Design Toscano Exclusive Wall Decor For Your Home

Design Tosacno's wall decor creates stunning focal points for you to display fine wall sculptures with elegance and style. Add character and depth to any wall with our sculptures, authentic framed art replicas and architectural wall shelves. Here you will find Venetian wall masks, wall mounted swords and armor, tapestries, wall hangings, architectural sconces and dramatic wall mirrors, all of which are designed to give your home a unique look and style. We also offer vintage advertising tin signs, elegant stained glass windows and an extensive collection of outdoor wall decor and wall sculptures to transform your garden into an inviting gathering space.
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture
The Adoration of the Child Roundel Wall Sculpture by Andrea della Robbia is one of our beautiful pieces in our collection of Religious Outdoor Statues. Our resin garden statues will even work well inside your homes as well!
Recognizable the world over, the work of the Renaissance-era della Robbia Workshop continues to be admired in our bas-relief replica of a 15th-century original. Heralded by a host of heavenly angels and framed with garlands of fruits and flowers, the traditional images of the Holy Mother and Child are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in an ancient stone finish accented with classic blues. This finely detailed, foot-wide-diameter, gallery-quality Toscano exclusive is a perfect housewarming gift to yourself or another lover of art or history.

For more home decor options that will complement your Medieval home decor, Egyptian home decor and gothic décor themes, visit Design Toscano's Wall Decor collection online today!
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Bar Carts Are Elegant, Useful Addition to Any Home!

Masterfully hand-crafted to reflect your favorite design period, our furniture selections double as works of art! Design Toscano's exquisitely fashioned bars and bar carts add old word style to your home, assuring that our beautiful pieces also do their job!
The Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar
The Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar is the best place in the world for your port, brandy and stemware! This beautiful bar cart will also add an air of gothic décor, to complement your Medieval home decor! 
Impress guests with the Old World charm of our elegant 22" dia. Italian-style globe bar, wrapped with replica 16th-century nautical maps from the National Museum of Science, Florence. Opening from its hinged meridian to reveal artistically hand-painted interior frescoes reminiscent of domed ceiling contraspecto (“view from the heavens”), our Toscano-exclusive work of furniture art boasts secure spots for your treasured bottles and glasses. A trio of handsome, turned hardwood legs rises from rolling casters and a circular lower shelf, allowing additional storage and a celebration that can be moved anywhere!

Cranbrook Manor Cordial Carriage is a hand-carved solid hardwood signature piece that is also an investment in European style.
Recalling the rich romance of the stately horse-and-carriage age, this distinctive serving cart stands alone as sophisticated European furniture art, yet is at your beck and call regardless of the occasion! Hand-carved of solid hardwood, it offers two glass-paned doors that open for easy access to your bottles and stemware. A top handle and four wheels with hidden caster wheels allow easy movement from room to room. This absolutely unparalleled work is authentic, rich period furniture art that is nothing short of amazing!

To shop more of Design Toscano's other items, including outdoor garden statues and more, visit us online today!

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Goth Gifts For Any Time of the Year!

Every home in this country is in dire need of gothic décor and medieval home decor in the form of gargoyle figurines and dragon garden statues!

Looking for the perfect gargoyle statue or gargoyle gifts for yourself or for a loved one? Well Design Toscano is here to help, as dragon statues and gargoyle sculptures are our claim to fame!
Balthazar’s Watch Gargoyle Sculpture
Balthazar’s Watch Gargoyle Sculpture by artist Marco Paoletti is one of Design Toscano's most inexpensive garden statuary pieces. What a great deal!
Wings raised at the ready, Italian artist Marco Paoletti’s “Balthazar” stands as a ferocious warrior in entryway, on desktop or in the garden! Cast in quality designer resin, our collectible Toscano exclusive shows off his muscled arms and sinewy form to remind visitors that he’s one gargoyle who means business!

