Deck the Halls with Gothic Décor!

Decorating for the holiday season is in full swing but you don't have to stick to traditional decor. Whether Emmett the Gargoyle Sculptureinterested in giving your decorations some Egyptian flavor or decking the halls with Medieval home decor, we make those and other creative decorating themes possible with high quality, unique items and objets d'art.

This holiday season, get several sets of three Skelly Claus II Ornaments to hang up on the tree, on the front door, and over thresholds. Use this combination of modern Gothic decor and Christmas as a replacement for mistletoe and to show guests that you aren't going to be throwing any ordinary old holiday party!

Buy wall decor like the Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield. This beautiful, captivating item makes a statement any time of the year but looks simply wonderful when surrounded by garland and other winter holiday decor.

No Gothic theme would be complete without a gargoyle statue or a dragon sculpture. Why not get both for this holiday season? They also look great during every month but make for fun seasonal decor when topped with an elf hat, crown of mistletoe, or draped with lights. Most gargoyles will play the part but cute little Emmet the Gargoyle will be a hit at any party! As for dragons, try dressing up Desmond the Dragon Statue as one of Santa's tiny reindeer.

Find the best in Gothic and Medieval decor for the lowest prices at Design Toscano.

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Fine Gothic Décor in the Form of Iron Door Knockers

Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door KnockerThere are so many types of Gothic decorations that folks who don't particularly like gargoyle figurines may be enthralled by other Gothic-inspired items. One such item is the door knocker. Invented long before the appearance of the doorbell, heavy iron knockers were needed to make an audible knock on the thick front door of castles and large manors. As with many functional items, they lent themselves to the imagination of artists and took on the form of everything from stern faces to roaring lions.

The Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door Knocker is one such item. With piercing eyes and leafy hair, don't be too surprised if your guests are hesitant to grasp the large iron ring knocker clenched in the greeman's teeth! If you don't have a door strong enough to support this replica of a door knocker from a Tuscan estate, it also makes for a unique towel holder.

A less intimidating knocker suitable for most doors is found with the Winthrop Manor Greeman Door Knocker. Crafted with foundry iron and modeled after a 19th century Victorian piece, the Winthrop door knocker gives a distinguished welcome to all of your guests.

Order these and other fine door knockers, animal garden statues, and anything else from the Design Toscano site until midnight tonight, November 28th, and get a 20% dscount!

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Give Your Place a Medieval Touch with Gothic Décor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableMedieval castles and keeps were decorated with some of the more interesting art and decor. Wall tapestries told stories in beautiful woven form. Paintings were commissioned along with sculptures of angels and other religious outdoor statues. Gargoyles perched on the tall stone walls and beautifully carved furniture contributed to the atmosphere of the castle.

Antique statues and tables that used to grace European castles and manors have become items for display in museums rather than for practical use. Nevertheless, you can still find fantastic Gothic tables, chairs, and even gargoyles on the Design Toscano site.

Get the gorgeous Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table to impress guests and live in Gothic splendor. Carved from Mahogany, this beautiful table is distressed just enough to resemble antique furniture. The lion paw legs and carvings of lions and heraldic crests on the sides of this table will make it one of the centerpiece items in any room.

For a truly Gothic touch, put a sculpture of a Raven on the wall of your den. Ravens have been honored for their intelligence and clever antics for centuries and became symbols of the Gothic genre after being immortalized by Edgar Allen Poe. The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture captures the foreboding, cunning look of this bird in realistic detail.

Get 20% off the finest Gothic items and everything else on the Design Toscano site through Sunday, November 25th as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale!

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Last Chance to Get 20% Off New Holiday Gothic Décor

The 20% discount sale on new holiday arrivals only started yesterday but ends today at midnight CST. Don't wait to order any of the beautiful new holiday bonded marble resin garden statuary or unique holiday gift items after today if you don't want to pay full price. Although there are enough items on sale to fit every taste "Death's Door" Dragon Sandtimer Hourglass: Set of Twoand decorating theme, if you have friends or family with a penchant for Gothic items, this is one sale you don't want to miss!

