Garden Statues Now Reduced!!

Now that the busiest part of the holiday season is over, it’s time to take advantage of all of the great post-holiday sales.  If you are itching to get shopping again, we have a huge selection of many items that are already reduced, and a two day sale to help!  Today we will look at some of our best selling statues for garden that are now on sale.

If you have been thinking about adding outdoor garden water fountains to your outdoor space this year, the best time to make the purchase is in the off season when prices go down.  One of our best sellers is the Versailles Cherub Urn and Plinth, and this adds a unique touch to any outdoor space.  As well, these adorable cherubs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the space you have and on your budget.

The Halfpence Cobblestone BridgeYou may also want to consider adding some furniture or structural pieces to your outdoor space this year.  An outdoor garden sculpture such as our Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge can transform your garden into an English Countryside in just minutes!

No matter what you are looking for for your garden this year, there is something reduced for everyone.  As well, we have an additional 20% off all items for just two days only, starting today December 26th and running through December 27th, so once you are done your garden shopping, you may want to take advantage fo those savings and browse our interior items for a few indoor pieces as well!

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Create an Angelic Outdoor Space This Holiday Season

Life's Mysteries Cherub StatueNo matter what religion you practise, or even if you don’t practise any at all, there is nothing more majestic in the holiday season than the presence of an angel.  Sometimes just having one around is all that you need to instill a sense of harmony and peace in your environment.  If you are looking to do just that, and trying to find the perfect way to do so, a stone garden angel may be all you need to transform your outdoor space into one that is purely angelic.  Here are some inspiring ideas for you.

For less than $50, our sweet angel whispering Life’s Mysteries is a gorgeous sentiment that will create an angelic presence in your outdoor holiday decor.  Garden cherub statues such as this can not help but inspire a smile, and are easy on the wallet as well!

If you are looking for a more prayerful presence, our Angel’s Message statue brings good tidings of great joy in your holiday decoration theme.  Sweet and angelic this garden angel statue is one that brings all of the messages of the holiday season without saying a word.
It’s not too late to receive orders in time for the holidays, and with our 20% off sale, there is no more angelic time to buy a piece that brings you and your holiday decor peace this season.

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Cherubs Create an Instant Calm in Any Space

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden StatueWhen you are developing a garden theme, for you or for someone else, finding inspiration can be difficult in a world where everybody seems to be doing the same thing.  This year, why not implement a little bit of calm with garden cherub statues.  Sculptures for outside that come in the form of an adorable little cherub can instantly transform the tone of your outdoor space.

From curling toes to her angelic face, this gorgeous replica of a stone garden angel will create a calming tone in your garden by balancing a dream inspiration.  This is a subtle addition to any garden that will create an instant calming effect for anyone that enjoys your outdoor living space.

A cherub can also be used to memorialize either a loved one, or a pet  that you’ve had to say goodbye to.  The beauty of the angelic cherub is that it comes in all forms, and you get to choose what form you want to memorialize in your own garden space.

A cherub can mean whatever you want it to when you add it to your garden.  Whether you want to add a cherub to memorialize a loved one’s passing, or to simply create an angelic harmony in your garden, there are an abundance of choices through our stunning angelic cherub selections.

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Celebrate the Holidays with Ethereal Garden Fairies

A Fairy's Wondrous Butterfly Ride StatueIf you want to add an ethereal touch to your outdoor decor this year, there is no better way to do so than through the touch of an ethereal garden fairy statue.  A garden fairy statue can decorate your home exterior in a way that no holiday Christmas light ever could.  The ambience and gentility of an outdoor fairy will not only welcome any visitors to your home this holiday season, but add an element of blessing and beauty to your favorite holiday season.

Garden fairies come in all shapes and sizes, and each beautiful creature offers a unique meaning to your home.  A fairy’s wondrous butterfly ride will be a delightful and whimsical way to welcome any children coming to your home this holiday season.

