Last Day to Save 20% on Gothic Tables and Other Furniture Items

Effingham Gryphon Library TableIf you haven't taken advantage of our furniture sale yet, don't wait until tomorrow to order stunning replicas of antique furniture and other unique furniture items because the sale ends today! This is the last day to get 20% off of the regular price of any of our beautiful furniture so don't wait around to buy magnificent medieval home decor like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table. As with several of our tables, this heirloom furniture item is crafted from solid, gorgeous mahogany. This is a stunning sculptural piece that can be used as a writing table, hall table, or for other purposes, and will last for generations.

It's also the last day to get 20% off any of our beautiful chairs. When you put something into your house that is as stunning and comfortable as the San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame Chair, guests will spend just as much time admiring it as sitting in it (if they can pry you out of this beautiful, cozy seat).

Egyptian tables are also on sale and include such functional works of art as the Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console and even a detailed, stunning replica of King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair.

Order these beautiful items and any of our furniture by the end of today, January 14th, and get 20% off the regular price.

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Medieval Home Decor Furniture for the Office

The office doesn't have to be a sterile place with bare, bland decor. In fact, your personal work space York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Benchshouldn't be like that at all or it might affect your productivity and attitude. Although an office shouldn't be filled with distractions, most people work better when they feel comfortable and happy with the decor. For those who appreciate the rich history of Medieval Europe and fine, antique furniture, that special decor will include items like the York Monastery Solid Hardwood Gothic Bench. Hand-carved from beautiful hardwoods, this Gothic bench will turn any office into a regal, inspirational place to work. It can be used as a bench as well as for storing files, books, and other items in the compartment beneath the seat.

No one should have to work in an impersonal, office and the Saint Thomas Aquinas Gothic Wooden Bookstand will ensure that your work space has character. This beautiful bookstand is a fine replica of a gorgeous Gothic bookstand from the eighteenth century and is hand-carved from beautiful hardwoods. Use it to show one of your favorite books and to hold any number of small office items.

Buy these beautiful furniture items for office and home by Monday, January 14th, and get 20% off the regular price. This sale is also applicable to Egyptian tables, Gothic tables, and all of our furniture!

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Bring the Natural Beauty of Animal Garden Statues into the Home with Animal Sculptural Tables

Animal garden sculptures are fitting decor for any backyard. Detailed sculptures of bears, wolves, and other forest animals add a touch of natural, dramatic beauty. Noble statues of cheetahs, lions, and zebras The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Tablebring the famed African savannahs into the backyard. Those in search of the cutest of statuary will also be pleased to see that we carry dozens of adorable dog, cat, and baby animal statues. You can also decorate the interior of your home and office with many of those same animals sculptures but it's even nicer when they blend artistic beauty with function.

Add a table to the den or living room in creative fashion with animal sculptural tables like the Sultan's Elephant Sculptural Side Table. This beautifully detailed sculpture shows a royal Elephant with a richly carved carriage on its back. It crouches down to the floor so you can place drinks or your favorite Kipling book on top of the carriage.

If you prefer the romance of the Sahara over the exotic flavors of royal India, you might like the Kasbah Camel Sculptural Side Table. Like the Sultan's Elephant, this faithful camel kneels to the ground so you can use the ornate drum on its back as a side table.

Find the best in garden statuary and unique decor for the home at Design Toscano.

Get 20% off Gothic tables and all furniture from Design Toscano until Monday, January 14th!

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Bring the Style and Beauty of the Ancient World to Your Home with Egyptian Tables

Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side TableAncient Egypt was one of the first big civilizations that we know of and although the dynasties of the pharaohs disappeared more than 2,000 years ago, their legacy lives on. Thousands of tourists marvel over the Great Pyramids to this day and ancient Egyptian artwork in particular is so appreciated that millions of people decorate their homes and businesses with Egyptian inspired items. It only takes one look at stunning ebony and gold Egyptian decor to see why this style of art continues to be popular in modern times. The combination of jet black highlighted with bright gold gives an elegant, classic look to any home.

