Bronze Garden Statues

When the landscape is covered in ice and snow, the bones of your garden become visible.  The bare limbs of maple trees, the neat mounds of now-mulched perennials.  And perhaps, an empty spot between the hydrangeas.

One of our bronze garden sculpturesSchoolmate Children Bronze Garden Sculpture would be a perfect focal point.  Bronze statues have graced the finest gardens for thousands of years.  Our bronzes are cast in the traditional lost-wax method and are hand-finished by talented craftsmen.  We have a wide selection from large to small, modern to classic.  Many of our statues also come piped so you can use them as fountains.  We also have an assortment of pumps to fit any size fountain.
Darn Frog on Lily Pad Bronze Garden Sculpture

Imagine our whimsical frog lazing in your pond. Meditate on our tranquil Buddha. Or put our schoolgirls under the magnolias to remind you of when your kids were young.      

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden Statue 

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