3 of the Most Adorable Resin Garden Statues

Garden statuary can take the form of a magnificent classic angel sculpture, realistic animal garden statues, and many other decorating themes. While most folks wouldn't describe gargoyle figurines as being exactly cute in nature, we do carry several statues in our collection that are absolutely adorable. These are just three of those very special statues:

  • The Reading Rebecca Garden Scholar Statue: This wonderful little statue is a heart warming addition to any yard and perfect for anyone who loves to read and adores the innocence of statues that depict children.

"Reading Rebecca Garden Scholar" Statue

  • Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden Statue: With a bouquet of flowers in hand, the little girl in this statue combination receives a gentle kiss from her special little friend. She might not be so happy when he shows her the frog he has hiding behind his back! This sculpture is bound to be one of the cutest additions to any garden.

Young Sweethearts: Kissing Children Garden Statue

  • Sophie in her Sundress Statue: What little girl doesn't love to show off her new sundress? This little child sculpture is a high quality, innocent addition to every yard. Sophie's dress can also act as a bird bath or a means of displaying your favorite flower cuttings.

"Sophie in her Sundress" Statue

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Comments for 3 of the Most Adorable Resin Garden Statues

Name: Rose Henderson
Time: Monday, March 16, 2015

I think the one with the sundress is super cute. Sophie just looks so innocently daring and I love the big sun hat she's wearing. I also think it's fun how her skirt is used as a birdbath of sorts it looks like. Thank you for sharing these adorable statues!


Name: sean
Time: Friday, April 24, 2015

I really like the Reading Rebecca garden statue. However, I think this might be because of how I picture my garden. I think of it as a place where I can sit and relax, I see myself reading there, thus, I like the statue of someone reading in the garden.


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