Fun Dragon Garden Statues

Zippy, the Dragon Sculptural Mail PostDragons are typically known for being mythical, intelligent monsters that breathe fire and terrify the countryside. While that is the common depiction of these fabled beasts, there are other sides to dragons. In eastern Asian cultures, dragons were and are known as symbols of good luck. They aren't the scaled monsters of yore but benevolent spirits that grant wishes and protect fortunate families from harm. Garden statuary can also depict dragons as being a lot more good natured than the old tales would have us believe.

Zippy the Dragon has adapted to modern times by working as a sculptural mail post. Although he is supposed to guard the mail and has the claws and fangs to do it, it looks like the main focus of this pint-sized dragon is catching and holding onto your daily paper.

Blushing Babel shows that some dragons are just downright adorable. This cute little beast is so shy that he tries to hide behind the tip of his own tail! Babel will look right at home when accompanied by gnomes and fairies in the flower bed.

Dread, the Dangling Dragon Wall Sculpture shows the adventurous side of dragons by hanging off your garden wall and giving guests a toothy, good-natured, mischievous grin. This beautifully detailed garden statuary looks just as good when hanging from a big backyard tree.

Find the best in dragon statues and other Gothic decor at Design Toscano.

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Celebrate Memorial Day with 20% Off Garden Statuary and Everything Else at Design Toscano

The Four Goddesses of the Seasons StatuesHappy Memorial Day from all of us at Design Toscano! While we hope that you are celebrating this day with family and friends, if you feel like saving 20% on resin garden statues and other high quality decor for home and business, just order anything from our site by the end of today, May 27th. Add a beautiful, classic touch to the backyard with statues like Hebe, the Goddess of Youth and The Four Goddesses of the Seasons Statues. The details and appearance of these breathtaking garden statues will make your backyard look like the patio of a Mediterranean villa.

If your garden could use something a bit smaller in size, browse through our selection of garden gnomes. Our gnome statues are painted by hand and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who steps into your backyard garden oasis. Get 20% off cheerful gnome statues like the Dancing Duo and the Rainy Day Gnomes Under an Umbrella Statue.

You also get 20% off realistic animal garden statues such as the stunning Lioness with Cub statue and the detailed Snapping Swamp Gator. Both of these animal sculptures provide a dramatic touch to any backyard and demonstrate the combination of quality and realism shown by our animal statues.

Get 20% off these items, garden fairies, and anything from our site when ordered by the end of today, May 27th!

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Cute Dragon Garden Statues

"Blushing Babel, the Bashful Dragon" StatueDragons are an enigma. Although no one has ever seen a live, fire-breathing dragon, many cultures throughout the globe have tales or historical art with depictions of dragon-like creatures. In Asia, they tend to be long, serpent-like creatures that are associated with good luck, wisdom, and the celestial realm. In other parts of the world, dragons are more along the lines of dangerous, cunning beasts that need to be destroyed for the sake of both peasants and princesses. We don't usually think of them as being cute but given the right sort of imagination and the hands of a talented sculptor, dragons can be downright adorable.

Blushing Babel, the Bashful Dragon shows that even scaled, winged beasts can be cute. Poor Blushing Babel tries to use its tail to hide its face. Curiosity gets the better of him though, and he takes a peek with just one eye to see who might be watching him. This little dragon is a wonderful complement to a backyard watched over by exquisite garden fairies and hard-working gnomes.

Mayze, the Garden Protector of the Orb is another dragon that looks more like a cute, little pet than an intimidating monster. As it sits atop an orb, Mayze seems more concerned with scratching itself than fending off any would be intruders.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these adorable dragon sculptures, garden fairies, and anything else from Design Toscano until May 27th as part of our Memorial Day Sale.

