Get Ground-Creeping Garden Statuary for Halloween!

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie StatueOctober is here and Halloween is coming! Get ready for the creepiest day of the year (and one of the most exciting) with Halloween decor that leaves all of your guests impressed. Gargoyle figurines that hang off the walls and sneer at guests will always be a hit but some of the scariest of decorations are those that come clawing out of the ground.

Dare Halloween guests to enter your home with the Outbreak of the Undead Statue! With hungry, undead eyes, this rotting, green zombie outstretches an arm tipped with clawed hand to grasp at all passersby. You can bet that most will be giving this realistic ground sculpture a wide berth!

Combine the Outbreak of the Undead Statue with our equally realistic and horrific Zombie of Mountclaire Moors Sculpture for the beginnings of a zombie army in the garden. The pained, angry look on the face of this creature tells guests that they are dealing with one dangerous character. Arms bent with rigor mortis and an unnatural gray skin pallor lend realism to this fantastic sculpture.

Yet another disturbing garden ground sculpture is the Dweller Below. As he comes up out of his sewer dwelling, the sinister look on the face of this creature hints at his evil intentions.

Save on these resin garden statues, Gothic tables, and other quality Halloween decor at Design Toscano!




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Show Your Appreciation for Fantasy with Medieval Home Decor

Horned Dragon Skull Wall TrophyThe fantasy genre has been one of the most popular fiction genres since writers first started penning literature. Beowolf, possibly the oldest known work of English literature, is classic fantasy still taught in modern day English classes. Millions of children listen to stories by the Brothers Grimm in dozens of languages every day of the year. Some of the biggest movies of all time also bear witness to the power and popularity of fantasy.

Many of the fantasy genre works have similar themes and attest to the enduring draw of dragons, magical creatures, and wizards. Perhaps it's because we wish those enchanting, amazing stories were real or because they bring us to another, much more exciting world. Whatever the reason may be for enjoying fantasy films and books, items like gargoyle figurines, dragon garden statues, and Medieval decor aid in bringing those tales to life and help us personify the heroes we read about.

Hanging a Horned Dragon Skull Wall Trophy in the den tells guests what you really hunt for when you go hiking in the dark, piney woods. Display the Sword of Richard the Lionhearted  in a Claw Sword Hanger and they can see the weapon used to "slay" the dragon.

Not to worry if you don't want to be known as a dragonslayer. There are plenty of beautiful Gothic tables and a number of Medieval collectibles to choose from too.

Find the very best in fantasy decor at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Receive 20% Off Gothic Tables

Sir Benedict's Library TableThe role of the table is one of basic importance. Like its smaller accompaniment, the chair, tables make it easier for people to reach food, books, and other items. They keep you from bending down to lift those same things off the floor and are a basic furniture item for most American homes. However, tables aren't just limited to providing an easy place for taking drinks and meals. In acting as one of the centerpiece furniture items for a room, they also make statements and can add a big touch of beauty to a home.

Gothic style tables in particular stand out for their beauty. While their modern and minimalist counterparts can highlight a room with delicate elegance, tables a la Gothic look ready to come to life with their big, bold statements. Carved from heavy, everlasting mahogany, they demand attention and guarantee performance for centuries. The carved appearance of the legs, feet, and sides are reminiscent of noble furniture that garnishes the keeps and castles of Medieval Europe. Stunning and beautiful, their rich, royal look tells guests that they have walked into the abode of people with noble bearing.

Find the best in gargoyle figurines and Medieval home decor for the best prices at Design Toscano. Buy furniture today and you can get 20% off the regular price. Sale ends today, August 27th!

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Have You Checked Out the New Gothic Décor?

Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent TableGothic items are truly one of a kind. Replicas of beautiful antique furniture that graced  the halls of Medieval castles, menacing gargoyles, mystical dragons, and stately suits of armor all fall into this category. While some people have this idea that Gothic decorations are a little too dark and macabre to hold a place in their home, they probably haven't seen the dozens of exquisite, classic, and breathtaking pieces found in our catalog.

Take the following new items for example:

  • Yorkshire Hinged Lid Gothic Stool and Accent Table: This beautiful replica of antique 17th century furniture is wonderful to both behold and use. Guests will wonder if you managed to find a yard sale at a Medieval castle on your latest trip to Europe. Use it for writing your memoires, for displaying a gorgeous Tiffany lamp, or for simply demonstrating your appreciation for classic, antique furniture.
  • Beardsley Faux Leather Lion Chair: While this solid mahogany chair isn't a true throne, it's pretty close to being one. The rich, reddish mahogany and jet black faux leather give it a striking appearance and the lion's heads on the arms bestow a proud, royal bearing on this beautiful piece of furniture.
Find the best in Medieval home decor and Gothic tables at Design Toscano. Save 20% on furniture when ordered until Monday, August 27th.
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Why Decorate with Medieval Home Décor?

