Using Wrought Iron Outdoors

If you are not sure what materials you want to use in your outdoor living space, you would be wise to consider the investment of iron pieces to add to your theme.  Wrought or cast iron is making a comeback into the outdoor living space, as it adds an elegant touch, and is a versatile and long lasting material to use.  One thing with wrought iron is that it is easy to go overboard or use the wrong piece with the wrong theme, so if you truly want to get the most out of this valuable investment, take our tips into consideration on how to do it well.

Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door KnockerWhether your design theme is Mediterranean or contemporary, a simple addition of iron gothic tables or an accent piece such as our Greenmen door knocker can make a significant statement.  Additionally, if you are not investing a large amount into your iron accents this year, something as simple as a tortoise statue can be all you need to add that touch of elegance you are seeking with iron.

The term “wrought” in wrought iron symbolizes the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into forging and shaping the metal to its desired and current shape.  When you are using iron pieces in your decor, you are incorporating both traditional and modern elements in one piece alone.  The end result is minimalist effort that makes a significant impact and will last through many outdoor seasons making for a very worthwhile investment, even if you are doing so through one piece alone.

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A Greenman, a Peacock and a Fawn

Home décor means all parts of the home to Design Toscano and we have beautiful sculptures of greenmen that can be placed throughout your yard and in your home.  A very unusual item is the Greenman Iron Door Plate which was intended to protect a heavily used interior door, perhaps a swinging one.  The solid cast iron plate is 10 1/2” tall and sports a carved greenman face surrounded by multiple swirls, leaves and birds. 

Greenman Iron Door PlateThere is no place better to browse for gift giving this season than through our many varied collections of statues, wall art, reproductions and other unique things.  The peacock is an elaborate bird and certainly makes a great subject for an artist to sculpt.  A glorious statue is The Peacock’s Sanctuary Sculpture which is over a foot tall and hand painted in colorful tones.  He is perched on a small bird bath and watching the world go by with his marvelous tail trailing behind.

We have wonderful and adorable animals that our artists have created of designer resin and hand painted to be as realistic as possible, such as our Meerkat sculpture.  Now we have another adorable animal, but this one is cast in foundry iron and aged.  This unique piece is The Deer Fawn Sculpture and depicts a cute fawn intricately sculpted and standing over a foot tall.

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Knights Guarding Books and a Small Bridge

Medieval Knight Iron BookendsNow, if you are looking for a gift for someone who is about all things medieval you will be able to find it at Design Toscano.  We have knight statues, gargoyles, greenmen and much, much more for the medievalist.  A practical gift that is well crafted as well is the Medieval Knight Iron Bookends.  These proud knights are created in foundry iron so can hold up any book and stand at 9”tall.  Of course, they are carrying swords and have their face shields down ready to battle anyone messing with your books.

Enthusiasts of Asian art, be it our exciting Japanese garden statues, our many pieces of Asian furniture or any of our beautiful Asians figures will be delighted to browse our collection of adorable porcelain statues crafted by artist Lin Wei Dung.  One piece that celebrates the parent/child relationship is her Mother and Child at Play Statue.  As we all know, young boys are a bundle of activity and this one is on the move while mom stands by with extreme patience enjoying and guiding him.  The colors of the hand painting are gorgeous.

This is the time when many of our sculptures for outside are on sale and perhaps the time to plan your outdoor space for next summer.  A great piece that is at an excellent price now is The Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge.  This bridge (for decoration, not walking) is 3 feet long and a detailed replica of those found in the Cotswold area of England.  If you have a halfpence throw it under this bridge and make a wish.

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Coat of Arms, Egyptian Cobra and Japanese Décor

Coat of Arms Gothic Revival ArmoireOur greenmen (derived from the medieval figures on trees) are a diverse group; we have many interesting tree ents and at the same time beautifully carved furniture in the collection.  One such piece is the Coat of Arms Gothic Revival Armoire, an exquisitely carved copy of a French Gothic revival piece.  The armoire stands 64” high and has 3 shelves and 2 drawers in storage.  Where else can you get a lovely piece like this carved of mahogany and now part of our FURNITURE SALE.  The price will surprise you.

