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Legendary Gothic Decor

Count Dracula's Coat of Arms Wall PlaqueGothic and Medieval decorations are inspired by a combination of history and fantasy genre tales. This type of decor includes far more than just a few gargoyle figurines. It also incudes breathtaking, beautiful furniture items, stunning wall decor, and hundreds of objets d'art. Some Gothic decorations are also inspired by legends that date back to the Middle Ages. One such story is that of King Arthur and his legendary sword, Excalibur. This magic sword could only be pulled out of its natural stone scabbard by the hands of the true king of England and when Arthur removed it from the stone with ease, his true noble nature was revealed. Our replica of this legendary sword makes a majestic display of nobility when hung on the wall of your den. As befits one of the most famous swords of all time, it's made from fine, stainless steel, is nearly four feet in length, and is etched with Medieval designs.

Another, not so noble legend is that of Count Dracula. The name for the world's most famous vampire was taken from a title given to Vlad III Dracula, a fifteenth century Wallachian prince who became infamous for executing thousands of his enemies by impaling them on sharp posts. The actual family crest of "Vlad the Impaler" is shown on the hauntingly regal Count Dracula Coat of Arms wall decor.

Find these unique items and other legendary decor at Design Toscano!

Enjoy free shipping until March 17th with purchases of $75 or more!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Last Day to Buy More and Save on Garden Statuary and Unique Decor

Gaston, the Climbing Gothic Gargoyle StatueTomorrow is March 8th, the final day of our March into Spring sale. Buy more than $100 of any items by the end of tomorrow to save on high quality animal garden statues, fantastic garden fairies, and anything else on our site. Buy a funny gargoyle statue like Detest the Rest along with the impressive Gaston the Climbing Gargoyle Statue and you can take $20 off. Both of these gargoyle figurines are as entertaining as they are intimidating.

If you are looking for statuary that is a bit more peaceful in nature, you get $50 off the Angel of Patience Sculpture. This dramatic, beautiful angel statue is more than three feet tall and is a classic angelic addition for any backyard. Complement her angelic beauty by putting the Resting Grace Sitting Angel Sculpture on a doorway cornice or on top of a garden wall.

To get a $100 discount, make any purchase of $400 or more. This gives you the chance to get big savings on one of the largest angel statue in our collection, the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture. This breathtaking angel sculpture is over six and a half feet in height and displays majestic wings that have a span that approaches four feet.


Receive $20 off your purchase of $100

                $50 off your purchase of $200

                $100 off your purchase of $400

This cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Gargoyle Figurines with a Modern Touch

Socrates, the Gargoyle Thinker StatueGargoyles are a type of decor that have been around for a long time. Although we associate gargoyles with the Middle Ages, various cultures have been putting sculptures of scary creatures on sacred places for thousands of years. The dragons of Babylonia may not look like the gargoyles that decorate French Gothic cathedrals but they were probably likewise used to intimidate and scare off evil spirits. In modern times, we might not expect gargoyles to protect the home from evil, but that doesn't change their status as unique, mystical decor.

Modern gargoyle statues still resemble their classic Medieval predecessors but some tend to show more detail and display more human-like characteristics. One such classic gargoyle with a modern touch is Goliath the Gargoyle. Goliath's fangs and muscles are big even by gargoyle standards but he seems to be more occupied with napping than scaring off intruders. This big, sleeping gargoyle is right at home when displayed on top of a television, book case, or garden wall.

Gargoyles aren't typically known for their intelligence but Socrates, the Gargoyle Thinker breaks that stereotype by showing that these medieval monsters are capable of deep thoughts. Whether he is thinking about the role of the gargoyle in an increasingly technological world, or just who to eat next, Socrates stuns with realistic, life-like details.

Find the best gargoyles and medieval decor today!

Save on high quality gargoyles and other unique items at Design Toscano

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Fun Gargoyle Gifts

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureGargoyles are such an interesting type of garden statuary. Unlike their angelic counterparts, these statues are designed to scare away evil spirits and evil-doers and attempt to accomplish this with toothy grins, a formidable muscled appearance, big clawed hands, and intimidating bat-like wings. They are the very definition of frightening so it might seem odd to put them in the garden. Nevertheless, these mythical creatures can be quite endearing and many of us find them to be simply fascinating. They remind us of gothic cathedrals, royal European castles, and fairy tales. They lend a certain sort of enchantment to any garden and that's why gargoyle figurines also make excellent gifts for just about anyone.

