Unique Gothic Gift Ideas for Her

Although it is easy to say that it is hard to buy for the man who has everything, the same dilemma can be presented when it comes to women.  Although most women will adore any gift that can add to the decor or beauty of their home, finding the gift that will meet her tastes can be a challenge.  It may not occur to you to try and find something a little gothic for her tastes this year, as this seems to be a taste that caters exclusively to men.  Not so as you will find when you browse our selection of gothic decor, there are a number of choices that will delight and enchant her and will be the perfect gift for any woman on your list.

The Dweller Below Garden SculptureOne thing that women are always needing is that little extra something for the garden.  A gargoyle sculpture or sculptures for outside for the garden will be something she won’t think of to purchase herself.  Our Dweller Below Garden Sculpture is just one example of a gothic addition to an outdoor space that she will adore.  An eye catching piece like this, or some adorable gargoyle figurines for the garden are conversation pieces she will love to add to her outdoor decor.

There are few women that don’t love the gift of jewellery, and there is no better time to do so than during the holidays.  A gothic ensemble such as our Ancient Talisman ensemble is not only going to bring her good luck, but will take the breath away from any of her beholders.

As you can see, the gift of gothic is not simply reserved for men.  Try our huge selection of gothic items for her, and take advantage of our 20% off sale going on right now!

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Gargoyles Will Serve As Your Personal Bodyguard

Medieval Marauder Gargoyle StatueThere are few people who aren’t security conscious today, and rightfully so. But why spend a fortune on an alarm system, if you can add the ferocity and protection that a gargoyle does?  The simple addition of a gargoyle in your home is not just a status symbol, but a symbol that beckons the gods of protection to serve over your home.  Gargoyle figurines or a gargoyle sculpture that is appropriately placed may be all the security system you need to protect your cherished space.

Every home needs a good sentinel, and a gargoyle creation outside your home such as our Boden Gargoyle Sentinel will serve just that purpose 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This is a two foot tall masterpiece that is ready to work in your garden or entrance way, keeping away any evil spirits trying to work their way into your peace.

And if you already have all of the gargoyles you need in your home, gargoyle gifts can serve as the perfect holiday gift of protection.  Something as simple as our authentic iron gargoyle bottle opener will be the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday present for the man on your list that has everything.

Whether it is for you or for somebody else, a gargoyle present is the perfect presence in any home that needs protection from evil spirits.

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A Medieval Figure Represents Royalty

Medieval Norman Warriors Sculptures: OdoWhen people think of the medieval era in terms of decor, the image quickly conjured is often one that is dark and foreboding.  Although medieval home decor can certainly go that way, it doesn’t necessarily have to.  Whether you are choosing knight statues or a simple Gothic centerpiece, a medieval figure in your home is one that represents an element of royalty, and will add an instant regal touch to any space in your home.

Another common misconception about the medieval era, is that its decor today is not affordable.  There is simply nothing further from the truth.  The simple addition of something such as our Norman Warrior sculpture makes the perfect holiday gift for someone who needs a little sprucing in their home, or could simply add a protective ambiance in your own home wherever you choose to put it.

Gargoyle figurines are another way to add a medieval touch to your space without going to dark extremes.  A long time symbol of strength and protection, something as simple as our Medieval Marauder gargoyle will make just the statement you want in any entrance of your home.

If you like the Medieval touch, you can add it to your home without spending a fortune while still adding a little something extra that spells royalty.  Whether it is a gargoyle protector or a knight in shining armour, the list is limitless.

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Choosing Stocking Stuffers That Nobody Else Will Think Of

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it is so easy to get the same old thing that everybody else is getting.  Who doesn’t load up on chocolate and gift cards when it comes time to grabbing those last minute gifts that go into the stockings?  While everybody certainly loves those gifts, this year, why don’t you do something different and add a little something unique into your stockings this year? Not only will you have your last minute gift grabs purchased well ahead of time, but these ideas will bring smiles that not many other gifts will.

Nobody thinks to inject Egyptian home décor into their stocking stuffers, which gives you all the more reason to start the trend yourself.  Something like our Egyptian home journal will be a truly unique item that you can rest assured nobody else will put into that stocking.

The Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyle Sculpture Set - SmallA small gargoyle sculpture or one of our knight statues will also accomplish the same goals of a unique stocking stuffer that is sure to be remembered.  Our Picc-A-Dilly gargoyle set is one that will have your recipient laughing for days after they open it.

When it comes to stocking stuffers, it is easy to get caught up in the same old thing every year.  But why not choose one of our unique items for the same amount of money that you would spend otherwise?  Gargoyles and knight items are popular all year round, and will last much longer in any home than holiday chocolate stuffed at the last minute will.

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How to Honor the Knight in Shining Armour on Your List

Lord Langton's Castle Glass-Topped Sculptural TableIf you have a knight in shining armour on your holiday gift giving list this year, you will want to honor him in style.  When it comes to gift giving for that special man in your life, it can be so difficult to find just the right thing.  How do you choose a gift that nobody else will give him, and that he doesn’t already own?  Here we give you some truly unique ideas that we guarantee you will simply not already be found in his favorite man cave.

Knight statues are the perfect way to show him just what a knight in shining armour you think he is.  As well, if you want to spruce up that man cave a little bit, what better way to do so than a table in medieval home decor that symbolizes how much he appreciates his own castle domain?

Gargoyle gifts as well are a known symbol from the days of knighthood.  These are symbols that will serve and protect any home, and will be a subtle reminder that as much as you appreciate your knight’s protection, a little gargoyle here or there will let him sleep in peace as well.

When it comes to buying gifts for the special man in your life, our holiday selection ensures that your limit is only your imagination.  We have gifts for knights in every budget and for every title deserving of royalty.

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How to Choose Gargoyle Gifts

Westminster, the Iron Desk GargoyleIf you are wanting to get a little extra something for somebody truly unique in your life, you may want to consider gargoyle gifts in your early holiday shopping.  The function of the gargoyle in any home is to serve as a protective symbol, so when you give the gift of a gargoyle, you are leaving your intended recipient with a little message that you care about their security and protection in the most symbolic way.

For the office executive that has everything, an office accessory that also serves as a gargoyle sculpture can be a unique way to add ambience and elegance to any corner office.  Show the boss the prestige he holds with a simple pen holder or pen itself.  When you do so, you may well be remembered when it comes time for a holiday bonus!  Add a little something with a gargoyle enhanced pen, and make a prestigious statement without saying a word.

Gargoyle figurines are available in a wide variety of designs, and serve as perfect gifts for the man that has everything.  In addition to a wide variety of office or home décor, you can gift something as unique as a gargoyle shaped bottle opener to add to your favorite man’s bar tools.

Make a profound statement without a profound budget.  Gargoyle gifts are inexpensive ways to make an expensive statement of power and prestige.  Purchase the man in your life a gargoyle gift and let him know just how valuable you think he really is.

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Knights Guarding Books and a Small Bridge

Medieval Knight Iron BookendsNow, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is about all things medieval you will be able to find it at Design Toscano.  We have knight statues, gargoyles, greenmen and much, much more for the medievalist.  A practical gift that is well crafted as well is the Medieval Knight Iron Bookends.  These proud knights are created in foundry iron so can hold up any book and stand at 9”tall.  Of course, they are carrying swords and have their face shields down ready to battle anyone messing with your books.

Enthusiasts of Asian art, be it our exciting Japanese garden statues, our many pieces of Asian furniture or any of our beautiful Asians figures will be delighted to browse our collection of adorable porcelain statues crafted by artist Lin Wei Dung.  One piece that celebrates the parent/child relationship is her Mother and Child at Play Statue.  As we all know, young boys are a bundle of activity and this one is on the move while mom stands by with extreme patience enjoying and guiding him.  The colors of the hand painting are gorgeous.

This is the time when many of our sculptures for outside are on sale and perhaps the time to plan your outdoor space for next summer.  A great piece that is at an excellent price now is The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge.  This bridge (for decoration, not walking) is 3 feet long and a detailed replica of those found in the Cotswold area of England.  If you have a halfpence throw it under this bridge and make a wish.