You can save 20% on several Gothic decorations suitable for both the winter holidays and throughout the year. To decorate your desk or mantel with one of the more dramatic and colorful dragon statues, see the Red Devil Dragon Sculpture. Painted with striking blood red and pinks hues, this classic, formidable dragon is a perfect expression of the original fire-breathing, evil scaled monster. Look underneath its clawed feet to see the remains of knights bested by this beast.

Gothic dragons also adorn the exquisite Death's Door Sandtimer Hourglass. Black sand inside this Gothic timepiece empties after five minutes and makes for a magical means of counting out the time while playing card games with friends or cooking a five-minute meal.

For the ultimate in Gothic holiday decorations, get "Skelly Claus II" to hang from the tree! This faux bone skull ornament topped with a Santa hat will be one of the most original tree decorations on the block.

Find the best in resin garden statues and medieval home decor at Design Toscano. Order any of the new holiday items until midnight CST, November 2nd, and get 20% off the regular price!



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Why Every Home with Gothic Décor Could Use a Dragon or Two

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn StatueCertain animals seem to be right at home in different decorating themes. Gardens with an Asian theme look twice as good with Panda statues and sculptures of cranes. Animal garden statues of Cheetahs and other African wildlife fit right in with beautiful Egyptian decorations while a Winged Pegasus or Unicorn find their niche in homes and gardens with more mystical, magical themes.

The Gothic-themed abode also has its signature animal and although it would be tempting to give that title to the gargoyle, those creeping, wall climbing creatures are more of a monster than an animal. Although one could just as easily describe dragons as monsters, they still fit more comfortably into the animal category.

Dragons are the magical, fire-breathing animals that have fascinated people throughout the world for thousands of years. If they ever had a home in a decorating theme, Gothic fits the bill perfectly. In fact, a Gothic-decorated place without a dragon or two just doesn't look complete.

A dragon like the Falkenberg Castle Moat Lawn Statue will look perfect as it "swims" through your garden and provides that classic draco look with a horned head, toothy maw, and scaled hide. Inside the home, decor like the Wolfram Dragons Sculptural Wall Shelf will round out your display of Gothic decorations.

Find the best in quality dragon decor at Design Toscano!

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Gothic Décor Lighting for Halloween

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall SculptureLighting often gets overlooked as part of Halloween decor. Although the front porch might be decked out with an impressive display of jack-o-lanterns and illuminated skeletons, the inside of the home uses the same old torchieres and lamps as it does on every holiday. To add that extra touch of fright that makes your party one that guests will always remember, use sculptural lighting that both entertains and captures the Halloween spirit.

The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall Sculpture will provide light for a dark hallway in the grimmest of fashions! With wicked, toothy grin, this detailed hooded skeleton will provide your guests with the most foreboding of welcomes. The ball of light in its hands lends illumination for guests while bathing the Reaper in an eerie glow!

On another wall in need of lighting, instead of setting up a boring lamp, put up "Merciless", the Gargoyle Lighted Wall Sculpture. With ball of light in his clawed, vile hands, this most disturbing of gargoyle figurines looks like he probably prefers the dark. Whether due to the light or the presence of so many guests, he doesn't seem the slightest bit happy! His mouth is open in a snarl, his eyes are livid with rage, and the veins stand out on his muscled arms as he tenses before striking out.

Find the best in Gargoyle garden statues and Halloween decor at Design Toscano today.

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Serving Tables for Halloween Gothic Décor

Roswell, the Alien Butler Pedestal Sculptural TableAs anyone who has ever thrown a Halloween party knows, the last day in October isn't just about dressing up in a funny or frightening costume. It also involves entertaining guests with games and plenty of Halloween-themed food and drink. Offering spider-shaped cookies and other creative, spooky snacks is always an important addition to the evening festivities but why not go a step further and serve them on Halloween-themed tables?