Emmet the gargoyle sculpture is downright cute and looks about as intimidating as a puppy. In fact, he looks like he needs a friend and will find plenty of fans when placed in a prominent spot in the garden. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to go near The Chained Cathedral Gargoyle. There's a reason why this protective, feisty gargoyle is kept on a chain and he shows it with tensed muscled arms, outspread wings, and an open, toothed maw.

For a truly frightening gargoyle, you can't get much more terrifying than the sculpture of Scatheus, Guardian of the Shadows. The fine details and savage of appearance of this gargoyle make it seem as if the beast  is ready to come to life!

Get 20% off any on sale gargoyle or other on sale item at Design Toscano until February 1st as part of our Mid-Winter Clearance Sale!

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20% Discount on Any On Sale Garden Statuary Starts Today!

Florentine Gargoyle Statue: LargeJanuary is the cold heart of winter. The temperatures outside are well below freezing in many parts of the USA and Canada, and shoveling snow has become a daily part of the exercise routine for lots of people. It's tempting to just stay inside but at least that gives you the chance to go through the house and take stock of items that you would rather sell than put into storage. We pretty much do the same thing and call it the Mid-Winter Clearance Sale. This January sale is a great chance to save 20% on any of our sale items and goes on from today until February 1st.

It includes gargoyle figurines like the classic Florentine Gargoyle Statue. This sculpture of a staunch Italian gargoyle is modeled after medieval gargoyle statues that perch on Tuscan churches. It comes in two sizes and both are fine examples of Gothic decor.

The clearance sale also counts for on sale Egyptian decorations like the stunning King Tut Sculptural Floor Lamp. This functional work of art adds lighting with an ancient, royal touch to any home and business.

Order any on sale item from now until February first and enjoy 20% off as part of our Mid-Winter Clearance Sale! This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Start Saving on Gothic Décor Today!

Today, January 4th, marks the beginning of our first sale on Gothic decorations for 2013. Order any of our beautiful Gothic tables and other Gothic items from now until January 6th and get 20% off the regular Argos Gargoyle Sentinel Statueprice! This includes such frighteningly good gargoyle figurines as the Abbadon Gargoyle Statue. This fierce, Celtic-inspired gargoyle is ready to open its bat-like wings and pounce on any unwelcome intruders to your Gothic garden.

The  Argos Gargoyle Sentinel Statue is a classic gargoyle modeled after sculptures that adorn European castles, churches, and keeps. Argos is just as intimidating as its old European brethren and has the same detailed wings, muscled haunches, and fanged snout.

For a cuter set of gargoyles, you can't go wrong with the Picc-a-Dilly garden gargoyle statues.  Although these three mischievous little imps won't be scaring any rabbits out of the garden, they will probably produce more than a few laughs.

While picking out Gothic statuary, don't forget that Gothic wall decor is also on sale. This includes everything from the detailed Horned Dragon Skull Trophy to a Coat of Arms Wall Plaque that shows the family crest of Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula!).

Get 20% off all Gothic items at Design Toscano until Sunday, January 6th!

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Find That Special Outdoor Garden Statue at Design Toscano

Every backyard looks better with a bit of decor. Whether the size of a postage stamp or an acre of green, animal garden statues and various types of garden statuary help to give it character and turn it into your own personal green space. The type of statuary used in the backyard depends on your likes and what you Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpturemight want to portray. You don't need to settle on any old statuary either. Go for unique, quality items that will make a statement and compliment the beauty of your backyard.

These are items such as the exquisite Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statue or even detailed gargoyle figurines like the Silas the Gargoyle Sentry. Each of these is essentially a beautiful work of art that adds a huge amount of character to any garden and are a tiny sampling of the huge array of fairy and gargoyle sculptures we carry.

Animal statues help to give your garden a wild look with natural beauty. The success of animal sculptures depends on their realism and this is why we offer items that stand out for their lifelike details such as the Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue

Shop at Design Toscano to find the decor and objets d'art that will turn your garden and home into an enchanted realm or peaceful escape.

Get 20% off sales items until today, December 26th as part of our Christmas Clearance sale!

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Fine Gothic Décor in the Form of Iron Door Knockers

Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door KnockerThere are so many types of Gothic decorations that folks who don't particularly like gargoyle figurines may be enthralled by other Gothic-inspired items. One such item is the door knocker. Invented long before the appearance of the doorbell, heavy iron knockers were needed to make an audible knock on the thick front door of castles and large manors. As with many functional items, they lent themselves to the imagination of artists and took on the form of everything from stern faces to roaring lions.

The Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door Knocker is one such item. With piercing eyes and leafy hair, don't be too surprised if your guests are hesitant to grasp the large iron ring knocker clenched in the greeman's teeth! If you don't have a door strong enough to support this replica of a door knocker from a Tuscan estate, it also makes for a unique towel holder.