Garden cherub statues also capture the unique magic found in garden fairies.  These angelic creatures can create or capture life’s little mysteries that the holiday season beholds.

Garden statues that come in the form of fairies, angels, or cherubs are a delight for anyone that is hosting or enjoying children this holiday season.  These adorable and ethereal pieces add to the magic of the holiday season, and will delight any young crowd.  If you want a holiday decor that won’t be replicated on your street, add the angelic whisper of magic through one of our garden fairies, angels, or cherubs.

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Why Garden Fairies Make Great Holiday Gifts

Summertime Fairy on a Swing StatueIf you have a gardener on your list of gift giving this year, now is the best time to help them prepare for the upcoming gardening season.  Many gardeners start planning their garden themes months ahead of time, sometimes as soon as the first frost occurs in colder climates.  While many others may give practical garden gifts, you may want to stand out from the crowd and consider a gift for your favorite gardener that is as unique as a garden fairy statue.  Garden fairies make ethereal statements that will certainly delight during the holiday season.

A garden fairy statue such as a simple summertime fairy on a swing will make the gardener on your list feel like the gardening season is just around the corner, rather than months away.  When the weather outside is frightful, breath a breath of fresh summer air into your gift that will delight any gardener.

Garden cherub statues serve the same purpose, but can also add a touch of religious sentiment to a holiday gift.  A holiday gift that comes in the form of cherubs at play will certainly add an angelic ambience to any season of gift giving.

When you are doing your holiday shopping, you don’t have to leave garden gifts to the gardening months.  Whether your favorite gardener is religious, or simply loves mystical outdoor pieces, this is the perfect time of year to purchase a holiday gift that your gardener may never purchase for themselves.

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Garden of Gethsemane, Sundial Cherub and Angels

Design Toscano has religious outdoor statues for all faiths, but probably our largest and most popular collection is Christian statues.  Our artists recreate scenes from the life of Jesus with superb detail and great reverence like the Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Statue.  Artist Carlo Bronti has created the full emotional impact of Jesus praying about the difficult task that is in front of him during that first Holy Week.  This will become a treasured item in your family.

Sun's Rays Sundial Cherub Garden StatueSome of the most spiritually fulfilling and yet totally adorable pieces are our garden cherub statues.  The cherubs are caught napping, playing in fountains and very often praying.  One lovely piece is the Sun’s Rays Sundial Cherub Garden Statue.  This cute young cherub is 2 ft. tall and is prancing in the garden.  He wants to know the time so he lifts his sundial to the sun and the heavens.  He is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Definitely it is time to look at all of our outdoor statues, such as a stone garden angel, because many of them are on sale.  We also some lovely wall sculptures depicting angels that are museum quality works of art.  One such item is the Angels of St. Petersburg Cathedral Wall Sculpture which is two feet wide and over a foot tall.  This is a graceful and spiritual replica of the carving on the cathedral in Russia with the cross in the center and well detailed angels looking toward it on a sculpted piece in an egg shape.
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Vampire Bats, Winged Skeleton and a Gargoyle

Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal WeathervaneDesign Toscano is well known for its many varied sculptures for outside from Greek gods to charming dragons.  Of course we continue this tradition with our Halloween themed outdoor sculptures of which the Crescent Moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane: Garden Stake is a fine example.  Bats, bats and more bats are surrounding the crescent moon on this weathervane which can be set as a weathervane or as a garden stake.  It is made of aluminum for its rust free nature, but finished in a dark and stormy black.

Babble, The Gothic Gargoyle StatueThis is not the time of year to be thinking of our adorable garden cherub statues (although they are lovely).  Now you need to delve into our somewhat darker winged sculptures like the Kiss of Death Winged Skeleton Statue. The story depicted here, inspired by a 1930’s statue from Barcelona, is a lovely maiden kneeling down, but alas her suitor is a bony, winged skeleton giving the kiss of death. 

