Garden Fairies, Garden Gnomes, and Other Extraordinary Statues

Gazing Fairy StatueCultures throughout the globe have talked about the existence of fairies, gnomes, and elves for thousands of years. When a tool went missing, the "mystery" was sometimes blamed on a mischievous fairy. If the cows or horses were let out of their corrals in the middle of the night, a gnome that didn't feel appreciated might have done it. All sorts of things were blamed on the little folk even though no one seemed to have ever seen one. Once in a while, someone did claim to have spotted a gnome, elf, or fairy, but since they have yet to be captured on camera, very few people continue to believe in them.

However, that doesn't stop us from being fascinated by the little folk. We watch movies and read books about fairies, dwarves, and other magical creatures, and put statues of them in our gardens. Such sculptures include fairy decor like the Gazing Fairy Statue and exquisite modern-day fairies like the Spirit of the West Wind. Both of these fine statues lends a classic touch to any yard, and are wonderfully complemented by fun garden gnomesstatues of unicorns, and other magical creatures.

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New Mystical Resin Garden Statues and Fine Decor from Design Toscano

Film Noir Art Deco Mirrored Accent TableLooking for new decor for the summer garden? You might want to start the search by checking out the most recent additions to our collection. Our New Arrivals include everything from artistic replicas of antique telephones like the classy Film Noir 1928 Reproduction Telephone to cute animal garden statues, and other unique sculptures for the garden.

Some of those new garden statues have a unique appearance that helps in lending a mystical look to any backyard. Put the "Massive Mystic Mushrooms" Statues in the backyard to help all of your garden fairies and gnomes feel right at home. These unique sculptures also look very nice when placed next to a backyard pond or near a favorite flowerbed.

The "Out of this World Alien Extra Terrestrial" Statue is another sculpture that lends a particularly unique look to the backyard. This friendly alien lends a mysterious look to any garden, especially when displayed in the shadows of a large tree. It can also be displayed just after entering the yard to give garden guests a welcome that is truly out of this world!

Browse our collection for the best deals on beautiful new resin garden statues and other fine decor.

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Gargoyle Figurines in the Garden

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureA garden can be a place for relaxation, for growing vegetables, or even a place of mystery and enchantment. If the backyard is big enough, it can also host garden statuary that pertains to a variety of decorating themes. No matter which themes you decide to go with, there are still some statues that work with everything from Greek Garden Statues to a menagerie of fantastic animal garden sculptures.

One such sculpture is the gargoyle. Put the right gargoyles in the backyard and they can give the garden a classic, Gothic, or mysterious appearance. Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture is one of the easiest gargoyles to put in any garden. Emmett's easy-going demeanor and cute appearance can even help him fit in with decorating themes that feature Handstand Henry and other garden gnomes.

If the garden could use a bit of wicked wall decor, you can't go wrong with the unique Catgoyle on the Loose! Wall Sculpture. This interesting combination of gargoyle and cat lends a fantastic, thought-provoking touch to any garden wall and will always generate conversation at summer soirees.

Find the best selection of unique garden statues and decor for the home and business at Design Toscano.

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Three Perfect Places for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Greetings from the Garden GnomesHigh quality garden statues make a fine statement in any backyard but garden decor can have a bigger impact when put on display in the right places. Fountains in particular, stand out for their unique, dynamic appearance, and lend a touch of class wherever they are put on display. That said, these are three of the best places for showcasing a beautiful garden fountain:


  • In a quiet corner of the backyard: If the garden is used as a place for meditation, decor like the Cathedral Rocks Cascading Fountain can help. Put this natural-themed fountain in a part of the garden that could use the sound of falling water.


  • The entranceway to a restaurant or hotel: When clients or guests walk into a place of business, we want to give them the best possible impression. Exquisite decor like the L'Acqua di Vita Sculptural Fountain shows that they have entered a place that wants to treat them like royalty.

Enjoy 20% off any of the fountains in our collection until May 19th.

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Get Ready for Summer with Fun New Garden Statuary at Design Toscano!

