Save 20% on Greenmen and Other Wall Décor

Greenman wall sculptures have been used for centuries in gardens throughout Europe. Possibly Oak King Greenman Wall Sculptureinfluenced by old beliefs and legends of spirits that reside in old trees, craggy hills, and misty moors, the greenman sculpture attempts to personify the mystical side of nature. Both haunting and enchanting, they make for unique wall decor that will add a magical touch to any backyard. Order these classic sculptural pieces that give a face to nature today and tomorrow and get 20% off the regular price as part of our wall decor sale!

Give your favorite backyard tree a face with the gnarly Nottingham Woods Tree Sculpture. The piercing eyes and wooden-like face of this greenman are about as realistic as one can get aside from actually experiencing a true tree spirit.

For a more festive greenman sculpture that works well both in the backyard patio and the inside of the home, buy the Presence of Carnevale Wall Sculpture. The beautiful feathered details of this sculpture will captivate both you and your guests.

The Oak King Greenman Sculpture makes for regal, naturally inspired wall decor with an appearance as ancient as an old, wizened oak tree.

The 20% discount applies to all of our wall decor, including beautiful Egyptian art, animal garden sculptures for the wall, and a stone garden angel or two. Get 20% off all wall decor from Design Toscano today and tomorrow only.

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Egyptian Art for the Walls of Your Palace

Tutankhamen Cartouche Sculptural Wall FriezeThere's no place like home. Whether living in a small studio apartment, a four bedroom house, or walking the halls of a veritable mansion, the home is the place we fill with our happiness, difficult times, friends, and memories. No matter how big or small, it acts as our own, personal palace so it only makes sense to adorn the walls with royal decor.

While one person's decorations of distinction might never make it past someone else's front door, there's no denying the royal character of Egyptian decorations. The pharaohs and nobility of ancient Egypt filled their homes with works of art that glittered with gold leaf and shone with the striking colors of lapis lazuli and carnelian. Although the noble families of ancient Egypt died out over 2,000 years ago, the stunning artwork from their era lives on in the form of stunning Egyptian tables and wall decor such as the Tutankhamen Cartouche Sculptural Wall Frieze. Fit for a king, this historic replica of a cartouche of King Tut will be one of the most exciting, textured works of art to grace the walls of your home.

Match it with another, even more decorative Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze that shows a scene from King Tut's royal throne room.

Find these beautiful decorations and hundreds of other items fit for royalty at the Design Toscano site.

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Why Every Home with Gothic Décor Could Use a Dragon or Two

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn StatueCertain animals seem to be right at home in different decorating themes. Gardens with an Asian theme look twice as good with Panda statues and sculptures of cranes. Animal garden statues of Cheetahs and other African wildlife fit right in with beautiful Egyptian decorations while a Winged Pegasus or Unicorn find their niche in homes and gardens with more mystical, magical themes.

The Gothic-themed abode also has its signature animal and although it would be tempting to give that title to the gargoyle, those creeping, wall climbing creatures are more of a monster than an animal. Although one could just as easily describe dragons as monsters, they still fit more comfortably into the animal category.

Dragons are the magical, fire-breathing animals that have fascinated people throughout the world for thousands of years. If they ever had a home in a decorating theme, Gothic fits the bill perfectly. In fact, a Gothic-decorated place without a dragon or two just doesn't look complete.

A dragon like the Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue will look perfect as it "swims" through your garden and provides that classic draco look with a horned head, toothy maw, and scaled hide. Inside the home, decor like the Wolfram Dragons Sculptural Wall Shelf will round out your display of Gothic decorations.

Find the best in quality dragon decor at Design Toscano!

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Sit Like Royalty in Medieval Home Decor

San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame ChairChairs can be simple, wooden, seats sans frills or they can be regal, sculpted thrones. Both types of chairs were used during Medieval times but only the royalty could afford thrones and chairs that doubled as sculpted works of art. In modern times, the average person can afford to sit in royal splendor at gorgeous Gothic tables. No need to rest in simple uncomfortable chairs when you can lounge in luxury in the beautiful San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame Chair. Modeled after chairs that were reserved for nobility and other members of the ruling class in medieval Italy, this striking piece of furniture is made of polished hardwood and shows sculpted lion's heads on its arms. Use it as a throne when watching your favorite shows, playing cards, or entertaining guests.

