Greenmen for the Winter Months

Whispering Wilhelm Tree Ent SculptureThe cold months have started in many parts of the USA and Canada. Snow has already fallen in some areas and December is just a couple weeks away. The transition from warm weather to freezing cold is perhaps best demonstrated by the appearance of the backyard. Trees have gone from being cloaked in a crown of greenery to becoming stark, bare, woody skeletons. Not that you would need it during December, but they no longer provide any degree of shade and the few birds that perch in their branches stand out against the cold, pale sky.

Nevertheless, the stark landscape in the garden doesn't mean that it can't be decorated. It's a matter of using different decor and the beauty of some items can become more apparent after the leaves drop. Greenman sculptures like Whispering Wilhelm the Tree Ent can be easier to see and help to remind you that your favorite hybernating Maple or Oak is alive and well.

The Spirit of Nottingham is another Greenman sculpture that captures the essence of the "tree spirit" with long, woody nose and piercing, aged eyes. Designed to blend in with tree bark, this sculpture helps to give a face to any type of tree.

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What Statues for Garden Do You Need?

Whether just getting started with a garden or maintaining one for several years, picking out the right decor Pagoda Lantern Sculpturescan be a challenge. Do you go with greenmen sculptures for the trees or opt for statues that hang from the limbs? Do you limit your garden sculptures to topiary or go for a classic display of Greek-themed statues? Is decor in the backyard going to follow a certain theme or blend Asian sculptures with African animals? No matter how you decide to decorate the garden, the huge assortment of classic and unique decor at Design Toscano gives you a cornucopia of garden statuary options.

If the garden lacks any decor whatsoever, decide on a theme (or not) first and foremost. If going for an Asian-themed garden, Pagoda Lantern sculptures are a good choice. Their simple design and easy-going appearance make them a versatile and ideal addition to any type of flowerbeds.

Speaking of flowers, garden fairies also work well with just about any type of garden on account of their small size and naturally enchanting appearance. The detailed beauty of Fiona the Flower Fairy makes this one of our more popular fairy sculptures.

If you already have an established, well decorated garden, you might want to consider something unique like a life size tiger or Bigfoot.

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Save 20% on Greenmen and Other Wall Décor

Greenman wall sculptures have been used for centuries in gardens throughout Europe. Possibly Oak King Greenman Wall Sculptureinfluenced by old beliefs and legends of spirits that reside in old trees, craggy hills, and misty moors, the greenman sculpture attempts to personify the mystical side of nature. Both haunting and enchanting, they make for unique wall decor that will add a magical touch to any backyard. Order these classic sculptural pieces that give a face to nature today and tomorrow and get 20% off the regular price as part of our wall decor sale!

Give your favorite backyard tree a face with the gnarly Nottingham Woods Tree Sculpture. The piercing eyes and wooden-like face of this greenman are about as realistic as one can get aside from actually experiencing a true tree spirit.

For a more festive greenman sculpture that works well both in the backyard patio and the inside of the home, buy the Presence of Carnevale Wall Sculpture. The beautiful feathered details of this sculpture will captivate both you and your guests.

The Oak King Greenman Sculpture makes for regal, naturally inspired wall decor with an appearance as ancient as an old, wizened oak tree.

The 20% discount applies to all of our wall decor, including beautiful Egyptian art, animal garden sculptures for the wall, and a stone garden angel or two. Get 20% off all wall decor from Design Toscano today and tomorrow only.

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The Enchanting Beauty of Mermaid Garden Statuary and Decor

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove StatueThe sea is a mysterious realm. When you stand on the beach and gaze out over the endless water, it seems like anything could be found beneath the waves. Throughout the ages, those who set sail on the oceans have experienced many strange phenomena and created amazing tales in an attempt to come up with explanations.

One such recurring tale involves beautiful creatures that are part woman, part fish. Known as mermaids, sirens, kelpies, as well as by other names, they emerge from the deep to sing to lonely sailors on moonlit nights. Those unfortunate enough to listen and pay heed to their deadly songs willingly leave the safety of the boat to sink and drown in the deeps. However, not all mermaids are said to be so dangerous. Some live a simple life beneath the waves and venture out onto rocks to watch the ships pass by. These latter mermaids are the ones you want in your garden and we make that happen with the classic Daydreaming Mermaid of Langline Cove statue. This beautiful piece will look just as mesmerizing as a real mermaid as she sits next to your pool or koi pond.