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableLooking for a decorating theme can be a tough, time-consuming process. While you want your place to look good and contribute to a certain type of atmosphere, making the hoped for theme happen also depends on the availability and cost of the decor. Medieval decorations have a lot of personality but you don't exactly find them at the local furniture emporium. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and Design Toscano, you don't even need to venture into a furniture store to search for medieval decor. Just head to our site and you will find a treasure trove of quality, stunning chairs and tables fit for modern day kings and queens.

The following are a couple of reasons why it's very much worth the while to decorate with Medieval-themed items:

  • They make you feel like royalty: Decorative chairs and exquisite furniture that could have graced the halls of bygone noble families should make you feel like royalty because very similar pieces were used by aristocrats.
  • Gothic tables are works of art: Items like the Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table are stunning works of art. The beautiful carvings on the sides and legs of this table harken to the castles and manors of lords and ladies.

Get 20% off Gothic furniture and Egyptian tables from now until Monday, August 27th!

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Dragon Gothic Décor

Hastings, the Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural TableDragons have fascinated people for thousands of years. Are they memories of ancient beasts that have since turned to dust? Are tales of  winged serpents and monstrous, scaly creatures the products of imaginations inspired by instinctive fears in a pre-scientific world? Or, as in Asian dragons, are they symbols of good fortune and wisdom?

The reasons for the prevalence of dragons in cultures throughout the world will always be a mystery but that won't change their status as some of the most fantastic decorations on Earth. The Hastings Warrior Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table pays homage to dragons with detailed, textured beauty. He also shows his strength by hoisting the table top high over his head. To keep with the dragon-themed room where Hastings serves goblets of mead and other Medieval drinks, provide lighting with the Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electrical Wall Sconce.

Out in the yard, if you love gargoyles but feel like the traditional versions are more at home on Gothic cathedrals, put up a few dragon-like gargoyles instead. Both Boden the Gargoyle Sentinel  and Argos the Gargoyle sentinel look ready to pounce with flashing claws and sharp-toothed muzzles.

Save on these unique items, other fantastic Medieval home decor, and dragon garden statues at Design Toscano.     

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The Majesty of Knight Statues

Medieval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size StatueKnights were part of the ruling class in Europe during the Middle Ages and Medieval times. Granted land and tiles by the kings and queens of their country, in turn, they were also required to help defend the realm if called to do so. They weren't the only people who fought in their respective armies but were easily recognized by their suits of armor and battle steeds. The droves of peasants who were soldiers in medieval armies would have likewise used chain mail and plated armor but they simply could not afford such extreme luxuries. A full suit of armor back in those feudal days would have cost as much as a brand new Cadillac or Porsche in present times. Landless serfs couldn't dream of ever having enough money to even spend on the cheapest helm much less a full suit of armor.

Knights, though, invested in them because it was a matter of life and death. In being regarded as commanders on the battlefield, they were expected to charge into the front lines of enemy forces and in those terrifying situations, armor was nothing less than a necessity. If they didn't go to battle, it still looked pretty smart during jousts and made for a fantastic heirloom. In fact, suits of armor that have been inherited by several European families are still carefully maintained and put on proud display. Although the vast majority of people weren't so fortunate to have inherited a suit of armor, Medieval home decor such as the realistic Knight of the Round Table or  the exquisite King's Guard Statue might even look better than the real thing.

Get free shipping on these, other fantastic gothic décor, and garden statuary when ordered today or tomorrow, August 5th.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Gothic Décor is the Fairest of Them All?

The Dordogne MirrorGothic decorations might not be everyone's cup of tea but even people who would prefer religious outdoor statues have to admit that a lot of Gothic decor looks just downright stunning. The thing about Gothic items is that many pieces are replicas of decor that were used in Europe during the Middle Ages and thus harbor a certain degree of romanticism. Suits of armor can remind us of dragons, chivalry, and heroes. Gothic tables make us and our guests feel like kings and queens as we sit down at them to enjoy platters of roasted turkey and duck. Gothic chairs and other excellent replicas of antique furniture are simply beautiful, functional works of art and that reflects the purpose of the original items.