You can treat your guests like royalty with this authentic replica of the  Lord Cumberland Throne. This solid, wide cushioned seat is regally carved in the Georgian style and has a comfortable, hand-tacked leather cushion. Since Lord Cumberland needed a chair that was equally fit for both visiting kings and queens, he had one spindle carved in the likeness of a king's head and the other depicting a queen.

Buy these high-quality replicas of antique furniture and Egyptian tables between today and Thursday, October 4th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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Get 20% off Garden Statuary and Everything Else on our Lunch Rush Sale Today Only!

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueThose who are lucky enough to be reading this post today can save 20% off of everything on our site during our Lunch Rush Sale! Today, for just a few hours, you get the chance to save on resin garden statues, unique objets d'art, and fantastic decor for the spookiest time of the year.

Take advantage of the Lunch Rush and order signature decor like the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue. No ordinary scarecrow, this cornrow-stalking zombie will help your home become the Halloween hit on the block! Expect this creepiest of decor to scare away both people and birds!

To show guests where at least one of the birds went, display the Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture in the house. This high quality Gothic statue is sculpted with such accurate detail that guests will half expect it to say, The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture"Nevermore, nevermore."

To keep your creepy Scarecrow company, buy the French Pleurant statue for the garden. An excellent, artistic piece for any time of the year, this replica of a 15th century French Weeper statue becomes one of the more frightening garden sculptures on Halloween.

Get 20% off these quality sculptures, and everything from Egyptian decorations to animal garden sculptures today only during the Lunch Rush Sale!

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Centerpiece Egyptian Home Decor

The ancient Egyptian sculptors and painters who created beautiful works of art would never have guessed The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis Sculpturethat their style would still be popular three thousand years in the future. When they sculpted huge, imposing statues of Anubis, the gatekeeper of the underworld, how could they have imagined that similar sculptures would act as centerpiece items in twenty-first century homes?

Every home or business that showcases an Egyptian decorating theme needs a centerpiece that stands out from other Egyptian decor. The grand scale statue of Anubis easily accomplishes this with stunning, authentic detail and by standing more than eight feel tall (!). Carefully painted in faux ebony, gold, and silver, Anubis commands attention with his muscular frame and imposing height. With scepter in one hand and Ankh in the other, he looks ready to judge any and all who dare enter your home.

If our grand scale statue of Anubis looks a little too intimidating for your tastes, an authentic replica of King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair commands just as much attention. Modeled after the boy king's actual 3,500 year old throne, careful attention was paid to detail to craft a replica that matches the original throne's size, sculpted appearance, and colors.

Both of these high quality items look fantastic in a hotel or African-themed business. Find these, the best in Egyptian art, and high quality resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Last Day to Save 20% on Items in the Basil Street Gallery

Berkshire Hall Dual Maiden UrnAll good things must eventually come to an end and today, September 13th, is the final day of the Basil Street Collection sale. If you have yet to browse through the unique, beautiful decor found on Basil Street, do it now if you want to get a 20% discount on fantastic Egyptian Decorations, stunning wall decor, and exquisite furniture pieces. Whether you follow a decorating theme in your home or not, there are hundreds of objet's d'art and items designed to please anyone with refined tastes.

Get the gorgeous Bershire Hall Dual Maiden Urn to add a touch of fine decor to your sitting room. Modeled after eighteenth century French pieces, this stunning blue and gold colored sculptural decor is perfect for adding color and classic atmosphere to any room.

Order today and save on the dramatic Saint Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze. This high-relief replica of the famous sixteenth century painting by Guido Reni shows everyone's favorite archangel stepping on the devil and putting him in chains.

If you would rather go with Egyptian Art for your walls, the highly detailed Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze is also found in the Basil Street collection.

Order these and other items from our Basil Street collection by the end of today, September 13th, and you can get 20% off the regular price!




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Angels for the Office from the Basil Street Gallery

Prayers of an Angel Bonded Marble StatueOffice space might be dedicated to work but decorations shouldn't be limited to different colored memo papers. A photo or two can work wonders for making you feel more comfortable with your work space and various types of decor can be used for inspiration. If the employer allows it, statues of angels can work their own little decorating miracles when placed on a desk. Those harbingers of hope raise our spirits on dreary Mondays and other times of duress and can remind us to keep the faith. Get the right angel statues and they also add a unique, beautiful touch to the office.

Strength and determination are expressed on the fierce face and muscled appearance of Uriel the Archangel. Uriel points to challenges before raising his sword to vanquish all evil-doers. Get inspired by this heavenly superhero to overcome whatever challenges are thrown your way in the workplace.

