Two Reasons to Buy a Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueBigfoot has several names. In the southern states, this large, hairy bipedal creature is called the Skunk Ape. In Ohio, believers in Bigfoot claim that the "grassman" roams the oak woodlands of the Buckeye State. In the wild coniferous forests of the west, it goes by the name of Sasquatch and in Asian mountains, a similar furry giant is known as the Yeti. An enigma for sure and one that deserved to be immortalized as one of the more fantastic  animal garden statues.

The following are two reasons why it's worth it to buy a garden sculpture of Bigfoot:

  • Gentle Giant: Despite Bigfoot's massive size and obvious strength, the scarcity of sightings indicate that it might be the most shy creature in the woods. As opposed to being threatening, an animal yard statue of Bigfoot fills the garden with mystery and enchantment.
  • It's unique: While neighbors can claim that their backyard is inhabited by statues of pink flamingoes and garden gnomes, get a Bigfoot sculpture and you can show that your garden hosts one of the most unique and detailed sculptures in town.

Yet another reason for buying a Bigfoot Sculpture today is because you get a 20% discount as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale. This sale ends today, November 25th!

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Gnomes are Resin Garden Statues Too

Rainy Day Gnomes Under an Umbrella Garden StatuesWhile the garden statuary of ancient Greece is represented by classic, beautiful sculptures of deities, gnomes seem to be the standard decor in most modern North American gardens. It's easy to see why garden gnomes have so much appeal. Their red, pointed hats, white beards, and jolly faces make them look like miniature versions of Santa Claus while their small size is a perfect fit for flowerbeds and most other parts of the garden. Whether due to their miniature dimensions or not, they also seem to fit into just about any decorating theme.

Welcome guests to the garden with the Black Forest Welcoming Gnome Statue. As he leans on his trusty shovel, the kind, wizened face of this gnome gives a warm welcome to all visitors. The quality of this garden gnome is made apparent by his brightly colored clothes, creative pose, and detailed face and beard.

The fact that garden gnomes also tend to be cute or even downright adorable is demonstrated by the Rainy Day Gnomes Under an Umbrella Sculpture. Our rosy-cheeked gnome couple anticipates much-needed rain with umbrella in hand and jolly faces looking up to the sky with happy anticipation.

Find high quality garden gnomes, the best in garden fairies, and stunning animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

Order anything on our site by the end of today, November 21st, and get 20% off the regular price as part of our Thanksgiving Sale!

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Combine Cute and Classic with Garden Cherub Statues

The stone garden angel adds a much needed touch to most gardens. Although they are supposed to live A Cherub's Prayer Statuein Heaven, angels seem to be as at home in backyards decorated with garden statuary. The classic angel is easily recognized by the combination of flowing gown and large, feathered wings. However, as beautiful and peaceful as such statuary is, few people would refer to angels as being "cute". That's alright because cuteness is more the realm of garden fairies, gnomes, and statues of children. Nevertheless, at least one type of angel is arguably cute and works well at blending cuteness with class.

The cherub is the original cute, innocent angel and can impart a unique, pleasant appeal to the garden. The Balancing a Dream Sculpture is downright adorable and fit for both garden and the home interior. Curled up in peaceful slumber, the classic, artistic beauty of this cute little cherub will earn the admiration of just about anyone who sees it.

The cute and detailed A Cherub's Prayer Sculpture will act as an inspiration and melt the hearts of the most Grinch-like of your holiday guests. Kneeling on a book with readable text, this cutest of angels clasps hands in prayer and impresses with the beautiful face of a babe.

Find the best in angel sculptures and hundreds of quality decor for the backyard and home at Design Toscano.

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Heirloom Resin Garden Statues

Angel of Patience SculptureFor the most part, we purchase garden decor to beautify and add character to the backyard. We might love certain garden fairies and gnomes but we don't think of them as anything other than quality, endearing decorations. However, the quality and exquisite nature of some items earns them heirloom status. These are the statues and sculptures that are nothing short of breathtaking in appearance. Heirloom pieces are the objets d'art that we just about fall in love with and pass them on with care to sons, daughters, and grandchildren who are expected to continue cherishing them until they eventually give them to their children. Such items have to be of the highest quality, be of enduring beauty and fabrication, and be unique.

Although it's pretty easy to find heirloom quality pieces in the Design Toscano catalog, a couple examples of particularly stunning garden statuary are the classic Angel of Patience statue and the King of Beasts Lion Sculpture. 