Inside the home, you can continue to show the mysterious beauty of mermaids with the Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp. Over six feet tall, this ornate lamp with faux verdigris bronze finish will be an enchanting work of art for any home.

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Backyards are Spookier with Greenmen

Poison Oak: Greenman Tree SculptureEven if you have never seen what greenman decor looks like, it's easy to surmise that it might be spooky. Although it sounds like another name for Martian-themed decor, greenman items are very much connected to Earth. These nature-themed decorations literally give faces to trees and the result is magical, mysterious, and somewhat frightening. Adding personality to trees with woody faces and piercing eyes, these sculptures will provide a unique, naturally spooky touch to the yard.

Most trees are innocent and docile but when the big craggy oak in the backyard decides to come awake and show its true face, trick-or-treaters might skip your house during their quest for candy. The Spirit of Nottingham Woods greenman can be especially frightening on dark, October nights. With perceptive, woody eyes, he peers out at all passersby and dares Halloween party guests to approach his twiggy abode.

While the Nottingham Greenman can look frightening or intriguing depending on the lighting, there's no doubting the evil designs of the Poison Oak Greenman Tree Sculpture. This leering sculpture literally shows his teeth in a malicious grin that taunts guests to "Come closer for a better look!".

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Don't forget to participate in our Pin-spiration contest by creating your own Halloween pinboard with scary garden statuary and the best in gargoyle figurines. The winner gets $200 off a Bigfoot statue or anything else at Design Toscano.

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Fall is a Time for Greenmen in the Garden

Oak King Greenman Wall SculptureSummer has officially come to its end but the true colors of Autumn won't show for at least a month. Nevertheless, temperatures are going to drop bit by bit until we feel that crisp, evening air indicative of change. Those of us with gardens have already noticed that change with fewer flowers and much less bird song. Before we know it, Maples will be crowned with a brilliant array of orange, yellow, and flaming red leaves. The backyard will be carpeted with them and the grass will cease to grow. 

Those backyard changes make it one of the best times of the year for putting greenman sculptures on display. The lack of foliage draws the eye to these curious, nature-themed works of art and gives the backyard a mystical, Druid-inspired touch. The earthy tones of the Oak King Greenman Wall Sculpture will match the light brown of Autumn leaves. Like an old, mighty oak, his piercing eyes display the wisdom of ancient trees.

The  Somerset Greenwoman sculpture will keep the memory of summer alive with her ivy-green and light brown colors. Her lifelike face will fascinate visitors to the backyard well into winter.

Save on garden fairies for the fall, these unique sculptures, and other beautiful garden statuary at Design Toscano.

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All Garden Fairies Need a Fairy Ring

Twinkle Toes Fairy StatueTales of fairies and their magical cousins, the leprechauns and gnomes, have been with us for thousands of years. Despite the widespread present-day belief that elves and other "little people" only live on in fairy tales and fantasy novels, in some parts of the world, people actually still leave offerings for spirits that supposedly reside in the home and garden. Even though few people actually see those little spirits, the occupants of homes in such countries as Thailand would rather not risk offending them and thus give them a small, sculpted place to stay along with a few offerings to keep them happy.

While various western cultures probably also followed similar practices at some time or another, many also held the belief that fairies lived in certain enchanted spots in old forests, wild moors, and craggy mountains. Those magical sites could be recognized by the presence of fairy rings and were to be avoided, especially after the sun went down. Fairy rings came in the form of mushrooms, trees, or rocks that seemed to be placed in a circular shape. The obvious circle appearing in the middle of some wild area just couldn't have happened by any natural means and was therefore attributed to the little people. Whether natural or made by someone, a fairy ring is the perfect place to display a garden fairy statue. It will look right at home in the fairy ring and even better when placed beneath a tree decorated with greenmen.

Find the most magical of resin garden statues for great prices at Design Toscano.

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Garden Statuary for a Fantasy-Filled Backyard

Fiona, the Flower Fairy SculptureThere's something to be said about amazing tales of dragons, sorcerers, and garden fairies that giggle from the shadows of ancient, talking Oaks. They bring us to places where even our wildest dreams won't go and remind us that life is filled with mystery. Although not everyone is a fan of the fantasy genre, most can appreciate the eye-opening wonder generated by incredible tales of witches and mythical creatures. Authors gifted with the power of imagination and dedicated film makers provide the platforms that transport us to the wastelands of distant planets that orbit twin suns, to hidden schools where gifted children learn how to use magic, and to places where the humblest of characters become the greatest of heroes.