A less intimidating knocker suitable for most doors is found with the Winthrop Manor Greeman Door Knocker. Crafted with foundry iron and modeled after a 19th century Victorian piece, the Winthrop door knocker gives a distinguished welcome to all of your guests.

Order these and other fine door knockers, animal garden statues, and anything else from the Design Toscano site until midnight tonight, November 28th, and get a 20% dscount!

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Gothic Décor Lighting for Halloween

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall SculptureLighting often gets overlooked as part of Halloween decor. Although the front porch might be decked out with an impressive display of jack-o-lanterns and illuminated skeletons, the inside of the home uses the same old torchieres and lamps as it does on every holiday. To add that extra touch of fright that makes your party one that guests will always remember, use sculptural lighting that both entertains and captures the Halloween spirit.

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall Sculpture will provide light for a dark hallway in the grimmest of fashions! With wicked, toothy grin, this detailed hooded skeleton will provide your guests with the most foreboding of welcomes. The ball of light in its hands lends illumination for guests while bathing the Reaper in an eerie glow!

On another wall in need of lighting, instead of setting up a boring lamp, put up "Merciless", the Gargoyle Lighted Wall Sculpture. With ball of light in his clawed, vile hands, this most disturbing of gargoyle figurines looks like he probably prefers the dark. Whether due to the light or the presence of so many guests, he doesn't seem the slightest bit happy! His mouth is open in a snarl, his eyes are livid with rage, and the veins stand out on his muscled arms as he tenses before striking out.

Find the best in Gargoyle garden statues and Halloween decor at Design Toscano today.

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Serving Tables for Halloween Gothic Décor

Roswell, the Alien Butler Pedestal Sculptural TableAs anyone who has ever thrown a Halloween party knows, the last day in October isn't just about dressing up in a funny or frightening costume. It also involves entertaining guests with games and plenty of Halloween-themed food and drink. Offering spider-shaped cookies and other creative, spooky snacks is always an important addition to the evening festivities but why not go a step further and serve them on Halloween-themed tables?

Guests will love to receive their drinks from Roswell, the Alien Butler. A sculptural pedestal serving table standing over two feet tall, the alien's huge, infinite eyes and gaunt, realistic details will make him the hit of the party. Pair it with a Flying Saucer crashed in the garden for full, Planet X effect!

If looking for something a bit more traditional for Halloween, you can't go wrong with The Contortionist Skeleton Side Table. Bound to be one of most unique skeletons you have ever seen, it keeps a thick, glass tabletop steady with a contorted combination of bony hands and hips. While you and guests are trying to figure out where the hip bone is connected to the leg bone, you will be amazed by the realistic details of this spooky sculpture.

Find these spooky serving tables, gargoyle figurines, and the best in Gothic Décor at Design Toscano today.

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Go for a Sci-Fi Theme with Alien Garden Statuary this Halloween Season!

Who says that all things spooky need to come crawling out of the grave? While the idea of zombies Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statuecreeping up and out of the dark earth isn't exactly for the faint of heart, those undead creeps don't have a monopoly on scare tactics! Beings from other planets can vie with zombies and even the most hideous of gargoyle figurines when it comes to terrifying us. Although at least a few aliens shown on the silver screen have been downright adorable, many more are the stuff of nightmares.

In terms of terror and originality, an alien invasion is an excellent idea for a Halloween decorating theme. But where on Earth can you find decor that truly looks as if it comes from beyond the Kuiper Belt? Well, where else but Design Toscano? Aliens sculptures fit right in with realistic Bigfoot statues and creeping zombies, so of course we carry them!

Start the alien decorating with a sculpture of a flying saucer that just happened to make a crash landing in your garden. Put this very eerie statue in the backyard and you can rename your place "Roswell Two" or "The Real Area 151". When guests ask where the pilot is, direct them to the alien coming out of your wall!

Find these and other frighteningly realistic Halloween decor items at Design Toscano today!

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Get Ground-Creeping Garden Statuary for Halloween!

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie StatueOctober is here and Halloween is coming! Get ready for the creepiest day of the year (and one of the most exciting) with Halloween decor that leaves all of your guests impressed. Gargoyle figurines that hang off the walls and sneer at guests will always be a hit but some of the scariest of decorations are those that come clawing out of the ground.

Dare Halloween guests to enter your home with the Outbreak of the Undead Statue! With hungry, undead eyes, this rotting, green zombie outstretches an arm tipped with clawed hand to grasp at all passersby. You can bet that most will be giving this realistic ground sculpture a wide berth!