A dramatic stone garden angel, the Angel of Patience has a serene, other worldly look on her face and wings ready to take her to the heavens. The majestic King Of Beasts animal yard statue might not give the same impression as an angel but his realism is simply incredible.


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All Garden Fairies Need a Fairy Ring

Twinkle Toes Fairy StatueTales of fairies and their magical cousins, the leprechauns and gnomes, have been with us for thousands of years. Despite the widespread present-day belief that elves and other "little people" only live on in fairy tales and fantasy novels, in some parts of the world, people actually still leave offerings for spirits that supposedly reside in the home and garden. Even though few people actually see those little spirits, the occupants of homes in such countries as Thailand would rather not risk offending them and thus give them a small, sculpted place to stay along with a few offerings to keep them happy.

While various western cultures probably also followed similar practices at some time or another, many also held the belief that fairies lived in certain enchanted spots in old forests, wild moors, and craggy mountains. Those magical sites could be recognized by the presence of fairy rings and were to be avoided, especially after the sun went down. Fairy rings came in the form of mushrooms, trees, or rocks that seemed to be placed in a circular shape. The obvious circle appearing in the middle of some wild area just couldn't have happened by any natural means and was therefore attributed to the little people. Whether natural or made by someone, a fairy ring is the perfect place to display a garden fairy statue. It will look right at home in the fairy ring and even better when placed beneath a tree decorated with greenmen.

Find the most magical of resin garden statues for great prices at Design Toscano.

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Humorous Garden Statuary for an Asian-Themed Backyard

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureAsian-themed gardens aren't necessarily known for the comical side of life. Although they aren't exactly against laughter, the decor that is typically displayed usually lends to a general ambiance of peace and tranquility. Order is given to nature without overly disrupting natural lines and shapes. Statues of pagodas and Buddhas remind visitors that some aspects of life are timeless while bamboo fountains and animal garden sculptures of the Giant Panda are reminiscent of ancient, mystical Chinese mountains.

That said, humor can still be a part of any Asian-themed backyard. Laughter and smiles play just as much of a role in finding peace as meditating near a large Buddha statue. Sculptures of happy, smiling Buddhas demonstrate the importance of joy and fit into to any backyard decorating theme. For one of the cutest, funniest little Asian-themed statues, though, you can't go wrong with the ninja gnome sculpture. Yes, this little guy is both a ninja and a gnome and he's ready to use his magical stealth to protect your garden from squirrels, mischievous garden fairies, and other would be intruders. Although no true ninja needs any amount of back-up (they prefer to work alone), it won't hurt his ego to also deploy Basho the Sumo Wrestler.

Save on these and other unique garden decor items at Design Toscano.


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How to Get Huge Savings on Amazing Resin Garden Statues

Outdoor Elephant StatuesGarden statuary is must for any backyard. Whether you feel like your personal green space could use a creative bear table for serving drinks, funky flamingoes, large classic sculptures, or a few gnomes, you are doing the right thing by adding decor to the backyard. As with most high quality items, some of the best statues aren't exactly the cheapest. Nevertheless, you always have to consider if it's worth it to pay next to nothing for any sculpture. Given the low price, it's probably not going to last too long and let's face it, the cheapest garden statues aren't about to win any prizes for their beauty.

However, there is an exception to that rule. High quality, heirloom worthy items from Design Toscano can often be had for much lower prices than one would expect. Pay attention to the sales on the site and you might find free shipping, 20% discounts, and items whose prices have been slashed like the chop of a samurai sword.

In addition, if you travel to Elk Grove Village, Illinois on July 14th and 15th, you will probably see some of the biggest garden sculpture bargains of your life. On those two dates, Design Toscano is holding the annual warehouse sale and hundreds of overstocked and bruised items will be available at huge discounts. The sales goes from 8 AM to 4 PM on Satruday, July 14th and 9 AM to 4 PM on Sunday, July 15th.

The warehouse is located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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Why Buy Big Garden Statuary?

Stone Garden AngelDecor comes in many shapes and sizes. As befits their attributes, "life-size" statues of garden fairies and gnomes are usually small. That works out well because it adds realism to their place in the garden. Just as real fairies would do, they hide in leafy flowerbeds, dance on the lawn, and perch on pedestals. They make for wonderful decor but larger items tend to make bigger statements.

Put a big stone garden angel into the garden and it transforms your backyard into seriously classy green space. Large, Asian decor makes a proud, peaceful proclamation about the theme in your backyard and putting out a few life-size animal statues will give your garden the most exciting decorations on the block. 