Guests will love to receive their drinks from Roswell, the Alien Butler. A sculptural pedestal serving table standing over two feet tall, the alien's huge, infinite eyes and gaunt, realistic details will make him the hit of the party. Pair it with a Flying Saucer crashed in the garden for full, Planet X effect!

If looking for something a bit more traditional for Halloween, you can't go wrong with The Contortionist Skeleton Side Table. Bound to be one of most unique skeletons you have ever seen, it keeps a thick, glass tabletop steady with a contorted combination of bony hands and hips. While you and guests are trying to figure out where the hip bone is connected to the leg bone, you will be amazed by the realistic details of this spooky sculpture.

Find these spooky serving tables, gargoyle figurines, and the best in Gothic Décor at Design Toscano today.

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Have You Checked Out the New Gothic Décor?

Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent TableGothic items are truly one of a kind. Replicas of beautiful antique furniture that graced  the halls of Medieval castles, menacing gargoyles, mystical dragons, and stately suits of armor all fall into this category. While some people have this idea that Gothic decorations are a little too dark and macabre to hold a place in their home, they probably haven't seen the dozens of exquisite, classic, and breathtaking pieces found in our catalog.

Take the following new items for example:

  • Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent Table: This beautiful replica of antique 17th century furniture is wonderful to both behold and use. Guests will wonder if you managed to find a yard sale at a Medieval castle on your latest trip to Europe. Use it for writing your memoires, for displaying a gorgeous Tiffany lamp, or for simply demonstrating your appreciation for classic, antique furniture.
  • Beardsley Faux Leather Lion Chair: While this solid mahogany chair isn't a true throne, it's pretty close to being one. The rich, reddish mahogany and jet black faux leather give it a striking appearance and the lion's heads on the arms bestow a proud, royal bearing on this beautiful piece of furniture.
Find the best in Medieval home decor and Gothic tables at Design Toscano. Save 20% on furniture when ordered until Monday, August 27th.
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Dragon Gothic Décor

Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural TableDragons have fascinated people for thousands of years. Are they memories of ancient beasts that have since turned to dust? Are tales of  winged serpents and monstrous, scaly creatures the products of imaginations inspired by instinctive fears in a pre-scientific world? Or, as in Asian dragons, are they symbols of good fortune and wisdom?

The reasons for the prevalence of dragons in cultures throughout the world will always be a mystery but that won't change their status as some of the most fantastic decorations on Earth. The Hastings Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table pays homage to dragons with detailed, textured beauty. He also shows his strength by hoisting the table top high over his head. To keep with the dragon-themed room where Hastings serves goblets of mead and other Medieval drinks, provide lighting with the Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electrical Wall Sconce.

Out in the yard, if you love gargoyles but feel like the traditional versions are more at home on Gothic cathedrals, put up a few dragon-like gargoyles instead. Both Boden the Gargoyle Sentinel  and Argos the Gargoyle sentinel look ready to pounce with flashing claws and sharp-toothed muzzles.

Save on these unique items, other fantastic Medieval home decor, and dragon garden statues at Design Toscano.     

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The Majesty of Knight Statues

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueKnights were part of the ruling class in Europe during the Middle Ages and Medieval times. Granted land and tiles by the kings and queens of their country, in turn, they were also required to help defend the realm if called to do so. They weren't the only people who fought in their respective armies but were easily recognized by their suits of armor and battle steeds. The droves of peasants who were soldiers in medieval armies would have likewise used chain mail and plated armor but they simply could not afford such extreme luxuries. A full suit of armor back in those feudal days would have cost as much as a brand new Cadillac or Porsche in present times. Landless serfs couldn't dream of ever having enough money to even spend on the cheapest helm much less a full suit of armor.

Knights, though, invested in them because it was a matter of life and death. In being regarded as commanders on the battlefield, they were expected to charge into the front lines of enemy forces and in those terrifying situations, armor was nothing less than a necessity. If they didn't go to battle, it still looked pretty smart during jousts and made for a fantastic heirloom. In fact, suits of armor that have been inherited by several European families are still carefully maintained and put on proud display. Although the vast majority of people weren't so fortunate to have inherited a suit of armor, Medieval home decor such as the realistic Knight of the Round Table or  the exquisite King's Guard Statue might even look better than the real thing.