The woodcarvers who made them were artists and masters of their trade. While they had to create items for nobility and the rich, being commissioned to make that chair or table also gave them a chance to show off their skills. That trend continued on into the eighteenth century and is demonstrated by items like the stunning Dordogne Mirror and Princess Caroline Vanity Table. Whether you feel like talking into these beautiful mirrors or not, both are fit for a queen.

Find savings on these and other furniture items at Design Toscano. Sale ends today!

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Make a Statement with Gothic Tables

Effingham Gryphon Library TableJust as decor in the backyard says something about your garden, interior decor can speak volumes about your personality and tastes. It of course doesn't give the entire picture but it's probably safe to say that people who use more animal garden statues have a strong appreciation for wildlife. Folks who display statues of Greek deities probably enjoy classic works of art more than contemporary pieces. If religious outdoor statues are shown in the garden, they very likely reflect the belief system of the people who live there. However, statues aren't the only types of decor that offer a glimpse into the personality of the home owner. Furniture can also be used to show who you are are and what you stand for.

Use Gothic pieces like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table and guests won't fail to be impressed by the beauty of solid, carved mahogany. Its intricately carved legs and strong, enduring look will tell them that the owner of the home may have attributes that are just as distinguished and noble.

Serve tea or coffee to your guests on the Lord Raffle Lion Tea Table and they will realize that they are dealing with someone who believes in elegance and class.

Save on these and certain other pieces of furniture today and tomorrow at Design Toscano!

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A Dream Come True...

All my life I've wanted to live in a home that looked like it came out of a cross between a museum, a castle and a church, with a little Middle-Eastern flair thrown in. What I call 'Medieval-meets-Moroccan'. Like something you might see in the Ridley Scott film 'Kingdom of Heaven'..
And Design Toscano helped me make that dream come true. I had had the Monk's bench on my wish list for several years, and had a little cut-out of the item from the catalog on my desk, looking at it often.

One day, years later, I was suddenly able to got not only the Monk's Bench, but also a similar model also from Design Toscano. But, it didn't stop there.
I was able to acquire many, many other medieval-themes items, for our new Spanish-styled home, and before long, we were able to turn our home into that dream home that I had always envisioned. Medieval jousting frieze's on the wall, a Gothic-medieval book stand, the aforementioned benches, A small medieval side table, gargoyles at the driveway gates of our home, various tapestries, and Moroccan lanterns adorn our home, and with my personal suits of Polish winged hussar armor on display, this definitely shows, without a doubt, that there is no mistaking that this is a home of a true Renaissance connoisseur, and all with the help of Design Toscano. You see? Home decor dreams CAN come true with the help of Design Toscano at your fingertips. Live in the home you always want to, all you need is a little creative imagination, and let your mind go. Thank You Design Toscano!

Name: Rik Fox
Company: Suligowski's Regiment of Sobieski's Command
City: Santa Clarita
State: CA

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In Support of Medieval Home Decor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableThe word "Medieval" can invoke a wide range of images and responses. Some will think of romantic dinners where the flickering lights of candles play upon the folds of velvet robes and ignite the deep red hearts of wine-laden flasks. Others may think of foreboding castles decorated with sinister gargoyles on the outside and intricate tapestries on the inner walls. Some will be reminded of much scarier scenes that depict sharp-bladed weapons and widespread ignorance but many more people will probably think of modern Medieval-themed events and restaurants. Most, however, probably won't think so much about decor and that is indeed a shame given the fact that the majority of Medieval decor items are exquisite works of art.

Unlike much of the mass-produced furniture of modern times, chairs and tables that were fabricated for the Medieval nobility were built to impress and last for ages. Many such items have in fact lasted for centuries and can be admired in castles and a number of museums. While such antiques cost far too much to be used as actual, functional decor, replicas of Medieval works of art are downright breathtaking and include stunning items like the Antoinette Loveseat or the Lord Raffle's Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table.

Find these, classic Greek garden statues, beautiful Gothic tables, and the best in Medieval decor at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Save on Gorgeous Gothic Tables

York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic BenchGothic decorations aren't just limited to incredible wall art, intimidating gargoyle figurines, and dragon statues. Sure, those are Gothic mainstays but no Gothic-themed home is complete without some Gothic furniture. During the days of kings, queens, knights, and castles, royalty used some pretty fine looking furniture. Unlike the simple wooden benches used by their subjects, the nobility had some of the most ornate and beautifully carved seats, tables, and beds in Europe. Many of those original pieces are valuable antiques that are put on display in art museums and restored castles.

While Gothic furniture from medieval times is just meant to be admired from afar, authentic replicas of antique furniture from Design Toscano make for fantastic Medieval home decor. Use the York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench as prized home decor and a seat while reading a copy of the "Canterbury Tales".