Decorations are meant to be seen and large items like a Yeti statue or giraffe express that sentiment with zest. You can't miss those amazing sculptures and given their artistic value, it would be a shame for guests not to see them. Just as beautiful works of art are proudly displayed in museums and in the homes of art collectors, your unique, detailed objets d'art and statues from Design Toscano should also be placed where they can be admired.

You will find great deals on big, beautiful items for the garden at Design Toscano any time of the year but expect the best discounts at the annual warehouse sale on July 14th (from 8 AM to 4 PM) and July 15th (from 9 AM to 4 PM)!

The warehouse is located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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The Ancient Appeal of Garden Fairies

The Daydream Fairy SculptureFairies and their kind reveal themselves in a number of subtle ways. You see them as a blur of movement out of the corner of your eye as you walk through a flower-filled garden. You know the little people are around when your gardening hat suddenly goes missing and is returned the following day adorned with a four-leaf clover. You may have gnomes in the backyard if it seems like someone else is tending to your beet and tomato plants. 

Since the first days of Egyptian art to these modern, technology-driven times, people from every corner of the globe have told stories about fairies, gnomes, elves, and other small magical beings. Many are helpful, most seem to be mischievous, and a few are downright dangerous. Although few people claimed to have actually seen them, magical miniature beings are said to reside in the wildest reaches of windy moors. They haunt the ancient forests and the more dangerous of the bunch can put you on woodland paths that lead to nowhere. However, most are also said to bring good luck as long as you treat the animals and trees with kindness and leave them a little gift now and then.

Given the myriad of tales and warnings about fairies, it doesn't hurt to pay them homage with a garden fairy statue or two. Even if you don't find evidence of the little people, sculptures that depict them will fill your backyard with enchantment.

Get 20% off fairies, resin garden statues, and everything else in the Design Toscano catalog from now until July 5th as part of our Fourth of July sale!


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Celebrate Independence Day with 20% Savings on Garden Statuary

It's hard to believe but June is almost over. It seems like summer just got started and here we are moving Lioness with Cub Statueon into July on that lazy river called summertime. The living is easy during these days of baseball games, fresh cut grass, and hot, sunny days. Lest we forget, it's also when the United States of America celebrates its independence from Britain. That day is of course the Fourth of July and in less than a week, Americans across the nation are going to be grilling outside, going to theme parks, and watching the annual fireworks display. It's always one of the most beautiful and memorable days of the year and here at Design Toscano, we are marking this special day with a sitewide 20% sale.

From now until the day after the fourth, you get a 20% discount off of everything on our website. That includes every one of our detailed and dramatic animal garden statues, fairies, angels, gnomes, and gargoyles.

If you already have all of the garden sculptures you need, there are still plenty of beautiful objets d'art and indoor furniture that can also be enjoyed for 20% off their regular prices.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a 20% discount on everything on the Design Toscano website until July 5th!

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A Garden Fairy Statue for the Middle of the Lawn

Every backyard needs garden statuary and each sculpture has its proper place. For example, greenmen look right at home on trees and garden walls, some detailed animal statues look better Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statuewhen they lurk in the grass beneath a shady oak, and gnomes compliment any flowerbed. The center of the yard also deserves a statue but only certain, special types of sculptures or decor merit being placed out front and center. Beautiful fountains and bronze sculptures come to mind and Greek-themed statues always command attention but some fairy statues also exude the type of drama and majesty that earns them a central spot in the yard.  

One such fairy statue is Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue. As she gracefully releases an arrow into the sky, the focused determination on her face shows that Rhiannon is no flowerbed fairy. She's a powerful, beautiful warrior with details and demeanor that are simply breathtaking. Given the beauty and realism of this two-toned statue, it's hard to imagine showing her in any other place than the middle of the yard.

Find this exclusive, gorgeous garden sculpture and hundreds of detailed items for the garden at Design Toscano.

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Every Summer Backyard Needs Gnome Garden Statuary

The Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture: Door GnomeMemorial Day and the warm, wonderful days of Summer are just around the corner. No more snow, the grass is fresh, and the backyard is filled with greenery. Birds sing in the garden and even your favorite gargoyle figurines seem to be smiling. It's a fantastic time of the year to be outside and what better place to enjoy the outdoors than your own backyard. No matter what decorating theme you follow, there are some types of garden decor that are nothing less than essential. Garden fairies fall into that category but even their importance is eclipsed by that of the garden gnome.

Friendly, magical, and wholesome, gnomes welcome every guest to the garden with a bearded smile. Whether you place them near flowerbeds or just outside the back door, these classic garden sculptures are right at home in any backyard. Their pointed hats add splashes of happy color and the twinkle in their eyes adds cheer to every garden.