Sculptors also play their part in giving the imagination a fantasy-filed nudge. They make it possible to display Mermaids next to the pool without guests having to worry about any siren songs. Statues of mythical creatures like the Pegasus , garden fairies, and greenmen can be so realistic that they seem ready to come to life. The same can be said about the life-size, detailed sculpture of a voracious looking Velociraptor.

Bring magic to your own backyard with fantasy-themed statues from Design Toscano.

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The Peaceful Presence of a Stone Garden Angel

The Angel's Message Garden StatueStatues of angels have been a popular subject for centuries. In European churches, they were meant to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the glory that awaited the faithful. The artists who created lifelike sculptures of the Elohim used passages from the Bible and their own imagination to come up with the imagery that we associate with angels to this day. Beautiful, perfect, androgynous beings that are forever young while also being ancient, they exhibit huge eagle-like wings and have an appearance that can be lovely, beautiful, compassionate, and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

However, angels can also be sad and eternally peaceful and this is why we place them in cemeteries and around churches. The immensely peaceful nature of angels also makes them an ideal statue for any backyard. Although an abundance of greenery, flowerbeds, and Greek garden statues do their part in soothing the mind, the presence of angels helps create the peaceful type of atmosphere that wipes away the stress and brings you to a better place.

The Angels Message Garden Statue is such a sculpture and it accomplishes this by blending the innocent beauty of a child with the eternal peace of an angel.

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Greenmen for the Summer Months

Bacchus, God of Wine: Greenman Wall SculptureEach season has its own set of garden statuary. Most sculptures for outside look great all year long but statues of African animals just look out of place when coated with ice and snow.  To me, statues of fairies seem perfect for warm spring and summer weather while religious and Asian-themed sculptures look fantastic any time of the year. When the cool weather of autumn blows in from the north, greenman wall decor can heighten the effects of the fall season in any backyard. Nevertheless, there are certain types of greenman decorations that have "summer" written all over their gnarled, wizened faces.

Bacchus, the God of Wine Wall Sculpture is one such piece. I just can't imagine the classical patron saint of summer parties being displayed at any other time of the year. As befits the original "king of the party", he sports bunches of wine grapes and looks ready for another drink. Make this summer sculpture feel right at home by putting him up on a sunny, ivy-covered wall.

The Le Printemps and Le Etoile French Greenman sculptures are perfect for spring but since "Le Etoile" means summer, both are just as beautiful during the months of June, July, and August.

Happy Father's Day from Design Toscano!

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A Garden Fairy Statue for the Middle of the Lawn

Every backyard needs garden statuary and each sculpture has its proper place. For example, greenmen look right at home on trees and garden walls, some detailed animal statues look better Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statuewhen they lurk in the grass beneath a shady oak, and gnomes compliment any flowerbed. The center of the yard also deserves a statue but only certain, special types of sculptures or decor merit being placed out front and center. Beautiful fountains and bronze sculptures come to mind and Greek-themed statues always command attention but some fairy statues also exude the type of drama and majesty that earns them a central spot in the yard.  

One such fairy statue is Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue. As she gracefully releases an arrow into the sky, the focused determination on her face shows that Rhiannon is no flowerbed fairy. She's a powerful, beautiful warrior with details and demeanor that are simply breathtaking. Given the beauty and realism of this two-toned statue, it's hard to imagine showing her in any other place than the middle of the yard.

Find this exclusive, gorgeous garden sculpture and hundreds of detailed items for the garden at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to get Free Shipping and Handling on Greek Garden Statues

Hebe, the Goddess of Youth SculpturePeople have been tending gardens for thousands of years. The people who lived in some of the earliest settlements on Earth probably cultivated tubers like manioc and yucca, fruits such as bananas and peaches, and various herbs. As time moved forward and people started living in stone houses and building cities, some of the more well to do families had the time and resources to invest in their gardens. They built courtyards in the open space behind their homes to house shrines, clay ovens, and beautiful fountains. Such places were also used for displaying artwork and the Greeks in particular were especially adept at beautifying their ancient backyards with incredibly detailed statues.