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Resin Garden Statues and Decor for People Who Like Motorcycles

"Axle Grease, the Biker Gnome" StatueMotorcycles might be categorized as vehicles but as every Harley fan knows, they are definitely in a category of their own. These modern-day, motorized horses represent freedom and the joy and excitement of hitting the open road for just about anyone who rides them. When you sit on a motorcycle and start it up, it rumbles to life and feels more than ready to take you right to the horizon. Given the wild and frequently rough symbolism associated with motorcycles, it seems impossible that decor for garden and home could ever be associated with them. However, anything is possible when it comes to the unique decor offered by the imaginative folks at Design Toscano.

If you love the romance and excitement of motorcycles, you are also going to love the look of "Axle Grease, the Biker Gnome". Unlike other gnomes who are busy working in the flowerbeds, relaxing on a mushroom, or greeting your guests with friendly smiles, Axle Grease is ready for adventure on the open road! Axle sits astride his trusty steel steed with a bottle in hand, Ink Slinger Skull Tattoo on his arm, and leather duds.

Once Axle is put on display in the garden, you can follow up with the Bone Chillin' Skeleton Motorcycle Statue for the inside of your home. This unique collectible blends Gothic decor and motorcycles with eye-catching results!

Save 20% on these unique items, garden statuary, and everything on the Design Toscano site from today until May 27th as part of our Memorial Day sale!

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Get Ready for Summer with Outdoor Water Garden Fountains

Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural FountainIt's warm outside, flowers are blooming, and it's a beautiful month to spend time in the backyard. One of the first things that we need to do when venturing into the backyard once winter has come to an end is taking a look around and making decisions about decor. Will the garden gnomes from the previous year look just as cute in your new flowerbeds? Where are the best spots to display your favorite classic resin garden statues and angels? What type of backyard fountain would complement the other decor in the backyard?

If you don't have a fountain yet, now is the time to pick one out from our collection. In addition to providing your garden with decor that is given voice with peaceful bubbling water, when you buy any of our fountains between today and Monday, May 20th, you enjoy a 20% discount as part of our Fountain Sale! This sale helps you save on beautiful summer fountains like our best selling Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain and on timeless bronze decor such as the Large Bronze Crane Fountains. Both of these lovely fountains add a touch of class to any backyard and look even better when sharing a backyard with a naturally inspired item like the Misty Trails Garden Fountain Sculpture.

Save 20% on these and other high quality fountains for garden when purchased between today and Monday, May 20th.

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How to Showcase Flowers and Foliage in Sculptures for Outside

French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L'EtoileGardening is a wonderful hobby. For those who haven't spent any time weeding or watering plants in the backyard, you are missing out on a very relaxing, satisfying, and positive practice. Since people have been tending gardens for thousands of years, it might also be one of the oldest hobbies on the planet. Although it helps to have a "green thumb", the availability of seeds, mulch, and information about gardening make it easy enough for just about anyone to grow beautiful red tomatoes, healthy cucumbers, and rows of bright-colored flowers. You of course, have to put time and effort into gardening to make it work, but it's the perfect excuse to enjoy the green space in your backyard.

You can also get as creative as you want with gardening, including combining it with resin garden statues. No flower garden looks complete without a quality set of garden gnomes and a garden fairy or two. They help to highlight the natural beauty of a flowerbed by merit of their small size, colors, and exquisite features.

Some garden statuary also lends itself to foliage by providing a place where plants can grow or at least be put  on display. One of the best garden statues for this purpose is the French Greenmen Sculptures Le Printemps and Le Etoile. Crown these elegant wall sculptures with bunches of beautiful flowers for a charming combination of natural and sculpted decor.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these greenman statues and all other sale items when purchasing them by midnight tonight, as part of our Virtual Warehouse Sale.

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Gnomeville from Veedersburg, IN 47987, USA reviewed the Gustav, the Gardening Gnome Statue

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: Gustav, the Gardening Gnome is truly an exquisite piece of art work. He is so adorable & real looking that he's right at home. He welcomes everyone that visits. My guests rave over him. I honestly believe that Gnomes protect you. I will enjoy for years to come. Everyone should have at least one. Awesome!!!!