Egyptian sculptural tables pay tribute to the Egyptian artform with functional beauty. The Kneeling Nubian Servant Statue is a stunning serving table that will be the highlight of any bar. Put your drink on this table and feel like a Pharaoh!

Cat lovers and fans of Egyptian art will love the Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table. This work of art shows three sculptures of Bastet, the Cat Goddess perched on a decorated Egyptian pedestal. Each cat sculpture faces a different direction to spread joy throughout the home.

Get 20% off the regular price of these Egyptian decorations, Gothic tables, and all of the beautiful furniture items at Design Toscano until January 14th.

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Enjoy 20% Off Gothic Tables and All Furniture from Now until January 14th!

Today, January 10th, kicks off the start of a five day sale on furniture at Design Toscano! From today until Lady Alcott Victorian Balloon ChairJanuary 14th, you get 20% off any of the furniture items on our site. This is a great opportunity to save on exquisite replicas of antiques such as the Antoinette Loveseat and the Carved Rocaille Chair. Hand-carved from gorgeous hardwoods and upholstered with jacquard tapestry, both of these pieces are an expression of elegant comfort.

Buy the unique Lady Alcott Victorian Balloon Chair to impress guests and relax with a favorite book and get 20% off the regular price if purchased between today and January 14th. Get a Dragon Sculptural Glass-Topped Table at the same time to increase your savings and add a bit of Gothic flair to your living room.

Speaking of Gothic, since all of our Gothic-style tables are on sale, this would also be the best time to buy stunning, heirloom furniture items like the fantastic Lord Raffles Lion Leg Coffee Table or the elegant Chateau Chambord table. Both of these medieval home decor items are hand carved from beautiful, long-lasting mahogany and are destined to be centerpiece items for any castle.

Order any of these, Egyptian tables, and hundreds of our other beautiful furniture items from now until January 14th and take 20% off the regular price!

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Gothic Décor for the Dark Days of Winter

A northern winter is characterized by more than just cold, snowy conditions. For many people, the ice and Gaston, the Climbing Gothic Gargoyle Statuesubzero temperatures are much less of a problem than the lack of sunlight. The sun gets up later and sets much earlier than the glorious days of summer and if you work the day shift in the north, you might commute to and from work in the dark.

After several weeks of sun-poor days, it's easy to wonder if Edgar Allen Poe penned most of his Gothic classics during the winter. He would have probably loved a writing room decorated with a Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture and a Gargoyle statue or two. Given his writing style, such Gothic wall art might have cheered him up on days that were especially dim.

Such days can also inspire us to find beautiful Gothic decorations for all of our needs. The Gothic Cathedral Arch Mirror does much more than act as a mere looking glass. This stunning wall art is inspired by the windows of Gothic cathedrals and is finished with a unique process that gives it an ancient, foreboding appearance.

Provide light for this mirror and your hallways with breathtaking Gothic items like The Grim Reaper Illuminated Wall Sculpture and the Marshgate Castle Dragon Wall Sconce.

Buy these items, beautiful Gothic tables, and other Gothic decorations by the end of today, January 6th, and get 20% off the regular price.

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Noble Chairs for Gorgeous Gothic Tables

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableBeautiful tables deserve equally beautiful chairs. That's not usually a problem when buying a basic kitchen table but finding the right types of chairs for replicas of antique furniture is another story. How do you pick out appropriate seating for ornate, breathtaking furniture such as the Effingham Gryphon Library Table or the Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table? Hand carved from gorgeous mahogany, these tables are truly stunning, functional works of art.

Given their beauty and royal bearing, it can be a challenge to find seats to match these tables. However, you can't go wrong by complimenting them with chairs that are fit for nobility. The Lord Raffle's Lion Throne Chair is one such item and easily rivals any table with ornate woodwork and stunning upholstery. This antique replica is modeled after a veritable throne that was crafted for Lord Raffles, the founder of the British colony of Singapore.