Combine the Outbreak of the Undead Statue with our equally realistic and horrific Zombie of Mountclaire Moors Sculpture for the beginnings of a zombie army in the garden. The pained, angry look on the face of this creature tells guests that they are dealing with one dangerous character. Arms bent with rigor mortis and an unnatural gray skin pallor lend realism to this fantastic sculpture.

Yet another disturbing garden ground sculpture is the Dweller Below. As he comes up out of his sewer dwelling, the sinister look on the face of this creature hints at his evil intentions.

Save on these resin garden statues, Gothic tables, and other quality Halloween decor at Design Toscano!




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Dragon Garden Statues or Grim Reapers for Halloween?

Mystic Dragon Avenger StatueHalloween decor can come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to the usual cut-outs of ghosts, spiders, and other scary creatures, zombie sculptures and certain animal yard statues can help transform an average looking house into a lair of horrors. Although many people put dragon statues on display as part of a general Gothic or Medieval theme, they also make for great Halloween decor.

There's no denying the potential for terror with the Mystic Dragon Avenger Statue. Curling around a stone orb as it readies itself to pounce, this dragon displays furious eyes and open toothy maw for a truly menacing look.

The remains of dragons look just as frightening and your Halloween party guests will wonder what you have been up to when they come across the Stoker's Moors Dragon Skull while taking a pleasant stroll in your garden.

While many dragons are scary, most are also mystical and not nearly as terrifying as the very persona of death. Grim reapers take the prize when it comes to terrifying decor and the Ultimate Destiny Gothic Grim Reaper Statue is one of the most disturbing! Guests will also love it when you "welcome" them with a "no trespassing" sign flanked by Grim Reapers.

Order these spooky items, fantastic gargoyle figurines, and resin garden statues by midnight tonight and get them shipped for free!

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Last Day to Get 20% off Gargoyle Figurines and Other Halloween Decor

Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle ChandelierGiven the costs associated with parties, costumes, candy, and turning your place into a temporary haunted house, it's important to find discounts on Halloween decorations. You could buy cheap decor for this spookiest of holidays but that won't help your place stand out from homes of neighbors, family, and friends. It's better to invest in scary decor that makes a lasting impression and can be used for years instead of below-average, throwaway decor. Fortunately, if you buy Halloween decor from Design Toscano today, you can get a 20% discount on decorations of the highest quality.

Buy any of the items in our Haunting Halloween Gallery from now until the stroke of midnight and you get 20% off the regular price! This includes the Grim Reaper Sculptural Bath Tissue Tyrant to ensure that guests will be confronted with a deathly presence no matter what part of the house they visit!

For lighting, use the fantastic Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle Chandelier. This beautifully detailed, frighteningly good sculpture will be a centerpiece item for any Halloween party.

You can also greet guests at the front door with the wonderfully Gothic Dragon Welcome Wall Plaque. Or, tell them to leave with the Go Home Wall Sculpture.

Order these and other high quality decor from our Haunting Halloween Gallery by midnight tonight and get 20% off the regular price!

Don't forget to enter our Pinterest contest to show off your Halloween decorating skills and win a $200 gift certificate! Contest ends on September 28th.

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Backyards are Spookier with Greenmen

Poison Oak: Greenman Tree SculptureEven if you have never seen what greenman decor looks like, it's easy to surmise that it might be spooky. Although it sounds like another name for Martian-themed decor, greenman items are very much connected to Earth. These nature-themed decorations literally give faces to trees and the result is magical, mysterious, and somewhat frightening. Adding personality to trees with woody faces and piercing eyes, these sculptures will provide a unique, naturally spooky touch to the yard.

Most trees are innocent and docile but when the big craggy oak in the backyard decides to come awake and show its true face, trick-or-treaters might skip your house during their quest for candy. The Spirit of Nottingham Woods greenman can be especially frightening on dark, October nights. With perceptive, woody eyes, he peers out at all passersby and dares Halloween party guests to approach his twiggy abode.

While the Nottingham Greenman can look frightening or intriguing depending on the lighting, there's no doubting the evil designs of the Poison Oak Greenman Tree Sculpture. This leering sculpture literally shows his teeth in a malicious grin that taunts guests to "Come closer for a better look!".

Save 20% on these and other Halloween decor from now until September 24th!

Don't forget to participate in our Pin-spiration contest by creating your own Halloween pinboard with scary garden statuary and the best in gargoyle figurines. The winner gets $200 off a Bigfoot statue or anything else at Design Toscano.

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Did You Get a Bigfoot Statue for Halloween Yet?