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Knights Tie and Creepy Crawler


Medieval fans are very fond of our various knight statues, but they should know that we have many other items in the category of knights and armor from wall hangings to chess sets.  One relatively new item that should be a hit is our Knights in Armor 100% Silk Tie.   This lovely silk tie is beautifully decorated with knights in various types of historical armor and would make an excellent gift for someone you know that is crazy about medieval history.

The Creeper Wall SculptureSoon it will be the major gift giving season and our LABOR DAY SALE is the perfect way in which to start your gift shopping.  Design Toscano has so many gift items that it is hard to enumerate them all, but the items that are the most intriguing are our medieval and gargoyle gifts.  Here is an item that would make the perfect gift even for Halloween and that is Mr. Bone Jangles Skeleton Sitter: Set of Two.  This inexpensive, yet very expressive gift would be fun for anyone that wants a skeleton to sit on his computer, dashboard or just on his or her desk.  He has his hands on his skull and is sitting in a worried position.  This item is a set of two for twice the fun.

Finally, we have many perfect items for your friends that love medieval times in our gargoyle figurines collection.  A new item that is sure to become a favorite is The Creeper Wall Sculpture by our wonderful artist, Liam Manchester.  His design divides the creeper’s right arm from the rest of his body in a two part wall sculpture that is wonderfully hand painted in designer resin.  When you look under his hood what do you see?

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Medieval Saints, Warriors and Knights

Baby Saint Francis SculptureDesign Toscano is known for its spiritually created religious outdoor statues from many major faiths.  In the Christian faith we have many statues of the Madonna and the various saints depicting various times in their lives.  One intriguing statue is the Baby St. Francis Sculpture.  This unusual statue is one of our exclusives and done by artist Carlos Bronti.  He has captured St. Francis as a young boy, dressed in monastery robes and as always surrounded by animals.  Look for this item and many others in our GARDEN SALE.

Medieval and Gothic themes are very popular for both indoor and outdoor décor and we have a great collection of these items including knight statues and warrior swords and shields.  A popular piece for any Medieval Shields Silk Tieindoor space is the Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield.  The shield is cast in designer resin and hand painted with a green background on which a Celtic cross is emblazoned in faux metallic finish.

Gifts will soon be on everyone’s mind as the traditional December gift giving season draws close and closer.  We have many wonderful medieval and gargoyle gifts for your friends and relatives that take a fancy to that period of history.  For a gentleman who is intrigued by medieval times, what better gift than the Medieval Shields Silk Tie.  This lovely tie is graced with several of the shields from the medieval time which are all very colorful and authentic.

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A Touch of Egypt and a Dieting Dragon

Egyptian Skeleton Sentry: Guard of the Temple BoxDesign Toscano is the place for you to find everything in Egyptian art and design items for a décor of Ancient Egypt.  We have all of the usual things such as statues of King Tutankhamen and Cleopatra, but we also have some unusual things like the Egyptian Skeletal Sentry: Guard of the Temple Box.  This little box is protected with detailed carvings of the goddess Wad-jet and a great place to store many types of items.  If Wad-jet were not enough protection, there is a wonderful sentry skeleton on the top wearing an Egyptian headdress.  This unique item is only available at Design Toscano.

For more in the world of Ancient Egypt, you need only browse our Egyptian tables and furniture collection and if you are looking for a lovely small storage area, the Keepsake of the Pharaoh: Egyptian Curio Cabinet. This wood cabinet is 16” Desktop Gothic Goblins: Dieter the Dragonhigh and is painted with picture of Isis and Nerfertari.  There are hieroglyphs around the border and it is lovingly finished by hand.

Even though it is still summer, many people are starting to pick up things with the winter gift giving season in mind and in our gargoyle gifts section there are many, perhaps somewhat strange, practical gifts at good prices.  One is Desktop Gothic Goblins: Dieter the Dragon, an adorable goblin with his tongue out and mouth opened wide so that you can feed him candy, pens, paperclips and other stuff on your desk.  He is hand painted in lovely goblin green and would make a great gift for a co-worker.