The Charles II Side Chair also makes a fitting match with the tables mentioned above and any truly royal piece of furniture. This beautiful furniture item is hand carved from mahogany, upholstered with exquisite jacquard tapestry, and given a gorgeous hand-rubbed finish. It's also available as an armchair.

Order these beautiful items, gargoyle gifts, and other Gothic Décor until Sunday, January 6th and get 20% off the regular price as part of our Gothic Weekend Sale.

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Start Saving on Gothic Décor Today!

Today, January 4th, marks the beginning of our first sale on Gothic decorations for 2013. Order any of our beautiful Gothic tables and other Gothic items from now until January 6th and get 20% off the regular Argos Gargoyle Sentinel Statueprice! This includes such frighteningly good gargoyle figurines as the Abbadon Gargoyle Statue. This fierce, Celtic-inspired gargoyle is ready to open its bat-like wings and pounce on any unwelcome intruders to your Gothic garden.

The  Argos Gargoyle Sentinel Statue is a classic gargoyle modeled after sculptures that adorn European castles, churches, and keeps. Argos is just as intimidating as its old European brethren and has the same detailed wings, muscled haunches, and fanged snout.

For a cuter set of gargoyles, you can't go wrong with the Picc-a-Dilly garden gargoyle statues.  Although these three mischievous little imps won't be scaring any rabbits out of the garden, they will probably produce more than a few laughs.

While picking out Gothic statuary, don't forget that Gothic wall decor is also on sale. This includes everything from the detailed Horned Dragon Skull Trophy to a Coat of Arms Wall Plaque that shows the family crest of Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula!).

Get 20% off all Gothic items at Design Toscano until Sunday, January 6th!

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25% Off Garden Statuary and Other Items Extended to the End of Today!

Golden Pedestal of the Egyptian Kings Sculptural ColumnFor the past two days, lucky shoppers looking for garden fairies and other unique decor and objets d'art had the chance to get 25% off their purchase. Although that sale officially ended at midnight on December 12th, we have decided to extend it for one more day!

Buy anything on our site until the end of December 13th and take 25% off the regular price! That includes stunning Gothic tables like the Effingham Gryphon Library table. Hand carved from solid mahogany, the ornate carvings on the legs of this antique replica will impress anyone who sees this heirloom furniture item.

You can also enjoy that deep discount on Egyptian art such as the Golden Pedestal Sculptural Column and the Male Egyptian Telamon Sconce. Both of these items are painted with faux gold and are a wonderful demonstration of the Egyptian style.

Animal garden statues also get that 25% discount so order realistic sculptures like the Lioness with Cub statue today and save!

Don't expect to see any further extensions of this great discount though so get big savings by placing your order today!

Save 25% on these resin garden statues and everything else on our site until the end of today, December 13th!

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How to Find Great Savings on Gothic Tables and Other Quality Furniture Items

Furniture items lend themselves to being functional works of art and this tendency was often shown in Medieval home decor. European royalty and artistocrats dined at beautifully carved wooden tables and Victorian Rococo Faux Leather Wing Chair and Ottomansat on ornately carved chairs that could have just as easily been put on display in an art museum (exactly where many of those original pieces are found today). Although museums are the rightful homes of true antiques from European castles and keeps, artfully crafted replicas add a beautiful royal touch to any home.

To find the best prices on quality Gothic and Medieval inspired furniture this holiday season, go shopping at our furniture blowout page. You will find fantastic discounts on quality furniture like the Victorian Rococo Faux Leather Wing Chair and Ottoman and the Victorian Style Gossip Bench. Both of these stunning items are hand carved from solid mahogany and would look right at home in a stately Victorian mansion.

