Crafted For Quality: Gothic & Medieval Home Decor

Design Toscano's extensive and diverse Medieval and Gothic décor collection is one of our claims to fame! Crafed for quality, styled for distinction and designed to be envied, our variety of Gothic and Medieval home decor will bring the historic age of knights and dragons to your castle.
Nunsmere Hall 16th-Century Battle Armor Collection
The Nunsmere Hall 16th-Century Battle Armor Collection is the quintessential Medieval piece that is required in every home with a Medieval or Gothic theme. 

With the renewed interest in medieval weaponry as home décor, you can proudly showcase this full-size breast plate, helmet and pair of crossed swords that are also removable! Beginning in the 16th century, warriors displayed Italian-made weaponry in their castles as symbols of prestige and affluence. Our quality designer resin replica is finished in faux silver and bronze and features two removable, 41"-long quality metal alloy swords with crafted resin pommels.

The Horned Dragon of Devonshire Wall Sculpture is another popular Gothic wall decor piece.
With single horn and spiny wings, this sinister-looking dragon does a double-take over his shoulder as he scales your castle wall. Legend has it that the horn of our collectible Toscano exclusive, cast in designer resin and finished in Gothic greystone, has mystical healing powers.

To shop more of Toscano's Medieval and Gothic variety, visit our New Collection online. 

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The Best of Winter 2011

Revisit the last season with Design Toscano's Best of Winter 2011 collection! This extensive variety of pieces includes animal yard statues, gothic décor statues and more.
Birth of Venus Bonded Marble Statue
The Birth of Venus Bonded Marble Statue is a quaint, small piece perfect for your home's library or living room. It's elegance is inspired in large part after a 1486 painting by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Drawing on the spirit of one of the most famous paintings of the Renaissance, this stately sculpture captures the birth of Venus, the mythological goddess of love and beauty. Botticelli’s 1486 painting of the goddess set the standard for Renaissance beauty, with our bonded natural marble sculpt adding a third dimension that allows it to fill a privileged place in home or gallery.

On a completely different note, the Shadowed Predator Black Panther Statue is a ravenous-looking depiction of this notorious cat, but a piece that is just as elegant as Venus.
Your leafy summer garden will be labeled an exotic getaway when this sleek cat steps out to greet your visitors! The heart of African wildlife is captured in our more than two-foot-long, quality designer resin sculpture, hand-painted to herald the dark side of the jungle. This Toscano exclusive is on the prowl!
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Indoor Statuary With A French Perspective, to Complement Your Home Decor

Design Toscano features an extensive, original collection of statues for indoors that will no doubt complement your home's elegant decor! An elegantly placed indoor statue adds style and substance to a gallery wall, formal hallway or table. Classic museum replica sculptures, and French Medieval home decor are sure to bring exotic art to your estate. With thematic variety, Toscano indoor statues make stunning statements.
Napoleon the Emperor Sculpture
Our French Statues for indoors are not only elegant, but are incredibly inexpensive! At under $20, the Napoleon the Emperor Sculpture is a steal! Buy this piece before it goes out of stock!
Based on the painting by Robert Lefevre (1755-1830), this incredibly detailed tribute to The Little General boasts the same amazing artistry with which artist Lefevre depicted the revered commander in his famous 18th-century painting. Our exclusive, quality designer resin sculpt captures the essence of Napoleon Bonaparte from his three-cornered hat to his characteristic military swagger.

Another traditional French icon is Joan of Arc, depicted in our St. Joan of Arc Sculpture, inspired by the work of French artist Emmanuel Fremiet (1824 -1910). This 
Saint Joan of Arc, the patroness of soldiers and of France, is still honored as the strong woman and fearless leader that she was. Finely sculpted, then cast in quality designer resin and finely hand-painted with an almost ceramic detail, this champion for truth and justice sits atop a wooden base. This museum quality work of art is a spirited gift for yourself or anyone who might be inspired by her strength and resilience of spirit. Decked in armor, this Joan of Arc depiction will also complement your home's gothic décor elements. 
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Save On Hundreds Of Sale Items Today!