Ziggy the Fishing GnomeSummer is that time of the year when we can go for daily walks in the park and not have to worry about bundling up to ward off the cold weather. It's a time for baseball, visiting the beach, and making the most of the garden. There's plenty of ways to get the backyard ready for summer, including picking out fun, new garden statues. Several unique sculptures for a summer garden are featured in our New Arrivals including these fun items:

  • Massive Mallard Duck Statue: If the garden could use a new animal yard statue, this is one duck bound to make an impression! This huge waterfowl stands more than two feet in height and shows the same orange webbed feet, green head, and other details of a drake Mallard.

Browse our site to see the best selection of beautiful garden statues for the best prices.

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Resin Garden Statues for Favorite Backyard Trees

Hanging Jungle MonkeyThose of us who spend a lot of time in the garden have our favorites. We have that special animal yard statue that we put in the garden year after year. We might have favorite garden gnomes or certain garden fairies that give the backyard a beautiful, enchanting appearance, and some of us have a favorite sculpture of an angel. Most of us also have our favorite bit of natural decor and this usually takes the form of a tree.

It might be a craggy, old oak with a swing hanging off the biggest branch, a tall and elegant maple, or a big, beautiful Blue Spruce. No matter which tree happens to be a favorite, it will look better with a bit of decor. To give the tree a fun, easy-going look, hang the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue on one of the lower branches and put smiles on the faces of garden guests. Complement it by putting Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture behind another, smaller tree.

Of course, when it comes to tree decor, you can never go wrong with greenmen like the Whispering Wilhelm Ent Tree Sculpture and The Spirit of Nottingham Woods.

Find the best selection of unique garden statuary for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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New Gargoyle Gifts and Garden Gnomes

Gomorrah, The Gothic GargoyleThese are exciting days at the warehouse! We just got several new decor items and can't wait to showcase them in our gardens and backyards. Among the new items are a pair of gargoyles that make fun gifts for anyone with an appreciation for Gothic decor. Whether displayed on a garden wall or a library shelf, "Gomorrah, the Gothic Gargoyle Statue" is a classic, pint-sized beast that makes a fun, classic statement.

Our new "Nag's Head Pub Gargoyle" Statue is a good gift for anyone with a bar, and appreciation for the fantasy genre or Medieval decor. Not nearly as intimidating as other gargoyles, it looks like this Celtic creature might raid the bar instead of protecting it!

New gnomes have also made it into our collection. Standing almost four feet in height, "Gottfried, the Gigantic Garden Gnome" Statue is destined to be the biggest gnome on the block, if not the entire town. Kids of all ages will love this impressive decor, especially when used as centerpiece decor for a business. The new "Bavarian Oktoberfest Skeleton Gnomes" also make a unique statement in any yard!

Browse our New Arrivals to see the latest additions to our collection of high quality decor.

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Entertain Guests with these Dragon Garden Statues

Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn SculptureGardens can act as a place to showcase beautiful garden statuary, for relaxation after a long, stressful day, or to cultivate vegetables, herbs, and beds of bright flowers. However, most of us also use the backyard to entertain guests, especially during the summer. It's hard to stay out of a beautiful backyard when the weather is warm, and even more so when we can share that lovely green space with family and friends. This summer, augment the entertainment factor with unique garden statues, and treat guests to a creative display of garden decor.

Dragon statues always make an impression on garden guests, especially when the sculpture looks as if it is swimming through the lawn. The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue does just that with detailed, scaled coils, and an intimidating stare.

To show guests that dragons can also be adorable, surprise them with the cute: "Blushing Babel, the Bashful Dragon" Statue. Shy, little Babel would rather take a siesta in the summer sun and smell the flowers than cause trouble. Pair this lovely little dragon with your favorite garden gnomes and garden fairies for full cute effect.   

Guests can also be served in medieval style with striking dragon-themed tables like Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table, and The Subservient Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table.

Find the best selection of unique decor for the garden, home, and business at Design Toscano.

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Fun Gothic Decor for the Garden

Hobgoblin of Harwich Manor Garden StatueThere are many ways to decorate a backyard, and some of the more unique garden statues in our collection can lend a fun touch to any garden. Even certain Gothic statues and decor fall into this category and help give the garden an easy-going appearance. The Odin Tree Stump Sculptural Table is always a fun way to serve a cold drink on a hot summer day, or a mug of spiced cider during the cool of the night. Bring this unique greenman table out for nights that feature story telling, or when you feel like treating guests to unique, functional decor.