If you look for strength in prayer, put the Prayers of an Angel Sculpture on your desk to help calm the mind and take a pause and search for inner strength. This statue is so peaceful and beautiful that you might want to also get one for  the home.

Order these angel statues, Egyptian decorations, and marble busts for sale from the Basil Street Collection from now until Thursday, September 13th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Every Home Could Use a Pedestal or Two from the Basil Street Gallery

French Neoclassical Griffin PedestalThe ancient Greeks and Romans had some great ideas when it came to decorating. They adorned their temples, gardens, and olive groves with fantastic, lifelike garden statuary. In fact, beautiful, realistic statues continue to look right at home in modern day gardens. They also gave us a variety of architectural ideas, the marble bust, and made use of pedestals to put their beautiful statuary on display.

The concept was a simple one and ends up accentuating anything placed on top of it. Basically, by placing the statue or other object on a decorative column or pedestal, it increases its height, and displays it in a way that can't be missed. The pedestal helps to showcase the importance of anything placed on it and works well for everything from a flower vase to prized Egyptian decorations.

Pedestals for every theme can be found in the Basil Street collection, including the French Neoclassical Griffin Pedestal. It's a fantastic piece all on its own but looks best when used for displaying plants next to entranceways or for adding a touch of green to the corners of rooms.

The Venetian Doges Solid Marble Column is so beautiful that it might outshine the marble bust or flowers placed on top of it!

Save 20% on these, other pedestals, and Egyptian art in the Basil Street Collection when ordering them by Thursday, September 13th!

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Come on Down to the Basil Street Gallery for Indoor Elegance

The Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor LampDecor takes many shapes and forms but why treat your home to average decorations when you can turn the interior into the classiest home on the block? Such a goal doesn't require quests to garage and estate sales for antique furniture and unique objets d'art. Although no true decorating fan would deny that it's fun to search for overlooked treasures and decor from another era, that just usually ends up taking way more time than most of us have. It's far easier and much more productive to just shop at the Basil Street  collection.

Look inside those virtual doors and you find dozens of breathtaking lamps, unique accent furniture, stunning Egyptian decorations, classic marble busts for sale and more. It's the place to look for exquisite art deco lighted sculptures and lamps like the Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp and the Desiree sculpture.

The Egyptian gallery at Basil Street is filled with everything from book-end sets to wall stele and sculptures depicting detailed replicas of paintings that adorn the tombs of the pharaohs.

The accent furniture includes a range of pedestals such as the classic Sous la Vigne Sculptural Pedestal and the Hartwig Walking Stick Umbrella Stand.

These are also the days for shopping at Basil Street  because everything in the collection is 20% off until Thursday, September 13th!

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Asian-Themed Art from the Basil Street Gallery

Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant TuskThe items in the Basil Street Collection cover just about every decorating theme. There are gorgeous, Egyptian decorations, classical pieces, garden statuary, and decor that pays homage to the animal kingdom. There are also a number of Asian-themed pieces that will earn the admiration of anyone who happens to walk into your home.

The Tibetan Sculptural Dragon Wall Mask is one of the more dramatic wall art items in the collection. Crafted after an old Chinese wooden original, this unique objet d'art captures and holds the attention of anyone who looks at it.

Match that dramatic mask with the beautiful Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant Tusk. Carved by artists from Guangdong, China, this pieces looks very much like the orginal ivory sculptures created by their ancestors. Although it looks just like real ivory, you can be rest assured that no elephants were harmed in the making of this beautiful piece because it's crafted with a special polymer blend that captures the look of real ivory.

The ancient Tang Horse Iron Statue will also add a classic, Chinese touch to any room where it is put on display. Cast from iron and given an aged patina, this decor is a replica of a 1,300 year old sculpture.

Order these Asian-themed objets d'art and anything else in the Basil Street Collection from today until September 13th and 20% off the regular price!




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Bring Light to the Home and Office With This New Egyptian Home Decor

Male Egyptian Telamon SconceLighting is an essential element for any type of room. In addition to providing light needed to see what's in the room, it can also play crucial roles for accentuating decorating themes. For example, we like bright kitchens because we need to see what we are doing and the extra light helps turn it into a cheerful place. The dining room, on the other hand, differs in being a room that requires less light, especially on romantic evenings. Lighting can also be used to help put your favorite decor on display and can provide a warm welcome to clients at an office, hotel lobby, or other business.