When looking over our many different collections of furniture, you should make sure to drop in to see our Egyptian tables and accessories.  Many of these are Design Toscano exclusives and will make a great addition to your décor.  A fascinating item is Renenutet the Cobra Goddess Altar Candlestick and Candle which stands almost a foot tall and done in wonderful hand painted colors and faux gold.  The cobras are amazing and will cause quite a stir.

For the many of you that have been charmed by our Japanese garden statues, please look at our fall collection which includes many Japanese artifacts for indoor décor.  A sculpture that is sure to become a favorite is the Courtesans Holding Fans Wall Sculptures.  These are bas relief sculptures done in the style of Japanese woodcut artists.  They are very detailed and hand painted in amazingly soothing colors.
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Medieval Sculptures and Furniture

Poison Oak: Greenman Tree SculptureThe Design Toscano medieval décor collection is large and varied, so of course it has something for everyone and is well worth browsing.  The greenmen collection is unusual and intriguing at all times from their fine furniture to the faces in the trees.  One tree face that is a lot of fun is the Poison Oak Greenman Tree Sculpture.  This exclusive by artist Liam Manchester fits right on your tree.  He stares out with a frightening grin on his face that is over a foot tall.  He is all gnarly and twisted and a great conversation piece.  Get him now during our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Delving further into our medieval collection, you will find castle walls, dragons, gargoyles and naturally knight statues and other knightly objects.  For those of you who are fans of the Arthurian tales we have the exquisite King Arthur’s Golden Chalice Gothic Sculpture which is depicted in extraordinary detail out of designer resin.  The cup is painted with a metallic gold tone and while it is not for use as a cup, it is an unusual display piece.  You can get one or a set of two maybe at the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.

Our marble busts for sale section of course has items that are already on sale and yet you might get a further bargain on one of those pieces at our DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SALE running from August 16th through August 20th.  One piece that you will want to have in your recreation room or family room is The Lion & Rose Marble-Topped  English Bar Pub.   This comfortably sized replica of an Edwardian style bar has a cushioned rest for your arm and seven panels of mahogany wood finish.  The storage has double doors with two shelves and stemware racks.

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Angels, Dragons and Greenmen Furniture

The Jacobean Court Cupboard BuffetA stone garden angel can add  spiritual peace to a space in your garden and all of our collection is sculpted in exquisite detail.  A popular figure is An Angel’s Offering Religious Statue which is cast from an Italian statue of the 19th century.  The statue and mount are 61” tall and finely done with great detail to her face and wings and the exquisite shell that she is offering up.  She will bring serenity to any garden.

A medieval décor is not complete without something from our greenmen collection.  Many of our outdoor greenmen are somewhat scary and intriguing, while the furniture of the collection is carved in great detail and are beautiful pieces.  The Jacobean Court Cupboard Buffet is carved in solid mahogany and is now at a reduced price.  This outstanding piece has plenty of storage with cabinets at top and bottom and drawers.  The carvings are from the Jacobean era and this item can only be found at Design Toscano.

A great piece for a desktop or a gift to a friend comes from our collection of gargoyle figurines which include not only gargoyles but dragons as well.  The Deadly Venom Whiptail Dragon Statue stands 9” tall and depicts this exciting dragon climbing over castle walls.  He is hand painted done in faux gold and white in contrast to the gray castle walls.  He would be an intriguing piece on any desk.

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From a Surprised Ent to Cute Bear Cubs

Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue
There is always something unique and surprising in our greenmen collection from faces in leaves to finely carved furniture.  A garden sculpture with something different is our Bark, the Black Forest Ent Tree Statue. This surprised looking tree stump has a grimace on his mouth and large bulging eyes.  His hands are tree branches and he stands two feet tall.  This is, of course, an exclusive.