The Hobgoblin of Harwich Manor Garden Statue also lends a fun, Gothic look to any backyard. Inspired by English tales of hobgoblins that protect the home and garden from evil trolls and mischievous pixies, this unique sculpture gives the backyard an imaginative, magic touch. Pair it with the fun Detest the Rest Gargoyle Statue to add a bit of dark humor to your collection of resin garden statues. For more dark humor, put The Dweller Below Garden Sculpture near a pond or next to a flowerbed tended by garden gnomes.

Find great deals on high quality Gothic decorations at Design Toscano. Free Standard Shipping Available on Purchase of $75 or More Now through Sunday, April 26th with offer code: SHPAPRIL

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Features of a Lovely Garden Fairy Statue

Spirit of the Wind Fairy StatueGarden fairy statues can lend the backyard an enchanting, refreshing look. However, not all fairy statues are created equal. Average sculptures of fairies and other decor won't give a yard the same magical touch as high quality fairy decor. To know that you are dealing with fairy statues of the highest quality, look for decor with the following features:

  • Delicate elegance: Real fairies are rumored to be as lovely as new spring flowers. This natural, ethereal beauty is captured by many of our fairy sculptures, including the stunning Spirit of the Wind Fairy Statue.


  • Life-like appearance: A high quality fairy statue looks as if it is about to take flight. Put the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue in the backyard and you might find garden guests doing a double-take when they see this realistic sculpture. This musical fairy looks even more like the real thing when complemented with the equally life-like Twinkle Toes Fairy Statue.


  • Proper attire: Fairies don't wear the same clothes as garden gnomes or people. True fairies make their own attire out of the things they find in nature and the garden. Flower petals and carefully stitched leaves are the favored textiles of the fairies. Note the beautiful feathered dress worn by the Fairies of Stratford: Blowing a Kiss Sculpture.

Find the best selection of beautiful garden fairies and other high quality decor for the home, garden, and place of business at Design Toscano.

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Take 20% Off Contemporary Garden Statuary

Massive Mystic MushroomsThe search for new garden statuary is on but which resin garden statues do we go with? There are classic statues, majestic angels, and more animal yard statues to choose from as well as garden gnomes, gargoyles, and garden fairies. Contemporary statues are another option, especially when the garden is in need of a new look. These items blend classic sculpting forms with modern ideas to make unique, refreshing decor for a backyard and place of business.

Give your garden gnomes and garden guests something to talk about with the "Massive Mystic Mushrooms" Statues. These unique sculptures punctuate the garden with their size (nearly four feet tall), and eye-catching appearance. They also work well when paired with other fantasy-themed statues, including the Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statue.

Tempest, the Metal Garden Trellis Fairy is a wonderful, artistic means of helping your garden grow. Put this trellis-fairy next to your favorite flowerbed, or wherever you would like to see this unique item naturally decorated with climbing ivy.

A contemporary Venus might also be what the garden needs. The beauty shown by such modern statues as the Contemporary Venus Sculpture and the Venus of Pietrasanta by Carlo Bronti makes a statement in any yard.

Enjoy a 20% discount off any of our garden statues when purchased by today, April 17th, 2015.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Colorful New Garden Statuary for Spring and Summer

Gertie the English Flower FairyWinter is bereft of color compared to other times of the year. Other than the bright red, green, and gold of the holiday season, and occasional birds at the feeder, a winter backyard is mostly painted in a natural blend of black, gray, and white. All of that changes in spring. As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, new, green blades of grass come out of the ground, trees sprout colorful buds and flowers, and beautiful tulips make their appearance. As we move into May and June, we also see the vibrant colors of vegetables, a backyard pond, and flowerbeds.

It's a beautiful time to be outside and we have several new resin garden statues to complement the fresh colors in the backyard. "Gertie, the English Flower Fairy" Statue is a lovely little Victorian fairy statue painted in the soft colors of spring. Put this beautiful statue next to your favorite flowerbed for an enchanting, classic look.

The "Kiss and Tell, Lover Gnomes" Statue is another colorful addition for the yard. With lovebirds at their feet and cute caps coming together in the shape of a heart, these gnomes lend a romantic look to any backyard. They also give the yard a touch of humor with hidden flowers held by one gnome and an iron frying pan clutched by the other.