The objects used for lighting aren't just limited to providing a place for a light bulb either. They can and should be leveraged for decoration and those who appreciate Egyptian decorating themes will love the Male Egyptian Telamon Sconce. A beautiful wall sculpture all on its own, this lighting fixture was inspired by ancient architecture used to provide support for temples of the pharaohs. Detailed and painted in faux gold and ebony, this decorative sconce is a beautiful addition to the halls and walls of any elegant home or business. It looks even better when two of these Egyptian decorations mirror each other in an entrance hallway.

Buy this lighting decor, beautiful garden statuary, garden fairies, and anything else on the Design Toscano website from today until Tuesday, September 4th and get a 20% discount!



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Why Decorate with Medieval Home Décor?

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableLooking for a decorating theme can be a tough, time-consuming process. While you want your place to look good and contribute to a certain type of atmosphere, making the hoped for theme happen also depends on the availability and cost of the decor. Medieval decorations have a lot of personality but you don't exactly find them at the local furniture emporium. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and Design Toscano, you don't even need to venture into a furniture store to search for medieval decor. Just head to our site and you will find a treasure trove of quality, stunning chairs and tables fit for modern day kings and queens.

The following are a couple of reasons why it's very much worth the while to decorate with Medieval-themed items:

  • They make you feel like royalty: Decorative chairs and exquisite furniture that could have graced the halls of bygone noble families should make you feel like royalty because very similar pieces were used by aristocrats.
  • Gothic tables are works of art: Items like the Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table are stunning works of art. The beautiful carvings on the sides and legs of this table harken to the castles and manors of lords and ladies.

Get 20% off Gothic furniture and Egyptian tables from now until Monday, August 27th!

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Egyptian Tables Look Almost Too Good to Use

Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped ConsoleThe Ancient Egyptians created an amazing number of sculptures, monumental tombs, and forms of writing that are works of art all on their own. Although the days of the pharoahs are long gone, their legacy lives on in Egypt's amazing museums and world-class ruin sites. Their artwork also lives on in paintings, sculptures, and other objets d'art that millions use to decorate their homes. Functional Egyptian-inspired art is also popular but some pieces look so absolutely stunning that it almost seems strange to put them to use.

Take the Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-topped Console as an example. Two beautiful, golden-colored statues of cheetahs sitting on their haunches provide the legs for an absolutely exquisite table. Although you could use it to serve drinks, it works better as a platform to exhibit prized Egyptian art and statues on account of its artistic beauty.

The Egyptian Wings of Horus Grand Altar Console is likewise much more suited to displaying prized works of art than using it to as a stand for the television or a stereo system. Use it to display a bust of Queen Cleopatra to show your appreciation for gorgeous Egyptian artwork.

Save on these unique items and quality garden statuary with the Beat the Heat Sale. From now until Friday, August 17th, you get the following discounts:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+



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Save on Egyptian Tables with Free Shipping this Weekend

Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped TableAncient Egypt hosted one of the first great civilizations of the world. Although the line of the pharaohs turned to desert dust nearly two thousand years in the past, the monuments they left behind continue to leave thousands of people awe-struck to this day. Those of us who visit the great pyramids of Giza marvel at the ancient's ability to build such massive structures. Monuments like the pyramids and the Sphinx are so impressive that not a few people wonder if the ancient Egyptians had help from aliens or used unknown technologies whose secrets were lost in antiquity.

The gilded decorations of Egyptian tombs and beauty of hieroglyphics are so admired and classic that we continue to celebrate the Egyptian theme with a variety of beautiful items. The Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Table pays homage to the exquisite, breathtaking beauty of King Tut's sarcophagus and the four pillars of Luxor. Glass-topped to ensure that the beauty of this functional objet d'art is never obscured from sight, it also has a secret compartment for storing your own treasures.

Buy this beautiful Egyptian home decor, other Egyptian decorations, and garden statuary between Saturday, August 4th, and Sunday, August 5th, and pay nothing to ship them to your home!

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History comes alive

I teach and Toscano reproductions bring history to life. I recently bought three swords. As we studied England, students couldn't imagine holding one of these heavy swords, handling a horse and fighting.
Egyptian miniatures were so much more stimulatiing than photos as we created our own pyramids. My Buddahs and Hindu statues inspire multi-cultural discussions.
I rotate items from the classroom to my home so they do double duty as home decor!
Thank you for such wonderful and affordable classroom aids.

