 30 sculptures and paintings of them made of many different materials. They are a great addition to my household. I wish there were more ravens like this in different poses available.

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