Find the best selection of beautiful, new garden statues for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Unique Garden Statuary Gnomes for Spring

Handstand Henry Garden GnomeSpring is the perfect time of the year for renewal. Another year's winter has finally come to its long-awaited end and it gives us a chance to clean out the house, hold a yard sale, and get a new start on the garden. It's also a wonderful opportunity to pick out new garden statues for the backyard, including unique sculptures for a different decorating theme.

Sometimes, the new decorating theme can be a new take on classic decor. Garden gnome statues are one such example. These colorful little characters have become a modern, garden decor classic because they add an easy-going, cheerful touch to any backyard. However, they also come in more varieties than the common gnomes seen in the average yard. Handstand Henry the Garden Gnome Statue shows that these little guys can be a lot more acrobatic than we think. This unique gnome statue lends a fun, active look to flowerbeds and at the entrance to the backyard.

You can also show the mischievous side of gnomes with the Up the Ladder: Climbing Garden Gnome Statue. This fun sculpture looks great when placed at the base of a favorite tree, or even next to a dog house. Complement your collection of unique gnomes with the "Zen Garden Gnome" Statue.

Find the best selection of high quality gnomes, garden fairies, and unique resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Save 20% on a Large Buddha Statue Today

Giant Buddha Monument StatueIt's March and it's almost time to decorate the garden. People who live in warm climates can already get started but for most of us, we have to wait just a little bit longer for the snow to disappear. Once the snow is gone and the weather gets warm, we can get truly get the ball rolling with garden decor. It will be time to bring our favorite garden gnomes out of storage, and figure out where we want to put animal garden statues on display. Most importantly, we also need to decide where we are going to put the new garden statuary purchased during the winter months.

If you still need to buy new resin garden statues, you might want to consider religious sculptures, especially because you can take 20% off any of our religious statues when purchased today or tomorrow. In addition to getting beautiful angel statues and other inspirational decor for the garden, this sale also makes it easier to buy a large Buddha. Buy the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture and you can put a fantastic sculpture in the backyard that looks just like a tranquil Buddha statue from a temple in eastern Asia. Take advantage of this sale and pair it with the Enlightened Buddha Sculpture.      

Enjoy 20% off any of the religious statues in our collection until tomorrow, March 6th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Where to Put a Large Garden Gargoyle Statue on Display

Florentine Gargoyle StatueGargoyles are classic decor in a category of their own. Those of us who love to decorate our homes with dragons and other types of Gothic decor also have a strong appreciation for high quality gargoyle figurines. However, many folks who do not generally decorate with Gothic items also have a gargoyle statue or two because these interesting sculptures fit in with a variety of decorating themes. For example, a large, high quality gargoyle like the Florentine Gargoyle Statue adds a nice touch to a backyard with a few Greek garden statues, and Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture can fit in with garden gnomes and cute animal statues.

When purchasing a large gargoyle, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out where it should be put on display. For example, you might want to reserve one side of the backyard for an angel statue, and put Talysus the Terrible Gargoyle Sculpture on the opposite side of the yard. Or, Talysus might look best when placed in a dark, shaded corner of the backyard.

Entranceways are another perfect place for gargoyles because these intimidating stone beasts were meant to act as guards and greet certain guests with cold stares. The Argos Gargoyle Sentinel Statue will look right at home when placed next to the back door, or as a centerpiece item.

Buy exquisite gargoyle sculptures for great prices at Design Toscano.

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Final Day for 20% Savings on Gothic Décor and Garden Statuary at Design Toscano

Socrates the Gargoyle ThinkerFebruary is coming to its quick end along with our sitewide sale at Design Toscano. Today, whether you buy a few objets d'art or majestic Gothic tables, you can also enjoy a 20% discount on any of the fine decor in our collection. Buy and save on Gothic items like the Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpture. This unique sculpture lends the yard a haunting touch and looks even better when paired with such detailed, realistic gargoyle figurines as Socrates, the Gargoyle Thinker Statue, and the Legend of Cambridge Hopping Gargoyle Sculpture.