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Last Day to Get 20% off Resin Garden Statues for Mother’s Day Weekend

Dancing Duo Garden Gnome StatueIt's April 29th and this is the last day to save 20% off fantastic garden statuary and everything else at Design Toscano as part of our Mother's Day Weekend Sale. Order anything on our site by the end of today and you could enjoy 20% off the regular price. Why wait to order garden gnome statues on another day when you can buy them today for less? Give your garden or a friend's backyard a unique touch with Pondering Sylvester, the Cynical Gnome Troll Statue. The realistic look in the eyes of this gnome troll give it and your garden loads of personality.

If Pondering Sylvester is a bit too wild for your garden gnome tastes, save on cute, traditional gnomes like the Black Forest Welcoming Gnome Statue. As with all of our gnome statues, this friendly gnome boasts carefully sculpted details, bright colors, and welcomes all of your guests with an open, cheerful face. Combine the Black Forest gnome with the Dancing Duo Garden Gnome Statue to give your backyard a happy, magical display of garden gnome statues.

Don't forget that a host of stone garden angels and animal garden sculptures are also on sale until the end of today. That includes our best-selling Music from Heaven Angel Statue and the beautiful Simon the Fox Garden Statue.

Buy these beautiful garden statues and hundreds of other unique, high quality decor at Design Toscano.

Order by the end of today, April 29th and get a 20% discount on any of our items as part of our Mother's Day Weekend Sale!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day Weeked with 20% Off Garden Statuary

King of Beasts Lion SculptureMother's Day weekend is here and we are going to help you celebrate this special holiday by offering a 20% discount on animal garden statues and everything else on our site. This sale acts as an excellent opportunity to buy and save on beautiful decor for your mother, other special people in your life, and yourself. Shop at the Basil Street Gallery to look for exquisite, high quality interior wall decor like the Serene Buddha Grande Wall Frieze and the 1930s Art Deco Skyscraper Wall Mirror. Both of these items represent the unique, creative character typical of decor from the Basil Street Gallery.

After browsing the beautiful, breathtaking items in our Basil Street collection, look through our large assortment of animal garden sculptures. Many of our animal statues are highly detailed and very realistic portrayals of wildlife that roam the African plains and make their home in the forests of North America. The King of Beasts Lion Sculpture pays homage to one of Africa's top predators with a carefully sculpted portrayal of a beautiful, male lion. You can just about feel the breeze blowing through the regal mane of this lion and will be impressed  by the incredbly lifelike look in its timeless, amber eyes.

After saving on high quality animal statues, browse our site for more savings on garden fairies, garden gnomes, and hundreds of other other high quality decor.

From today until April 29th, get a 20% discount on any of our items as part of our Mother's Day Weekend Sale.

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Which Garden Statuary Works Best with a Meerkat Sculpture?

Meerkats are one of the cutest animals on the planet. The black markings around their eyes and on their paws make them look like little bandits and when they stand on their hind legs, Meerkats look absolutely adorable. Given their charismatic attributes, it's no wonder that Meerkats are excellent inspiration for animal garden statues. Sculptures of these confiding little animals are a wonderful, seriously cute addition to any garden but they complement some garden decorating themes better than others.

Meerkat Clan StatueFor example, although you could put the Meerkat Clan Statue and a classic stone garden angel next to each other, that's not going to look nearly as good as pairing Meerkat sculptures with other African animals. Meerkats are native to the arid plains of southern Africa so they look much better when they share a garden with sculptures like the Lioness with Cub or Gigi, the Garden Giraffe Statue. Both of these sculptures are as representative of dramatic, amazing African wildlife as statues of Meerkats.

Meerkats also work very will with garden fairies. They have a similar mischievous appearance, are small, crafty creatures, and are right at home in flower beds and vegetable patches. They will look right at home when sharing a backyard with the Fairies of the Meadow and just about any garden gnome statues.

Find quality Meerkat Sculptures and hundreds of other unique items for the garden at Design Toscano today.

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Who Puts a Bigfoot Garden Statue on Display?