Keep your prized books and other possessions in the Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire while decorating your home with a stunning realistic replica of antique furniture from the French gothic revival period. Add to the French gothic revival look with the beautiful Octagonal Side Table.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic items when buying them by the end of today, June 15th.

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The Most Gothic of Heraldic Gothic Décor

Count Dracula's Coat of Arms Wall PlaqueThe Gothic theme has been around for a long time. It gets soundly beat by the Egyptian decorating
theme in terms of being ancient but since a lot of the Gothic-related decor is inspired by objets
d'art from 1,000 year old castles, that's still pretty old in anyone's book. Back in those feudal
times, a lot of the decor was placed on the stone walls of royal abodes. Some was artwork, much of
the decorations had religious themes, and many pieces demonstrated the importance of the occupant's
ancestry. For example, dramatic heraldic wall art that showed the family coat of arms was a common
sight in the castles and keeps of medieval knights. They had every reason to be proud of and
demonstrate their heritage in an era when bloodline was correlated with power.

Nowadays, a person's ancestry plays far less of a role in life than during the days of jousts and longbow competitions. Nevertheless, heraldic objets d'art still look impressive on any wall whether they come from your family or not. Although people who adore sunlight might not want to be associated
with Dracula, the nightwalkers among us would be proud to put an authentic replica of Count
Dracula's coat of arms
on one of their walls. Put it right next to your favorite gargoyle statue and watch the expressions on the faces of guests as you tell them whose coat of arm is depicted in this simple,
yet bold and powerful wall art.

Get 15% off already reduced Gothic tables and other Gothic items from Design Toscano until Friday, June 15th.

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Gothic Décor for the Dragonhunter

Manchester's Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall TrophyDragons are some of the most mysterious fabled creatures in the world. Cultures on opposite sides of the globe have legends and stories about scaled beasts that either take to the sky on huge wings or slither about like a giant serpent. Some are good and some are bad but all are known as dragons. The legends of these mythical beasts live on on in modern films, fantasy novels, and the homes of people who love Medieval Home Decor.

A big part of the dragon legend involves the hunting of these fire-breathing monsters. Saint George got one back in the English Middle Ages because it was menacing the neighborhood sheep. In other stories, a knight slays the dragon to save the princess while some other tales depict dragons that are just too smart and crafty to kill.

Although live dragons are only found in dreams, books, and on the silver screen, there are Gothic decorations that help to keep the legend of the dragonhunter alive. The Horned Dragon Skull wall trophy is one such item and its realism will help embellish and give life to many a dragon hunting tale. Compliment that scary looking skull by putting up the Manchester Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull Wall Trophy in another room and your reputation as a slayer of dragons will be secure.

Get 10% off already reduced prices of Gothic tables and other Gothic decorations from now until Friday, June 15h.


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Live Like Royalty with Medieval Home Decor

16th-Century Italian Armor Sculpture with HalberdThe kings and queens of yore lived in castles where the walls were adorned with tapestries and the halls showcased suits of armor. Busts and paintings of noble ancestors also made up some of the interior decorating while most pieces of furniture were works of art. Way back in those Medieval times, very few people actually lived like that because so few could afford such luxuries. Fast forward to present times though and just about anyone can afford to decorate their home with objets d'art that could easily grace the halls of a Middle Age keep.

Nowadays, you don't even have to place an order with the town blacksmith to get a full suit of armor when you can buy a replica of 16th-Century Italian Armor from Design Toscano. Beautifully crafted with realistic details, it also come with a 7 foot tall halberd! Guests will wonder which noble families you are related to (and if you will be hosting a jousting tournament sometime in the near future).

If the suit of armor in the hall doesn't make you feel like a king or queen, wall art like the Nunsmere Hall 16th Century Battle Collection or the Heraldic Royal Lions Coat of Arms might do the trick.

Get 10% off already reduced prices on Gothic tables and other Gothic Décor when you buy them from today until Friday, June 15th.

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Gothic Décor for the Writer

Blood Dragon Contemplation Sculptural BoxInspiration is a key component of creative writing that takes both writer and reader to other, timeless realms. It can come from something as mundane as taking a bus past an old, historic structure or something adventurous as walking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Inspiration also comes from good books, speaking with new, eccentric friends, or walking through a backyard graced by beautiful garden statuary. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the fruits from that tree of imagination are experienced in the form of the written word. The more the inspiration the better so it's worth it to embellish the homes of writers with objets d'art that nudge the imagination.

