Asian-Themed Art from the Basil Street Gallery

Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant TuskThe items in the Basil Street Collection cover just about every decorating theme. There are gorgeous, Egyptian decorations, classical pieces, garden statuary, and decor that pays homage to the animal kingdom. There are also a number of Asian-themed pieces that will earn the admiration of anyone who happens to walk into your home.

The Tibetan Sculptural Dragon Wall Mask is one of the more dramatic wall art items in the collection. Crafted after an old Chinese wooden original, this unique objet d'art captures and holds the attention of anyone who looks at it.

Match that dramatic mask with the beautiful Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant Tusk. Carved by artists from Guangdong, China, this pieces looks very much like the orginal ivory sculptures created by their ancestors. Although it looks just like real ivory, you can be rest assured that no elephants were harmed in the making of this beautiful piece because it's crafted with a special polymer blend that captures the look of real ivory.

The ancient Tang Horse Iron Statue will also add a classic, Chinese touch to any room where it is put on display. Cast from iron and given an aged patina, this decor is a replica of a 1,300 year old sculpture.

Order these Asian-themed objets d'art and anything else in the Basil Street Collection from today until September 13th and 20% off the regular price!




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What Does a Large Buddha Statue Say About Your Backyard?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureThe garden statuary used to decorate the green space behind your house says as much about you as it does the yard. Put up a few classic Greek garden statues and you might have an appreciation for ancient cultures and art that lasts for ages. It might also represent pride in your Greek or other Mediterranean heritage and a tendency to appreciate realistic art forms.

A Buddha statue could show that you enjoy the neat appearance of an Asian-themed garden. This is almost certainly the case if the sculpture is flanked by bronze cranes or an animal yard statue of a panda. If the Buddha sculpture shares the backyard scene with statues of dragons and other legendary creatures, it might show that you have an imagination that appreciates fantasy novels and are intrigued by the many mysteries of life, or it could indicate that you are a practicing Buddhist.

However, if a look around the garden also reveals items as varied as garden fairies, animal statues, and water fountains, it could just be that you love to decorate your backyard with beautiful statues. No matter what the reason is for including a Buddha statue in the garden, both jolly and meditative depictions of the Buddha are a fantastic addition to any yard.

Find the best in Buddha sculptures and other detailed decor at Design Toscano.


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Garden Statuary for Enchanting Backyard Soirees

Mystical Unicorn of Avalon SculptureThe summer winds down in August and those dog days make more than a few of us ready for the refreshing winds of autumn. Even the trees seem ready to change the color of their leaves as you stroll through the backyard. Birds spend most of their time splashing around in one of your outdoor garden water fountains and you find yourself spending just as much time in the pool. However, despite the lazy, tired atmosphere so common during the last days of August, evenings can be downright enchanting.

As the sun once again turns the reins over to the dark skies of night, the shadows lengthen and the backyard takes on a different personality. Garden fairies seem ready to spring into action and animal garden statues like the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon turn the backyard into a place where magic still exists.

It's the perfect time for throwing enchanting backyard parties and the garden will reveal its true sylvan character with detailed sculptures like Simon the Fox or the Spitting Asian Dragon Bronze Garden Statue. These and other unique Design Toscano sculptures will turn your late summer backyard soirees into unforgettable evenings for all of your guests.

Save on these and other unique garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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Dragon Gothic Décor

Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural TableDragons have fascinated people for thousands of years. Are they memories of ancient beasts that have since turned to dust? Are tales of  winged serpents and monstrous, scaly creatures the products of imaginations inspired by instinctive fears in a pre-scientific world? Or, as in Asian dragons, are they symbols of good fortune and wisdom?

The reasons for the prevalence of dragons in cultures throughout the world will always be a mystery but that won't change their status as some of the most fantastic decorations on Earth. The Hastings Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table pays homage to dragons with detailed, textured beauty. He also shows his strength by hoisting the table top high over his head. To keep with the dragon-themed room where Hastings serves goblets of mead and other Medieval drinks, provide lighting with the Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electrical Wall Sconce.

Out in the yard, if you love gargoyles but feel like the traditional versions are more at home on Gothic cathedrals, put up a few dragon-like gargoyles instead. Both Boden the Gargoyle Sentinel  and Argos the Gargoyle sentinel look ready to pounce with flashing claws and sharp-toothed muzzles.