The Celtic Timekeeper Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock by Design Toscano's artist Liam Manchester is a beautiful and eloquent piece that will add a gothic touch to your home's decor, and for a decent price too!
It s dragon time! With its powerful wings spread wide, artist Liam Manchester's dragon wraps his spiked tail around a striking stone gray, designer resin Celtic clock that features metal hands. Intricately sculpted, this modern, quartz-movement clock is another Toscano exclusive!
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Cheap, Last Minute Gift Ideas

Did you forget someone on your list of people to purchase for? Well Design Toscano will help you with your last-minute gift shopping! We have an extensive collection of beautiful but also inexpensive gifts, ranging from gargoyle gifts to gothic décor items and more!
Bath Tissue Tyrant
The Bath Tissue Tyrant: Commode Dragon is a fun and creative gift for your dragon-loving friend or family member! This Medieval home decor gift is also an inexpensive and useful present for its receiver!
This medieval-style toilet tissue valet guards your bathroom bounty with Gothic flair! Artist Gary Chang sculpted our Toscano-exclusive, wall-mounted work in quality designer resin to capture every amazing detail. Unique to all the kingdom! Due to the nature of this item, we are unable to accept returns.

The Temptation of Medusa Sculpture, inspired by the work of artist Boris Vallejo, is a beautiful and exotic piece for any room in the home. 
With her hair of snakes, Medusa symbolizes sovereign female wisdom and the potent female mysteries. The artist has captured her sensual curves and passionate presence in this shapely sculpture, cast in quality designer resin finished with faux ivory and gold accents exclusively for Toscano. 
Visit Design Toscano's last minute gift ideas collection for more ideas! It's not too late to order, but hurry and get your shopping done soon, before it's too late!
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Best Sellers in Design Toscano's Holiday Gift Center

Design Toscano offers an extensive collection of gifts and holiday home decor for you and your loved ones. The following gothic décor pieces and religious statuary pieces are some of our best selling right now!
Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter's Square
Trumpeting Angels of St. Peter’s Square is the perfect addition to any home decorated for the holidays. Its elegance and beauty are hard to resist. We so taken by artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini's angel statues at the Borghese Gallery in Rome that we had these finely detailed pair-a boy and a girl cherub-sculpted in the Italian Baroque style. With gracefully tapered horns and sophisticated faux gold finish, these quality designer resin Italian-style putti sculptures bring instant refinement to any home. These baby cherub works of art are awe-inspiring gifts to yourself or other angel statue collectors!

The Twist & Twirl Dragon Ornament will do wonders for any holiday tree, and will definitely complement the other ornaments on your tree! This limited-edition Toscano holiday ornament is all wrapped up in the season!  Put a new "twist" on the holiday season with 2006's Toscano-exclusive collectible dragon ornament! Whether he becomes the crowning touch for your tree, a stocking stuffer, an addition to your dragon collection or a package tie-on, this fun-loving beast is cast in quality designer resin and exquisitely hand-painted in bright holiday hues. Don’t miss our special 11th anniversary edition! 
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Cyber Monday At Design Toscano!

Since 2005, Cyber Monday has become one of the most popular online shopping days in the country. So jump on the bandwagon and participate in one of the cheapest days of the year!

These bargains and ridiculous deals are not only found within the borders of this nation, but also across seas, in several European countries as well. 

Design Toscano, as a favorite online retailer of many, is offering %20 percent off on all items—from dragon garden statues to  gargoyle statues to gothic décor, Design Toscano offers a wide range of beautiful pieces for your home and garden! In addition to the %20 off on all new Toscano products, also take an additional %20 off on all sale items! 
Holiday Central
Take advantage of Cyber Monday at Design Toscano today, with the surprising and rare deals on our home decor and garden statuary. Simply do so by adding the priority code that is featured in a banner at the top of the web page.

Search thoroughly through our Holiday Gift Center for 2010 in search of gifts for family members, friends and co-workers. Or, if you're feeling less generous this holiday season, spoil yourself and shop for you!

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Gothic Gifts For Your Gothic-Lover Family Member!

There are many Gothic décor lovers out there, so one is bound to be a family member of yours, if not an immediate one then a distant one!

During this holiday season, Design Toscano is offering remarkable sales and deals on gothic décor and other items like our gargoyle gifts and gothic tables! From now until Nov. 30, save %20 on all of Design Toscano's items, including our gothic and Medieval home decor items!

