Halloween Statues For Your Garden

With Halloween comes eerie and scary decorations and statues to spook your neighbors, passerby, family members, and trick-or-treaters! 

Design Toscano will help you with your spooking! We provide the best, spookiest garden statuary and gargoyle garden statues that you'll find anywhere! 

The Gargoyle of Castle Avonshire Sculpture, by artist Marco Paoletti, is one of our best-sellers. Its realistic traits will definitely spook trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood! Artist Paoletti has sculpted the steadfast spirit of this broad-shouldered beast with a steady gaze, muscular build and menacing paws. Our quality designer resin Toscano exclusive makes the perfect fierce watchdog for your front gate, garden grounds or hearth.

Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture is another realistic gargoyle sculpture in Design Toscano's collection. This particular gargoyle statue, by artist Liam Manchester, is one of the largest gargoyles we’ve ever offered!
With bat-like wings, threatening jaw and flared nostrils, our two-foot-tall Gothic sentinel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting predators to your home or garden! Following the legendary European heritage of gargoyle sentries, artist Manchester has chiseled Silas with muscular haunches and spiny talons, then cast him in quality designer resin to capture every detail available to guard your home or garden.

 To shop more of Design Toscano's Halloween collection, from Halloween garden statuary to gothic décor for the home, visit our Halloween Spooktacular collection online!
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More Halloween Costumes and Accessories To Choose From!

Design Toscano has a unique and creative collection of Halloween costume for you and your family! 

If you still can't decide what to be for Halloween, consider some of our fun and spooky costumes, which are all exclusive to Design Toscano.

Dress up as a beautiful, majestic Egyptian with Toscano's exclusive jewelry. The Egyptian Blue Nile Isis Bracelet and the Egyptian Blue Nile Isis Anklet. Adorn yourself with the elegant beadwork of our Isis Bracelet and Anklet. Stunning artwork in its own right, the intricate weaves begin with adjustable rings and travel toward your wrist and anklet in a widening mesh of iridescent cobalt blue glass beads secured with a lobster claw hook.

Mardi Gras masks, like the ones in our Carnivale di Venezia Feathered Mask Collection, are also fun Halloween accessories to wear on the spooky night, or to a Halloween party! These hand-crafted, women's Venetian-style ball masks are sure to turn heads at your next Masquerade ball. The masks are exquisitely decorated with metallic accent colors of crimson and deep violet with an overlay of mischievous black lace. Faux jewels adorning the forehead add a charming touch, while a festive cascade of black and accenting colored feathers brings out the mask's dazzling and glamorous allure. Dual elastic ties provide for a comfortable fit when wearing. These Venetian masks also make perfect wall ornaments or display pieces on a shelf or table.

Visit Design Toscano's Halloween collection online to shop more Halloween garden statuary, gothic décor, medieval home decor, and more for the spooky season!

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Spook Your Family And Guests With Our Halloween Wall Decor For Your Home!

Spook your house guests, trick-or-treaters, and family members with exclusive Design Toscano Halloween home decor!

Our collection includes exclusive gothic décor pieces, halloween medieval home decor, wall sculptures and more! 

The Vampire Bats of Castle Barbarosa Wall Sculptures add an eerie ambiance to any home, just in time for the Halloween season! With wings open wide, our Toscano-exclusive, greytone-finished designer resin bats will add a spooky feature with their frightening eyes and menacing fangs. Whether hanging on a wall or on a ledge in your home or garden, choose a pair to leave an impression or display a colony to make your dungeon downright sinister! 
The Hardwick Dragon Wall Pediment, by artist Gary Chang, will work perfectly over doorways, windows, tapestries, or paintings.
Use this architectural pediment to add medieval styling to home or garden! Noted dragon artist Gary Chang created this wall pediment with arched wings and pointed talons, then cast it in quality designer resin and finished it to resemble aged stone.

Another eerie piece to add to your home, to hang above any doorway, is Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electric Wall Sconce. Tales of mythical Marshgate Castle tell of dragon trophies lining its long, echoing chambers. Electrify your own castle walls with our intricately sculpted designer resin dragon that stands a full 15" from the wall and holds a hanging 6" dia. glass orb from its menacing mouth.

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Add Some Timeless Classics To Your Classic Home

Design Toscano's exclusive and classic indoor statues will add some timeless beauty and sophisticated style to your home! 

The Sleepy Time Sculptural Angel, for example, with its pleasing antique stone finish, will add some beauty and classic style to your home, posed on a dark wood bookshelf or desk.  This peaceful, napping cherub is a Design Toscano exclusive, but at a cheap price! This dozing cherub is a fitting and appropriate gift for anyone on your list.

Another indoor statue that will add a more classical feel to your home is the King's Guard Sculptural Half-Scale Knight Replica

At more than a yard tall, this incredibly detailed, museum replica knight is a true statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our 26 pound quality designer resin piece is clad in 16th-century style Italian armor, proudly displaying his sword and a chestplate emblazoned with intricately sculpted lions. This piece also features a two-tone metallic finish, adding a classic and antique look to the sculptures.

This indoor piece goes particularly well with homes that follow the Gothic Décor and Medieval Home Decor themes

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Indoor Statues Add A Sophisticated Style To Your Home!

Explore Design Toscano's newest  Indoor Statues!  Our indoor statues will be sure to add a sophisticated sense of style to any home's decor. With religious, Gothic Décor, romantic, African and Asian themes, here at Design Toscano, we have it all! 

The Japanese Geisha Statue Collection: Geigi & Geiko is a new arrival and a Design Toscano special pick.  From the kanzashi hair pins to the brightly-hued obi accenting their kimono, these Japanese geisha quietly exude the understated elegance and delicate beauty that's been their hallmark since the 18th century.

Our foot-tall, Toscano-exclusive artist collectibles are cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted with exquisite detail in traditional muted tones to create gallery-worthy works of art.

Another, less contemporary indoor statue is the Leonardo da Vinci Grand-Scale Sculptural Bust

Our stunning, grand-scale antique replica bust captures the commanding presence and sculptural detail of this Renaissance-era Master artist. Da Vinci is often described as the quintessential Renaissance man because of his endless curiosity and diverse talents. Da Vinci is considered one of the greatest painters ever to live, with cultural icons Mona Lisa and The Last Supper among the most well-known and imitated paintings of all time. His drawing of the Vitruvian Man is another timeless classic.

Our life-size sculptural bust is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish as a sophisticated statement piece for your garden or home.

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