Better than my 8 sterling goblets

Mrc86 from Temple, TX, USA reviewed the Grape Harvest Solid Brass Goblet: Set of Two with Gift Box

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I have never seen such beautiful goblets!!!! I have put my sterling 8 goblets in the safe. These have better storage ability and usuage. I have brass chargers, Imperial russian porcelan in blue with gold trim. I am going to use these on the dinning room table everyday. I had a maria teresa straus crystal chandaler made in to a brass cast base with a brass holder going up to the chandeliar to hold it. Since the chandeliar has gold in the crystal arms and was unwired for eletricity and how hass brass holders for candles to go into the holders.......well Now the table is fixed for the King and Queen of the house. I may not be royalty but i will look like it with the 8 grape goblets in the velveteen storage boxes. Imagin drinking soda water or Don P champagne in these goblets!!!! I have excellent taste and these exceed my expectation.

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