Garden Statuary for the Musician

If you still aren't sure what to get certain friends and family members this holiday season, Greek garden statues and other outdoor sculptures are a great gift idea. Even if the lucky person in question doesn't have Music from Heaven Angel Statuea garden, if you give them quality statuary that also matches their personality or passion, they will love it.

For example, musicians in the family who like classical sculptures will appreciate the breathtaking Muse with Harp sculpture. Crafted by artist Carlo Bronti, the details and curves of this sculpture lend to a lifelike, stunning appearance. From the waves of her hair to her flowing gown, she expresses the beauty of bringing music to life and it almost seems as if you can hear the notes issuing forth from her classical Greek harp.

Another classic sculpture for the musician is our popular Music from Heaven Angel Statue. Any musician will relate to the content, satisfied look on the face of this angel as she makes music with her ornately carved harp. If you think you hear notes coming from the harp, it won't be your imagination either because the strings are wind chimes that make music inspired by the wind!

Find quality sculptures for outside, garden fairies, and other unique gift ideas at Design Toscano today!

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Add Personality to the Outside of the Home with Dragon Garden Statues

A house or apartment takes on a certain degree of personality as soon as it is finished but its character isn't Warsin Dragon Statuetruly expressed until it has been lived in. Eventually, most people put up varying types and amounts of decor. Although every decoration says something about the owners, some items show a bit more personality than others. A welcome sign with frogs or flowers is a quaint, friendly means of saying an automatic "hello" to whomever arrives at the door and Greek garden statues in the backyard demonstrate an appreciation for classical art but few decorations add more personality to a place than dragon sculptures.

Unlike most other garden statuary, dragons can be mystical, frightening, impressive, dangerous, admirable, and noble all at the same time. They appeal to our sense of fantasy and help turn any home into a much more magical place.

Hang the Warsin Dragon Sculpture on one of the garden walls or next to a door to make a statement and put dragon downspout sculptures on the gutters.

You don't have to stick with your old welcome signs either. Get the Bless this Home Dragon Wall Sculpture to show guests that they aren't about to enter into any old home.

Save on the best in dragon sculptures and hundreds of unique fantasy statuary at Design Toscano.

Place your order for these items and anything else on our site by the end of tomorrow, December 7th, and receive free standard shipping!

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Last Day for Free Shipping on Garden Statuary

The holidays can be such a fun time of the year but these festive days also end up being some of the most Fiona, the Flower Fairy Sculptureexpensive. The costs associated with decorations, parties, and gifts quickly add up so it's worth it to find discounts and savings whenever possible. One such way to save is with free shipping. Take advantage of those times when free shipping is offered on your favorite shopping sites and you not only save extra cash for delivery, you also avoid the costs, traffic, and stress of sharing the stores with the holiday crowds.

If you buy Greek garden statues and any other items on the Design Toscano site today, you can still have them shipped to your home to decorate in time for the holidays! Don't wait to buy and save on garden fairies like the exquisite Fiona the Flower Fairy sculpture. When you see the beautiful, lifelike details expressed by this statue, it's easy to understand why Fiona is one of our best selling items.

We also carry hundreds of other gorgeous statues for gardens, home, office, and business, including adorable animal garden statues like Buster the Bulldog Sculpture and life size dinosaur statues!

Order any of our high quality statues, Gothic tables, and other items from our site today!

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Free Standard Shipping on Everything from a Bigfoot Statue to the Smallest Garden Fairy

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueShopping online can make it easy to find garden statuary and other objets d'art for great low prices. Although you have to pay for shipping and can't get your purchase two seconds after buying it, the time saved and convenience of shopping from the comfort of the home or office makes up for those small disadvantages. Even when large purchases result in sizeable shipping costs, they are still outweighed by the advantages of online shopping. Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less so it's worth it to take advantage of times when discounts are offered on shipping, especially for large items like beautiful Greek garden statues

At Design Toscano, one of those rare times happens to be in effect from today until Thursday, November 15th. All you need to do to get free standard shipping from now until November 15th is order anything from our site. Order something small and exquisite like a Versailles telephone from our Basil Street Gallery or large statuary like Bigfoot the Garden Yeti and it gets shipped for free* right to your front door. It doesn't matter what you order, nor how big or small your purchase may be. Just buy between now and Thursday, November 15th and standard shipping is free!

*Does not include oversized or freight surcharges. Get free standard shipping from now until Thursday, November 15th, 2012 when ordering anything from Design Toscano!