The Raven’s Perch Wall Sculpture is the quintessential gothic décor piece, as an everlasting symbol of all things dark. Nonetheless, the Raven is a beautiful, mysterious creature that will complement any home, and make the perfect gift for anyone on a budget!
This mystical “shape shifter,” legendary even before Edgar Allan Poe sang its praises, is a fabled messenger between the worlds who will also lend prophetic presence to your home or garden wall. Intricately sculpted from feathers to talons, our Toscano exclusive Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and finely hand-painted in charcoal black as a three-dimensional visitor with a mystical air. Displaying our Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture with your other collectibles will tempt more than just fate.
To browse through more Design Toscano gift options, visit our Holiday Gift Center online!
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Christmas Ornaments For Your Festive Tree!

Design Toscano offers the best in gargoyle figurines and dragon garden statues, but now it's time that we offer something other than garden statuary pieces! 

Like yourself, Toscano is preparing for the holidays! We currently offer several Christmas ornaments that will really add some character to your tree. Consider adding these festive pieces to your tree, or giving them to someone else as a holiday gift!

The Dragon with a Sweet Tooth Holiday Ornament will make a colorful addition to any Christmas tree! This crafty dragon wrapped around a traditional candy cane gets his holiday sugar fix exclusively from Design Toscano! Our collectible, 2009-edition holiday ornament makes a fun-loving package tie-on, stocking stuffer, tree ornament or creative addition to your dragon collection. Cast in hand-painted quality designer resin.
Protector of the Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament
The Protector of the Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament is a proud representation of dragon in your home.  Add Gothic décor flair with our Toscano-exclusive mystical dragon perched upon a sparkling crystalline resin Celtic orb! Our collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament makes a one-of-a-kind tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, magical package tie-on, or a creative addition to your dragon collection. Cast in quality designer resin with a hand-painted faux pewter finish.
Buy any of Design Toscano's products today and receive %20 off with the priority code at the top of the site.
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Gothic Home Decor Under $50!

Design Toscano offers that best collection in gothic décor out of any other home and garden retailer!  Design Toscano offers a large selection of exclusive and original gifts, most of which are available for you for under $50! With the holidays coming up, our gothic décor an medieval home decor pieces will make perfect Hanukkah and Christmas gifts, especially for those of your friends who love gothic and medieval themed home decor! 

Gothic Castle Dragons Sculptural Bookends are beautiful, detailed pieces offered exclusively at Design Toscano. These ornate winged dragons climb to the crest of Gothic spires to protect your prized volumes in this pair of imaginative Medieval bookends created by British artist Liam Manchester. Individually sculpted, they are cast in quality designer resin and finished in Gothic greystone as a unique gift available exclusively from Toscano.

Our Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield will emblazon your walls with the legendary shield of faith that Celtic warriors carried into battle! Our exclusive, medieval-style, nearly foot-and-a-half tall replica is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time with an antiqued emerald green and faux metallic hue.

To continue shopping through our other gifts under $50, visit the Design Toscano website today! 

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Decorate Your Home With Remnants of the Dragon Era!

Design Toscano offers an exclusive, brand new selection of gifts, knick knacks and other beautiful pieces to add to your home, or to generously give to a friend or family member!

The Stryker the Smoking Dragon Sculptural Incense Box is a beautiful yet simple piece that alludes to the fire-breathing characteristic of a real dragon.  Fragrant incense smoke rises from the vented nostrils of this absolutely awesome fire-breathing dragon sculpture, lending mystery to any Medieval decor. Raise the upper jaw of our fierce, Gothic skull statue to stash your extra sticks. Our fiery sculpture is cast in quality designer resin with a dark Gothic greystone finish. This gothic décor piece comes with 3 sticks of 4 inch long incense, so there's no need to buy your own!