Get free shipping on these, other fantastic gothic décor, and garden statuary when ordered today or tomorrow, August 5th.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Gothic Décor is the Fairest of Them All?

The Dordogne MirrorGothic decorations might not be everyone's cup of tea but even people who would prefer religious outdoor statues have to admit that a lot of Gothic decor looks just downright stunning. The thing about Gothic items is that many pieces are replicas of decor that were used in Europe during the Middle Ages and thus harbor a certain degree of romanticism. Suits of armor can remind us of dragons, chivalry, and heroes. Gothic tables make us and our guests feel like kings and queens as we sit down at them to enjoy platters of roasted turkey and duck. Gothic chairs and other excellent replicas of antique furniture are simply beautiful, functional works of art and that reflects the purpose of the original items.

The woodcarvers who made them were artists and masters of their trade. While they had to create items for nobility and the rich, being commissioned to make that chair or table also gave them a chance to show off their skills. That trend continued on into the eighteenth century and is demonstrated by items like the stunning Dordogne Mirror and Princess Caroline Vanity Table. Whether you feel like talking into these beautiful mirrors or not, both are fit for a queen.

Find savings on these and other furniture items at Design Toscano. Sale ends today!

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The Most Gothic of Heraldic Gothic Décor

Count Dracula's Coat of Arms Wall PlaqueThe Gothic theme has been around for a long time. It gets soundly beat by the Egyptian decorating
theme in terms of being ancient but since a lot of the Gothic-related decor is inspired by objets
d'art from 1,000 year old castles, that's still pretty old in anyone's book. Back in those feudal
times, a lot of the decor was placed on the stone walls of royal abodes. Some was artwork, much of
the decorations had religious themes, and many pieces demonstrated the importance of the occupant's
ancestry. For example, dramatic heraldic wall art that showed the family coat of arms was a common
sight in the castles and keeps of medieval knights. They had every reason to be proud of and
demonstrate their heritage in an era when bloodline was correlated with power.

Nowadays, a person's ancestry plays far less of a role in life than during the days of jousts and longbow competitions. Nevertheless, heraldic objets d'art still look impressive on any wall whether they come from your family or not. Although people who adore sunlight might not want to be associated
with Dracula, the nightwalkers among us would be proud to put an authentic replica of Count
Dracula's coat of arms
on one of their walls. Put it right next to your favorite gargoyle statue and watch the expressions on the faces of guests as you tell them whose coat of arm is depicted in this simple,
yet bold and powerful wall art.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic tables and other Gothic items from Design Toscano until Friday, June 15th.

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Gothic Décor for the Dragonhunter

Manchester's Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall TrophyDragons are some of the most mysterious fabled creatures in the world. Cultures on opposite sides of the globe have legends and stories about scaled beasts that either take to the sky on huge wings or slither about like a giant serpent. Some are good and some are bad but all are known as dragons. The legends of these mythical beasts live on on in modern films, fantasy novels, and the homes of people who love Medieval Home Decor.

A big part of the dragon legend involves the hunting of these fire-breathing monsters. Saint George got one back in the English Middle Ages because it was menacing the neighborhood sheep. In other stories, a knight slays the dragon to save the princess while some other tales depict dragons that are just too smart and crafty to kill.

Although live dragons are only found in dreams, books, and on the silver screen, there are Gothic decorations that help to keep the legend of the dragonhunter alive. The Horned Dragon Skull wall trophy is one such item and its realism will help embellish and give life to many a dragon hunting tale. Compliment that scary looking skull by putting up the Manchester Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall Trophy in another room and your reputation as a slayer of dragons will be secure.

Get 10% off already reduced prices of Gothic tables and other Gothic decorations from now until Friday, June 15h.


