So gorgeous I had to buy two!

Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue


Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


I have had so many positive compliments on this cherub that I had to buy a second one for myself! The details of her face, down to the birds perched on the dish, is incredible! She looks so sweet and perfect! I placed the second one over my hot tub with blue stones in the dish to depict water. Everyone who comes to my home comments on how lovely she is. Buy this one, you will not be disappointed, she is gorgeous!

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So gorgeous I had to buy two!

ClaireW from Temecula - CA - USA reviewed the Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


I have had so many positive compliments on this cherub that I had to buy a second one for myself! The details of her face down to the birds perched on the dish is incredible! She looks so sweet and perfect! I placed the second one over my hot tub with blue stones in the dish to depict water. Everyone who comes to my home comments on how lovely she is. Buy this one you will not be disappointed she is gorgeous!

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The Garden Fairy Statue as Interior Decor

"Dreamland Fairy" StatueGarden fairies are, despite their name, not just for the the garden. Sure, those lovely little statues do look wonderful in a garden setting but they can look just as enchanting in other places. Tales of the little folk don't just take place in gardens, woods, and fields. They also occur inside the home and even in places of business so it shouldn't come as any surprise that certain garden fairies look right at home as interior decor. With her innocent, child-like demeanor, the "Dreamland Fairy" could easily be mistaken for a cherub if it weren't for her butterfly wings. After she spends a summer of peaceful slumber in the backyard, bring this fairy inside to add an enchanting touch to a sun room or quiet den.

Fanny the Fairy Sitting Statue is another fairy sculpture that looks just as beautiful inside the home as she does outside in the garden. With dreamy eyes and relaxed posture, Fanny is clearly caught up in some magical day dream and thus helps to foster an atmosphere of peace and relaxation when put on display in a library, den, or other quiet corner of the home. Seat this beautiful little fairy statue on a bookshelf, pedestal, or other suitable spot.

Save 20% on these items, other resin garden statues in our fairy collection, and any of the quality decor on the Design Toscano site when purchasing today, December 16th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Garden Cherub Statues or Full-Sized Angels?

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden StatueAngel sculptures have been popular since the Middle Ages but they come in more than one form than the tall, majestic angels of cathedrals and churches. There are also angels of mourning that grace many a cemetery and quiet garden, and baby angel statues or "cherubs". Although cherubs are just as angelic as their larger counterparts, these small angel statues tend to add an innocent, more adorable touch to the backyard than breathtaking centerpiece angel statues such as the Angel of Patience or the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture

In addition to their high level of cuteness, cherubs are also small enough to fit into any decorating theme. For example, even if it's the only angel in the backyard, the Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden Statue will look right at home when placed in a corner of the garden or right near the back door. Cherubs also look right at home on fountains of all types including the regal Versailles Cherub Urn or when featured on the beautiful Cherubs at Play Sculptural Fountain.

Of course, you don't need to choose between cherubs and larger angels because both look wonderful when put on display in the same backyard. The Heaven's Guardian Angel Garden Statue even blends the two.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these and other beautiful resin garden statues when purchased by the end of today, December 15th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Find Resin Garden Statues and Other Above Average Gifts at Design Toscano

The Praying Basilica Angel StatueNone of us want to give average, everyday presents to the special people in our lives. Sometimes, we end up doing just that but it's only because we can't find unique, high quality gift items. This year, instead of settling for less than the best when it comes to your holiday gifts, go shopping at the Design Toscano site. You won't find anything that can be described as "average" at our online store because we pride ourselves on only dealing with above average decor and other unique items that in turn, make excellent gifts.

Let's take our stone garden angel collection an an example. Instead of just one or two everyday angels, we have nine pages of exquisite angel statues. There are sweet cherubs like the Balancing a Dream sculpture along with several large classic angels like the Praying Basilica Angel Statue. Speaking of classic statuary, we also have a host of wonderful Greek Garden Statues and beautiful replicas of famous works of art such as the Birth of Venus Statue.

For fine interior decor, browse our extensive collection of objets d'art, Egyptian decorations, and more in the Basil Street Gallery. There's nothing average about items like the Bali Sculptural Wall Frieze, Neoclassical Male Occasional Table, or the Serengeti Soiree Giraffe and Zebra Bookends.

Find these and hundreds of other above average gift items at Design Toscano today.