Bigfoot has become a classic, essential part of American and Canadian folklore. Although irrefutable evidence is lacking, thousands of people claim to have glimpsed or heard the primeval screams of the huge, hairy biped while visiting remote and wild places. Whether it truly walks beneath the huge evergreens of the Pacific northwest or only occurs in our imagination, Bigfoot represents the wild and mysterious side of North America's forests and mountains. We, of course, offer detailed, realistic statues of Bigfoot and thousands of people have put one or more on display in in their backyards. People put statues of Bigfoot on display for a variety of reasons, but the following are a few of the most common reasons for showing this unique decor in the garden:

  • An intriguing creature: Bigfoot captures the minds of millions of Americans and Canadians. Many of us are captivated by the stories of witnesses who claim to have seen Sasquatch and we can't help but wonder if it could actually exist in some deep, dark forest.
  • A unique sculpture: Although we offer hundreds of unique, high quality sculptures, a statue of Bigfoot is a far cry from your average garden gnome. It makes it possible for people to add a truly different statue to the garden.
  • An expression of fantasy and an open mind: Putting a sculpture of Bigfoot on display shows that you have an appreciation for the fantasy genre as well as a realization that our modern world is hardly bereft of mystery.

Find high quality Bigfoot statues, beautiful garden fairies, and other stunning resin garden statues at Design Toscano today.

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Dragon Statues for Spring and Summer

Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon RainspoutSpring is here and it's time to redecorate the garden. This year, why not decorate the backyard with a different theme? Instead of putting out the usual selection of angel statues and garden gnomes, try decorating the backyard with a couple of dragons. They don't have to replace the rest of your decor, but by putting a dragon statue on display, you show your appreciation for the fantasy genre while giving the garden a unique, dramatic touch. 

Get your backyard ready for the warm days of spring and summer with dragon sculptures like Ranier, the Sculptural Dragon Rainspout. Put this Medieval-themed functional dragon sculpture on the end of a gutter to help channel water away from the house. This impressive dragon statue is designed to look as if Ranier is breathing fire every time it rains.

To help turn your backyard into a place of enchantment, put Dragon-Orb sculptures on display such as Mayze, the Dragon Protector of the Orb and Sir Sagremor's Dragon Statue with Orb. Mayze shows that the fantasy genre is that much more magical when humor is thrown into the mix. Poor Mayze seems to be more interested in taking a nap on top of the orb rather than ferociously protecting it and thus makes for one of the most adorable little dragon statues you will ever see. Sir Sagremor's dragon isn't exactly cute but he makes up for it with realistic, eye-catching details.

Find the best in dragon and gargoyle figurines at Design Toscano today.

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Garden Statuary Topiary that Doesn't Require Any Maintenance

European Style Sculptural Swan Rabbit TopiaryThere are many ways to decorate the garden. The right stone garden angel or large Buddha statue can add a heavenly touch of peace and tranquility to any backyard, there are exquisite garden fairy and animal statues that can be hung from backyard trees, and gnome sculptures are an easy means of adding cheer. One of the most challenging ways to decorate the garden is also one of the most dramatic. Although it takes a great deal of patience, hard work, and knowledge to create beautiful backyard topiary, the end result can be breathtaking, living works of art. Fortunately, if you lack the artistic mindset and time to create topiary, you can still bring the beauty of this art into the backyard with topiary animal garden statues.

European style sculptural topiary items require nothing more than placing them into your garden to give it a beautiful, topiary touch. The Sculptural Swan is a lovely piece of decor that expresses the grace and beauty of a swan in green, faux leafy form, while the Bunny Rabbit will be a hit with kids of all ages. The Sculptural Flamingo also shows that statues of these stately birds don't need to be pink to be beautiful.

The metal frame and fade-resistant, faux leaf foliage used in these items turn them into permanent topiary that requires neither watering nor clipping.

Save 20% on these unique decorations and all new items on our site when ordering them by March 22nd!