Most of the statues were religious in nature and depicted such members of the Greek pantheon as Diana the Hunter, Hebe the Goddess of Youth, or Hemera the Goddess of Daylight. In ancient Greece, many such sculptures were probably used in rituals and worshipped but also added unmistakable beauty to every garden. Just as such statues added mystique to ancient olive groves in Greece, modern-day versions of Greek statuary bring the magic of classical sculptures into gardens of the present.

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I just fell in LOVE with them!

FENWAY from MA reviewed the French Greenmen Wall Sculpture: Set.

Bottomline: Yes, would recommend to a friend.


Comments: I had seen these online, its exactly what I wanted and told my husband all about them, he got them for me for a Christmas present and when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with them!!!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having my husband put them up tomorrow and I'm buying plants for them this week I just can't wait to see how beautiful they are going to look full of Impatients! I'M A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER, THEY ARE SO UNIQUE!!!!!

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Last Day to Get 20% Off of Garden Statuary from Design Toscano

Jurassic-Sized Allosaurus Dinosaur StatueMemorial Day is over and Summer has officially started but you still have time to get 20% off greenmen and other unique decor from Design Toscano. Everything at Design Toscano is on sale for 20% off the regular price until midnight, Tuesday, May 29th. It's a last chance to save on beautiful, detailed statues for your garden, a Summer fountain for the backyard, Medieval-themed decor, and hundreds of other breathtaking decorations for home, garden, and business.

That 20% discount makes this the best time to buy larger items like huge, life-size statues of Bigfoot, realistic dinosaurs, and exquisite replicas of antique furniture. Put the Giant, Life-Size Yeti Statue in your backyard this Summer and watch as reports of Bigfoot show up in the local newspaper! Party guests of all ages will love this incredibly detailed resin sculpture.

Get a big, statue of an Allosaurus for your hotel or garden and watch guests marvel over its realism. This and other dinosaur sculptures from Design Toscano look so real that every guest will be snapping pictures and doing a double-take when they first lay eyes on them.

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Get 20% off Animal Garden Statues and Everything Else at Design Toscano!

Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith StatueMemorial Day marks the official start of Summer for millions of Americans. To show that this holiday is just as special for the folks at Design Toscano, the Memorial Day sale starts today, May 24th. Order any of the unique items offered by Design Toscano between May 24th and May 29th and you will get 20% off the regular price! That goes for everything from exquisite  garden statuary to beautiful, authentic replicas of antique furniture.

20% off the regular price means that now is the best time to buy an Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue. Crafted to look just like the actual monoliths that dot the Easter Island landscape, this large, jaw-dropping statue will be the talk of the town. Destined to be a hit at all of your parties and an excellent choice for restaurant and hotel decor, the 20% savings are going to be nearly as big as this garden sculpture when you buy it from now until Tuesday, May 29th.

Your evening party guests are also going to need places to sit while enjoying your unique backyard decor. Buy gorgeous benches for those warm days ahead like the Roundabout Architectural Steel Garden Bench now to take advantage of the 20% discount.

Order these excellent additions to your backyard, greenmen, and anything else from Design Toscano from now until Tuesday, May 29th and get 20% off the regular price!

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Medieval Home Decor for the Walls of Your Castle

Reims Cathedral Gothic Window TraceryDecorations that follow a Medieval theme come in many forms and sizes. They can be as large as a detailed replica of an authentic suit of armor or as small as an exquisite dragon-themed chalice. There is Medieval garden statuary for the backyards of homes and hotels, and a wide variety of sculptures and objets d'art that can make any home look like a castle. Some of the most dramatic pieces destined to change the dynamic of any room are Medieval-themed wall decor.

Your home or place of business will start to look as if it has stepped back in time when you put up the Reims Cathedral Gothic Window Tracery. Inspired by the stunning Gothic architecture of the Notre Dame cathedral in Reims, France, this resin wall sculpture is breathtaking all on its own but can also be used to showcase small statues and other works of art.

Every castle should also have a "magic mirror" and even though the Saint George Slaying the Dragon Wall Mirror won't talk back, its beautifully sculpted, dramatic scene always says a lot.  

Order these, and other on sale Medieval-themed decorations and greenmen  before Friday, May 11th and get 20% as part of Design Toscano's Virtual Warehouse sale!