Enjoy Design Toscano's sensational savings on hundreds of our items, site-wide! Toscano has an extensive collection of Medieval and Gothic décor items that are marked down to incredibly low prices! Hurry up and buy now, before these products run out of stock!
Nature's Wanderer Sculpture
From the age-old tales of those who have nature's ear comes the Nature's Wanderer Sculpture by artist Liam Manchester. 
Who hasn't heard stories of wizened elders so attuned to nature that even the wind seems to whisper to them its secrets? Artist Manchester draws on these tales to bring us the powerful and wise "Wanderer," who boasts sculptural detail from a knowing smile to gnarled hands and upturned toes. Available exclusively through Toscano, this nearly two-foot-tall, hand-painted, quality designer resin work of art commands a presence in home or garden.

The Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment is a Medieval home decor piece that will add a dark, yet elegant tone to your humble abode. Put this dragon piece by artist Gary Chung to work over doorways, windows, tapestries, or paintings.
Use this architectural pediment to add medieval styling to home or garden! Noted dragon artist Gary Chang created this wall pediment with arched wings and pointed talons, then cast it in quality designer resin and finished it to resemble aged stone.

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Gothic And Medieval Furniture To Complement Your Castle!

Whether you're looking for a formal dining table or just a small accent, the pieces in our table collection are way beyond ordinary. Styled to replicate antiques and exquisitely hand-crafted, these tables quickly become favorite conversation pieces.

If you're looking for an elegant piece to complement your Medieval home decor or gothic décor, Design Toscano has a whole collection for you! Shop our Medieval and Gothic tables today for everything from coffee tables to desks to side tables!
Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table
The Gothic Revival Octagonal Side Table is a hand-carved solid hardwood antique replica that combines gothic style with Medieval elegance!
The octagonal table is a treasured style found in the rarest antiques, and this functional side table is a passionate salute to those 500-year-old Gothic treasures. With eight hand-carved cloverleaf tracery arches to support the kiln-dried hardwood top, this antique replica is as sturdy as it is handsome

Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table by artist Gary Chang is a spooky, yet aesthetically pleasing table that also doubles as a work of art!
Noted dragon artist Gary Chang’s intricately sculpted beast is clad in full battle armor, raising his taloned claws to offer forth a 3/8"-thick, pencil-edged glass top. This finely hand-painted, quality designer resin dragon with two-toned metallic detail provides service with a snarl! 
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Explore Our Lovely Furniture That Transcends Fads

Our beautiful and elegant pieces in our furniture collection are not only meticulously detailed, but they are timeless in their elegance and beauty. 

Masterfully hand-crafted to reflect your favorite design period, Design Toscano's furniture selections double as works of art! Exquisitely fashioned chairs, benches and sofas, tables, and footstools add old word style indoors and out, assuring that your furniture seats or stores with style!

With our elegant pieces, sometimes style is not about trends. Our Classic benches and sofas will not only add an element of comfort to your home, but also an element of style, taste and grace!
Maison Mehieu Hardwood Bench
The Maison Mehieu Hardwood Bench is a delicately hand-carved solid hardwood antique replica, reminiscent of French and Medieval home decor. 
Whether in an entryway or formal living room, our quality bench provides five feet of seating with distinctively elegant style! Cabriolet legs rise towards rolled, upholstered arms and a seat blanketed in tone-on-tone ivory jacquard fabric. Deeply hand-carved in solid hardwood by our master craftsmen and taking four days to create, this fine-quality designer piece is an investment in furniture art.

The Glastonbury Abbey Hardwood Bench is an elegant gothic décor piece that will look beautiful paired with some gothic tables! Our hand-carved, solid hardwood piece is a definite investment in European style and sophistication. If medieval history is your passion, you’ve certainly seen benches like our Toscano exclusive, uniquely constructed with a wide stretcher bar and pegs. Heavily hand-carved with ornate swirls of prolific acanthus and with sturdy paw feet, this solid hardwood work of furniture art comfortably seats two. Since it requires 4 days for our master carvers to create, you’ll be as proud to showcase this quality 15th-century replica as you will be to rest upon it! Simple assembly required.
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Take Advantage of Our 3 Day Mid-Winter Clearance Sale!

To mark the halfway point of winter, Design Toscano is having a short Mid-Winter Clearance sale! For the next three days, take advantage of our lowered prices! Take an addition 20% off all sale items!

