A Buddha Frieze and Gargoyle Gifts

Everyone that is interested in increasing the serenity of their outdoor space should take a look through our Buddha outdoor statues.   One of the most unusual of these is a frieze that can be placed on a garden or patio wall.  This is the Earth Witness Buddha Sculptural Wall Frieze depicting the Angkor Khmer Buddha which is sculpted in great detail in designer resin and is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue HolderThere is always something special about a gargoyle gift.  It certainly may not be what the recipient was expecting, but if it is a Design Toscano gargoyle it will be well received.  A very useful and stylish gargoyle gift is Flush the Gargoyle Bathroom Tissue Holder.  Imagine the surprise on your guests faces when they search for the toilet paper and find it being held by a scary gargoyle with wide wings sticking his tongue out.  This is fantastic and another exclusive of ours.

Sometimes our various themes of statues mix with each other as in the case of some of animals that find themselves in the gnomes’ garden.   The gnomes are hard-working gardeners and they also love the crawlies that end up in their space such as a tortoise statue.  The Teeter with the Turtles Garden Gnome Statue is one of our gardening gnomes pushing a wheelbarrow on which he is giving a ride to two adorable turtles, both wearing gnome hats.

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