Snoozing Booker, the Garden Gnome Statue is the perfect gnome for people who enjoy a good read in the backyard. Gnomes are also just at home in the trees and you can show this with Knothole Gnomes Garden Sculptures.

Buy statues of gnomes, Greek Garden Statues, and anything else from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Garden Statuary also Includes Bridges

When most people think of statues or sculptures for the backyard, items like garden fairies or maybe a stone lion come to mind. As valid as these statues are for every garden, they only represent a fraction of the sculptures that can add personality to a backyard. While exquisite statues of fairies hide among the The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridgeflowerbeds, and scenery and animals immortalized in bronze liven up open spaces, bridges provide one of the nicer additions to a garden. 

Although a real, stone bridge that can be used by people for crossing streams and ponds would be ideal, it might also cost just as much as putting a new addition onto your home or business. Luckily, you don't have to construct an entire, life-sized bridge to add one to the backyard. The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge is a beautiful sculpture that can be placed over a trickle of water or a miniature gully. It might be too small for you to use but would work just fine for fairies and gnomes. With its cobblestone texture, this miniature replica of an old English bridge adds quaint realism to any garden.

Find this garden sculpture, animal garden statues, and the perfect stone garden angel for your backyard at Design Toscano.

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Save on Garden Statuary with the Spring Blowout Sale

As April comes to an end, the tail end of Spring has also arrived. The warm weather came into town a few weeks ago in many parts of the United States and has just arrived in the northeast and southern Canada. It's safe to say that Winter is officially gone for yet another year and this is always cause for celebration. It's Far East Garden Fighters Gnome Statue: Ninjathe perfect excuse for throwing a backyard barbecue or wine-tasting party in the garden and is also why Design Toscano is holding a Spring blowout sale! Check the early Summer catalog and watch the website to see what's being sold at discounted prices.

You might find that large Buddha statue you have always wanted for your Asian-themed backyard at the type of price you have been waiting for. Complement it with a light-hearted Ninja Gnome statue or a beautiful Panda sculpture.

You might also find sales on beautiful outdoor garden water fountains such as Hebe, the Goddess of Youth Garden Fountain or a quality, detailed replica of the famous, cheeky Peeing boy of Brussels sculptural fountain.

There are also dozens of other garden decor pieces to choose from. Just remember to keep an eye out for the Spring blowout insert that comes with the early Summer catalog and browse the Design Toscano website for sales!

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Bring Magic into the Backyard with Garden Fairies

The backyard doesn't have to be a simple, generic, sterile green space with a closely cut, uniform lawn. It can be but that won't accomplish anything more than making your backyard one of the most boring pieces of real estate on the block. That would be fine if you only wanted to use it for lawn bowling or as a place to Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statuepractice your putt, but if you want to employ the backyard for any other purpose, it's good idea to give it a lot more character.

The right type of garden statuary will add immediate personality to any backyard but sculptures of fairies can make a garden look downright magical. Mysterious, mythical creatures that embody the wonder of nature, fairies hide in the nooks and crannies of old, creaking trees. Their cousins, the gnomes, silently scamper among the rocks but winged fairies are given speech by the wind blowing through fresh, Spring leaves. Their laughter can be heard in the cold, rushing water of stony brooks and garden fountains. Figurines of fairies remind us of nature's magic and add character to any garden.

Buy any garden fairy statue or garden angel statue from March 22nd to March 24th and get 20% off the regular price!


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Every Backyard Needs Garden Fairies

Garden statuary can transform a generic backyard into an enchanted garden. Creative Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculpturelandscaping and garden furniture also play important roles but nothing adds magic to a backyard like animal garden sculptures, fountains, and fairies. Folklore and tales from cultures around the globe speak of fairies, elves, gnomes, and other spirits that protect and take care of meadows, forests, and fields. They are also said to bring luck to the people who own the gardens they inhabit. Treat fairies well and they will double your bounty. Treat them poorly, though, and fairies will likewise repay with double the amount of vengeance!

To keep both the invisible inhabitants and your regular garden guests happy, put up statues that show fairies in action. Fiona the flower fairy is a classic sculpture of a fairy tending to flowers. Put her in flower beds to keep your floral displays tended both day and night.

Add a magical touch to other parts of the garden with the Pondering Fairy. Despite their many tasks, fairies also have more than enough spare time on their hands to think up all sorts of mischief. Let's hope that this garden fairy statue is just bathing in the beauty and peace of your personal green space.