We try to always put a little fun and cuteness into many of our statues like our extremely cute tortoise sculpture.  If you thought we couldn’t put some fun into a gargoyle, then you will be surprised when you see the slightly goofy Babble, the Gothic Gargoyle Sculpture.  This gargoyle is actually smiling, although showing some sharp teeth, and is about a foot tall.  He won’t scare the kids and makes a great addition to Halloween décor.

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The Dweller, Grim Reaper and a Vampire Tombstone


The Vampire Demon Tombstone StatueDesign Toscano is always pleased that customers find items such as our large Buddha statue bring tranquility and peace to their gardens, but is that what you want for Halloween, no!  This Halloween you might want to consider The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue that will bring a little of the sinister and scary to your garden.  The demon with his wide wings is depicted above a tombstone in a Gothic style and is almost 2 ft. tall.  

Everyone loves our garden cherub statues as they are adorable and so spiritual.  At Halloween, though, you want to place some real spirits in your yard and what is better than The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture. Peeking his head up in your garden is some sort of ghoul, boogeyman or spirit and certainly is in just the right place at this time of year.  You can almost imagine him yelling “BOOGITY!”

Nor all of our sculptures for outside are gorgeous animals or Greek heroes; we have plenty of gargoyles and other nightmarish things that you can place outside for Halloween.  A great piece that should be very popular is the Rest in Pieces Grim Reaper Tombstone Statue.  Yes, it is the grim reaper in your yard with a scythe in his bony hand, a grin on his skull and leaning on a tombstone that says “Rest in Pieces”. 

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Angels, Cherubs and an Unusual Clock

Our customers are collectors of almost everything that you can imagine and we have all that and more in our Basil Street Gallery with new items just arriving.  Anyone in love with trains and that love to collect train items will be thrilled with the All Aboard Locomotive Train Wall Clock.  Coming through the wall, or so it appears, is an old fashioned train engine done in great detail, hand painted in ebony and faux gold.  The center of the locomotive is a marvelous clock with roman numerals and quartz movement.  This is a great piece.

Angel of Peace Bonded Natural Marble StatueThe Design Toscano collection of angels is marvelous and spiritual, whether they are a stone garden angel or a statue of peace that can be placed on a table.  This angel is called the Angel of Peace Bonded Natural Marble Statue.  The angel is a replica of one that was created after World War I.  She holds a laurel wreath to the heavens and is standing on a sphere of the earth, all done in wonderful detail in bonded natural marble.   What better time for this spiritual symbol of peace.

As much as we all love our various angels, we truly adore our garden cherub statues.  We have a piece that is not only a statue, but a fountain, the Cherubs at Play Sculptural Fountain.  The fountain is over four feet tall and consists of a water urn which flows into a larger water fount.  The fun little finely sculpted cherubs are scampering all over the urn just wanting to play in the water.

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Indoor Sumo Statue, Cherub and Angel

We have a very popular sumo wrestler in our collection of Japanese garden statues and now we want to let you know that you can bring the sumo magic inside with our Basho the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture Glass-Topped Table.  Like our outdoor statue of Basho, he is dressed in only his wrestling belt and has his hair tied back in traditional fashion, to create the legs of the table he is bent over in fighting stance.  On his back, there is a 3/8” glass top so that all of Basho’s wonder can be seen.

Angel from the Ashes Wall SculptureEvery garden can be enlivened with the addition of one of our garden cherub statues which are cute and angelic at the same time.  One favorite is the Cherub’s Bouquet Statue which stands over a foot tall.  The cherub with its detailed wings is cast in a white finish, but the flowers pop in a beautiful hand painted blue.  What a treat this is.

Our stone garden angel statues make majestic statements to the heavens as they stand and reach towards the sky.  However, we have some wonderful stone angels on wall plaques also such as the Angel from the Ashes Wall Sculpture.  The wall sculpture is a replica of a Victorian angel, done in fine detail with large wings and her hands together in prayer.  The piece would be excellent in a meditation garden.