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The Importance of Plinths for Garden Statuary

Estate Classic Statuary Plinth BaseSome statues are big enough to stand on their own but most look better with a bit of extra height. The ancient Greeks and Romans realized this and used plinths and columns for most of their sculptures. Statues of Zeus and sculptures of Jupiter were given their proper due as major deities when they were placed on a pedestal. It demonstrated their importance and made them more visible than subjects of lesser importance. A decorative base also added to the artistic quality of sculptures and could transform a small statue into a majestic work of art.

There's no reason why modern statuary shouldn't likewise be displayed on columns and plinths with a classic appearance. They give them the same noble gestalt as statuary that graced the gardens of ancient Rome and Athens and add a touch of elegant class to any backyard.

The Estate Classic Statuary Plinth Base looks nice enough to act as a sculptural work of art all on its own but it's really meant to provide quality sculptures with the type of display that they deserve. The Grande Laurel Sculptural Plinth Base is another regal choice for your favorite outdoor garden sculpture while a straightforward Roman Doric column can be used for small statues, flower vases, or a table for a cold drink.

Find a wide variety of columns for all of your garden statue needs at Design Toscano. Get 20% off plinths, garden fairies, and all garden statue items until Sunday, November 11th!

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Get 20% Off Greek Garden Statues and Other Sculptures for the Backyard

The artists of ancient Greece had very impressive skills as sculptors. Unlike the Renaissance artists, it's a The Four Goddesses of the Seasons Statuesshame that we know so very little about the people who created the statues for ancient Greek gardens and temples. The realism of their work is so incredible that they influenced tales of a snake-coiffed Gorgon who could change people into stone with just one look into her eyes. Although the names of those ancient artists have been mostly lost to the sands of time, their legacy has lived on with resin garden statues made in the same classic style.

Most such classic statuary depicts members of the Greek pantheon and magical creatures like fawns and dryads. Given the importance of the subject matter, it's no wonder that Greek artists often gave them a noble, serene appearance, and beautiful bodies. They also typically placed them on a pedestal and this is the best way to display the Four Goddesses of the Seasons. Each of these beautiful, immortal Goddesses represents her respective season with subtle differences in stance and objects carried in elegant hands.

For an equally majestic, more powerful sculpture, put a grand scale statue of Poseidon on display! With tall trident in hand and stern look on his face, Poseidon shows that he means business.

Order these, the best in garden fairies, and all other garden statuary from now until Sunday, November 11th, and get 20% off the regular price!

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What Statues for Garden Do You Need?

Whether just getting started with a garden or maintaining one for several years, picking out the right decor Pagoda Lantern Sculpturescan be a challenge. Do you go with greenmen sculptures for the trees or opt for statues that hang from the limbs? Do you limit your garden sculptures to topiary or go for a classic display of Greek-themed statues? Is decor in the backyard going to follow a certain theme or blend Asian sculptures with African animals? No matter how you decide to decorate the garden, the huge assortment of classic and unique decor at Design Toscano gives you a cornucopia of garden statuary options.

If the garden lacks any decor whatsoever, decide on a theme (or not) first and foremost. If going for an Asian-themed garden, Pagoda Lantern sculptures are a good choice. Their simple design and easy-going appearance make them a versatile and ideal addition to any type of flowerbeds.

Speaking of flowers, garden fairies also work well with just about any type of garden on account of their small size and naturally enchanting appearance. The detailed beauty of Fiona the Flower Fairy makes this one of our more popular fairy sculptures.

If you already have an established, well decorated garden, you might want to consider something unique like a life size tiger or Bigfoot.

Save on the best decor for both the backyard and the interior of home and office at Design Toscano.

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Free Shipping on Garden Statuary and Everything Else from Now Until Sunday

Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow StatueThe last weekend in September has arrived and we are marking these last days before October with free shipping on everything in our store. If you haven't bought a Bigfoot statue for the yard yet, this weekend could be the best time to make that purchase because even large-scale items like our realistic Yetis get shipped for free. Bigfoot is an excellent Halloween decoration but will also add mystical drama to the backyard at all times of the year.

It's not too late to order the Harvest of Evil Garden Scarecrow Statue for Halloween either. This is one scarecrow that works better on keeping people away than the birds! Some evil force turned a docile scarecrow into a menacing, fanged undead creature and it doesn't look as if corn cobs are on his menu!

You will also get free shipping on the unique Crash Landing Flying Saucer Alien Spacecraft Statue when you order it between today and Sunday. Use this sculptue for a frightening sci-fi Halloween theme.