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Unique Gothic Tables and Furniture at Design Toscano

Louis XIV Glass - Topped Cocktail TableThe furniture sale at Design Toscano starts today! Although we may be best known for offering the best selection of unique, high quality resin garden statues, we also carry an equally large selection of interior decor and beautiful, stunning furniture. Gifted furniture makers can convert average tables, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture items into veritable works of art. These are the people we work with and are a big reason why our furniture items act as enchanting functional decor. Better yet, when you buy any of our furniture items from today until Friday, October 4th, you will enjoy a 20% discount.

This includes simply stunning, ornate pieces like the Louis XIV Glass-topped Cocktail Table. This replica of French antique furniture features faux gilded and ebony cherubs and other exquisite designs that turn it into a table fit for the living room of a king. Pair it with the Saint Thomas Aquinas Gothic Wooden Bookstand for full regal effect.

Larger tables are also on sale and include the majestic Effingham Gryphon Library Table, and the absolutely beautiful Le Piccard Bombe Console. Both of these items are hand carved from richly colored mahogany and add a luxurious antique touch to rooms in both home and the office. The striking appearance of these and many of our other furniture items also make them an excellent choice for hotels and restaurant lobbies.

Get 20% off of these and all of our furniture items when purchased today until Friday, October 4th!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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One More Day to Get Free Standard Shipping on Resin Garden Statues

Wing of Icarus Sculptural Metal Wall FriezeOver the past three days, lucky Design Toscano shoppers who bought $75 or more of garden statuary and other quality decor paid nothing for standard shipping. However, if you missed out on free shipping because you ordered less than $75 or were too busy enjoying a beautiful September weekend, you still have one more chance to save on shipping costs because we have extended the sale until the end of today, September 30th! Just order $75 or more of anything at the Design Toscano site and you pay nothing for standard shipping.

Take advantage of this offer to buy exquisite functional decor for home and business. The Saint Remy Cherub Clock brings the elegance of Rococo decor to your place with pan pipe playing Putti, and exquisite shell foliate ornamentation. Pair this wonderful decor with other unique, classy clocks like the Chateau Carbonne Cherub Mantle Clock and the Templeton Regulator Wall Clock.

Free standard shipping on purchases of $75 or more also makes today an ideal time for buying small gifts for family and friends. Get some or all of your holiday shopping done with beautiful, unique decor from the Basil Street Gallery such as the Wing of Icarus Sculptural Metal Wall Frieze, a stunning Eye of Horus Egyptian Ceramic Vase, and unique tabletop accents like the Swedish Royal Family Replica Telephone.

Order $75 or more and spend nothing for regular shipping on these and other quality decor from Design Toscano until the end of today, September 30th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Last Day to Enjoy 20% Off Angel Statues

Afternoon Nap Angel SculptureThe stone garden angel is essential for any backyard that uses classic resin garden statues. This other-worldly sculpture adds a dramatic, beautiful touch and peaceful look to every garden and when you buy one of our angel statues today, you can take 20% off. To honor National Be an Angel Day, we are offering a 20% discount on any of our adorable cherub and angel sculptures. Just buy anything from our angel collection by the end of today, August 21st, and you get a 20% discount. That includes such inspirational religious angel sculptures as the ever popular In God's Grace Angel Statue. It only takes one look at the amazing realism in this cute angel sculpture to see why it's one of our best-selling resin garden statues. She pairs nicely with another best seller, the beautiful Heaven's Guardian Angel Garden Statue.

If you are looking for angel statues with somewhat of a more antique appearance, the Angel's Message Garden Statue and the Padova Guardian Angel Sculpture are excellent candidates. Both of these garden statuary beauties are modeled after antique sculptures that have graced French gardens and the ramparts of Italian cathedrals.

Of course, the discount also applies to all of our cherub statues including the cute Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture.

Find these and dozens of other quality angels and resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

Enjoy a 20% discount on any of our cherub and angel sculptures if purchased by the end of today, August 21st.

This sale expires today, August 21st, 2013 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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Celebrate National Be an Angel Day with a Classic Stone Garden Angel

Angel of Patience SculptureAnyone who has browsed our catalog of resin garden statues knows that we love angels. We offer them in cherub form, in full majestic splendor, as religious statues, and other themes because angels never fail to look fantastic when depicted in sculpted form. We also love it when people make efforts to act like an angel and to show that appreciation, we are offering a discount on all angel and cherub statues in honor of National Be an Angel Day. To pay homage to this special day, you get a  20% discount on any of our beautiful angel and cherub statues when purchased today or tomorrow, August 21st.

It's a great time to buy and save on such stunning classic angel statues as the Angel of Patience Sculpture. With fantastic feathered wings outstretched, this dramatic statue demonstrates the classic beauty of angels with long, flowing robes, a royal bearing, and peaceful, eternal face. Complement the beauty of this sculpture with the stunning Grand Cathedral Angel, a dramatic angel statue that stands more than six and a half feet tall and boasts wings that almost span four feet.