Name: Paula
State: Illinois
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What to Bring to the Design Toscano Garden Statuary Warehouse Sale

The Internet has made shopping such an easy affair. All you need to do is go online, search for that Design Toscano Warehouse Salespecial item, buy it with a credit card, and then go pick it up when it gets delivered to your home. Of course it helps if you know the websites that have the highest quality items for the lowest prices. The Design Toscano site is one such place and it's the only way to purchase exclusive Design Toscano items like the Bigfoot Statue. Nevertheless, there are two days of the year when you can buy those same beautiful items right at the Design Toscano warehouse. Those dates are July 14th and July 15th, 2012 and they hold the promise of huge savings on everything from detailed Egyptian decorations to  classic statues for the garden.

When you head to the warehouse on that second weekend in July, the following are a couple of recommendations on what to bring to the event:

  • A big vehicle: You wouldn't want to show up and go home empty-handed because you couldn't fit a life-sized statue of the Yeti on your bike. Come prepared with a large vehicle to haul away your treasures!
  • Water: Hey, it's summertime and it's hot out so be prepared to stay hydrated while searching through detailed furniture and other breathtaking objets d'art.

Mark July 14th and July 15th on your calendar for the warehouse sale. It's located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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Egyptian Home Decor Gifts for Father's Day

Egyptian Barge to the Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural TableFinding gifts for Father's Day can be more of a challenge than doing holiday shopping for an extended family. While you have to find a gift for each sibling and cousin, those presents probably aren't going to be as personal as the ones you give to your father. Each year, you have to think of something new for dad and when you have already given him that powersaw, an exercise machine, and a subscription to a cigar of the month club on past Father's Days, the options become that much more limited.

This year, why not give your father something absolutely unique, unforgettable, and destined to add an artistic touch to his home? Get him one or more of the Egyptian decorations from Design Toscano and he will be duly impressed. As long as your father can appreciate Egyptian-themed art, he will be thrilled with the Egyptian Barge to Beyond Glass-Topped Sculptural Table. Inspired by the original Barge to the Beyond that was discovered in an annex to King Tutankhamen's tomb, this sculptural table is as exquisite as it is beautiful. 

Dad might also enjoy other Egyptian tables like the Kneeling Nubian Servant or the Silver and Gold Servant table.

Buy these and other items from now until Friday, June 8th and enjoy the following tiered discount:

Save $10 on purchases of $75-$99.99

Save $20 on purchases of $100-$199.99

Save $50 on purchases of $200-$399.99

Save $100 on purchases of $400+

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20% Off All Buddha Garden Statues

The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary SculptureThe Memorial Day sale at Design Toscano includes everything from garden fairies to Egyptian art. No matter what decorating theme happens to be on display in your home, garden, or business, at Design Toscano, there are dozens of objets d'art, sculptures, and unique decor that fit right in. Better yet, buy any of the fantastic items from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and you will get 20% off the regular price! That includes Buddha statues, and for Asian-themed gardens, a sculpture or two of the Buddha is a must.

Put the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture at one end of the pond or place it in a secluded corner of the backyard. Whether meditating in front of this jolly Buddha or just using it as classic, Asian-themed decor, it will be an excellent accompaniment to a Koi pond or Asian dragon sculptures.

The Bodh Gaya Buddha Asian Statue will also enlighten any backyard. Stading on a lotus, the happy, peaceful look on the face of this Buddha is an expression of pure tranquility. Standing two and a half feet tall and hand-painted with subtle colors, this sculpture will add a touch of peace to every garden.

Get 20% off these items and everything else at Design Toscano from now until May 29th!

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Get 20% off These Egyptian Decorations until Friday, May 11th

Royal Cartouche Sculptural FriezeThe Virtual Warehouse sale at Design Toscano is in full gear until this upcoming Friday, May 11th. As long as that beautiful objet d'art, sculpture, stone garden angel, or other item is on sale, you get 20% off when ordering it before the final hour of Friday, May 11th. Among the hundreds of exquisite items and decorations that can be had for 20% off the listed price are a host of detailed, high-quality Egyptian-themed decorations.

If you are looking to save on a relief sculpture that looks just like one of the sculptures on King Tut's throne, order the Royal Cartouche Sculptural Frieze for your den, bedroom, or other suitable site for this fantastic replica. As large as the original, it's just as detailed and richly colored as the same part of the young pharaohs' throne on display in Cairo's National Museum.

Another beautiful, Egyptian-themed work of art that is on sale is the Grand Anubis Lidded Urn. A bust of Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian God of the underworld adorns the top of this stunning objet d'art. It will look even more beautiful when placed on top of the Palace of Ramses Egyptian Occasional Table.

All of these beautiful Egyptian home decor pieces are 20% off when ordered before the end of May 11th!

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