Gothic decorations and gargoyle figurines are especially suited for encouraging the mind-springs of wordsmiths. They fit best for those who delve in horror and fantasy but will find a welcome home in the den of  any writer. The Blood Dragon Contemplation Sculptural Box is an excellent addition for a large desk or decorative Gothic tables. Use this beautiful, detailed objet d'art of a dragon embracing a skull to store small objects or simply as a unique sculpture. For further inspiration, you can put the Twin Dragons Sculptural Pewter Pen inside the box or leave it out on your desk for signing letters and writing notes.

Get 20% off these and all items that are on sale until Friday, May 11th!


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Two Medieval Home Decor Essentials

At Battle's End Sculptural LampThe Medieval decorating theme is one that impresses every guest and fills your home with fantasy. Gargoyle figurines perch on the walls and vie with dragon tables for the "most intimidating" award. A full suit of armor standing quietly in the hallway exudes power and turns any place into a castle. When you go for the Medieval look, you can never get enough decor or Gothic tables for your home or place of business. However, no matter how many dragons, ancient cabinets, or coat of arms are put on display, the following two items are essential for every personal castle:

  • The Chateau St. Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror: A decorative mirror or two or three were essential pieces for every medieval castle. During those pre-industrial times, mirrors weren't exactly a dime a dozen so they were constructed with care and given an artistic flair. The Chateau Saint Roche Sculptural Wall Mirror is crafted in the same, artistic manner to make it just as beautiful to look at as it is to look into.
  • The At Battle's End Sculptural Lamp: Lamps are ideal as functional sculptures and this one depicts a tired knight resting and giving thanks after surviving a hard-fought battle.

Find these Medieval essentials and the best in Gothic garden statuary at Design Toscano.


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Free Shipping for $75 or more Orders of Gothic Décor

It may be April first, but this is no joke. When you order $75 or more of Gothic decorations or anything else from Design Toscano, the shipping is free! No need to worry about those extra costs associated with large purchases such as furniture or a big Buddha sculpture for your Asian-themed garden. As long as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinetorder is at least $75, Design Toscano pays for the shipping on April 1st. This is a type of discount that you can truly take advantage of when ordering big items.

Just imagine how much it would cost to ship the new, life size Bigfoot statue? When you take those shipping costs into account, that's a discount nearly as big as Bigfoot himself! The same goes for the beautiful, grand scale tiger sculpture. It's not going to be cheap to ship that to your home but buy it today and all shipping costs are taken care of.

That free shipping on April first means that today is also the day to start decorating the inside of your home with beautifully detailed Egyptian decor and furniture sculptures like the Gothic Sanctuary Table Cabinet.

Find the best objets d'art for your home and garden at Design Toscano and get free shipping today only when you order $75 or more.


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Last Day to Save Big on Shipping Costs

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureShipping costs are an annoyance but quickly grow into a burden when buying several items or large objets d'art. While the extra dollars for shipping might not be too much with small items, hefty fees get added onto the costs of larger, heavier purchases. Sometimes, they are so much that you seriously begin to consider driving to the store and using your own car to carry that beautiful, antique replica chair back home. That may cut costs but for most people, it's not really an option because the store is too far away or the purchase just too big for your vehicle. When buying online, people don't usually complain too much about the shipping costs because they view them as necessary sacrifices to make in light of the low, online prices and ease in purchasing unique items.

Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less and this weekend you can do just that when making purchases of $75 or more from Design Toscano. It's the perfect time to buy big, heavy items like a large Buddha statue or Gothic tables so take advantage of this last day of free shipping from Design Toscano on $75 or more purchases and place a large order today!

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Add Light to a Room with Art Deco

Lamps come in all shapes and forms and many act as intricate works of art. Even though they serve a The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpturefunction, they never need to be boring. That would do your home a disservice, especially since there are so many beautiful and interesting means of adding light to a room. Instead of using a regular lamp for lighting, you could also provide a soft, warm touch with elegant art deco like the The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture.

Is it a lamp? Is it a sculpture? It's actually neither and both at the same time. The graceful curves of this art deco piece are beautiful to look at and add elegance to any room. The piece would be beautiful enough on its own but the frosted, lit globe helps it to take on a much more magical appearance. Colored in a trio of faux ivory, ebony, and gold leaf, this sculpture also has just the right amount of contrasting tints to give it an eternal, peaceful, museum-like appearance. While a tiger sculpture or Bigfoot statue adds excitement to a backyard, this beautiful little piece from the Basil Street catalog is functional elegance at its purest.

Find everything from art deco to Greek garden statues and Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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