Save on these unique items, other fantastic Medieval home decor, and dragon garden statues at Design Toscano.     

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The Dragon of Falkenbergs Castle

I bought the dragon statue for my sister, who is extremely hard to buy for. You know the kind, if she wants something she goes out and gets it, so I have to try to be a step ahead of her. Anyway, for her birthday I presented her with the dragon statue and she loved it! She put it in her rock garden out back by the pool. Every time I go over to visit I move the dragon forward just a little bit or reposition him. It's become a game, and now everyone does it. He's making his way around the yard, little by little!

Name: amy allen
City: fair oaks
State: california
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Sir Sagremor's Dragon

This garden statue with the "witch ball" is a great addition to our back garden. The large reflective ball adds to the effectiveness of the sculpture and relieves the greg aspect of the work. If you would like a picture, i could send one!

Name: Jack Partridge
City: Regina
State: Saskatchewan, Canada
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Garden Statuary for a Fantasy-Filled Backyard

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureThere's something to be said about amazing tales of dragons, sorcerers, and garden fairies that giggle from the shadows of ancient, talking Oaks. They bring us to places where even our wildest dreams won't go and remind us that life is filled with mystery. Although not everyone is a fan of the fantasy genre, most can appreciate the eye-opening wonder generated by incredible tales of witches and mythical creatures. Authors gifted with the power of imagination and dedicated film makers provide the platforms that transport us to the wastelands of distant planets that orbit twin suns, to hidden schools where gifted children learn how to use magic, and to places where the humblest of characters become the greatest of heroes.

Sculptors also play their part in giving the imagination a fantasy-filed nudge. They make it possible to display Mermaids next to the pool without guests having to worry about any siren songs. Statues of mythical creatures like the Pegasus , garden fairies, and greenmen can be so realistic that they seem ready to come to life. The same can be said about the life-size, detailed sculpture of a voracious looking Velociraptor.

Bring magic to your own backyard with fantasy-themed statues from Design Toscano.

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Unleash Dragon Garden Statues in the Backyard

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn StatueDragons are such wonderful, mystical creatures. Most cultures have dragon myths and they fly through dozens of fantasy novels and films on their massive, bat-like wings. Given their large size, huge clawed feet, pointed teeth, and that fiery breath, it's a relief to know that the scaly beasts are only found in the imagination. Nevertheless, they still make for some pretty exciting garden statuary!

The Dragon of Falkensberg Castle makes for an especially interesting dragon sculpture. The three parts of this beautiful faux stone statue give it an eerie, undulating appearance that makes it look as if the beast is swimming through your lawn or right next to the pool.

If you have doghouse or a shed in the backyard, their roofs will be a perfect resting spot for Apex the Winged Dragon. This modern gargoyle-like dragon will fit on just about any roof but keep in mind that his contemplating, hungry look might scare off some of the more timid backyard party guests.

As intimidating as the above two dragon sculptures are, not every dragon is meant to be frightening. The Sir Sagremor's Dragon Sculpture with Gazing Orb sums up the beauty of the mystical dragon and will add magic to any backyard.

Find these unique sculptures, gargoyle figurines, and beautifully detailed garden faries at Design Toscano today.

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Last Day to Save on Gorgeous Gothic Tables

York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic BenchGothic decorations aren't just limited to incredible wall art, intimidating gargoyle figurines, and dragon statues. Sure, those are Gothic mainstays but no Gothic-themed home is complete without some Gothic furniture. During the days of kings, queens, knights, and castles, royalty used some pretty fine looking furniture. Unlike the simple wooden benches used by their subjects, the nobility had some of the most ornate and beautifully carved seats, tables, and beds in Europe. Many of those original pieces are valuable antiques that are put on display in art museums and restored castles.

While Gothic furniture from medieval times is just meant to be admired from afar, authentic replicas of antique furniture from Design Toscano make for fantastic Medieval home decor. Use the York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench as prized home decor and a seat while reading a copy of the "Canterbury Tales".