We love to create large sculpture that will give your garden character such as the large Buddha statue which creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace.  If, however, you are looking to create an atmosphere of a bit of fun scariness then Sinister Simon Giant Skull Sculpture is the piece for you.  This 15” tall skull is just a bit larger than average and has a sinister looking grin on his so-called face.  He is fun for the summer and just right for Halloween.

Our animals just love to roam your outdoor garden space and many of you have made room for our giraffes and outdoor elephant statues.  We now have another realistic animal sculpture that is so incredibly cute you will want one right away.  This is our Black Bear Cubs Up a Tree Sculpture.  Here are three black bear cubs, hand painted and realistically sculpted, climbing a tree for a better look at your guests.  They are adorable and great fun.

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Water Fountain and Beautiful Religious Sculpture

The Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella StandIn the Gothic and medieval theme our wonderful greenmen have everything from talking trees to beautifully carved furniture.  Something that is very useful, but many of us don’t think of putting in our home is an umbrella stand.  When it comes from the greenmen collection like the Hartwig Walking Stick/Umbrella Stand it is too beautiful to ignore.  This stand is created out of foundry iron and weighs 16 pounds.  It features detailed scrollwork and of course, a Greenman in the center. 

Your garden should be a peaceful place, but sometimes it is nice to have the sound of one of our outdoor water fountains to add some serenity to the space.  One of our more beautiful fountains is the Toscana Three Urn Garden Fountain.  Three urns sculpted to replicate pottery urns pour water into a pool which is illuminated.  The urns are placed on pieces of wood sculpted extremely realistically.  This is one of our exclusives.

Religious outdoor statues are certainly one of our most popular items and we have a great variety to choose from.  One of our most colorful religious statues is The Virgin of Guadalupe Religious Statue.  This statue depicts the Blessed Mother as she appeared to a peasant in the desert.  She is hand painted in the bright colors of the desert and is reverently blessing the people around her.

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Wonderful Gothic and Medieval Furniture Pieces

Nettlestone Library EnsembleAll of these items are part of our sale collection.

Our outdoor furniture is fun and definitely statuesque, but our indoor furniture is always special and different from anything else you might see.  From the era of our knight statues comes a special piece that would have been at home in any lord’s castle, our Nettlestone Library Ensemble.   This is an amazing piece of furniture that when it is closed looks like a bookcase and yet it opens into a nice little café sized table with comfortable chairs.  Don’t be surprised when you find the hidden compartments in the table!

Broadgate Grand Presentation CaseIn keeping with the theme of books and old libraries, one of our gothic tables is just the right piece for your sitting room.  The sculpture is called Power of Books Sculptural Glass-Topped Side table.  This hand painted Design Toscano exclusive is a stack of books sculpted in designer resin with a glass top.  It is a wonderful piece for your library or any room where you like to curl up with a good book.

Everyone collects something and when they have pieces that they love they want a beautiful place in which to display them.  The Broadgate Grand Presentation Case is just the furniture piece in which to do that.  This handsome case is carved like our greenmen furniture out of hardwood with Corinthian columns and egg and dart molding.  The glass shelving can be adjusted to display your collection at its very best.

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Egyptian Table, Renaissance Chair

Egyptian Pharaoh's Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table StatueThere were many lovely sculptures and treasures in Ancient Egypt and we have many of them in our Egyptian Tables collection.  For a good sized side table, there is the Egyptian Pharaoh’s Kneeling Servant: Egyptian Side Table Statue.  This piece consists of an exquisitely sculpted statue done in fiberglass reinforced resin and hand painted in faux gold, silver and ebony.  He is a servant dressed in an Egyptian headdress and stands 36 ½” tall.  The table top is his tray that he is holding out waiting for libations and snacks to be placed there.

You might think that our greenmen collection is made up of only woodsy outdoor statues, but nothing could be farther from the truth.   This collection contains some wonderful pieces of furniture such as the DeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair.  This chair is hand carved in mahogany wood and is an excellent, exclusive replica of a 16th Century Italian chair not often seen outside museums.