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Angels, Dragons and Greenmen Furniture

The Jacobean Court Cupboard BuffetA stone garden angel can add  spiritual peace to a space in your garden and all of our collection is sculpted in exquisite detail.  A popular figure is An Angel’s Offering Religious Statue which is cast from an Italian statue of the 19th century.  The statue and mount are 61” tall and finely done with great detail to her face and wings and the exquisite shell that she is offering up.  She will bring serenity to any garden.

A medieval décor is not complete without something from our greenmen collection.  Many of our outdoor greenmen are somewhat scary and intriguing, while the furniture of the collection is carved in great detail and are beautiful pieces.  The Jacobean Court Cupboard Buffet is carved in solid mahogany and is now at a reduced price.  This outstanding piece has plenty of storage with cabinets at top and bottom and drawers.  The carvings are from the Jacobean era and this item can only be found at Design Toscano.

A great piece for a desktop or a gift to a friend comes from our collection of gargoyle figurines which include not only gargoyles but dragons as well.  The Deadly Venom Whiptail Dragon Statue stands 9” tall and depicts this exciting dragon climbing over castle walls.  He is hand painted done in faux gold and white in contrast to the gray castle walls.  He would be an intriguing piece on any desk.

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Wonderful Buddha Statue and Medieval Fare

The Skull of Valhalla Viking Warrior Wall StatueMedieval times always have us thinking of knights, castles and damsels in distress, and  of course, there are gargoyles and dragons too.  Design Toscano knight statues and armor wall hangings are the best around.  An example is The Skull of Vahalla Viking Warrior Wall Statue which is 12” tall and the very essence of fierce and dominating.  He was once a Viking warrior and now he still fights on with his long beard and horned helmet.  He is a wonderful addition to any room.

For lovers of the Asian theme that we present in many of our outdoor sculpture such as our Japanese garden statues, now is the time consider bringing the theme inside.  There is no better way to do that than to acquire our  Sukhothai Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This detailed wall sculpture of the Sukhothai Buddha is 11” high and greatly detailed from the flame on his head to the peaceful and serene aspect of his face.  This might add some serenity to a yoga room.

Everyone has heard of Faberge eggs, but did you know that we have some (beautiful replicas) in our Basil Street Gallery?  These are called the Renaissance Faberge-style Enameled Eggs: Couleur Verte and Couleur Rose and if you never thought you’d own one, think again.  These beautiful eggs are done in fine detail  of high quality enamel and would make an excellent gift , either as a set or just one gorgeous egg.

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Gothic Figures and Knights Playing Chess

Even if this isn’t the typical season for giving, it is always nice to bring something to a party or if you are a house guest this summer.  Look no further than our gargoyle gifts section for something for the medieval/Gothic fan.  The Grip the Dragon Pewter Gothic Bottle Opener is an inexpensive item that will be the talk of the party.  A finely detailed winged dragon sculpted in pewter sits atop this stainless steel bottle opener that everyone will want to use even if they have twist off caps.

Other gifts can be found in our collection of gargoyle figurines, which are not only visually a little scary, but have a certain utility too.  A piece that can spark up your Gothic Gargoyle Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpturegutter spout is the Gothic Gargoyle Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpture.  While the majority of people have ordinary downspout openings, you can have this wide mouthed gargoyle carrying the water from the gutters unto your lawn.  He is a finely detailed, crouching gargoyle with wings that attaches easily to your ordinary downspout.  This will cause comment.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves the medieval times and also loves to play chess, you need to check out The Knights Mortal Conflict Chess Set.  This set comes with a 10” square wood playing board that is also a box to keep the pieces in.  The pieces are of medieval knights with swords and shields, bishops, damsels and pawns done in designer resin.  This is a Design Toscano exclusive.

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Gothic Time Piece and Stone Garden Angel

Gothic Grains of Time Gargoyle HourglassSometimes going through all the centuries of art and sculpture in Design Toscano is like having a history lesson.  We answer some of the questions such as why gargoyles were on castles and who were the Egyptian gods.  One piece that we have may answer how they kept time in the Gothic period.  This is the Gothic Grains of Time Gargoyle Hourglass which is only one of the marvelous gargoyle gifts we have.  If your friends like gargoyles, this detailed finely sculpted piece is just the thing with four gargoyles on it and inside are the sands through the hourglass.
Many of our customers have meditation areas in their gardens in many different themes from Asian to our stone garden angels.  