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Fairies and Cherubs

We have several garden fairies and all of them brighten up your garden and are adorable.  Some people like to create a Victorian theme in their gardens and if that is the case then look no further than our lovely Ella, the Littlest Flower Fairy Statue.  Flower fairies are a tradition in Victorian gardens and Ella is a most adorable one standing over a foot tall.  She is hand painted by the artist in the paler colors of the Victorian time and is beautiful and cute at the same time.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian-Style Garden StatueOur garden cherub statues are also adorable, but they have a slightly more spiritual bent with a touch of heaven in their creation.  The Life’s Mysteries Cherub Statue invokes the wonder of all that is in the universe and heaven to be discovered.  The cherub is sculpted crouched down to inspect an interesting snail.  His wings are well detailed and he is a questioning spiritual being.

The Design Toscano collection of religious outdoor statues is large and from many different faiths.  Some of our most reverent statues are from the Christian faith and create a sense of love and peace in your yard.  One such is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Italian Style Garden Statue.  This statue is replica of one from Italy done at the turn of the century and is very well known to many around the world as the definitive representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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Angel Wall Shelves and Egyptian Lamps

Cathedral Cherub Sculptural Wall ShelfEveryone should have a Design Toscano stone garden angel somewhere in their yard or inside their home because they are exquisitely detailed and beautiful.  We have one that is also very utilitarian and that is the Cathedral Cherub Sculptural Wall Shelf now on sale.  This shelf is 20” long and a great place to put just about anything.  It will add a classical Italian look to any room and the cherub in the middle is just adorable.  Find this and many other things at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE August 16th through August 20th.

Please be sure to take a close look at our wide collection of Egyptian art in statues, wall hangings and even furniture.  A lovely piece is the King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp which stands 72 1/2” high.  This is, of course, an attractively sculpted statue of King Tut on top of a pillar with hieroglyphs.  It is hand painted in the traditional gold and blue finishes of Ancient Egypt.  Pick this up for a song at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE August 16th through August 20th.

Tutankhamen Sarcophagus CD CabinetWe have more furniture and accessories than you might imagine in our Egyptian tables collection and some that are a bit unusual.  If you love the Ancient Egypt décor and also have CDs scattered all over, you will love the Tutankhamen Sarcophagus CD Cabinet.  The cabinet is over 2 feet tall and outside is a detailed replica of the famous sarcophagus.  Inside there are at least four shelves and you should be able to place over 50 CDs inside.  Now is the time to get this item which might be great for a dorm room at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE August 16th through August 20th.

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The RCA Dog and Stallions on the Wall

Nipper, the RCA Dog StatueDesign Toscano is all about sculptures for outside.  If you drive through your neighborhood and peer into neighbors’ yards, you will see our pieces outdoors on almost every block and the reason for this is that they are sculptured in fine detail and also our artists have an eye for the unusual. Nipper, the RCA Dog Statue is a fine example of this.  Many people remember this dog tilting his ear to hear his master voice over a gramophone and see this as a great piece of memorabilia.  Others don’t remember the trademark, but do love this statue as a well detailed adorable pup and a great addition to the garden.

When one is looking for something totally adorable and undeniably cute, they need to look at our collection of garden cherub statues.  One of these is the In Nature’s Hands Baby Cherub Angel Statue.  This sculpture is about the birth of each new season of the year.  The baby’s head is shown held in nature’s hands and surrounded with angel wings.

Our artists create animals that are second to none in their fine detail and life like musculature such as our bold tiger sculpture.  Now they have created a wall piece that horse lovers will adore and all animal lovers will want to have.  This is the Stallion Stampede Wild Horse Wall Sculpture depicting three wild stallions with their manes flying and heads rearing.  The piece is 30” wide and is done in a classic relief style.

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Cherubs and Other Beautiful Sculpture

Testing the Waters Cherub SculptureAll of these items are part of our wonderful sale.