Our collection of sale items are as much as 70% off, and with that addition 20% off, just think of the huge amount that you'll be saving!
Florentine Gargoyle Statue: Large
One popular item in our sale collection includes the large Florentine Gargoyle Statue. This elegant, beautifully crafted garden gargoyle statue is surprisingly inexpensive! Fresh from his eerie nightly vigil atop medieval Europe's most impressive architecture, our fierce gargoyle sentry is destined for a coveted spot in the homes and gardens of Gothic icon collectors worldwide. Our unparalleled replica antique is cast in quality design resin to aptly capture his muscular, flexed haunches and menacing scowl.

Another gothic décor piece that happens to be on sale is the Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment, by artist Gary Chang. Put this dragon to work over doorways, windows, tapestries, or paintings. Use this architectural pediment to add medieval styling to home or garden! Noted dragon artist Gary Chang created this wall pediment with arched wings and pointed talons, then cast it in quality designer resin and finished it to resemble aged stone.
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Add A Touch of Medieval Chivalry To Your Home!

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueDesign Toscano's exclusive Knight Statues bring an elegant air of chivalry and antiqueness that no other retailer could offer. Our beautiful, meticulously detailed indoor statues will complement perfectly your Medieval home decor.

Our Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size Statue will amaze your guests and visitors with its grandness and nobility.

At six feet tall, this incredibly detailed knight sculpture in shining armor is a medieval statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced resin sculpture is clad in 16th-century, Italian-style armor and proudly displays a medieval sword and chain-mail armor. This ruggedly handsome warrior sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment area or recreation room into something truly magnificent!

The Black Knight Fireplace Tool Ensemble is a beautiful foundry iron replica of a French antique. This gothic décor piece is not only an awe-inspiring work of art, but, as a fireplace tool ensemble, it is also useful! Place this piece by your fireside and take advantage of this Black Knight's tools anytime! 
Our exclusive knight and his halberd stand ready with poker, broom, and shovel to service your fireplace on command. Over 15 pounds of solid foundry iron like the original French antique, it’s been powder-coated for longevity. Spectacular amidst your other antiques, this functional work of decorative art has a unique style popular throughout the ages.

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Tasteful Wall Decor For Your Kitchen

The New Winter 2011 Collection includes several tasteful wall decor pieces for your kitchen and dining room! 
Chef Al Dente Metal Wall Sculpture
Design Toscano's Chef Al Dente Metal Wall Sculpture by artist Carlie Addyson is a silly and comical depiction of a classic Italian cook!
Though you won't see his show on TV, "Chef Al Dente" is fresh from the kitchen and ready to add plenty of whimsical spice! Addyson's handcrafted, formed metal wall art is hand-painted with plenty of culinary promise. This eye-catching work is sure to bring back fond memories of a favorite Italian meal and make you ready to "ciao down." Bon appetito!

The Vintage Wine Cellar Metal Wall Frieze is another wall decor piece by artist Carlie Addyson.
Stock your cellar with the beauty and timeless pleasure Vintage Wine Cellar Metal Wall Friezeof the fruit of the vine with this over 2 1/2-foot-wide work of metal wall art. Using a painstaking three-step process, the craftsman expertly shapes the metal, applies royal hues and adds antiqued parchment labels for further dimension. Celebrate good times, good friends and good wine with this work that transforms any room into an intoxicating escape.
To shop more of Design Toscano's wall decor, gothic décor, and garden statuary, visit us online today!
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Elegant Furnishings For Your Home

Giraffe Ottoman and Storage CubeDesign Toscano's New Winter 2011 collection includes a significant number of indoor furnishings, to complement your home's decor theme, whether it be gothic décor, Medieval home decor, Egyptian home decor, or European-inspired decor!

The elegant and useful Giraffe Ottoman and Storage Cube is reminiscent of our exotic outdoor animal statues. This beautiful ottoman will work perfectly in any home. Its pattern is exotic, and yet subtle and malleable to any home decor themes!
Put your feet up in exotic style and go a little wild! This eye-catching ottoman arrives dressed for success with bun feet, faux giraffe hide, and a fabric-lined interior. Lift the padded seat lid to store you safari stash of throw pillows, blankets or toys.
Art Deco Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp
The Art Deco Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp is another exotic piece that stands out a little more than the ottoman!
Peacock plumage fans up almost five feet high in this sculptural floor lamp that lends shimmering opulence in sensual Art Deco style! Hundreds of individually sculpted, stylized deathers surround a breathtaking 360-degree sculpt cast in quality designer resin and finished in antique gold with a subtle, muted teal patina wash. Our Toscano exclusive is crowned with a sparkling crystalline resin shade.