Save on shipping costs for all of your quality Halloween decor but don't forget to also order and save on classic Greek garden statues, and garden fairies. Free shipping last sfrom today until Sunday, September 30th.

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Every Home Could Use a Pedestal or Two from the Basil Street Gallery

French Neoclassical Griffin PedestalThe ancient Greeks and Romans had some great ideas when it came to decorating. They adorned their temples, gardens, and olive groves with fantastic, lifelike garden statuary. In fact, beautiful, realistic statues continue to look right at home in modern day gardens. They also gave us a variety of architectural ideas, the marble bust, and made use of pedestals to put their beautiful statuary on display.

The concept was a simple one and ends up accentuating anything placed on top of it. Basically, by placing the statue or other object on a decorative column or pedestal, it increases its height, and displays it in a way that can't be missed. The pedestal helps to showcase the importance of anything placed on it and works well for everything from a flower vase to prized Egyptian decorations.

Pedestals for every theme can be found in the Basil Street collection, including the French Neoclassical Griffin Pedestal. It's a fantastic piece all on its own but looks best when used for displaying plants next to entranceways or for adding a touch of green to the corners of rooms.

The Venetian Doges Solid Marble Column is so beautiful that it might outshine the marble bust or flowers placed on top of it!

Save 20% on these, other pedestals, and Egyptian art in the Basil Street Collection when ordering them by Thursday, September 13th!

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Garden Statuary for the Gardener

Fanny & Frank Farmer Garden StatueBackyards can also be called gardens but that doesn't necessarily mean that any gardening is going on. That might sound like a riddle but it's absolutely true. Someone can have a backyard pathway flanked by regal Greek garden statues and animal garden statues to make guests feel as if they are walking through the Garden of Eden but if there isn't any careful cultivation of plants, the act of gardening is not taking place. Some readers may raise their voices in protest and state that a "garden" can take many definitions but in all honesty, it seems like a real garden is one where plants are grown for food or decoration.

Definitions of "garden" aside, millions of people tend to flowerbeds, rows of tomatoes, herbs, patches of garlic, taro, and whatever else needs cultivation. These are the true gardeners and they deserve their own set of sculptures. Garden fairies always make for a welcome addition to the cultivated corners of backyards because according to legend, those mischievous creatures use their magic to make plants grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Sculptures of gardeners such as the Fanny and Frank Farmer Garden Statues are also a perfect fit for beautiful flowerbeds or rows of vegetables.

Buy these and other beautiful statues for gardeners from now until Tuesday, September 4th and can 29% off the regular price!

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Stone Garden Angel or Animal Statues for the Yard?

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureGarden statuary comes in so many shapes, themes, and sizes that it can be hard to pick out the sculptures meant to beautify your backyard. Although some of those big, Buddha statues look downright inspirational, most folks tend to feel like they look out of place in non Asian-themed gardens. The same goes for Greek garden statues in a backyard that already hosts sculptures of a Giant Panda and pagodas. If the backyard is big enough, you could probably get away with dedicating different corners of the yard to different decorating themes but mixing them together is likely to result in a confusing, crowded, conglomeration of statuary.

In the case of angel statues, though, their universal appeal helps them fit into a wide variety of decorating themes. As long as an angel is placed off to the side of Asian-themed statues, they don't cause much of an intrusion. The same goes for a yard replete with animal garden statues. Although the animal sculptures are more colorful and generally realistic than sculptures of angels, as long as both types of statuary are kept somewhat separate, they don't really disrupt the decorating theme.

Is your backyard graced with angel and animal statues? Do you mix them together or keep them separated? Tell us about your yard in the comments!

Save on beautiful angels and animals statues for the backyard at Design Toscano.

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What Does a Large Buddha Statue Say About Your Backyard?

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureThe garden statuary used to decorate the green space behind your house says as much about you as it does the yard. Put up a few classic Greek garden statues and you might have an appreciation for ancient cultures and art that lasts for ages. It might also represent pride in your Greek or other Mediterranean heritage and a tendency to appreciate realistic art forms.

A Buddha statue could show that you enjoy the neat appearance of an Asian-themed garden. This is almost certainly the case if the sculpture is flanked by bronze cranes or an animal yard statue of a panda. If the Buddha sculpture shares the backyard scene with statues of dragons and other legendary creatures, it might show that you have an imagination that appreciates fantasy novels and are intrigued by the many mysteries of life, or it could indicate that you are a practicing Buddhist.

