A Fire Dragon, Unicorns and a Black Cat

So many customers are so fond of our Japanese garden statues and all our other outdoor Asian sculptures that we have some wonderful indoor wall sculpture that we know you will like.  The Fire Dragon Wall Sculpture is a wonderful Asian piece and not bad for Halloween either.  This dragon appears to be coming directly through your wall and is one of our most detailed dragons with great scales, plumed head and long tongue.  Hand painted in wood tones with a touch of faux gold, he is a dramatic specimen.

Black Cat on a Witch's Broom StatueThe Basil Street Gallery is filled to the brim with items that will raise your home décor to museum quality.  When looking for something a little mythical, but also beautiful for this time of year, you need to see The Mythical Unicorns of the Glade Sculpture. This sculpture stands 11 ½” tall and is created with a faux bronze finish.  The artist has given these mythical beasts all the beauty of majestic horses with an exquisite horn on each of their heads.

Animals are something that we do better than anyone else in the statuary business and this is reflected in our realistic tiger sculpture.  For Halloween you need to find the perfect black cat for your decorations and the Black Cat on a Witch’s Broom Statue is just the best. The snarling cat is created in designer resin and hand painted completely black.  He is standing on a witch’s broom, guarding it for her return from maybe a little spell casting.

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