Bring Adventure to Your Own Backyard

For those always up for adventure, you'll be thrilled with Design Toscano's selection of garden statuary.  If you desire realistic Outdoor Animal Statues, then you'll be interersted in our zoo collection.

Zairen, the Zebra Sculpture, is an exceptional work of art that lends a touch of exotic flair to even the most domestic setting. 

Zairen, the Zebra Sculpture

You’ll imagine yourself on a safari each time you spot our realistically hand-painted giraffe,
Gigi the Garden Giraffe Statue, peering over your bushes.

Gigi the Garden Giraffe Statue

Our regal lion, the 
King of Beasts Lion Sculpture, with wind-blown mane will proclaim that your home is truly your castle!
King of Beasts Lion Sculpture

And your neighbors will have to look twice when they see 
Yonva, the Climbing Bear scampering up your tree.  Our cub is over a foot tall and so realistically hand-painted that your guests will think the forest is springing to life in your backyard. 

Yonva, the Climbing Bear Sculpture

And who can resist a cute and cuddly
Panda Sculpture.  Our panda munches his own bamboo instead of your greenery, though he’s just as happy in the garden as in any room that could use a little exotic flair.

Tian Shan, the Panda Sculpture

If cute and cuddly isn't for you, then Design Toscano's
Sumatran Tiger Sculpture  is the perfect fit for your garden.  Imagine looking out to discover our majestic, boldly colored, wild feline on the prowl through your grass or peering out behind a tree.

Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculpture

Adding animal garden statues to your garden will help distinguish your yard from your neighbors and put a smile on your face when you see them each day.

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