The Dragon of Fortune Statues, which comes in a set of three, is another addition to our brand new collection. Our good luck dragons hold the thunderball, or pearl of fortune, to bring health, wealth and happiness to owners who display them in their homes or gardens. Our exclusive, quality designer resin trio is sculpted with amazing detail and hand-painted with a rich faux gold finish to reflect your stunning good fortune! These small but meticulously detailed Medieval home decor pieces will fit perfectly in any home, whether it be yours or a loved one's! 
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Browse Through Design Toscano's Brand New Small Items and Gifts!

Design Toscano has a lot to offer when it comes to small items like knick knacks, as well as gifts for your loved ones!

We have an exclusive collection of brand new items that will most definitely spark your interest. 

The Stop, Drop and Roll British Bulldog Puppy Statues Set of Three will make a perfect gift for any of your pet-loving friends!  With faces so endearingly ugly that they're cute, this trio of British bulldogs sports spiked collars to playfully prance its way into the heart of any dog lover. Our adorable Toscano-exclusive canine statues are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted with plenty of personality!

Another potential gift, appropriate for both birthdays and Christmas or other winter holidays, is the Protector of the Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament. Add an air of Gothic décor with our Toscano-exclusive mystical dragon perched upon a sparkling crystalline resin Celtic orb! Our collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament makes a one-of-a-kind tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, magical package tie-on, or a creative addition to your dragon collection. This exclusive medieval home decor piece is cast in quality designer resin with a hand-painted faux pewter finish.

For more gift options and a more thorough overview of our new collection of items, check our Design Toscano online!
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Let The Ooohs and Aaahs Begin With Our Extraordinary Gifts!

Design Toscano has an extensive collection of exclusive gifts for you to give to your friends, family members and other loved ones! The holiday season is just around the corner. Are you prepared to give all the gifts you need to give?

If not, browse through Design Toscano's variety of Extraordinary Gifts, which include everything from gothic décor gargoyle gifts to animal yard statues to Japanese garden statues!

Currently, one of our bestselling items in the gift collection is the Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Sculpture by Toscano's artist Cecilia. Delight the senses with our romantic garden fairy statue who charms with her joyful flute and graceful pixie wings! She's ready to celebrate in home or garden oasis while perching atop window ledge, garden wall or library shelf. The artist has delicately sculpted our Toscano exclusive, and then cast it in quality designer resin with a lovely two-tone finish.
Another of our bestselling pieces is the Tropical Scarlet Macaws Wall Sculpture.  Margarita and Miguel usher in a taste of the tropics with sun-drenched hues that instantly conjure island holidays! Amazingly sculpted from plumage to talons, our unique, three-dimensional work of decorative art releases a full 5-inches from your wall. The artist cast our Toscano exclusive in quality designer resin and hand-painted it one piece at a time for a splash of year-round color and fun in home or garden!
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Consider Design Toscano's Exclusive Full Suit of Armor For Your Castle!

For the elite, full-body plate armor was custom-made for the individual. Consider Design Toscano's Full Suit of Armor to be your exclusive, custom-made full-body armor, to display in your castle of Medieval home decor. 

It is likely that a full suit of medieval plate must have weighed a little more than 60 pounds, or 27 kilograms,  on average. However, Toscano's exclusive Full Suit of Armor weighs 75 pounds! 
Our Full Plate War Harness by Italian Master Metalsmith Giuseppe Acacia is handcrafted in Gubbio, Italy.  Though this suit of armor was designed to protect, it will also astound your guests! Our full-size, highest quality replica, with jaunty red plume, is crafted in Italy using, the same medieval smithing methods that were used in the 15th century to create the originals. Each part is hand hammered on wooden stumps and hand finished on a steel anvil. Like the original, the pieces are then joined with steel rivets and leather straps that allow you to change the position of the arms and legs or to raise the double-visor of the helmet. Mounted on its hardwood base and includes a sword bracket to showcase your own weapon. This exclusive stands over 6½ feet tall!

Shop Design Toscano's website online for more Knight Statues, Medieval home decor, or Gothic Décor!

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Celebrate the Holidays With Bigfoot and Dragons!

Include Design Toscano's exclusive Big Foot garden statues and ornaments when decorating your home for the holidays! 

Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament is a brand new item in stock, and it is sure to surprise visitors, or even friends and family members if you choose to give this piece as a special gift. 

Our legendary yeti makes a holiday appearance, decked out with all the trimmings! Undetected and unknown for centuries, Bigfoot is now the inspiration for this collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament. Makes a one-of-a-kind holiday tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, package tie-on, or creative addition to your Bigfoot collection. Cast in hand-painted quality designer resin.

Another holiday ornament that could be given as a gift for others or for yourself is the Protector of the Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament. This ornament will go perfectly with your home's gothic décor, as well as with any dragon garden statues that may be found outside! 
Add Gothic flair with our Toscano-exclusive mystical dragon perched upon a sparkling crystalline resin Celtic orb! Our collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament makes a one-of-a-kind tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, magical package tie-on, or a creative addition to your dragon collection. Cast in quality designer resin with a hand-painted faux pewter finish.
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Shop Design Toscano's New Holiday Collection, For Others and For Yourself!

Design Toscano is the perfect place to turn to when considering Holiday gifts for friends, family members, and even co-workers! You can even do some shopping for yourself while you're at it!

The Nature (1900) Statue is one of our newest arrivals, and it is sure to be a hit in every home that it is brought in to. In addition, this piece, by artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), is an inexpensive gift idea for anyone of any age! It will also go perfectly with any Medieval home decor theme. 
The embodiment of Nature will grace home or gallery with this foot-high quality designer resin sculpture, hand-painted in hues of ivory and gold before being embellished with faux crown gems and sparkling earrings. Artist Mucha created sculpture characterized by sinuous lines with an echo of Medieval flair.

Our Egyptian Harem Consort Statue is another seductive gothic décor piece for your home. This sultry queen of the harem alluringly lies in sweet repose on her golden chaise. With an ebony panther at her feet, our crowned Egyptian beauty is true fantasy art cast exclusively for Toscano in quality designer resin with hand-painted detail.
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Gargoyle Gifts For Everyone!

Gargoyle statues are Design Toscano's claim to fame! Scare up Medieval style with our dragon figurines and gargoyle wall sculptures that will illuminate your gothic décor-ed castle! At Design Toscano you will find garden gargoyle statues, gargoyle figurines, Gothic gargoyle bookends, gargoyle lawn statues and Gothic guardian gargoyles. 

These pieces and figurines make for perfect gargoyle gifts for any of your gargoyle-loving friends! 

For a cheap birthday or Christmas gifts for a friend, family member or co-worker, consider some of the following gift ideas:

  • Goliath the Gargoyle Sculpture. Resting atop floor, fence or your big screen TV, our nearly life-size Goliath stretches almost a foot-and-a-half wide as he snoozes between “munch breaks.” The artist has sculpted this Toscano exclusive with sharpened fangs and muscled forearms, then cast him in quality designer resin with a greystone finish as a menacing presence in home or garden.
  • Gaston, the Gothic Gargoyle Computer Climber. Whether climbing the corporate ladder aside your computer or taunting from your refrigerator, Gaston hangs from his Velcro™ pad as an exclusive work of decorative art in quality designer resin.
For more gargoyle gifts, browse through all that Design Toscano has to offer online, right from your home! 

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Dine In Style With Our Exclusive Gothic Tables!

Put Design Toscano's exclusive Gothic Tables to use in your castle, among your other gothic décor today!

The Sudbury Solid Pine Dining Table is our hand-carved, solid pine signature piece and an investment in European style. Stretching a full seven feet long, this solid pine, estate-sized table boasts Gothic carvings of rosettes, scrolls and laurel bows highlighted by a hand-waxed, rich golden finish that’s been lightly distressed to create an aged patina. Seating 6-8 guests comfortably, this difficult-to-find dining table is sturdily constructed with a single stretcher bar between its hand-turned legs. A true statement piece anywhere in your home. 