Angels and fairies are always part of any beautiful garden and of course we have many wonderful garden cherub statues.  Testing the Waters Cherub Sculpture is a finely detailed sculpture of an adorable cherub with small wings in an exquisite sea shell.  This little cherub is wondering if he should just put his toe in the water but isn’t quite sure.  He’s adorable.

Many of our garden statues are careful sculptures of people that are look almost alive and have great character to their faces like some of our Japanese garden statues.  One statue that is done with a great deal of character is the Nature’s Wanderer Sculpture  who looks almost like a wizard with a smile on his face and his toes curled up.  He is wearing a green cloak that has a peak at the top and looks to be a wise old man of nature.  He would help your garden grow.

We have tables of many shapes and sizes in our Egyptian tables collection and now many of them are on sale.  One table that is an excellent size is our Luxor Sculptural Glass Topped Table which is a great coffee table.  The base of this table is the sarcophagus of King Tut, hand painted and very detailed.  This way you will have a mummy in your living room.

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Asian Art and Gargoyle Figurines

Japanese garden statues and other Asian pieces of art are a large part of the beautiful décor pieces that we have at Design Toscano.  The Asian theme has been very popular for many years because it is a wonderfully serene décor.  A lovely piece that we have is our large Forbidden City: Chinese Dragon Grand-Scale Urn Statue which is four and a half feet tall made to replicate the porcelain urns of Ancient China.  The urn is done in red, a “lucky” color, and there is a detailed golden dragon entwined around it.

Leap Froggin Playing Boys Garden StatueSo many of our garden statues are childlike and innocent, such as our garden fairy statues, our cherubs and of course our statues of children.   What else would children be doing in the yard other than playing and our artists have captured many of them doing just that.  One of the best of these is the Leapfroggin Playing Boys Garden Statue.  Here we have two young boys sculpted in lifelike detail as they play leapfrog in a sculpture taken from a 1915 classic and done in a bronze finish.  This is just plain fun.

Every yard and home needs a gargoyle somewhere in the décor and we have the gargoyle figurines for you to choose from.  There is nothing better than the Ball-and-Chain Gothic Dungeon Gargoyle Statue.  He sits chained to a castle turret and does not look happy and yet he’s charming.

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Take a Nap in Your Garden

Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble StatueYour outdoor space is a place for relaxing, perhaps putting up a hammock and taking a nap.  We have joyful little creatures that will also look adorable napping in your garden such as this one in our marble busts for sale section.  It is the Precious Slumber Baby Angel Bonded Marble Statue and is on sale at a great price.  These little cherubs are fast asleep, safe from everything surrounded by angel's wings. 

While our garden statues gnomes are usually a pretty active bunch either gardening or doing some other outdoor activity, we do have a few slackers in the bunch.  For the sleepy side of your Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpturegarden you might enjoy Snoozing Booker the Garden Gnome Statue.  He is lucky that he is smaller than a mushroom so that he can lean up against it and take a nap since reading his book must have tired him out.

Angels always seem to be falling asleep in the garden; it must be the smell of the flowers and the warmth of the sunlight.  We have another one in our stone garden angel collection.  This is the Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture where the little angel has fallen asleep in a basket of flowers leaning his head on his wing. 
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Angels and Gnomes

Ares and Aphrodite Bonded Marble StatueAll gardens want to be blessed for beautiful and strong plant growth and they all need a touch of good humor too.  For this you need angels and gnomes from Design Toscano.  We have several garden statues gnomes who are busily performing many of the garden tasks necessary to make their garden grow.  The adorable Mushroom Hunters Garden Gnome Statue depicts two gnomes somewhat dwarfed by a mushroom which they are trying to pull up for their dinner.  We're sure it's not a toadstool.

There are so many angels and cherubs in our stone garden angel collection that you are bound to find one that will cheer and bless your garden.  If you need a little light, the Lighting the Heavens Grande Cherub Sentinal Statue Set is just the thing.  These two little cherubs are each holding a torch to light the way into your entranceway or patio.

