A Dragon for the Computer and a Space Alien

This is not only Halloween season, but it is also the beginning of the gift buying season and we have some wonderful items, such as our great knight statues, which are appropriate for both seasons.  The tradition of a small “secret Santa” gift is popular in workplaces and the Dungeon Dragon Computer Companion is the perfect item for the dragon fantasy lover at work.  This little dragon is sculpted with his usual sense of detail and precision by artist Liam Manchester.  He is hand painted green, yellow and some purple scales; as with all dragons he likes shiny things and has possession of an orb.  The best part is that his price is just right.

Roswell, the Alien Butler Pedestal Sculptural TableDelving once again into the collections that make great gifts, we have some special items for those who love our outdoor elephant statues and all elephants in general.  The Anjan the Elephant Jali Sculpture is exquisitely detailed in the “Jali” style of colonial India.  It is 10” high and can only be found at Design Toscano.

Now is the time to decorate your yard for Halloween in the same perfect manner that you did for summer season.  This time though instead of our lovely stone garden angel you need to search for something perhaps a little stranger or “alien”.  That’s right we have Roswell the Alien Sculpture ready to land in your yard.  Once again artist Liam Manchester designs the bizarre and this little alien stands almost 2 ft. tall.  He’s done with great detail and we’re not quite sure exactly where the artist saw him.

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