Buy these statues of fairies and other enchanting works of art for your garden until February 14th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Every Garden Needs Greenmen

Your backyard can look fantastic with the right types of garden statuary and sculptures. A The Spirit of Nottingham Woods: Greenman Tree Sculpturepagoda statue always looks nice in an Asian-themed garden as do Buddha outdoor statues.   However, no matter what your garden decorating theme is, it's always going to look better with a "greenman" or two. This doesn't refer to gnome statues or little men from Mars. Although that would provide an interesting touch to any backyard, the sculptures that work with any garden are depictions of faces that appear to come right out of the tree they are placed on.

Most show old, ancient faces nestled within gnarled branches and craggy tree trunks. They bring tree spirits and dryads to mind and indeed this is what they essentially depict. Whereas  statues of garden fairies still manage to stand out in the greenery, greenmen sculptures blend right in with the trees. Hang up one of these mystical sculptures on a shady tree trunk and it will look as if the tree has a face staring out at you and your guests. These sculptures aren't limited to trees either. Many also look striking when placed on a wall, especially when it's a garden wall covered in creeping ivy.

Get 20% off these fantastic garden sculptures and other decor until February 14th!

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Japanese Garden Statues on Sale Until Sunday, February 5th!

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureIt's not easy to landscape and upkeep a Japanese garden. Much of the greenery is neatly organized and clipped. Water and rocks must be carefully maintained and decor needs to be placed in just the right spots. Furthermore, no Japanese garden is complete without at least one appropriately themed statue and they look even better when you put in three or four Asian garden sculptures.

Although it makes a garden look incredibly serene, you don't need to put in an enlightened Buddha sculpture or other Buddha outdoor statues if you don't want to. Asian-themed outdoor sculptures come in a number of forms and sizes to fit every taste and every garden. For an Asian animal-themed backyard, put in a lovely Panda sculpture and a couple of tigers. These items make the garden look lively with their colors and realistic appearance. The Sumatran Tiger in particular will make your guests look twice at this majestic prowling statue.

Or, put Basho the Sumo wrestler into your backyard to give it a unique look! You can add to the fun, martial appearance of the backyard with a Ninja Gnome!

No matter how you choose to decorate your Japanese garden, when you buy Asian-themed decor at Design Toscano from now until Sunday, February 5th, you get 20% off the regular price!
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Change the Look of Your Garden With Outdoor Wall Decor

Where many people like to place statues or accessories throughout their outdoor space, this is Greek God of the Sea: Poseidon Wall Sculpturenot the only way to create a theme in your garden, as not everybody has the space to do just that.  What you may want to consider this year is adding some decorations to your walls outside, as this is just an effective way to make a unique statement with just one or two pieces. 

Garden statues gnomes are a very popular addition to any outdoor space.  If you don’t have the room for it, you don’t even need a wall for this adorable Knothole Gnomes Garden Welcome Tree Sculpture.  He is perfectly sized for any tree you have outside.

Greenmen are also popular items in an outdoor living area.  They embody a mystique that is both elegant and intriguing.  Wall art is a great way to add these mythical creatures to your garden.  This Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall Sculpture comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate both your wall space and your budget as well.

And if you were thinking of creating a Greek theme in your garden this year, there are an abundance of wall art ways to add Greek garden statues to your theme as well.  This Greek God of the Sea will easily fit on any wall or tree space you have available.

When it comes to garden decor, there are a number of ways to create a theme in a limited space. Wall art is a beautiful and very simple way to do so.

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Give the Gift of Fantasy This Holiday Season

Black Forest Welcoming Gnome StatueThey say that the holiday season is about inspiring magic and miracles, and if you have been trying to find a unique way to do just that, you may want to consider the gift of sculptures for outside decor.  Whether it is a fairy spell or a mysterious gnome, there are a number of ways to give the gift of fantasy this holiday season, even if you are giving it to yourself!

There is something irresistible about garden statues gnomes, and as popular as they are, you just can’t help but be inspired by their spells of fantasy.  These also easily blend into any outdoor holiday decor.  If you are welcoming guests this holiday,  you may want to add our Black Forest Welcoming Gnome to your entrance way and he will surely bring a hearty welcome to any guests you entertain this year.

But if you need a little more magic than that, you may want to ask for a sprinkling of pixie dust from some garden fairies this year.  Our Pondering Pixie Stained Glass Sculpture not only adds an air of magic to your holiday decor, but also makes for the perfect magical gift at less than $40.

These are just a few ways that you can give the gift of fantasy this holiday season, and it’s not too late to take advantage of a number of our holiday sales and specials and still see your gift of fantasy arrive just in time!
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