The Lord Raffles Winged Lion Buffet Table is the most ornate medieval style buffet table we’ve been privileged to offer! Boasting lion’s paw feet that rise toward Gothic winged lions this investment in fine furniture art takes well over two weeks of skilled hand-carving. Imagine serving a bountiful brunch from its wide top of more than a yard of glowingly polished, kiln-dried hardwood. Accessories are kept at hand in its two generous drawers that feature intricately carved Greenman handles. Named after Lord Thomas Samford Raffles, who founded the British colony of Singapore, our exclusive boasts the authentic period details of a true Gothic revival piece, echoing the fine craftsmanship of centuries past. 
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Place A Strong Knight In Your Home To Add A Touch Of Life-Size Chivalry!

Back in the historic 1500s, a knight was a member of the warrior class of Middle Ages Europe who followed a code of law called "chivalry".  Knighthood as known in Europe was characterized by the combination of two elements, feudalism and service as a mounted combatant. Knights of the medieval era were asked to "Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all."

Add the chivalry and bravery of the Knight to your home today! Design Toscano offers dozens of medium-scale and even virtually life-size Knight Statues that will go perfectly with any design theme and style. 

The King’s Guard Sculptural Half-Scale Knight Replica is the perfect addition to your house's Medieval Home Decor and Gothic Décor. 
At more than a yard tall, this incredibly detailed, museum replica knight is a true statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our 26 lb. quality designer resin museum replica is clad in 16th-century style Italian armor, proudly displaying his sword and a chestplate emblazoned with intricately sculpted lions. Features a two-tone metallic finish. 

To shop and browse for more Knight Statues and antique home decor, go to Design Toscano's extensive website!
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Give The Gift of a Gargoyle!

Got a friend who loves gargoyles? Well Design Toscano has a large collection of unique and beautiful gargoyle gifts for your friend or family member!

On a desk or credenza, there’s no one more worthy of holding your favorite writing implements than this crouching gargoyle sculpture, the Poison Pen Gargoyle Desk Accessory! Cast in quality designer resin, he’s finished in faux ancient stone.

For more pens to add to this timeless desk accessory, consider the Dermott Sculptural Pen.  Your next poison pen letter—or even the next proposal you draft—is sure to have extra power when you render it with our pen boasting a dragon! You’ll enjoy the impressive sculpting of this work cast in quality designer resin and finished in faux greystone. Great as a gift to yourself or any lover of all things medieval.

Another useful gargoyle gift is Gulp the Gargoyle Pewter Gothic Bottle Opener. No bottle top is safe when our unique Gothic barware lurks nearby, ready to pop open your favorite brew with Medieval style! So cool that they make twist-offs irrelevant, our collectible stainless steel openers with pewter Gothic beasts also make impressive gifts!

These gargoyle gifts will go perfectly in any home, including homes with medieval and gothic décor!

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Featured Artist: Liam Manchester

British artist Liam Manchester doesn't mind taking the necessary time to make an exquisite work of art, even if it means devoting an entire year to a single piece. His dedication is obvious in all of his mystical and gothic decor creations.
Liam Manchester cites the old English myths and legends, especially the vivid and dark tales of fantastical beasts, as his primary inspiration for sculptures like Belladonna, the Forlorn and Gaston, the Gothic Climber.
His Design Toscano exclusives range from plaques to table sculptures, wall climbers to mirrors, and clocks to garden statuary. 

Some of his bestselling pieces include:
  • The Talons of the Dunheviel Dragon Wall Sculptures.
    Our exclusive, intricately sculpted, gothic-style dragon talons seem to claw their way right through your wall! Intriguing as decorative art alone, they may also be paired vertically or horizontally as unique sword hangers. With an inventive touch, use them as wall sculptures to hold hats, towels or ties. 
  • From the age-old tales of those who have nature’s ear comes Nature's Wanderer Sculpture. Who hasn’t heard stories of wizened elders so attuned to nature that even the wind seems to whisper to them its secrets? Artist Manchester draws on these tales to bring us the powerful and wise “Wanderer,” who boasts sculptural detail from a knowing smile to gnarled hands and upturned toes. 
It is clear from all of Manchester's masterpieces that he has a gift for creating beautiful resin garden statues, garden statuary, medieval home decor and gothic décor alike!

Browse through his entire collection on his Featured Artist page on Design Toscano!
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