That 20% discount is also enjoyed on beautiful cherub statues such as the Cherub's Bouquet and the adorable Angel of Meditation Statue. These are just two of the many charming cherub statues in our collection.

Buy any cherub and angel sculptures today and tomorrow and get a 20% discount in celebration of Be an Angel Day!

This sale expires on August 21st, 2013 and cannot be combined with other offers.

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The Intimidating Beauty of the Garden Gargoyle Statue

Gargoyle statues aren't really in the same category as a peaceful depiction of a sleeping cherub or a cute little animal garden statue of a rabbit. No, Gargoyles were designed to scare off and intimidate evil spirits and people with malicious plans. Intimidation is an essential part of the Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculptureclassic gargoyle statue but that characteristic also lends the sculpture a certain degree of beauty.  Much of that beauty is found in the fine details shown by such high quality gargoyle statues as Argos and Boden; two striking Gargoyle sentinel statues. These two foot tall gargoyles make a beautiful Gothic statement with their wonderfully detailed wings, talons, muscled appearance, and classic French gargoyle faces. Use them to flank the entranceway to the backyard or house and guests will feel as if they are walking into a place where Medieval fantasy reigns.

Silas the Sentry Gargoyle is equally intimidating and beautiful. Silas demonstrates a frightening, intimidating, and realistic display of personality with its upturned face and accusing glare. With its tensed muscles and crouched position, this fine gargoyle seems ready to leap into the air and use its sharp claws to defend the castle at any moment.

Enjoy free regular shipping on unique resin garden statues and other items from Design Toscano from today until Sunday, August 4th. No minimum purchase required!

This cannot be combined with other offers.

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Add Adorable to the Backyard with Garden Cherub Statues

Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden StatueThere are so many ways to decorate a summer backyard. It's fun to put a tropical statue or two by the pool, greenmen sculptures on the trees, and a beautiful animal garden statue out in the yard. You could also go for Gothic decor, appeal to your love of the fantasy genre with enchanting garden fairies, and give the flowerbeds a cheerful touch with garden gnomes. Of course, you can also go the more classic route and put a majestic stone garden angel on display. However, no matter which decorating theme you decide upon, keep in mind that some of the most adorable statues come in the form of garden cherubs.

The innocence and beauty of cherubs have made them a popular subject for paintings and garden decor since the Middle Ages. In blending the perfect beauty of a small child with the other worldly look of an angel, these adorable statues are wonderful, endearing additions for any backyard. The Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue is a lovely statue that works well as a small bird bath or as enchanting decor for your own private bath. Compliment that dreamy cherub with the beautiful, breathtaking Cradled in Hope Cherub Statue, an absolutely adorable putti sculpture that looks even more enchanting when placed in a baby's room.

Find these beautiful sculptures and a large selection of adorable decor for home and garden at Design Toscano.

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Love is in the Air with Romantic Garden Statuary

"Cherubs d'Amour Statue"Summer might be a time for backyard soirees and weeding the garden but it's also a time for romance. The gentle warm breezes of June make it easy to go on evening strolls with that special person, enjoy candlelit dinners in a seaside restaurant, or bring a gourmet picnic lunch to your favorite park. You can also express the exciting sentiments generated by romance with certain types of garden statuary.

What a better way to put romance on display than with a classic, cherubic statue of Cupid? The Cupid's Message of Love Statue is a charming, Cherubic version of Cupid with a sweet, innocent expression on his face as draws back on his magical bow to strike yet another person with a fateful arrow.

Complement the harbinger of love with the cute Cherubs d'Amour statue. This beautiful replica of a French antique sculpture shows two winged cherubs discussing their plan to reunite two lovers. Show the results of their plan and what happens when Cupid's arrow strikes home with the La Passion Grande Sculpture. This beautiful replica of a 1960 statue that was sculpted by Kaleb Martyn shows a young couple in a passionate embrace.

Find romantic statues such as the ones above, a host of classic garden statues, and other high quality unique decor at Design Toscano. 

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Stone Garden Angel Wall Decor

Statues of angels are a standard, classic addition to most gardens. No matter what the decorating theme may be, they fit in surprisingly well perhaps because they exhibit a blend of mysticism and otherworldly peace. Angels also come Angel of Grace Bas-Relief Wall Sculpturein more forms than most people realize. In addition to the classic, statuesque and majestic angels that grace the ramparts and entranceways to European cathedrals, there are angels in mourning, and sleeping cherubs.