People love to decorate the yards of their beach houses with items from the sea and we have several of these.  All of our animal sculpture is realistically done, like our popular tiger sculpture, and one that is great for the beach house is the Ocean’s Perch Pelican Statue.  This statue is 2 feet tall and depicts two gorgeous pelicans standing on a wooden piling.  Sculpted in resin and hand painted, they come realistically to life and the piling looks like a weathered wooden dock.

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Knights and Somewhat Different Sculpture

Fourth of July Sale
Knights of the Digital Realm Sculptural BookendsDon’t forget that the Fourth of July 20% off Sale ends on July 5, come in and browse now.
Design Toscano has knight statues of all types from standing and riding knights to bookend and chess set knights.  One knight sculpture that everyone will find useful is our Knights of the Digital Realm Sculptural Bookends.   This wonderful depiction of Teutonic knights on horseback has been designed by our artist as bookends to hold CDs and other digital media.  The stone walls are created high enough to give support to anything in those little plastic packs.  This would make a great gift.

Oak King Greenman Wall SculptureDuring this great sale you will need to browse through the many different things that are found in the Basil Street Gallery from statues, to furniture and wall sculpture, there is something for everyone there.  You might be interested in The Creation Wall Sculptures which will bring the wonder of the Sistine Chapel into your home.  This is a 3-dimensional replica of the hand of God giving life to man with a set of wonderfully sculpted arms and hands; impressive down to the last detail.

Our greenmen collection is also filled with wonderful and large wall sculpture that can find a place on your patio or in your den.  The fascinating Oak King Greenman Wall Sculpture is an incredibly detailed Gothic piece of the king that ruled the summer solstice.  He is a foot wide and has the woodsy look of all our marvelous greenmen.

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A Greenmen Witch, Baby Sea Lions and Dragons

Weekend Sale June 24th through June 26th

Please remember that our Weekend Sale, June 24th through June 26th will be featuring our Classic Garden collection.  The greenmen are often a part of this collection and this might be the weekend to come and view some of these unusual statues and wall figures.  One that is a lot of fun and wonderfully made is The Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenman Wall Sculpture.  You can decorate your garden wall with this foot and one half detailed sculpture of a rather ugly witch wearing a wonderful witch’s hat surrounded by poison ivy leaves.  In typical greenman fashion, she is unusual but wonderful.

Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal StatuesAll of our animal sculpture is detailed and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  Many of our artists have been working hard at making the animal offspring equally great and just a little bit cuter.  A fine example is our Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal Statues.  These three little sea lion pups are basking on a rock with one that is floating around nearby.  You can put them in water because they literally float; fun for the koi pond or any other water feature.  They have the great detail and beautiful hand painting of all our animal sculpture.

Summer always seems to be a time for gift giving from graduations to birthdays and weddings.  For the graduate there is no better place to look than in our gargoyle gifts section.  Here you find things that will make the grad’s new office just a little different such as The Desktop Dragon Hatchlings: Set of Three.  Here you have three little dragons just being born and still wearing parts of their eggshells.  Who would expect that on an office desk?

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Beautifully Carved Tables and a Chair

The Creeper Glass-Topped Sculptural TableWe have marvelous furniture at Design Toscano in all different themes from Asian to Egyptian and medieval to contemporary.  In our Gothic table collection, there are many very weird items and also some that are just examples of the sculpture of the time.  The Creeper Glass Topped Sculptural Table is definitely a candidate for the weird category and yet this is a depiction of a druidic figure of Anglo-Saxon history.  This figure is kneeling and its large hands hold a good size glass table top.  It is a table that everyone will comment on.

Knottingley Manor ChairOur Egyptian tables depict everything from the Giza pyramid to the Great Sphinx and more.  We have glass topped tables and nicely carved wooden pieces reminiscent of that ancient era.  The Egyptian God Amun-Ra Wooden Ceremonial Chest and Occasional Table is both a storage chest of very nice size and also can be a coffee table.  The table is four feet long and three of its sides have images of the God Amun-Ra in designer resin and hand painted in faux gold.