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Live Like Royalty with Medieval Home Decor

16th-Century Italian Armor Sculpture with HalberdThe kings and queens of yore lived in castles where the walls were adorned with tapestries and the halls showcased suits of armor. Busts and paintings of noble ancestors also made up some of the interior decorating while most pieces of furniture were works of art. Way back in those Medieval times, very few people actually lived like that because so few could afford such luxuries. Fast forward to present times though and just about anyone can afford to decorate their home with objets d'art that could easily grace the halls of a Middle Age keep.

Nowadays, you don't even have to place an order with the town blacksmith to get a full suit of armor when you can buy a replica of 16th-Century Italian Armor from Design Toscano. Beautifully crafted with realistic details, it also come with a 7 foot tall halberd! Guests will wonder which noble families you are related to (and if you will be hosting a jousting tournament sometime in the near future).

If the suit of armor in the hall doesn't make you feel like a king or queen, wall art like the Nunsmere Hall 16th Century Battle Collection or the Heraldic Royal Lions Coat of Arms might do the trick.

Get 10% off already reduced prices on Gothic tables and other Gothic Décor when you buy them from today until Friday, June 15th.

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Possibly the Most Horrific and Detailed of All Gargoyle Figurines

Scatheus, Guardian of the Shadows Gargoyle SculptureGargoyles are meant to be scary. After all, they were supposed to scare all intruders and evil spirits away from the castles and churches they were tasked with protecting. As ugly and intimidating as many of these creatures are, a few stand out for their frightening demeanor. Among those few extra terrifying gargoyles, one in particular could easily win the prize for most terrifying gargoyle ever. The beast of a sculpture that soundly earns this award is Scatheus, Guardian of the Shadows.

We should all count ourselves lucky to know that this fantastic piece of Gothic Décor is a work of art that won't come to life. If that happened it would certainly scare away every would-be intruder in a ten mile radius but it would probably also scare away everyone else! Perched on a craggy rock, Scatheus hisses with wide open maw and glares with animalistic rage as he readies himself for the attack. Looking almost like a cross between a dragon and a gargoyle, he raises his muscled, horribly clawed arms and starts opening his bat-like wings that will take him into the air before he swoops down on his prey.

Get this fantastic, frighteningly good work of art from Design Toscano to own the scariest gargoyle statue on the block!

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Gothic Décor for the Writer

Blood Dragon Contemplation Sculptural BoxInspiration is a key component of creative writing that takes both writer and reader to other, timeless realms. It can come from something as mundane as taking a bus past an old, historic structure or something adventurous as walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Inspiration also comes from good books, speaking with new, eccentric friends, or walking through a backyard graced by beautiful garden statuary. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the fruits from that tree of imagination are experienced in the form of the written word. The more the inspiration the better so it's worth it to embellish the homes of writers with objets d'art that nudge the imagination.

Gothic decorations and gargoyle figurines are especially suited for encouraging the mind-springs of wordsmiths. They fit best for those who delve in horror and fantasy but will find a welcome home in the den of  any writer. The Blood Dragon Contemplation Sculptural Box is an excellent addition for a large desk or decorative Gothic tables. Use this beautiful, detailed objet d'art of a dragon embracing a skull to store small objects or simply as a unique sculpture. For further inspiration, you can put the Twin Dragons Sculptural Pewter Pen inside the box or leave it out on your desk for signing letters and writing notes.

Get 20% off these and all items that are on sale until Friday, May 11th!


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Weathervanes as Gothic Décor

Gothic decorations bring to mind images of dragons, gargoyle figurines, and other statues that are Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervaneright at home in torchlit castles surrounded by dark moats. Such objets d'art add an old, interesting atmosphere to the interior of any home but the Gothic theme shouldn't be limited to the inside of a house. Put up the right sort of Gothic decorations on the outside of your home or business and it starts to look more like a castle than an average two story structure. A Gothic-themed doorknocker can do wonders for any place and a gargoyle sculpture next to the front door or up on the roof is an essential part of every Gothic-themed abode.