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Mother's Day Garden Statuary Gifts

Mother's Day is fast approaching and this means that time is running out for buying gifts that will touch her heart and make this year's holiday one of the most memorable, special days of all. Folks with mothers who love to spend time in the garden are in luck when shopping at Design Toscano not only on account of French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L'Etoilethe hundreds of beautiful garden statues that are available.

One great gift item for Mother's Day is the French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L'Etoile. These classic sculptures complement each other when placed on corners or any garden wall surface. The sculpted poppies in bloom that adorn their flowing hair can be highlighted by real flowers planted in the tops of these sculptures. Every mother will also appreciate the fresh flowers added to this gift.

Another item that will be cherished by mothers who love their backyards is the Flowers for Felicity Little Girl Garden Statue Little Felicity shows her love for gardening with a smile on her face as she carries two baskets that can be filled with flowering plants.

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Trees Aren’t the Only Place for Greenmen

The sculptures of intricately carved faces known as "Greenmen" are some of the best decor possible for trees in the backyard. Crafted to look like a part of the tree, they add personality to the oaks, maples, Oak King Greenman Wall Sculptureand elms in the garden by literally giving them a face. Nevertheless, these sculptures also look great in other places in the home and garden. To add a unique dimension to any decorating theme, try putting them on:

  • Walls in the garden: Put one or more of these sculptures up on the walls in the back of your home and garden. By making them more visible, you provide a nice touch of personality to the backyard.
  • Inside a workshop: A "workshop" can be a garden shed, greenhouse, or any place where you pot plants, sculpt clay, or create things on a regular basis. These unique types of garden statuary just might act as a source of inspiration.
  • As doorknockers: Welcome all to your home with a doorknocker that has serious character. The Vecchio Iron Doorknocker is so big that guests might need two hands to use it. Just make sure that you have a door that is big and strong enough for to employ it!

Add personality to your place with these sculptures, garden fairies, and other decor from Design Toscano.



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Blend Function and Action with These Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural FountainGardens and backyards deserve more than carefully trimmed hedges, flourishing rose bushes, and a healthy variety of trees. Your personal green space always looks better when there are statues of garden fairies in the flowerbeds, greenmen on the oaks, and animal sculptures in the yard. However, no matter how many statues are in your beautiful backyard, it will always look better with a fountain or two. The sound and sight of bubbling water is just as refreshing to listen to and watch as a glass of ice cold H2O on a hot day in July.  Fountains also make for wonderful sculptures and are the perfect centerpieces for every garden.

The artistic themes of some fountains also add action to the backyard. The "Quenching a Big Thirst Sculptural Fountain" is one of the more popular fountains available from Design Toscano. Saint Bernards are big dogs with an even bigger thirst on hot summer days. It is a good thing that this fountain has a generous basin because the adorable Saint Bernard trying to get a drink is determined to quench its thirst.

The "Guzzling Gulp BlackBear Garden Fountain" is another hit for every backyard. The detail and colors on the tree stump and cute Black Bear are so realistic that backyard birds might never be too afraid to visit this fountain for a drink!

Get 20% off these items and all garden statues until Thursday, April 12th!


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Animal Garden Sculptures in Action

Sculptures are created to depict a wide range of emotions and themes. Statues of angels typically show Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpturepeaceful or sad expressions when they have been crafted for use in cemeteries or other places designated for grieving, healing, and self-reflection. Garden fairies, on the other hand, are fun, mischievous little creatures that represent curious, magical aspects of the natural world (your backyard included). Greenmen are rather stoic but help to bring trees to life with the expressions on their gnarled, woody faces. However, when it comes to action scenes, it can be hard to beat statues of animals.

Even when shown as still, non-moving sculptures, large cats always look ready to pounce. They prowl the undergrowth in search of prey and can bound into swift, deadly action in a matter of seconds. Statues of pandas are just as realistic in showing the comical side of this incredibly cute, bamboo eating animal. Nevertheless, one of the most realistic action scenes for any garden is the Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture. The details and expressions of the faces of the two bear cubs are so realistic that at first glance, guests will wonder if you have bears living in the backyard. Perched on a piece of driftwood, the bear cubs in this sculpture are always ready and eager to cause mischief.

Get 20% off animal garden statues and other resin garden statues until Thursday, April 12th!

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