For our final piece of interesting and wonderful furniture, we look to the always popular greenmen collection.  This collection is full of tree ents, various nymphs and dragons carved in wood and what would make a better chair.  The Knottingly Manor Chair has a high back and is of mahogany wood.  There are dragons, lions and greenmen carved into its legs and back.  The seat has an extraordinarily comfortable cushion seat, covered with eggplant and gold velvet. 

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Greenmen Stool and Dragon Table

The Greenman FootstoolWe have many unique Design Toscano exclusive décor pieces and some of the most intriguing items are in our greenmen collection.  Most of our greenmen like to live in trees and many in the outdoors, but one piece brings the trees into the living room or den.  This is The Greenmen Footstool which has a faux mahogany finish and is carved with great medieval faces of the greenmen with four clawed feet. This comfortable footstool will fit in any room.

Our Gothic tables never fail to surprise and then become the most favorite item in your home.  Only you would have a Subservient Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table in your home and why not.  This table is highlighted by a yard tall, cheerful dragon and he is serving drinks to you and your friends on a  3/8 inch thick glass top.

Even though they love the garden, not all of our garden statue gnomes are gardeners, we have some regal looking ones also.  One of those is the Black Forest Elf Garden Statue Gnome.  This distinguished looking fellow has no small amount of magic surrounding him as he marches through the Black Forest.  He wears the traditional long white beard of the gnomes and also sports their red hat, but he has magic symbols on his tunic and a long staff.

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Indoor and Outdoor Wall Décor

Dread, the Dangling Dragon Wall SculptureDesign Toscano is the place to go for all your dragon and gargoyle gifts.  We have many wonderful dragon and gargoyle statues, figurines and wall décor.   A really nice piece of outdoor wall décor is our Dread, the Dangling Dragon Sculpture.  What fun it would be to have this snarling, mean looking dragon climbing up your fence or garden wall.  He’s a marvelous sculpture in the designer resign created to replicate the dragons that were on castle walls.

Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle SculptureOur gargoyle figurines are some of the scariest around and great to put on your wall.  The Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle Statue is an amazing piece depicting a two headed gargoyle that is 2 feet long.  He looks really menacing hanging on your garden wall or he can be displayed lying flat.  This unique gargoyle is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Many of our greenmen collection like to stay outdoors near their leafy trees, but there are some nice pieces that bring the greenmen décor into your home.  The Forest Greenmen Ent Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry is a canvas vinyl tapestry that is a wonderful depiction of the tree ent face.  This tapestry is from a painting by artist Ann Stokes.

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Greenmen, Meerkats, and Turtles: All So Cute

Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of LeafThere is always something new and fun in our greenmen collection.  This collection is inspired by the trees and leaves all around us.  If you are in the market for a nice gift, the Forest Spirits Greenmen Goblet Collection: Grendel the Green and Lady of Leaf is a beautiful set of goblets that would suit any gift giving moment.   The sculptural work is done in detailed designer resin, but it surrounds stainless steel removable dishwasher safe inserts.

The Meerkats are always popular because they are so cute and charming.  They always seem to be enjoying themselves at whatever they do.  A very nice example of this is the Meerkat statue entitled Mother and Pup Meerkat Sculpture.  This sculpture is done with our usual lifelike animal sculpture style in quality resin with hand painted fur and facial details.

Sea Turtles Bronze Garden SculptureAmong our wonderful animal statues we have a nice collection of turtles and tortoise statue.  One of the cutest is done in bronze and is piped for use as a fountain or in a pond.  These are the Sea Turtles Bronze Garden Sculpture depicting two swimming turtles cast in solid bronze and spouting water.

Now through June 4 is our Fountain Sale!  Take advantage of great savings!

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Too Shy

Some of our smaller statues stand very shyly aside and let the big guys get all the attention, but these detailed and lovely figures should not be overlooked.  One stone garden angel stands tall, but shy and has something for you.  This is our Angel's Message Garden Statue who is two and a half foot tall and appears to be approaching with a prayerful pose to deliver peace and serenity to your garden.

Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome StatueOur garden statues gnomes are always off doing something interesting, whether playing music, working in the garden or just taking a nap.  This shy little gnome is thinking up marvelous things that will change the world.  He is Einstein, the Thinker, Garden Gnome Statue perched on a tree stump next to a mushroom thinking about the things around him and how they work.  He has the typical red gnome hat and of course a long white beard and is an exclusive of Design Toscano.

The figures in our greenmen collection are usually anything but shy, they might even be called a wee bit scary.  There is one greenmen wall sculpture however, that does not want her full face to be seen by all.  This is the Bashful Wood Sprite Wall Sculpture which like most of the greenmen has elements of a tree around her and is covering her face with her hand which looks much like a leaf.

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Statues on the Dark Side

The Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall SculptureThere are many different styles and tastes when it comes to décor and some people prefer to decorate on more on the dark side, sort of a goth style.  We have many extraordinary statues like our Bigfoot statue which are scary, but for the macabre you might like something such as The Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture now on sale.  She is a gorgeous and deadly vampire created by artist Gary Chang, with great bat wings and all the style an exclusive wall hanging should have.

Of course gargoyles were made to be on the dark side and scare off intruders, although our gargoyle Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Statuefigurines are a little nicer than the ancient ones.  Nothing says "Welcome to my yard" better than the Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Statue.  Talk about an exclusive, Design Toscano has been the only company granted permission to do a direct cast of this marvelous gargoyle which is at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The greenmen collection at Design Toscano has many characters that live a bit on the dark side, at least on the dark side of the tree.  There is nothing darker than the Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenmen Wall Sculpture.  Fortunately you cannot really contract poison ivy from this unique wall piece.
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Need Unusual Décor? It's Design Toscano To The Rescue!

Aurora and Hespera: Sculptural Greenmen Wall MasksWhen it comes to unique décor, no one can top Design Toscano for its variety and the unique nature of its many statues and ornaments.  A wall mask is a very interesting thing with which to decorate and in our greenmen collection we have a few, one set of which is very compelling. That is the Aurora and Hespera: Sculptural Greenmen Wall Masks which signify the dawn (Aurora) and the dusk (Hespera).  These delicate leaf shaped masks with very detailed features were originally done in silver, but now we are able to present them in a more affordable, but no less attractive resin.

A table does not need to be a boring piece of wood with four legs you can liven up your rooms with some of our unconventional Egyptian tables.  The Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table has a base of three golden images of the Egyptian goddess of joy, Bastet, which is a cat like figure.  Above this base  is an 18 inch round glass table top with plenty of room for drinks, food, or a small lamp.  This will be a conversation piece.

Design Toscano is happy to present as many knight statues as we are able since the medieval theme is so popular today.  One of these wonderful statues is not only a decorative piece, but functional as well.  That is The Black Knight Fireplace Tool Ensemble which carries a shovel, broom and poker for your fireplace use and a halberd to protect everyone.
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Music in Sculpture

Music from Heaven Angel StatueThe sculpture that we carry at Design Toscano is of so many styles and types that you can combine several different types from marble statues to wonderful wall sculpture to achieve a theme of your own.  If your theme might be music we have some wonderful items to suggest in that area.  We have a beautiful stone garden angel that performs music on your lawn (not literally).  The Music From Heaven Angel Statue is a very detailed sculpture of a lovely angel playing a full sized harp.  This is a great addition to any yard, particularly if music is your theme.

For something totally different, our Basil Street Gallery has many different items for both indoor and outdoor décor.  Following the music theme, there is the magnificent yet fragile Danseuse D'Egypte Mirrored Statue.  This lovely sensual dancer is done in replica ebony and gold and has struck a dramatic pose which is more so due to the mirror behind her reflecting her move.
Our Greenmen offerings are always something different from the talking trees to the wall sculpture that smiles or makes faces and intrigues everyone. 

For our final entry into the music theme we have the Vappa Italian-style Wall Sculpture which shows  an Italian style head with flowing locks and the expression that looks like they are singing.  Musical all the way.
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