For more exotic furniture options, visit Toscano's New Winter 2011 collection online today!

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Inspire the Fantasy and Stir The Imagination With Mystical Pieces From Our New Collection!

Shadowcrested Tomb Guardians Dragon ChaliceDesign Toscano's brand new, exclusive Winter 2011 collection includes several mystical pieces, which include gothic décor garden statuary for outdoors, and Medieval home decor items for indoors!

The Shadowcrested Tomb Guardians Dragon Chalice is an intricate gothic piece that your home's guests will admire and revere.
Summoned from the realm of highest fantasy, dual dragons protect this Toscano original that begs to become your highly prized Gothic centerpiece. Perfect for setting the mood for your altar rituals, spells and ceremonies, this finely turned work of decorative art is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in faux metallic tones.

Artist Liam Manchester's Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall Trophy is a frightening and realistic piece to decorate a wall in your home with. This gothic piece will be sure to take your home's visitors by surprise!
Manchester's latest effort is an archeologist's anomaly! Drawing upon mythical folklore, the artist has conjured a skull trophy with fangs, horns and rows of teeth sure to make event he bravest heart shudder. Our Toscano exclusive is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted to be indistinguishable from faux ebony and fossilized bone. Guaranteed to impress on wall or table!

To shop more of Design Toscano's New Winter 2011 collection, visit Design Toscano online today!

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Be The First To Discover Our New Collection!

Our brand new collection, the New Winter 2011 collection, includes the finest in gothic décor and medieval home decor. And be the first to explore our collection, while taking advantage of Design Toscano's sale on our new products, which will go one from January 4th to January 5th. 
Vampire Bat Key Holder Wall Sculpture
The Vampire Bat Key Holder Wall Sculpture is not only a beautiful, gothic home decoration, but it also serves a purpose! Magical as a sculpture alone, this eerily realistic bat is also ready to organize up to 8 skeleton keys! Our macabre wall masterpiece is cast in quality designer resin with a greystone finish to capture every spooky detail, from spiny wings to pert ears. 

Another gothic wall decor piece is the Bad to the Bones Winged Skull Sentinel Wall Sculptures, Set of Two. This piece will haunt your guests and visitors with it's 
For a true taste of "Gothic couture," add this mirrored macabre duo of skull sentinels to your wall. With stylized wings, this Design Toscano-exclusive facing pair is skillfully cast in designer resin and hand-painted to capture the dark side of decaying beauty.

To shop more of our exclusive and brand new items, which are %20 percent off, visit Design Toscano's New Winter 2011 collection online today! 

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Be the First To Discover Our New Items!

Shop Design Toscano's new Winter 2011 collection today! Be the first to discover our amazing, brand new outdoor garden sculptures.

Create instant serenity in your garden with our resin garden sculptures, fresh from our artisans' studios. 
Ball-And-Chain Gothic Dungeon Gargoyle Statue
The Ball-And-Chain Gothic Dungeon Gargoyle Statue by artist Liam Manchester is one of our brand new gargoyle figurines, which will complement your gothic décor extremely well!
Chained to his pedestal perch, our Toscano-exclusive Gothic gargoyle statue is a prisoner of your castle! Under his burdensome restraints, our muscular gargoyle figurine flashes vampire fangs and spiny wings cast in quality designer resin with a two-toned finish that highlights every sculptural detail.

The God of Good Fortune Statue is the perfect oriental piece to add to your yard. Look closely at one of our newest asian garden sculptures: This Chinese god of good fortune clutches ancient money "Yuan Bao" to lead its recipient on the road to riches. Often kept in a place of honor atop "ancestor shelves," this foot-and-a-half-tall gent is equally happy in home or gallery. Echoing the original Asian antique, this quality designer resin replica boasts a faux dark bamboo finish.

To shop more garden statuary, visit Design Toscano's New Garden Statues collection online today!
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Gallant Knight Statues For Your Castle

Knights represent bravery, courage, and chivalry. Their depictions are always beautiful and bold, and so our Design Toscano's replicas of Knight statues, which are abundant in our medieval home decor collection. 
The King’s Guard Sculptural Half-Scale Knight Replica
The King’s Guard Sculptural Half-Scale Knight Replica is one of our most popular knight statues, and one of the least expensive as well.
At more than a yard tall, this incredibly detailed, museum replica knight is a true statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our 26 lb. quality designer resin museum replica is clad in 16th-century style Italian armor, proudly displaying his sword and a chestplate emblazoned with intricately sculpted lions. Features a two-tone metallic finish.