Save on a set of Toulon French Rococo Armchairs to accompany the Lord Raffles Lion Table for a dining room fit for royalty. These masterpieces of carved mahogany furniture command attention and look almost too good to use!

Shop at Design Toscano for the holidays and find the best savings on high quality Medieval home decor and furniture.

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Last Day for Free Shipping on Garden Statuary

The holidays can be such a fun time of the year but these festive days also end up being some of the most Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculptureexpensive. The costs associated with decorations, parties, and gifts quickly add up so it's worth it to find discounts and savings whenever possible. One such way to save is with free shipping. Take advantage of those times when free shipping is offered on your favorite shopping sites and you not only save extra cash for delivery, you also avoid the costs, traffic, and stress of sharing the stores with the holiday crowds.

If you buy Greek garden statues and any other items on the Design Toscano site today, you can still have them shipped to your home to decorate in time for the holidays! Don't wait to buy and save on garden fairies like the exquisite Fiona the Flower Fairy sculpture. When you see the beautiful, lifelike details expressed by this statue, it's easy to understand why Fiona is one of our best selling items.

We also carry hundreds of other gorgeous statues for gardens, home, office, and business, including adorable animal garden statues like Buster the Bulldog Sculpture and life size dinosaur statues!

Order any of our high quality statues, Gothic tables, and other items from our site today!

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Give Your Place a Medieval Touch with Gothic Décor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableMedieval castles and keeps were decorated with some of the more interesting art and decor. Wall tapestries told stories in beautiful woven form. Paintings were commissioned along with sculptures of angels and other religious outdoor statues. Gargoyles perched on the tall stone walls and beautifully carved furniture contributed to the atmosphere of the castle.

Antique statues and tables that used to grace European castles and manors have become items for display in museums rather than for practical use. Nevertheless, you can still find fantastic Gothic tables, chairs, and even gargoyles on the Design Toscano site.

Get the gorgeous Raffle's Lion Leg Coffee Table to impress guests and live in Gothic splendor. Carved from Mahogany, this beautiful table is distressed just enough to resemble antique furniture. The lion paw legs and carvings of lions and heraldic crests on the sides of this table will make it one of the centerpiece items in any room.

For a truly Gothic touch, put a sculpture of a Raven on the wall of your den. Ravens have been honored for their intelligence and clever antics for centuries and became symbols of the Gothic genre after being immortalized by Edgar Allen Poe. The Raven's Perch Wall Sculpture captures the foreboding, cunning look of this bird in realistic detail.

Get 20% off the finest Gothic items and everything else on the Design Toscano site through Sunday, November 25th as part of our Black Friday Weekend sale!

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Gothic Tables for Winter Holiday Parties

Lord Raffles Lion Leg Side TableGetting ready for those holiday festivities that take place in December and January is more than just buying strings of lights and decorations for a Christmas tree. You also need to buy plenty of food and beverages along with appropriately decorated cups and dinnerware. To throw a truly memorable holiday party, though, raise the level of your decor and buy quality, creative furniture. We aren't talking about seats that look like reindeer and tables that look as if they came from the North Pole.

No, the tables that will make an impression on holiday guests and act as treasured items for decades to come are furniture like the fantastic  Lord Raffle's Lion Table. This stunning table is carved from gorgeous Mahogany and at seven feet long, can comfortably provide places for six people. Use it to serve a holiday-inspired repast at your Christmas dinner parties. It can also be used as a desk or artistic furniture that imparts a regal, noble feel to any room in the house.

Match this big table with Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Side Table and Lord Raffle's Lion Leg Tea Table and holiday guests will feel as if they are being treated like royalty.

Find great prices on high quality furniture, Medieval home decor, and garden statuary for the holidays at Design Toscano.

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Twelve Hours to Get 20% Off Garden Statuary Today!