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Get 20% off New Garden Statuary and All New Items at Design Toscano

Abigail's Bountiful Apron Cascading Garden FountainIt's time for another sale at Design Toscano and this one offers a chance to save on new garden statues! Buy any of our new resin garden statues from today until Friday, March 22nd and get 20% off the regular price. Our new, exciting garden statues include cute Edison, the Lighted Lantern Garden Gnome. With solar lantern in hand, this cheerful gnome will greet all of your garden guests with a welcoming smile. Edison's clothes are carefully painted by hand in bright red and green colors and his shoes are given a lustrous black finish.

Take advantage of this sale and save on beautiful lighted fountains like the Chestnut Ridge Cascading Garden Fountain. This beautiful piece of garden art entertains and soothes with the peaceful sounds of bubbling water and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Folks looking for a a fountain that looks a bit more classical in appearance will love Abigail's Bountiful Apron Cascading Fountain. This work of art combines the endearing beauty of a child at play with the tranquil sound of flowing water and an ornate basin.

This sale on new items only lasts until Friday, March 22nd so place your order today!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Fine, Fun, Gnome Resin Garden Statues

Plowing Pete on His Tractor Garden Gnome StatueThe gnome statue has become a popular mainstay of modern garden decor. These little creatures tend to be much more cheerful than fairies and pixies, and most are downright jolly. They also add cheer to the garden with brightly-colored clothes, are right at home in any backyard, and do a variety of garden chores with typical, easy-going, gnomish flair.

Plowing Pete is a gnome who loves to use a tractor for garden work. Although he might spend more time just relaxing on the tractor than actually doing any work, he takes care of the mushroom patch with a good-natured smile.

While some gnomes are taking care of the garden, others are taking a well-earned nap after reading a good book. Snoozing Booker the Garden Gnome happily dreams away the afternoon while relaxing under a spotted mushroom.

Whether actually weeding the garden or just taking a snooze, all of that hard work makes for a very dirty gnome at the end of the day. Tubby the Bathing Gnome washes off the dirt at the end of a long day by taking his bath in a barrel below a handy garden faucet.

Add some good cheer to your garden with these fun gnome statues and the best in high quality garden statuary from Design Toscano.


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Make Your Guests Feel Welcome with Garden Statuary

Greetings from the Garden Gnomes Welcome StatueDecor serves many purposes and one of the most important is making your guests feel right at home. We want guests to feel as accepted and comfortable as possible and one of the easiest ways to help make that happen is with decor that literally welcomes them at the door. The Birdy Welcome Statue does this with a bright and cheerful display of four colorful bird species. You can almost hear the cute birds in this statue chirping as they perch on top of a log inscribed with "Welcome" written in elegant script.

Put the Blue Bird Welcome Statue on display for a simply adorable welcome sign. The two little lovebirds in this statue welcome guests with appealing, soft blue and yellow hues while perched on top of a classic welcome log. This beautiful little sculpture works just as well in the garden as it does inside the home.

Gnomes also make excellent subjects for welcoming guests to the backyard or at the front door. The Greetings from the Garden Gnomes Welcome Statue is a fun, beautiful little sculpture replete with a tiny squirrel, mushrooms, tortoise, and two friendly gnomes who are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the welcome sign.

Find high quality welcome sculptures for the backyard and the best in garden fairies at Design Toscano.


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Stone Garden Angel Figurines that Highlight the Backyard with Detailed Beauty

Angel's Garden Blessings StatueEveryone loves a beautiful backyard. It's one of the main reasons why so many of us become involved with gardening and display a variety of gnomes, fairies, and other garden statuary. Angels add a special touch to any backyard, especially when  they show cute, highly detailed, angelic children. Big, dramatic angel statues have their place in the backyard but won't add to the beauty of a flowerbed like the small Heaven's Comrades Garden Angel Statue. This adorable sculpture captures the innocent beauty and wonder of a child lucky enough to have a bird perch on her hand. Her wavy hair, folded robes, and details of the feathers in her wings and on the bird are a wonder to behold. The small basin also turns this statue into a fine bird feeder or bird bath.