However, if a look around the garden also reveals items as varied as garden fairies, animal statues, and water fountains, it could just be that you love to decorate your backyard with beautiful statues. No matter what the reason is for including a Buddha statue in the garden, both jolly and meditative depictions of the Buddha are a fantastic addition to any yard.

Find the best in Buddha sculptures and other detailed decor at Design Toscano.


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The Quality, Beauty, and Longevity of Bronze Garden Statuary

The Tranquil Buddha Solid Bronze Garden StatueSculptures for the garden should be built to last. They need to stand up to the elements in every season while still showing off their detailed beauty and it's even better when they can be passed down from generation to generation as heirloom pieces. To be used as heirlooms, we aren't talking about statues that last just a few years or even a few decades but works of art that stand up to the elements for centuries. To last that long, they require a certain degree of care but given the durable nature of resin and bronze, it's not as if anyone would need to store them in an airtight vault.

Bronze in particular is known for its longevity and this is demonstrated in many a museum by exhibits of sculptures that were crafted hundreds or even thousands of years in the past. The ancient Greeks probably gave just as much importance to quality and beauty as they did durability when crafting bronze sculptures. That polished, gorgeous look of the bronze sculpture lives on in such modern day statuary as garden fairies and animal garden statues as well as pieces more classical in nature like a Buddha statue.

Enjoy 15% off all bronze items at Design Toscano when ordering on August 8th, the final day of our Best of the Bronze sale!

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Make a Statement with Gothic Tables

Effingham Gryphon Library TableJust as decor in the backyard says something about your garden, interior decor can speak volumes about your personality and tastes. It of course doesn't give the entire picture but it's probably safe to say that people who use more animal garden statues have a strong appreciation for wildlife. Folks who display statues of Greek deities probably enjoy classic works of art more than contemporary pieces. If religious outdoor statues are shown in the garden, they very likely reflect the belief system of the people who live there. However, statues aren't the only types of decor that offer a glimpse into the personality of the home owner. Furniture can also be used to show who you are are and what you stand for.

Use Gothic pieces like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table and guests won't fail to be impressed by the beauty of solid, carved mahogany. Its intricately carved legs and strong, enduring look will tell them that the owner of the home may have attributes that are just as distinguished and noble.

Serve tea or coffee to your guests on the Lord Raffle Lion Tea Table and they will realize that they are dealing with someone who believes in elegance and class.

Save on these and certain other pieces of furniture today and tomorrow at Design Toscano!

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Some Animal Garden Sculptures Are Almost Too Realistic!

Shadowed Predator Black Panther StatueThe animal yard statue is standard backyard decor in every garden. Whether hosting a pantheon of Greek-themed sculptures or putting pagodas and pandas on display, animal statues add a lovely, natural touch. Just like the animals that make up Earth's wild kingdom, they come in all shapes and sizes and can remind us of Mother Nature's deadly beauty, her charm, or the cute side of life. Although animal sculptures can also be cast in noble bronze or represented in cold stone, they are at their most realistic when crafted with resin. The pliable nature of this sculpting medium allows for extremely detailed depictions of tigers, giraffes, and other exciting wildlife.

In fact, some of those resin animal statues look so realistic that neighbors may think that you are harboring an exotic menagerie or are really into taxidermy. For example, take Tank, the Armadillo Garden Statue. This sculpture of the small, naturally armored creature is as about as realistic as any statue can get without turning into the real thing. From the minute pattern on the ears to the faded lower parts of the carapace, no detail, no matter how minute, was left undone.

Save on the most realistic of animal garden statues at Design Toscano.

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The Peaceful Presence of a Stone Garden Angel

The Angel's Message Garden StatueStatues of angels have been a popular subject for centuries. In European churches, they were meant to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the glory that awaited the faithful. The artists who created lifelike sculptures of the Elohim used passages from the Bible and their own imagination to come up with the imagery that we associate with angels to this day. Beautiful, perfect, androgynous beings that are forever young while also being ancient, they exhibit huge eagle-like wings and have an appearance that can be lovely, beautiful, compassionate, and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

However, angels can also be sad and eternally peaceful and this is why we place them in cemeteries and around churches. The immensely peaceful nature of angels also makes them an ideal statue for any backyard. Although an abundance of greenery, flowerbeds, and Greek garden statues do their part in soothing the mind, the presence of angels helps create the peaceful type of atmosphere that wipes away the stress and brings you to a better place.