Now that October is over and done with, it's time to start thinking about the winter holidays. Christmas is just Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console50 days away so it's definitely not too early to start the shopping and making preparations for holiday festivities. Do a little bit each day and take advantage of sales and you should find yourself sitting down with a mug of spiced eggnog instead of doing last minute errands on December 24th. For shoppers at Design Toscano, today happens to be one of those days that should be taken advantage of.

For just 12 hours, everything on our site gets a 20% discount. Why wait to buy stunning Egyptian tables and enchanting medieval home decor when you can get 20% off the regular price today? Get the beautiful Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-topped Console for friends or family interested in Egyptian art, animals, or unique sculpted furniture. Finished with faux gold leaf, the cheetahs in this sculptural table are a work of art all on their own.

Order today and save on classy, elegant furniture like the Neoclassical Egyptian Revival Chair or the beautiful Saint Thomas Aquinas Gothic Wooden Bookend. You could also get 20% off an actual, functional Celtic Rosewood Heather Harp.

Find the best in unique decor for any decorating theme as well as unique objets d'art, and animal statues at Design Toscano. Place your order today, November 5th, because this sale only last for 12 hours!

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Free Shipping on Garden Statuary and Everything Else Today and Tomorrow Only!

It's always nice to find low prices on quality resin garden statues, but it's even better to get those sculptures and other quality decor delivered to the front door free of charge. For just today and tomorrow, Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Tableanything ordered from the Design Toscano site gets shipped free of charge! To get that free shipping, it doesn't matter if you order a life size Bigfoot Statue or a the smallest of garden fairies. You don't have to order items for the backyard either. Buy heirloom quality furniture for the interior of home or the office and it also gets delivered free of charge.

This includes furniture like the amazing Warwickshire Dragon Glass-topped Coffee table. The masterpiece of a dragon sculpture that makes up the base of this table is so detailed that you may be tempted to remove the glass top to just put the dragon on display! Use it to serve coffee to all of your guests in Gothic-themed splendor.

Egyptian decorations are also shipped free of charge when ordered today or tomorrow. Get a Queen Nefertiti Sculptural Floor Lamp or the stunning Egyptian revival Isis Table Lamp to give your place some serious Egyptian flair.

Order these and other unique decor and objets d'art from Design Toscano today or tomorrow and pay nothing for shipping!

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Animal Garden Statues, Tables, or Both?

Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural TableThe animal yard statue is a classic addition to any backyard. Sculptures of animals like lions, horses, and even turtles bring elegance to the garden by showcasing their natural beauty. They can look stunning all on their own but some animal statues also combine beauty with utility in the form of tables.

The Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural Table is a fine example of one such table and the sculptured table column is so detailed and realistic, you might be tempted to just put it on display for that reason alone. However, if you opt for also using it as a table, the thick glass top will act as a solid support for a cold drink, favorite books, or displaying exquisite objets d'art.

While that sculptural table can be used in the garden, it works better inside the home. The Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table, though, is an excellent item for outdoor garden parties. This bear is happy to make sure that your favorite drink and snacks are within reach!

For a more colorful approach, try the beautiful Great Barrier Reef Glass-topped Table! Sculpted with detailed depictions of stunning reef fish and bright corals that are topped with a round glass top, it's the perfect place for a poolside drink.

Find these and other stunning animal garden sculptures and gorgeous Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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One More Day to Get 15% off Garden Statuary!

Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall PedimentIf you feel like you missed out on our Fall sale, you are in luck if you order any sale items today, because we have decided to extend the promotion for one more day! From now until midnight, you can continue to enjoy 15% off any of the on-sale items on the Design Toscano site.

Egyptian decorations never looked better, especially when you can buy them for lower than already low sale prices. Enjoy savings on the classic Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment and decorate your den or living room just as temples were decorated in ancient Egypt. During the times of the pharaohs, there was a mandate to place this pediment on every temple to ward off evil.

Another wall can be decorated with the Temple of Karnak Mirrored Wall Sculpture. The beautiful gold and ebony colors and faux gems on this unique decor make it a fine representation of Egyptian revival opulence.

