First Order experience with Toscano - What a pleasure

wmlg41 from The Villages, FL reviewed the Goddess Aurora Statue: Estate Size

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I ordered this product as well as nine other pieces from Toscano on 16 Jan 2013, expecting to see the products delivered sometime over the next several weeks. I received a notice the following day that my order had been shipped, and the following morning received a call that all the products would be delivered to my home on Monday Jan 21. At 1 pm on Monday the truck arrived with all items, delivered in perfect shape and by Wednesday morning we had them all in place around our Pool. The most fantastic ordering experience I have had over the internet. Love the products, the pricing, and especially the manner in which my order was received, processed and concluded. Toscano will get any future orders I make for the products they provide. A five star experience.

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