prissdog from Music City reviewed the Anubis the Jackal God Wall Sculpture

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


I must confess that I already had several fine pieces from the Design Toscano Egyptian collection before I saw this particular Anubis item. I don't have a lot of uncovered wall space and managed to reason myself out of the wall sculpture for nearly 2 years. Desire eventually wore me down and I 'found' a space for Anubis and took the plunge. The piece arrived and is absolutely spellbinding! It's well-made solid protrudes from the wall without being in the way etc. I LOVE IT. Even my family has made many positive comments about how cool it is. They aren't into the mystifying aura of Anubis or anything else Egyptian. For them to really like this piece is a hoot. It's so far beyond 'cool'.... Somehow my little collection seems safer being watched over by Anubis! Thank you for offering us incredible treasures at affordable prices.

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