There are also depictions of heavenly beings that are sculpted into wall decor and these make for exquisite decorations indeed. The Thoughts of an Angel Sculptural Wall Roundel is one such work of art. This simply beautiful wall decor is made timeless with rounded gentle lines, and peaceful details. Whether displayed on a quiet garden wall or in the intimacy of the home, it will act as elegant, lovely, angelic decor.

The Angel of Grace Bas-Relief Wall Sculpture is another item that blends the classic beauty of the stone angel statue with the elegance of detailed wall decor. This 18 by 12 inch bas-relief sculpture is a majestic decoration fit for a prominent place of honor on the wall of any room. This high quality replica of a work of art done by German artist Carl George Barth is an exquisite addition to a dining room or living room.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these fine wall decorations and any other on-sale items when purchased from today until May 10th as part of our Virtual Warehouse Sale.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Last Day to Get 20% Off Unique Garden Statuary

Our Pre-Season Garden Statue sale ends today so don't wait until tomorrow to order fantastic animal garden sculptures, breathtaking angel statues, or other sculptural decor for the backyard. Well, you could still order them on April 12th but why do that when you can buy wonderful decor for the garden and get a 20% discount? Anything from our extensive collection of garden statues is on sale for the rest of today, April 11th and includes such beautiful items as the Angel of Peace Reflecting Pool sculpture. This curly-haired cherub will add an innocent touch to any garden and the reflecting pool should attract backyard birds.

Many of our animal garden sculptures are dramatic but the new Growling Grizzly Bear statue takes garden drama to new heights! This animal yard statue is 7 feet tall and has been carefully carved and painted to look just like an actual North American Grizzly Bear. Don't be surprised if it takes your dog a while to get used to this realistic sculpture. It's large size and impressive details also make this statue an ideal choice as decor for a restaurant, hotel, or other business.

Get 20% off of these unique items and other high quality resin garden statues when purchasing them by the end of today, April 11th as part of our Pre-Season Garden Statue Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Final Day to get 20% Off On Sale Garden Statuary and Beautiful Objets d'Art from Design Toscano

Nettlestone Library EnsembleThe first day of February marks the final day of our Mid-Winter Clearance Sale. Order any on sale item by the end of today, February first, and receive a 20% discount. This discount can be applied to hundreds of beautiful items like detailed animal garden statues, breathtaking antique replica furniture, and a host of angel statues.

The Nettlestone Library Ensemble is on sale and that means if you order this unique combination of art and furniture by the end of today, you can take a further 20% off the sales price. Avid readers will love this beautiful functional piece for decor, storing treasured tomes, and serving a cup of Earl Gray tea. 

Interesting animal statues like Gigi the Garden Giraffe are on sale. The sinewy, elongated neck and beautifully patterned coat of the giraffe turns this signature African animal into a living work of art. That natural combination of art and wild beauty is shown by Gigi as she stretches her long neck up to peer over a hedge.

Browse through our angel statue offerings and you will also find several angel sculptures that are on sale. Buy the Balancing a Dream Sculpture to grace your garden with one of the most adorable of all cherub statues.

Order any of our on sale items by the end of today and take 20% off the regular price!

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Inspirational Garden Cherub Statues

Garden statuary doesn't just have to act as interesting backyard decor. As with any artwork, given the right Plant a Garden Cherub Statuepieces, they can also make statements and act as sources of inspiration. This is exactly what the majority of religious-themed artwork is meant to accomplish and although angels can fall into both religious and non-religious categories, they tend to be inspirational. Even those adorable baby angels known as cherubs can inspire us in a variety of ways.

The Plant a Garden Cherub Statue will inspire any gardener to put a bit of extra effort into weeding the flower beds and caring for the vegetable patch. This classic, detailed cherub statue supports a book with chubby arms and wavy haired head that reads, "To Plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow".

In a different corner of the garden, another cherub can inspire hope for better weather as it holds up a sundial and looks to the sky with an innocent, joyful face.

You can also give an inspirational welcome to guests of the garden with the Raphael's Cherub Twins Welcome Statue. The classic, wide-eyed angelic babes in this welcome statue sign are modeled after two of Raphael's famous Renaissance cherubs.

Find beautiful cherub statues, and the best in garden fairies for low prices at Design Toscano today.

Place your order for these items and anything else on our site by the end of today, December 7th, and receive free standard shipping!