Not only do we have a wide selection of statues and busts, we have a great many of them on sale in our marble busts for sale area.  For the romantics in the crowd we have the marvelous Ares and Aphrodite Bonded Marble Statue.  Ares has his spear ready for war, but his arm around Aphrodite always ready for love.
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Intriguingly Different Sculpture

There is always something different and out of the ordinary to be seen at Design Toscano and a large variety to choose from.  We have many Greek garden statues from the ordinary replicas and some you may have never seen before.  One of these would possibly be our Teucer Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue: 1881.  This amazing bronze statue of the Greek archer, Teucer, stands atop a black solid marble base and the lines of the piece are as smooth as an arrow shot from his bow.

The Contortionist Skeleton Side TableOur inventory is highly blessed with a great variety of stone garden angel, so many serene, some playful and the always adorable cherubs to bring peace and cheer to any garden.  One of the cutest of our cherub sculptures is the Balancing a Dream cherub Garden Statue.  This sweet little angel has fallen asleep with its head on its arms and is resting in a seated position with its little rear hanging over a bit and its toes all curled up.  This angel could rest quietly anywhere in your outdoor space.

We are happy to present our Gothic tables as some of the more unusual pieces in our collection.  These tables, some glass-topped and others of fine wood, often depict creatures and places not seen in the ordinary living room table.  An example of this is The Contortionist Skeleton Side Table.  Here we have a wonderful skeleton lying on his side balancing the spacious glass top with his knees.  You might be the first in your neighborhood to have one of these.

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Women of Marble

Women have often been the object of sculpture and certainly beautiful ones at that.  The Greek goddesses have all been memorialized, there are many sculptures of the Madonna and of course Design Toscano has many of these and some lesser known statues as well.  In the stone garden angel category we have beautiful angels and other memorials.  There are Celtic crosses but if you don't want to use just the cross as décor, yet want a true Celtic feel, the Celtic Warior Princess statue would be a great solution.  It consists of a Celtic cross with a colorful dragon wrapped around it and kneeling in front is a beautiful woman warrior, with sword in hand ready to defend the land.

Venus of Arles SculptureWe stock many beautiful statues of the Madonna in many poses, praying, with the Infant, standing serenely and many more for you to choose from.  An interesting one is the Madonna of the Harpies Bonded Marble Statue which is currently on sale in our marble busts for sale section.  The statue is of the Madonna and Child surrounded by two adoring cherubs.  It is peaceful and gentle filled with love for children.

Venus, of course, has been a topic for many artists and sculptors over the centuries as she is known as the most beautiful woman in the world in the classical sense.  We have a two foot statue of Venus in our Basil Street Gallery that could be displayed anywhere as a piece of fine art. This piece is the Venus of Arles Sculpture a marvelous replica of the original which is displayed in the Louvre in Paris. 
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Greek Gods in Your Yard

Our company does not shirk when it comes to portraying the ancient Greeks and we have several within our marble busts for sale area.  The Greek gods look marvelous when they are well done in detailed sculpture much as if most of their day is spent at the gym.  The Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statueleader of the gods is Zeus and we have Zeus, King of the Greek Gods Bonded Marble Statue on sale right now.  He carries a lightning bolt and keeps all the other Greek statues and gods in the neighborhood in line.

Male Greek garden statues need to be strong, powerful and beautiful and that certainly describes the Farnese Hercules Statue.  Our muscular Hercules is depicted as he rests after one of his strenuous quests in this replica of the famous statue that was made for the emperor Caracalla.  Don't let your male friends get too jealous of him.

"Delightful" is how our smaller joyful statues have been described, especially our garden cherub statues.  Another Greek god statue that we present is the equally delightful Pan, Greek God of the Forest Statue.  Pan is an adorable bronze statue playing his famous flute and entertaining all the forest animals. 
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