The Intercession Angel: Praying Hands Religious Statue is a wonderfully sculpted serene statue of a finely detailed large angel bowing her head in prayer.  The artist has caught a peaceful prayerful look on her face.
You should browse all of our galleries and you will be surprised at the amount of Egyptian art Design Toscano has collected.  We have statues, paintings and intriguing pieces of furniture depicting the Ancient Egyptian style.  One extraordinary piece is the Wadjet Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces.  This lovely mirror is 2 ½ ft. tall and 19 in. wide.  It is hand painted in faux gold leaf and rich Egyptian blue.  The cobras on each side are candle sconces for tapers to provide flattering candle light.

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A Trip to the Tropics with Tiki Gods and Parrots

Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three PleasuresDesign Toscano has all kinds of statues from many religions that are well sculpted and intriguing like our large Buddha statue.  If you are looking for a bit of the tropics and want a statue of a god, then feast your eyes on Tiki Gods Statue: Gods of the Three Pleasures now on sale.  These gods look like they might have been to the Tiki bar too often and yet had a really good time.  The statue stands 35 ½ in. high and shows the three Tiki gods carved in a wood grained designer resin.

Parrot Bottle OpenerWhat if you were looking for something as much fun as our tortoise sculpture, but with a tropical flair?  Then you would look directly at our Garden Jazz Frog Musician Statue: Set of Three Frogs.  The three frogs are standing on separate lily pads and are playing a saxophone, flute and fiddle respectively.  They are approximately a foot tall each and can be bought as a set or separately.

We have many, many gift items in our gifts collections some just a little different such as our gargoyle gifts.  If you have a friend that is a Parrothead (follower of Jimmy Buffett) or just someone who loves parrots, this is the gift for them.  It is the Parrot Bottle Opener and no pirate ship would leave home without one.  The parrot is done in tropical colors and opens bottles with his mouth.

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Many Useful Dragons

These items are all in our sale collection.

Everyone loves a large outdoor statue like our large Buddha statue, but not everyone has a large dragon resting on their garage or shed roof.  Our Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Cresting is of course a Design Toscano exclusive.  He is sculpted of designer resin and has a fearsome face and broad wings.  His base is constructed such that he can easily be placed on most roofs. 

Rock On Dragon Computer SpeakersWe have many gargoyle gifts in our collection, but did you know that we have some very useful dragon gifts also.  One such item is our set of Rock On Dragon Computer Speakers, what a great gift for someone that spends all their time on the computer.  These lovable dragon speakers are 8 inches high and can plug into any USB port.  Can’t you just imagine your boss’s face when he sees these rocking dragons on your desk?

Our dragon and gargoyle figurines are not just for decorative purposes, many of them have a functional use in your home or office.  A very functional piece is The Wolfram Dragons Sculptural Wall Shelf.  These dragons which are exquisitely designed by artist Gary Chang hold up a sculptured shelf about one yard long.  This is an unusual place in which to put all your stuff that will be well guarded.

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Gargoyles and Gothic Tables

Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle ChandelierSome of the best medieval statuary is that done of gargoyles, many of whom surrounded castle turrets and guarded castle entries.  These were detailed carvings of creatures that were created to scare even the most stouthearted knight.  Many people using a medieval theme enjoy having these creatures around their home and our gargoyle figurines such as the Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle Chandelier would be a great addition to a home with this theme.  This Design Toscano exclusive is a gargoyle with a very scary face and broad wings, his claws are holding the light and he is marvelously detailed in designer resin.

Celadon, the Sculptural Mp3 Player SentryOur Gothic tables are also wonderful additions to a medieval theme; so many of them are exquisitely carved with creatures that were popular during that historical time.  The Lord Raffles Lion Tea Table is just the right size to place anywhere in a room as an occasional table.  It has wing lions carved in hardwood around the top and the legs end on pawed feet.  This is a beautiful piece.

