Silas the Gargoyle Excellent Addition to ANY Collection!

FrogLover from Lithia, FL, USA reviewed the Silas the Gargoyle Sentry Statue: Large

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: First time I saw Silas I had to have him! This is worth the buy! I bought the medium sized version of this statue a while back. Now it sits next to my computer monitor on my desk. The medium is not as detailed as the large. But adding some silver paint does fill in the spaces where it lacks. Be it the large size or the medium size the statue is still worth the money! Just use plain ole' bar of soap and water for easy cleaning works best. Remeber to raise with cool water and dry off. I love the straight forward stare of taking charge expression on his face. The velvet bottom on the statue is nice, no scuffing a surface. This would be the next perfect addition to any Gargoyle Collection. I will be buying more like this one in the future.

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