Keep your prized books and other possessions in the Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire while decorating your home with a stunning realistic replica of antique furniture from the French gothic revival period. Add to the French gothic revival look with the beautiful Octagonal Side Table.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic items when buying them by the end of today, June 15th.

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Guard Your Home with These Asian Garden Sculptures

Thai Princess SculptureStatues are a peculiar form of art. Whereas paintings can depict scenes, people, and emotions, they are always going to be flat pictures that can only be viewed from the front. Sculptures, on the other hand, are three-dimensional representations of a subject or scene. You can walk around them and view them from every angle. When crafted with details that closely mimic reality, they can look as if they are going to come to life. This lifelike appearance has converted many a sculpture into functional art.

The function can come in the form of religious purposes, for remembrance, and as a means of warding off unwelcome guests. This latter purpose was the impetus for creating sculptures of gargoyle figurines in Europe, dragons in various parts of the world, and "Foo Dogs" in China. Anyone who has visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, China has been greeted by the intimidating and powerful Foo Dogs that guard its gates. With their large fanged maws, muscled bodies, and lion-like appearance, Foo Dogs are meant to scare off both evil spirits and erstwhile enemies. Flank the back door with a pair of these Asian Garden Sculptures to do the same.

Get beautifully detailed Foo Dog sculptures and other Asian garden statues for your home and garden at Design Toscano.

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20% Off All Buddha Garden Statues

The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary SculptureThe Memorial Day sale at Design Toscano includes everything from garden fairies to Egyptian art. No matter what decorating theme happens to be on display in your home, garden, or business, at Design Toscano, there are dozens of objets d'art, sculptures, and unique decor that fit right in. Better yet, buy any of the fantastic items from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and you will get 20% off the regular price! That includes Buddha statues, and for Asian-themed gardens, a sculpture or two of the Buddha is a must.

Put the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture at one end of the pond or place it in a secluded corner of the backyard. Whether meditating in front of this jolly Buddha or just using it as classic, Asian-themed decor, it will be an excellent accompaniment to a Koi pond or Asian dragon sculptures.

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue will also enlighten any backyard. Stading on a lotus, the happy, peaceful look on the face of this Buddha is an expression of pure tranquility. Standing two and a half feet tall and hand-painted with subtle colors, this sculpture will add a touch of peace to every garden.

Get 20% off these items and everything else at Design Toscano from now until May 29th!

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Medieval Home Decor for the Walls of Your Castle

Reims Cathedral Gothic Window TraceryDecorations that follow a Medieval theme come in many forms and sizes. They can be as large as a detailed replica of an authentic suit of armor or as small as an exquisite dragon-themed chalice. There is Medieval garden statuary for the backyards of homes and hotels, and a wide variety of sculptures and objets d'art that can make any home look like a castle. Some of the most dramatic pieces destined to change the dynamic of any room are Medieval-themed wall decor.

Your home or place of business will start to look as if it has stepped back in time when you put up the Reims Cathedral Gothic Window Tracery. Inspired by the stunning Gothic architecture of the Notre Dame cathedral in Reims, France, this resin wall sculpture is breathtaking all on its own but can also be used to showcase small statues and other works of art.

Every castle should also have a "magic mirror" and even though the Saint George Slaying the Dragon Wall Mirror won't talk back, its beautifully sculpted, dramatic scene always says a lot.  

Order these, and other on sale Medieval-themed decorations and greenmen  before Friday, May 11th and get 20% as part of Design Toscano's Virtual Warehouse sale!

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Weathervanes as Gothic Décor

Gothic decorations bring to mind images of dragons, gargoyle figurines, and other statues that are Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervaneright at home in torchlit castles surrounded by dark moats. Such objets d'art add an old, interesting atmosphere to the interior of any home but the Gothic theme shouldn't be limited to the inside of a house. Put up the right sort of Gothic decorations on the outside of your home or business and it starts to look more like a castle than an average two story structure. A Gothic-themed doorknocker can do wonders for any place and a gargoyle sculpture next to the front door or up on the roof is an essential part of every Gothic-themed abode.

Gothic decorations aren't just limited to gargoyles and dragons though. Another type of item that works wonderfully for every Gothic-themed place is a weathervane. The Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervane looks fantastic when sitting on top of any home or business. As she rides with the wind, she shows which way the breeze is blowing. Beautifully made with solid copper, this weathervane is destined to be an heirloom. While the witch rides the wind above your home, add a big Gothic touch to your backyard with the Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane!