Gothic decorations aren't just limited to gargoyles and dragons though. Another type of item that works wonderfully for every Gothic-themed place is a weathervane. The Windblown Witch Signature Copper Weathervane looks fantastic when sitting on top of any home or business. As she rides with the wind, she shows which way the breeze is blowing. Beautifully made with solid copper, this weathervane is destined to be an heirloom. While the witch rides the wind above your home, add a big Gothic touch to your backyard with the Crescent moon Vampire Bats Metal Weathervane!

Find these beautiful weathervanes and dozens of garden gargoyle statues at Design Toscano today.

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Free Shipping for $75 or more Orders of Gothic Décor

It may be April first, but this is no joke. When you order $75 or more of Gothic decorations or anything else from Design Toscano, the shipping is free! No need to worry about those extra costs associated with large purchases such as furniture or a big Buddha sculpture for your Asian-themed garden. As long as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinetorder is at least $75, Design Toscano pays for the shipping on April 1st. This is a type of discount that you can truly take advantage of when ordering big items.

Just imagine how much it would cost to ship the new, life size Bigfoot statue? When you take those shipping costs into account, that's a discount nearly as big as Bigfoot himself! The same goes for the beautiful, grand scale tiger sculpture. It's not going to be cheap to ship that to your home but buy it today and all shipping costs are taken care of.

That free shipping on April first means that today is also the day to start decorating the inside of your home with beautifully detailed Egyptian decor and furniture sculptures like the Gothic Sanctuary Table Cabinet.

Find the best objets d'art for your home and garden at Design Toscano and get free shipping today only when you order $75 or more.


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Add a Touch of Paris to Your Living Room with This Table

Paris, France. Few other cities generate as many romantic feelings as the French capital. One of Europe's Eiffel Tower Metal Side Tableclassic cities, Paris has been the seat and center of French society for more than a thousand years. Founded by the Gauls, inhabited by Romans, and beautified by centuries of French culture, Paris is filled with art just about everywhere you look. The white church of the Sacre Coeur beckons from atop a hill. The wide expanse of the Champs Elysees is flanked by Parisian cafes and leads to the massive Arc de Triomphe. The church of Notre Dame is covered in statuary, Gothic Décor, and gargoyle figurines. The Louvre displays one of the finest art collections in the world.

There are so many wonders in Paris that it can be difficult to pick sites to visit. However, one place that should never be left off of any itinerary is the Eiffel Tower. Jutting into the air above the picturesque buildings of this old city, this monument represents Paris for millions of people around the globe and brings to mind the elegance, class, and romance that fill her city streets. Bring those feelings into you living room with the Eiffel Tower table. This small table that replicates the base of the famous Parisian tower is perfect for serving champagne or escargot and adds romance to any night of the week.

Buy Egyptian tables, Gothic tables, and other furniture at Design Toscano from Friday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 4th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Last Date to Save on Framed Art!

Pharaoh's Handmaidens, 1882 Canvas Replica PaintingFebruary 27th is here and it's the last day to buy framed art from Design Toscano and get 25% off the regular price! If you ever thought of augmenting your collection of Egyptian art with a painting or displaying beautiful replicas of Renaissance works, don't wait any longer to buy that decor or other types of framed art. You can surely purchase those items at some later date but why wait when you can get 25% off by ordering them today?

Just as a Bigfoot statue turns a regular garden into a mysterious backyard abode and garden fairies add a touch of fantasy to your place, the right framed artwork will enchant the inside of your home. You can lend a somber look to an interior room with Gothic Décor in the form of framed art such as a replica of The Night Raven Sings by John Scott. Or, if like many others, you love to decorate your home with quality Egyptian art, you might enjoy a replica of the Pharaoh's Handmaidens by John Collier.

There are also dozens of other beautiful framed works of art from Design Toscano that will add to any decorating theme. Just make sure to remember that you have to buy framed art today if you want to enjoy 25% off the regular price!

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