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueThe best Halloween displays in town aren't necessarily the ones with scary sounds piped into a front yard that has been transformed into a spooky cemetery. While those do look great, they have been done before and who knows how many houses will follow that theme in 2012. If your place is going to stand out from the rest of the Halloween decorating crowd, you need to let your creative juices lead you to places where decorating ideas have no boundaries. Let your mind wander outside the box and you will come up with some amazing decorating themes.

For example, while zombies crawl out of your flower garden, how about putting up a Bigfoot crossing sign, or something like, "Beware of the Great North American Ape". Of course you should also combine those curious warnings with Bigfoot decor and that's just one of the ways we can help. You can start out by putting Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture behind a tree in the yard. Party guests and trick-or-treaters will do a double-take when they spot this highly detailed, realistic Bigfoot sculpture peering at them from the shadows! Follow that up with the huge, realistic Life-sized Yeti Sculpture in the garden and they might run for the door!

Find garden statuary and the best gargoyle figurines for Halloween at Design Toscano!

Save 20% on decor from now until September 24th!

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Create a Board on Pinterest with Scary Garden Statuary to Win a $200 Gift Certificate!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. It's the one holiday season that encourages literally frighteningly good decor, gives everyone a chance to dress up as they favorite villain, and provides the perfect excuse for Design Toscano Pinterest Halloween Contestmunching on candy.  This year, we are starting the celebration a month in advance with a contest that rewards one lucky contestant with a $200 gift certificate!

Pinterest is a social media site that acts as a virtual pin-board. It's a great place to showcase images of art, food, travel galleries, and decorations. Participation in this contest is free and requires nothing more than a creative touch and a bit of time spent on the computer. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Follow us on Pinterest: Do this by heading to and following us on our Pinterest board.
  2. Create your own spooky board: Make your own scary Pinterest board showing four Design Toscano items for each of the following three categories- indoor decor, outdoor decor, and costume ideas.
  3. Name your newly created Pinterest board "Design Toscano Pin-spiration".
  4. Copy the URL from your board and put it into the comments section of our Pin-spiration Contest Board.

Only one Pinterest board will be chosen as the winner so remember to be creative when posting your board! Contest ends on September 28th.

Save on gargoyle figurines and other high quality Halloween decor at Design Toscano.

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Get Ready for Halloween with Gargoyle Figurines!

Gaston, the Climbing Gothic Gargoyle StatueWith little more than a month to go until Halloween, the time has definitely arrived to to start shopping for spooky decor! Every year, we try to outdo the neighbors with scary decorations but it seems like many of us end up with similar decor time and time again. Those ghostly decorations might look fantastic but they kind of lose their edge when the guy next door is doing the same thing. This year, try outdoing the neighbors by shopping somewhere different.

Instead of going for the same old gravestones and cut-outs of "booing" ghosts and witches in the windows, put up a few garden gargoyles and watch the neighbors scream in delight. Greet party guests, passersby, and trick-or-treaters with Gaston, the Gothic Climbing Gargoyle. Lifelike and detailed, Gaston grins with anticipation and looks ready to reach out and grab the nearest unfortunate soul with a muscled, claw-tipped arm.

For an even more sinister looking garden gargoyle statue, put Beezlebub, the Prince of Demons on display! True to its name, this is one evil looking character. With clawed extremities and short, bat-like wings, this master of malice sits on his pedestal and contemplates his next evil move with an evil, ugly, fanged grin.

Save on these and other quality, scary decor by shopping for Halloween decorations at Design Toscano!

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Show Your Appreciation for Fantasy with Medieval Home Decor

Horned Dragon Skull Wall TrophyThe fantasy genre has been one of the most popular fiction genres since writers first started penning literature. Beowolf, possibly the oldest known work of English literature, is classic fantasy still taught in modern day English classes. Millions of children listen to stories by the Brothers Grimm in dozens of languages every day of the year. Some of the biggest movies of all time also bear witness to the power and popularity of fantasy.

Many of the fantasy genre works have similar themes and attest to the enduring draw of dragons, magical creatures, and wizards. Perhaps it's because we wish those enchanting, amazing stories were real or because they bring us to another, much more exciting world. Whatever the reason may be for enjoying fantasy films and books, items like gargoyle figurines, dragon garden statues, and Medieval decor aid in bringing those tales to life and help us personify the heroes we read about.

Hanging a Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy in the den tells guests what you really hunt for when you go hiking in the dark, piney woods. Display the Sword of Richard the Lionhearted  in a Claw Sword Hanger and they can see the weapon used to "slay" the dragon.

Not to worry if you don't want to be known as a dragonslayer. There are plenty of beautiful Gothic tables and a number of Medieval collectibles to choose from too.

Find the very best in fantasy decor at Design Toscano.

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