Find these beautiful weathervanes and dozens of garden gargoyle statues at Design Toscano today.

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Is that a Real Bulldog or an Animal Yard Statue?

Sculptures of animals have been used in gardens and backyards since ancient Babylon. Their popularity as decor endures because they represent the power, virtue, and beauty of nature. In the case of statues of lions, dragons, or other strong, intimidating beasts, they have also been employed as erstwhile Buster the Bulldog Sculptureguardians. As with gargoyles, it is hoped that such animal sculptures will keep the bad spirits from crossing the threshold and bring good luck to their place of residence. 

While animal statues of yore were obviously sculptures made of still, unmovable stone, modern resin sculpting technologies have added such an incredible degree of detail to the mix that people routinely take a second or even third glance when confronted with pieces like the Buster the Bulldog Sculpture

Crafted with incredible realism, this sculpture truly captures the intimidating yet loveable look of the English Bulldog. With ears perked up on its massive head and sitting on its haunches, Buster is always ready to chew on a rubber ball or snap up whatever snack that happens to be thrown his way. He makes an excellent gift for any bulldog fan and looks content in both home and garden.

Find animal garden sculptures and garden statuary for any decorating theme at Design Toscano.

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Fairy Tale Kingdom Sculptures for Outside

The imaginary realms where elves battle goblins, dragons ply the skies on massive, bat wings, and Humpty Dumpty Sculpturewizened wizards cast their spells are more important than most people realize. Fairy tales and other fantasy genre stories help people escape from the daily doldrums of working a nine to five job. They also help people reflect upon morality and positive philosophies that can be related to reality. However, perhaps most of all, they have inspired many an artist to create amazing works of art that bring both the heroes and the villains to life in the form of paintings and garden statuary.

There are dozens of objets d'art exclusive to Design Toscano that turn your backyard into a fairy tale kingdom. Two of the best are:

  • The Humpty Dumpty Sculpture: He sat on a wall and had a big fall straight into the hearts and minds of millions of people. The old English rhyme about Humpty Dumpty is unforgettable and provokes all sorts of images and allegories. Putting this classic, detailed statue on one of your garden walls never fails to bring magic right into your backyard.
  • Treebeard Ent with Mystical Orb Statue: In the classic fantasy masterpieces written by Tolkien, Treebeard was the leader of the Ents. The "tree shepherds" looked after the forests and were among the oldest and wisest of all living creatures. They kept to themselves and were slow to anger but were unstoppable when provoked into action.

Find these and other magical resin garden statues for your backyard at Design Toscano.


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Dragon Garden Statues for the Asian-themed Backyard

The classic, exotic beauty of an Asian-themed garden is a sight to behold. Carefully tended gardens have been an important part of east-Asian cultures for more than two thousand years. Trees can be tended for generations in the hope of attaining an exquisite, sculptured appearance. Beautiful wooden or stone bridges cross small streams and Koi ponds. Miniature pagodas, Buddha outdoor statues, and other sculptures are common features of Asian gardens. Dragon sculptures in particular are especially Benevolent Asian Dragon Statueimportant for adding a touch of authenticity and mysticism.

These mythical winged beasts have played an important role in many east-Asian cultures and are typically viewed as harbingers of good luck. Few dragon sculptures embody this belief better than the Benevolent Asian Dragon Statue. Sculpted by Chinese master artist Gary Chang, this wonderfully ornate dragon has an open, smiling mouth and appears ready to proclaim your good fortune and prosperity.

Another dragon for the garden that is more mystical in character is the Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture. This serpentine dragon of water and wind demonstrates its magical prowess by clutching a power orb. This beautiful solid bronze sculpture comes in three different sizes and is also piped for use as a fountain.

Get 20% off these and all garden statuary until Thursday, April 12th!

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Get 20% Off Large Animal Sculptures until Friday, March 30th

Any animal sculpture adds a wild touch to a garden. Depictions of nature in a natural setting remind The Grand-Scale Wildlife Animal Collection: The Komodo Dragon Statuepeople of the potential posed by green space. Although no one expects a tiger to come prowling through the backyard, a tiger sculpture does remind us that these beautiful creatures still exist in the wildest parts of Asia. Any size statue will have that effect but they look far more realistic as life-size sculptures.