The Medieval Knight of the Round Table Statue is one of our only life-size Knight statues! 
At six feet tall, this incredibly detailed knight sculpture in shining armor is a medieval statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced resin sculpture is clad in 16th-century, Italian-style armor and proudly displays a medieval sword and chain-mail armor. This ruggedly handsome warrior sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment area or recreation room into something truly magnificent!
To shop more of Design Toscano's Knight Statues, visit our Medieval home decor and gothic décor collections online today!
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Design Toscano Exclusive Wall Decor For Your Home

Design Tosacno's wall decor creates stunning focal points for you to display fine wall sculptures with elegance and style. Add character and depth to any wall with our sculptures, authentic framed art replicas and architectural wall shelves. Here you will find Venetian wall masks, wall mounted swords and armor, tapestries, wall hangings, architectural sconces and dramatic wall mirrors, all of which are designed to give your home a unique look and style. We also offer vintage advertising tin signs, elegant stained glass windows and an extensive collection of outdoor wall decor and wall sculptures to transform your garden into an inviting gathering space.
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture by Andrea della Robbia is one of our beautiful pieces in our collection of Religious Outdoor Statues. Our resin garden statues will even work well inside your homes as well!
Recognizable the world over, the work of the Renaissance-era della Robbia Workshop continues to be admired in our bas-relief replica of a 15th-century original. Heralded by a host of heavenly angels and framed with garlands of fruits and flowers, the traditional images of the Holy Mother and Child are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in an ancient stone finish accented with classic blues. This finely detailed, foot-wide-diameter, gallery-quality Toscano exclusive is a perfect housewarming gift to yourself or another lover of art or history.

For more home decor options that will complement your Medieval home decor, Egyptian home decor and gothic décor themes, visit Design Toscano's Wall Decor collection online today!
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Bar Carts Are Elegant, Useful Addition to Any Home!

Masterfully hand-crafted to reflect your favorite design period, our furniture selections double as works of art! Design Toscano's exquisitely fashioned bars and bar carts add old word style to your home, assuring that our beautiful pieces also do their job!
The Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar
The Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar is the best place in the world for your port, brandy and stemware! This beautiful bar cart will also add an air of gothic décor, to complement your Medieval home decor! 
Impress guests with the Old World charm of our elegant 22" dia. Italian-style globe bar, wrapped with replica 16th-century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science, Florence. Opening from its hinged meridian to reveal artistically hand-painted interior frescoes reminiscent of domed ceiling contraspecto (“view from the heavens”), our Toscano-exclusive work of furniture art boasts secure spots for your treasured bottles and glasses. A trio of handsome, turned hardwood legs rises from rolling casters and a circular lower shelf, allowing additional storage and a celebration that can be moved anywhere!

Cranbrook Manor Cordial Carriage is a hand-carved solid hardwood signature piece that is also an investment in European style.
Recalling the rich romance of the stately horse-and-carriage age, this distinctive serving cart stands alone as sophisticated European furniture art, yet is at your beck and call regardless of the occasion! Hand-carved of solid hardwood, it offers two glass-paned doors that open for easy access to your bottles and stemware. A top handle and four wheels with hidden caster wheels allow easy movement from room to room. This absolutely unparalleled work is authentic, rich period furniture art that is nothing short of amazing!

To shop more of Design Toscano's other items, including outdoor garden statues and more, visit us online today!

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Goth Gifts For Any Time of the Year!

Every home in this country is in dire need of gothic décor and medieval home decor in the form of gargoyle figurines and dragon garden statues!

Looking for the perfect gargoyle statue or gargoyle gifts for yourself or for a loved one? Well Design Toscano is here to help, as dragon statues and gargoyle sculptures are our claim to fame!
Balthazar’s Watch Gargoyle Sculpture
Balthazar’s Watch Gargoyle Sculpture by artist Marco Paoletti is one of Design Toscano's most inexpensive garden statuary pieces. What a great deal!
Wings raised at the ready, Italian artist Marco Paoletti’s “Balthazar” stands as a ferocious warrior in entryway, on desktop or in the garden! Cast in quality designer resin, our collectible Toscano exclusive shows off his muscled arms and sinewy form to remind visitors that he’s one gargoyle who means business!