The Angels Garden Blessings Statue is another exclusive Design Toscano sculpture from the Acorn Hollow collection that captivates with beautiful, lifelike details. Similar to the Heavens Comrades statue, this sculpture shows an innocent, young angel reaching out to gently touch a small sparrow as she stands over a bird bath. The innocent beauty of this statue adds an endearing touch to any garden. It can also be used as a petite bird bath or small bird feeder.

Save on these and other beautiful, realistic angel statues at Design Toscano.

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Resin Garden Statues as Gifts

Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden StatueGarden statuary doesn't have to be limited to your own decorating projects. Buy statues and sculptures of gnomes, fairies, and other subjects for friends and family and you might be surprised at how much they like such a gift. Resin statues and sculptures make for excellent gift items in part because people don't usually get them for a birthday or other occasion. They represent a fun change from the status quo while providing loved ones with long-lasting, beautiful decor.

Of course, you have to make sure that the sculptures you pick out will also be appreciated and loved by the person you are giving them to. For example, you probably don't want to pick out a gargoyle statue for someone who never watches horror films and has no interest in the fantasy genre. He or she probably won't appreciate even the best of gargoyle gifts so it's better to stick to something like animal garden statues or a beautiful stone garden angel. There are dozens of detailed animal sculptures to choose from and we have a veritable host of angels suited for every taste and garden.

Order these resin garden statue gifts and anything else on our site between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale can't be combined with other offers.

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Help us Celebrate our Anniversary with 20% Off Garden Statuary and Everything Else at Design Toscano

Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy StatueFebruary is anniversary time at Design Toscano and we want to celebrate by offering a 20% discount on all of our objets d'art and unique decor. Buy anything on the Design Toscano site from today until February 14th and enjoy 20% off the regular price. Don't wait until the warm weather to buy statues for the garden. Order them now to enjoy 20% off the regular price.

Every backyard could use a few more garden fairies and especially when our collection of fairies includes such exquisite beauties as Rhiannon the Archer and The Daydream Fairy Sculpture. Each of these detailed fairies look so real that you might start to wonder if they come to life on enchanting evenings where a full moon lights up the backyard.

It's also a wonderful time to buy and save on garden gnomes for gifts or for your own backyard. The Sammy the Swinging Gnome Statue is a classic, plump garden gnome seated on a swing. He is the very essence of happy summertime days and will give a positive, cheerful touch to anyone's backyard. Folks who prefer gnomes with a unique appearance will love the magical Moon Gawker Garden Troll Statue. Although this sculpture shows a small garden troll rather than a gnome, it makes for a cute, enchanting addition to the garden.

Order these resin garden statues and anything else on our site between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

This sale can't be combined with other offers.

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Beautiful Bronze Asian Garden Statues

The Asian-themed garden often plays host to bamboo (both living and sculpted forms), Koi ponds, and Buddha outdoor statues. There might also be a stunning Panda animal yard statue or even a Ninja Gnome but the most spectacular of Asian gardens usually showcase a bronze sculpture or two. Asian-themed sculptures tend to look more impressive and authentic when depicted in bronze because sculptures crafted from that ancient medium have adorned Chinese gardens for more than two thousand years.

Asian Dragon with Power Orb Solid Bronze Garden SculptureThe solid bronze Asian Dragon with Power Orb is one such spectacular sculpture. This writhing Asian water dragon is sculpted in the same style as classic dragons that adorn Chinese temples. The power orb is a modern touch but gives this beautiful bronze sculpture a magical, captivating appearance. Although it can be shown on its own, this fantastic, piped bronze sculpture is at its best when placed in a pond or fountain.

The Tranquil Buddha Statue is another stunning Asian-themed bronze sculpture. Carefully crafted in the traditional lost wax method, this Buddha statue is beautifully detailed and resembles many Buddha sculptures that grace temple grounds in Thailand and China. The peaceful, contented look on the face of this Buddha is timeless and inspirational.

Save on these fantastic bronze sculptures and hundreds of other statues for the backyard and the interior of your home and business at Design Toscano.

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