Many furniture items are also on sale, including the Dordogne Marble-topped Console Table. A fine replica of Gothic tables from eighteenth century France, this table is beautifully carved from richly colored hardwood and topped with rose-hued marble. An elegant addition to any room in the house!

Save an extra 15% on these and all on sale items on our site until midnight, October 19th!


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Last Day to Save Even More on Resin Garden Statues

A Memory Captured in Time SculptureToday is the final day of our three day sale that lets you take an extra 15% off any on sale item. From now until midnight tonight, you can still save even more on ornate Gothic tables, stunning resin garden statues, and anything else on our site that already happens to be on sale. Take advantage of this sale to enjoy a further discount on items like the classic Le Printemps and Le Etoile Wall Sculptures. Whether used for holding a bouquet of bright flowers or as wall decorations on their own, these sculptures will add a touch of class to both the garden and the home interior.

Enjoy the discount on the nostalgic Memory Captured in Time Sculpture. This amazing sculpture shows a young girl happily jumping rope and the scene is captured with her in in mid-air! Detailed and realistic, you can almost hear the swish of the rope and see her hair bob up and down as she jumps. The beauty of this work of art is heightened by the faux verdigris bronze finish.

Several  animal garden sculptures are also on sale including the striking Zairen, the Zebra Sculpture. This highly realistic depiction of a Zebra colt will capture of the hearts of children of all ages.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and every on sale item at the Design Toscano site from now until the end of today, October 18th!

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The Enchanting Beauty of Mermaid Garden Statuary and Decor

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueThe sea is a mysterious realm. When you stand on the beach and gaze out over the endless water, it seems like anything could be found beneath the waves. Throughout the ages, those who set sail on the oceans have experienced many strange phenomena and created amazing tales in an attempt to come up with explanations.

One such recurring tale involves beautiful creatures that are part woman, part fish. Known as mermaids, sirens, kelpies, as well as by other names, they emerge from the deep to sing to lonely sailors on moonlit nights. Those unfortunate enough to listen and pay heed to their deadly songs willingly leave the safety of the boat to sink and drown in the deeps. However, not all mermaids are said to be so dangerous. Some live a simple life beneath the waves and venture out onto rocks to watch the ships pass by. These latter mermaids are the ones you want in your garden and we make that happen with the classic Daydreaming Mermaid of Langline Cove statue. This beautiful piece will look just as mesmerizing as a real mermaid as she sits next to your pool or koi pond.

Inside the home, you can continue to show the mysterious beauty of mermaids with the Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp. Over six feet tall, this ornate lamp with faux verdigris bronze finish will be an enchanting work of art for any home.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and all on sale animal garden statues, Gothic tables, and greenmen at the Design Toscano site from now until Thursday, October 18th!

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Get an Extra 15% Off of On Sale Medieval Home Decor

The Grand Occasion Hand-Carved Heraldic Arm ChairThe kings and queens of Medieval Europe decorated their castles and keeps with ornately carved tables, beautiful chairs, tapestries, and other hand-crafted decor. Many such items are presently put on display in various museums not only because of their value as antiques, but also because they have always been veritable works of art. The nobility of Medieval times could afford to commission works of art and they did so when needing furniture, mirrors, or other decor for the home.

Although the actual items from those days can only be seen in museums, we make it possible to sit in your own Medieval throne and dine at striking, beautifully carved Gothic tables. The Grand Occasion Heraldic Arm Chair looks so absolutely stunning that you might want to just show it rather than sit in it! Be assured, though, that if you feel like resting in this ornate seat, it's just as comfortable as it is intricately carved.

The same can be said about the gorgeous, hand-carved Effingham Gryphon Library Table and the Lord Raffles Lion Leg Coffee Table. Both are true works of art fit to be heirloom furniture.

Save an extra 15% on these beautiful items and every on sale item at the Design
Toscano site from now until Thursday, October 18th!

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