The Celtic Timekeeper Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock by Design Toscano's artist Liam Manchester is a beautiful and eloquent piece that will add a gothic touch to your home's decor, and for a decent price too!
It s dragon time! With its powerful wings spread wide, artist Liam Manchester's dragon wraps his spiked tail around a striking stone gray, designer resin Celtic clock that features metal hands. Intricately sculpted, this modern, quartz-movement clock is another Toscano exclusive!
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Cheap, Last Minute Gift Ideas

Did you forget someone on your list of people to purchase for? Well Design Toscano will help you with your last-minute gift shopping! We have an extensive collection of beautiful but also inexpensive gifts, ranging from gargoyle gifts to gothic décor items and more!
Bath Tissue Tyrant
The Bath Tissue Tyrant: Commode Dragon is a fun and creative gift for your dragon-loving friend or family member! This Medieval home decor gift is also an inexpensive and useful present for its receiver!
This medieval-style toilet tissue valet guards your bathroom bounty with Gothic flair! Artist Gary Chang sculpted our Toscano-exclusive, wall-mounted work in quality designer resin to capture every amazing detail. Unique to all the kingdom! Due to the nature of this item, we are unable to accept returns.

The Temptation of Medusa Sculpture, inspired by the work of artist Boris Vallejo, is a beautiful and exotic piece for any room in the home. 
With her hair of snakes, Medusa symbolizes sovereign female wisdom and the potent female mysteries. The artist has captured her sensual curves and passionate presence in this shapely sculpture, cast in quality designer resin finished with faux ivory and gold accents exclusively for Toscano. 
Visit Design Toscano's last minute gift ideas collection for more ideas! It's not too late to order, but hurry and get your shopping done soon, before it's too late!
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Best Sellers in Design Toscano's Holiday Gift Center

Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of gifts and holiday home decor for you and your loved ones. The following gothic décor pieces and religious statuary pieces are some of our best selling right now!
Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter's Square
Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square is the perfect addition to any home decorated for the holidays. Its elegance and beauty are hard to resist. We so taken by artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini's angel statues at the Borghese Gallery in Rome that we had these finely detailed pair-a boy and a girl cherub-sculpted in the Italian Baroque style. With gracefully tapered horns and sophisticated faux gold finish, these quality designer resin Italian-style putti sculptures bring instant refinement to any home. These baby cherub works of art are awe-inspiring gifts to yourself or other angel statue collectors!

The Twist & Twirl Dragon Ornament will do wonders for any holiday tree, and will definitely complement the other ornaments on your tree! This limited-edition Toscano holiday ornament is all wrapped up in the season!  Put a new "twist" on the holiday season with 2006's Toscano-exclusive collectible dragon ornament! Whether he becomes the crowning touch for your tree, a stocking stuffer, an addition to your dragon collection or a package tie-on, this fun-loving beast is cast in quality designer resin and exquisitely hand-painted in bright holiday hues. Don’t miss our special 11th anniversary edition! 
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Gothic Gifts For Your Gothic-Lover Family Member!

There are many Gothic décor lovers out there, so one is bound to be a family member of yours, if not an immediate one then a distant one!

During this holiday season, Design Toscano is offering remarkable sales and deals on gothic décor and other items like our gargoyle gifts and gothic tables! From now until Nov. 30, save %20 on all of Design Toscano's items, including our gothic and Medieval home decor items!

The Raven’s Perch Wall Sculpture is the quintessential gothic décor piece, as an everlasting symbol of all things dark. Nonetheless, the Raven is a beautiful, mysterious creature that will complement any home, and make the perfect gift for anyone on a budget!
This mystical “shape shifter,” legendary even before Edgar Allan Poe sang its praises, is a fabled messenger between the worlds who will also lend prophetic presence to your home or garden wall. Intricately sculpted from feathers to talons, our Toscano exclusive Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and finely hand-painted in charcoal black as a three-dimensional visitor with a mystical air. Displaying our Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture with your other collectibles will tempt more than just fate.
To browse through more Design Toscano gift options, visit our Holiday Gift Center online!
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