Folks looking for Gothic gifts today are also in luck because they can save 20% on a host of exquisitely dark works of art. Among the wide variety of Gothic gift items in our collection are the Poe's Mystic Raven Solid Hardwood Walking Stick, and The Dragon's Pentacle Wall Sculpture. Buy and save on these and other striking Gothic items to surprise that special person with the most unique of gifts.

Of course, all of our garden statues are also on sale, including beautiful animal garden statues, high quality cute gnomes, and such wonderful angel sculptures as the Heaven's Guardian Angel Garden Statue.

Take 20% off any of the unique decor, resin garden statues, and other items in our collection until today, February 26, 2015.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Sculptures for Outside that Lend the Garden a Touch of Zen

Zen Garden Gnome StatueEvery garden could use bit of Zen. We are talking about decor that highlights the naturally peaceful demeanor of the backyard, and sculptures that match the soft, soothing whispering of summer trees. Such statues remind us that our backyards are sanctuaries from the stress of everyday life, and that the simple things are often, the best things.

Peaceful sculptures come in a variety of shapes and forms. Gnomes play their part, especially the "Zen Garden Gnome" Statue. This classic gnome has let go to the point of providing a home for a bluebird. Put this unique gnome statue near a favorite bench or yoga practice spot for inspiration. Pair this meditating gnome with the equally colorful "Strike a Pose Zen Yoga Frog" Statue.

Certain Greenmen can also contribute to the peaceful atmosphere of a garden. The Daphne: Greenwoman Wall Sculpture reflects the cheerful nature of trees made to dance in a gentle summer breeze. Look close and you can see fairies cavorting in Daphne's leafy locks.

Buddha statues are another type of sculpture perfect for touching the garden with a bit of Zen. Make a big, peaceful statement with a large Buddha statue like the Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture, or go smaller with the Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statue.  

Find the best selection of high quality garden statues for every decorating theme at Design Toscano.

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Valentine’s Day Garden Statues at Design Toscano

Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden StatueHappy Valentine's Day! We hope that everyone reading this blog spends a lovely day with someone special. Before you get ready for a fun date, we hope to set the mood for love by talking about a few of our favorite Valentine's Day items.

Our Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden Statue captures the innocent beauty of young love. Although the little girl seems happy with a kiss on the cheek, she might change her mind when he gives her the frog hidden behind his back! This lovely statue is a wonderful spring addition to any garden and also works well as decor in a restaurant or hotel.

The Rainy Day Gnomes Under an Umbrella Garden Statue is a lovely, endearing sculpture. The twinkle in the eyes of this little couple shows how happy they are to be sharing an umbrella. This romantic garden statue will look right at home when the weather warms up, the flowers come out, and the spring rains fall.

Of course, the 14th of February just wouldn't be complete without mentioning Cupid. Although the messenger of love can strike at any time of the year, Eros works overtime on Valentine's Day. The "Cupid's Message of Love" Statue is a classic addition to the garden, whereas the Cupid and Psyche Bonded Marble Bust lends a romantic touch to the interior of the home.    

Find the best selection of high quality garden statuary and unique decor for home and business at Design Toscano.

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Save Money on Dragon and Gargoyle Figurines at Design Toscano

Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle SculpturesSome people are fine with a garden that plays host to a few, easy-going gnomes and some cute animal garden statues. There's certainly nothing wrong with that but some of us like to change up our garden statuary display from time to time by featuring a gargoyle sculpture or two. Contrary to what some people might have you believe, gargoyles aren't just meant to perch on the ramparts of old French cathedrals. They can also lend a unique, eye-catching touch to the garden, especially when paired with dragon statues.

We are big fans of beautiful dragon and gargoyle sculptures because we are well aware of the unique look they give to a backyard or even a place of business. Put a gargoyle like Silas the Sentry near the back door and guests will either feel as if they are walking into a medieval mansion, a place of fantasy, or wonder if they should enter in the first place. For less intimidating gargoyle statues that are also on sale, you might like the cute little Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculptures Set.

However, no gargoyle scene looks complete without an appropriate dragon. We have more than one fine dragon statue on sale including Dread, the Dangling Dragon Wall Sculpture, and the striking Desmond the Dragon Sculpture.

Find the best selection of gargoyle statues, dragons, and other Gothic decor for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Exactly what I was looking for!

Wheel Barrel Willie: Garden Gnome Statue


Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


I searched many stores locally but this was exactly what I was for!

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