The Grand Scale Bengal Tiger statue shows exactly why villagers take care to avoid these big cats at all costs! Nearly eight feet long, this detailed, beautiful depiction of a royal Bengal Tiger can be downright intimidating after putting it into the garden.

Likewise, when you put the life-size statue of a Komodo Dragon into the backyard, guests might run for the back door out of instinct. This ten foot sculpture is about as detailed as one can get outside of having a real Komodo Dragon creeping around the garden.

Another animal yard statue that will be the talk of every garden guest is the Gargantuan Garden Gator. More than six feet long, the straw hat in its toothy maw show why one should never get too close to these large predators!

Get 20% off these animal garden statues, Asian garden sculptures, and everything else at Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th.

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The Cutest of Garden Statues

There's so much that can be done with a backyard for decorating that it can be hard to know where to even start. Animal garden sculptures give a unique, wild touch to any backyard. Garden fairies are right at home in flowerbeds, hanging from trees, and frolicking next to fountains. You could also get a couple of Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueBuddha outdoor statues for an Asian-themed garden or put a dragon or two in the backyard. Or, you could just go for the cutest statues to make your personal green space absolutely adorable.

Most of the fairy and animal statues are cute as can be but it's hard not to give the cutest award to the Fanny and Frank Farmer statues. These sculptures of young child farmers are as realistic as they are beautiful. Fanny is ready to water the vegetables with a watering pot adorned with a pink heart. With sporty outdoor footwear, a garden dress, and floppy hat, she's more than ready to take care of the garden.

Frank is just as adorable with his straw hat and cute farming outfit. One foot crossed in front of the other, he contemplates where to plant the tomatoes.

Get 20% off these cute garden statues and everything else from Design Toscano until Friday, March 30th!

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Spring Sale Starts Today at Design Toscano!

The end of March is in sight and Spring is in full swing across the nation. Warm, southerly winds speak of change in the air and Design Toscano is celebrating with a Spring sale. From today until Friday, March 30th, everything on the Design Toscano site is 20% off the regular price! That includes all of the classic Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Crestingobjets d'art, Egyptian decorations, new Spring items, and everything else. It's the right time to order all of your Spring decorating needs and Summertime garden statuary.

Get 20% off and save on items like the new giant Bigfoot statue, animal sculptures from tall giraffes to lions and tigers, and every type of fairy imaginable. Your garden will become a wild, magical place that inspires every day of the week.

It's the perfect occasion for buying one of the dragon sculptures you have been eyeing for the past year. Buy Apex, the Winged Dragon and get 20% off this unique sculpture for the roof. Or put Sagremor's Dragon with Gazing Orb in the garden to give it a magical, Medieval look. Inside the home, the Warrior Dragon, glass-topped sculptural table helps you serve guests with a touch of fantasy.

Shop at Design Toscano from today until Friday, March 30th and get 20% everything!

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Bring the Sunny Mediterranean to Your Home with Framed Art

The dreary days of winter drag on during February. The excitement of a new season disappeared way Figures on a Terrace in Capri Canvas Replica Paintingback in December and everyone is ready for Spring. Even the dragon garden statues and Asian garden sculptures in the backyard seem weary of the snow and leafless trees. Even though the days will be getting warmer and longer bit by bit, we could all go for more sunshine.

The mild climate of the Mediterranean helped give rise to more than one great civilization and it continues to attract millions of tourists seeking an escape from colder climes. A trip to Monaco, southern France, Capri, Sicily, or the Aegean Sea would drive away even the most somber of winter blues. However, even if you can't drop everything and take off for the gorgeous Mediterranean, why not bring the magic of that ancient region into your home with Mediterranean-themed framed art? If the sun's warm rays aren't melting the snow fast enough for your taste, brighten your home with replicas of paintings like the Roman Capriccio by Panini or Figures on a Terrace by Alott.

Both of these and other Mediterranean-flavored framed art will take a sunny bite out of Winter. While shopping for Egyptian art and the perfect stone garden angel for your backyard, get 25% off all framed art until February 27th!

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