The Angels Message Garden Statue is such a sculpture and it accomplishes this by blending the innocent beauty of a child with the eternal peace of an angel.

Buy this lovely garden statuary, on sale greenmen, and any other sale items between July 18th and July 22nd and get an extra 10% off the sales price as part of our Mid-Summer Clearance Sale!

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In Support of Medieval Home Decor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableThe word "Medieval" can invoke a wide range of images and responses. Some will think of romantic dinners where the flickering lights of candles play upon the folds of velvet robes and ignite the deep red hearts of wine-laden flasks. Others may think of foreboding castles decorated with sinister gargoyles on the outside and intricate tapestries on the inner walls. Some will be reminded of much scarier scenes that depict sharp-bladed weapons and widespread ignorance but many more people will probably think of modern Medieval-themed events and restaurants. Most, however, probably won't think so much about decor and that is indeed a shame given the fact that the majority of Medieval decor items are exquisite works of art.

Unlike much of the mass-produced furniture of modern times, chairs and tables that were fabricated for the Medieval nobility were built to impress and last for ages. Many such items have in fact lasted for centuries and can be admired in castles and a number of museums. While such antiques cost far too much to be used as actual, functional decor, replicas of Medieval works of art are downright breathtaking and include stunning items like the Antoinette Loveseat or the Lord Raffle's Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table.

Find these, classic Greek garden statues, beautiful Gothic tables, and the best in Medieval decor at Design Toscano.

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How to Add a Touch of Class to Your Business with Garden Statuary

The Four Goddesses of the Seasons StatuesDecor isn't just limited to the home or garden. It's also used in every office and store and in those places, it's probably even more important to use the right type of decorations than in the home. Decorating essentially acts as a facet of marketing, and paintings, statues, and every other type of decor say something about the business. This is important to realize because even if you don't want to make a statement, no matter what sort of decorations are used in a hotel, dentist office, or even inside a supermarket, they are still going to make some sort of impression on customers. With that in mind, it's a good idea to take your time and pick out the right type of decor for your business.

For example, if you want customers to feel like nobility, you might want to flank the entranceway with two, regal lion sculptures. To make them feel as if they are walking into a classy, distinguished establishment, try sculptures like the Four Goddesses of the Seasons or the beautifully detailed Muse with Harp Sculpture. Using statues like these for decor adds a touch of class, and thus value, to your business.

Find fantastic Greek garden statues, resin garden statues, and other works of art at Design Toscano.

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Save on Sculptures for Outside at the Warehouse Sale Today!

Garden SculpturesJuly 14th has arrived and if you live anywhere near the Chicagoland area, it's time to get in the car or hop the train to the windy city for the best sale of the year on garden statuary. The doors open at 8 AM in the morning for the Design Toscano warehouse sale and don't close until 4 PM. They open back up on July 15th at 9 AM until the sale ends at 4 PM that same day. 

If you get there at eight in the morning, don't be surprised if you see a line of people waiting for the doors to open. They know that there is simply no other day of the year that offers so many opportunities to save on beautiful decor of the highest quality. These items are exclusive and those that are overstocked or bruised might even be offered for 90% off the regular price! Get there early to beat the crowds and save money on heirloom quality treasures. Even though sales of these fantastic items happen on a regular basis at the website, those discounts still can't compare with the warehouse sale so head on over to Elk Grove Village today or tomorrow if you want to find the biggest savings of the year on everything from Greek garden statues to objets d'art for the inside of the home.

The warehouse sale is located at 1400 Morse Avenue, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007.

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Greek Garden Statues

Monteverde Angel Statue (1882)Classic garden statuary has been used as outdoor decor for more than two thousand years. While a backyard or an olive grove has a natural, green beauty all on its own, it's more of a raw, unfinished look. When precious stones like rubies and sapphires are found, they don't show the intense colors and drama of the finished gemstone. They are much more opaque and in need of polishing to show their true nature. The same can be said of gardens that lack sculptures and other decor.

As decor is placed into a garden, it starts to take on a certain degree of personality. Classic depictions of deities, angels, fairies, and other subjects have been placed into backyards and green spaces for this very purpose and the tradition is much more popular in modern times. In fact, it's quite likely that more people showcase beautiful classic statuary like the Monteverde Angel Statue or Poseidon, God of the Sea than in ancient times simply because a higher percentage of the population now has the means to afford such items. In the not too distant past, classic statuary only graced the gardens of the very rich. However, nowadays, almost everyone can afford a gorgeous, haunting stone garden angel and other heirloom-worthy items.


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