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Garden Statuary and Other Gift Ideas for Her

Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueThe search is on for holiday gifts and for the most special people in your life, that translates to a search for the perfect gift. For the ladies in your life, the following ideas will surprise and please the most discerning of tastes:

  • The Fanny and Frank Farmer Garden Statue: These adorable, hand-painted statues will be cherished by anyone who enjoys spending time in the backyard or garden. The details on these sculptures are so beautiful that they also look just as nice inside the home.
  • Mademoiselle Cezanne's French Slipper Chair: This wooden, hand-carved replica of an 18th century French chair is an exquisite work of art. Painted with faux gold leaf and beautifully upholstered, this elegant piece of unique furniture is truly fit for a queen.
  • Lady Astor Demi-Lune Stained Glass Window: The beauty and artistic quality of this gorgeous Victorian-inspired stained glass window make it an ideal gift for that special person in your life. Every glass piece in this window is hand cut and their pale blue, gold, and amethyst colors provide a jewel-like touch to any room.
  • The Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural Fountain: Anyone who enjoys spending time in the backyard and appreciates classic sculptures will like this beautiful fountain depicting an angel and cherub.

Get 20% off other outdoor garden water fountains, garden fairies, and everything else on the Design Toscano site until the end of today, December 4th.

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Combine Cute and Classic with Garden Cherub Statues

The stone garden angel adds a much needed touch to most gardens. Although they are supposed to live A Cherub's Prayer Statuein Heaven, angels seem to be as at home in backyards decorated with garden statuary. The classic angel is easily recognized by the combination of flowing gown and large, feathered wings. However, as beautiful and peaceful as such statuary is, few people would refer to angels as being "cute". That's alright because cuteness is more the realm of garden fairies, gnomes, and statues of children. Nevertheless, at least one type of angel is arguably cute and works well at blending cuteness with class.

The cherub is the original cute, innocent angel and can impart a unique, pleasant appeal to the garden. The Balancing a Dream Sculpture is downright adorable and fit for both garden and the home interior. Curled up in peaceful slumber, the classic, artistic beauty of this cute little cherub will earn the admiration of just about anyone who sees it.

The cute and detailed A Cherub's Prayer Sculpture will act as an inspiration and melt the hearts of the most Grinch-like of your holiday guests. Kneeling on a book with readable text, this cutest of angels clasps hands in prayer and impresses with the beautiful face of a babe.

Find the best in angel sculptures and hundreds of quality decor for the backyard and home at Design Toscano.

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The Relaxing Beauty of the Seated Stone Garden Angel

Resting Grace Sitting Angel SculptureAngels have been a common, recurring theme in gardens and cemeteries for centuries. Meant to bring peace to the garden or express a sense of mourning over a lost, loved one, angels have been shown in a variety of poses. They can be tall and intimidating as they tower above the garden with large, outstretched wings, look to the heavens with joy, or  they can be beautifully sad as they lower their head in a sign of mourning. Angels can also be seated as they ponder their surroundings in relaxed contemplation.

The Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture captures the appearance and demeanor of the seated angel perfectly. With head resting on her hand, she contemplates your garden with a peaceful expression on her youthful face while the detailed folds of her long gown and feathered wings are a sight to behold.

For an even more relaxed look, you can't go wrong with the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture. This cute little cherub felt so at home in your garden that it fell fast asleep in a flower basket. With head resting on one of its wings, this baby angel is a perfect inspiration to take your own backyard nap.

Find these high quality resin garden statues, beautiful religious outdoor statues, and the best in animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano today.

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A Stone Garden Angel that Looks Just as Good in the Home

Brixton Abbey Angel Wall SculptureAngel statues are classic garden sculptures. Their peaceful, otherworldly appearance adds a certain sense of tranquility to backyards, cemeteries, places of worship, and wherever else they are displayed. They also seem to fit into just about any decorating theme and more than a few look just as nice inside the home as out in the backyard. One such angel statue is the beautiful Brixton Abbey Angel Wall Sculpture.

The wings of this breathtaking child angel are nearly as large as herself and help to keep her in place as she carries a large shell filled with whatever bounty you provide. Put this fairy-like angel on one of your garden walls during warm weather and bring her into the house for the winter. The shell font can be filled with flower petals, potpourri, colorful stones, or other decorative items. 

Amazingly, the beautiful Brixton angel would have passed into obscurity if she hadn't been "rescued" by an antiques dealer from an old abbey. Although the name of the artist who sculpted this little angel for the abbey will probably always be a mystery, we can say that as with all of our replica pieces, close attention was paid to detail to recreate this wonderful wall sculpture.

Find beautiful resin garden statues, garden cherub statues, and other high quality decor at Design Toscano today.


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