All of us have some friends that appreciate the slightly offbeat thing and our gargoyle gifts are designed with just those people in mind.   If you have a friend who is a fiend for an MP3 player then they should enjoy Celedon, the Sculptural MP3 Player Sentry Not everyone has a greatly sculpted gargoyle to guard their MP3 player.

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A Greenmen Witch, Baby Sea Lions and Dragons

Weekend Sale June 24th through June 26th

Please remember that our Weekend Sale, June 24th through June 26th will be featuring our Classic Garden collection.  The greenmen are often a part of this collection and this might be the weekend to come and view some of these unusual statues and wall figures.  One that is a lot of fun and wonderfully made is The Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenman Wall Sculpture.  You can decorate your garden wall with this foot and one half detailed sculpture of a rather ugly witch wearing a wonderful witch’s hat surrounded by poison ivy leaves.  In typical greenman fashion, she is unusual but wonderful.

Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal StatuesAll of our animal sculpture is detailed and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  Many of our artists have been working hard at making the animal offspring equally great and just a little bit cuter.  A fine example is our Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal Statues.  These three little sea lion pups are basking on a rock with one that is floating around nearby.  You can put them in water because they literally float; fun for the koi pond or any other water feature.  They have the great detail and beautiful hand painting of all our animal sculpture.

Summer always seems to be a time for gift giving from graduations to birthdays and weddings.  For the graduate there is no better place to look than in our gargoyle gifts section.  Here you find things that will make the grad’s new office just a little different such as The Desktop Dragon Hatchlings: Set of Three.  Here you have three little dragons just being born and still wearing parts of their eggshells.  Who would expect that on an office desk?

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From Basil Street to Gargoyle Gifts

Westminster, the Iron Desk GargoyleThere are so many great things in our Basil Street Gallery that it might take a lifetime to discover them all.  We have all the décor themes from medieval to contemporary and some that just can’t be categorized.  For those many fans of our fairy statues, we have a wonderful set of glass panels that show the garden fairies in marvelous splendor.  The Secret Garden Fairies Hand Painted Glass Art Panels: Harmony and Simplicity are unusual stained glass window hangings depicting the fairies under gorgeous flowers.  Simplicity carries a bouquet and Harmony is wrapped with a garland of flowers.  They are sold separately or as a set.

There are times that you want to give a useful gift, but also something people don’t see every day.  Nothing is more useful than a pencil and pen holder for a desk even in this computer age.  Westminster, the Iron Desk Gargoyle is certainly not something you see every day.  He is a winged gargoyle wearing chains and a rather nasty expression who holds pens and pencils.  Done in foundry iron, he is a good value for price and great for your boss.

The Design Toscano tiger sculpture is well sculpted and always done in wonderful hand painting.  When thinking of a tiger sculpture might think of the tiger prowling your yard, but you can bring this same great sculpture indoors with the Solitary Predator Bengal Tiger Sculptural Bust.  Here we have the same detailed, hand painted tiger sculpture as bust of the head of the Bengal Tiger. 

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A Buddha Frieze and Gargoyle Gifts

Everyone that is interested in increasing the serenity of their outdoor space should take a look through our Buddha outdoor statues.   One of the most unusual of these is a frieze that can be placed on a garden or patio wall.  This is the Earth Witness Buddha Sculptural Wall Frieze depicting the Angkor Khmer Buddha which is sculpted in great detail in designer resin and is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue HolderThere is always something special about a gargoyle gift.  It certainly may not be what the recipient was expecting, but if it is a Design Toscano gargoyle it will be well received.  A very useful and stylish gargoyle gift is Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder.  Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when they search for the toilet paper and find it being held by a scary gargoyle with wide wings sticking his tongue out.  This is fantastic and another exclusive of ours.

Sometimes our various themes of statues mix with each other as in the case of some of animals that find themselves in the gnomes’ garden.   The gnomes are hard-working gardeners and they also love the crawlies that end up in their space such as a tortoise statue.  The Teeter with the Turtles Garden Gnome Statue is one of our gardening gnomes pushing a wheelbarrow on which he is giving a ride to two adorable turtles, both wearing gnome hats.

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