Very realistic little guy!

gatoraiid from El Paso, TX, USA reviewed the Tank, the Armadillo Garden Statue.

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I have worked for many years as a wildlife keeper for a local wildlife rescue group and am licensed by the state. In that capacity I have dealt with a few of these wonderful little critters. They are very interesting and comical little guys and there is not an evil or mean bone in their body. Today I received Toscano's tribute to the armadillo and was quite pleased with the purchase. While maybe 1/3 smaller than an actual adult animal, this statue could easily pass for a real, live juvenile. VERY realistic and well worth the purchase price. Highly recommended ! Toscano's 'dillo is much, much easier to care for in captivity than an actual live animal and they will not dig up your garden or lawn.

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