A Garden Gargoyle Statue for Both The Backyard and Office

Garden statuary isn't just limited to the garden. A lot of pieces make statements in both the greenery of Detest the Rest Gargoyle Statuethe backyard and the office environment. Once summer has winded down and the leafless trees of winter have become part of the backyard landscape, some sculptures just look lonely out there in the garden. Better to bring those pieces indoors to cheer you up or act as a source of inspiration in the office. While most garden fairies look better in the backyard, some gargoyles look right at home in the office.

The comical Detest the Rest Gargoyle Statue can be a great addition to many an office. Unlike other gargoyles, Detest looks more annoyed than ready and willing to defend the castle or church. Since he looks miserable out there in the cold, you might as well bring him inside and put him in a corner of the home or right on your office desk. His scowling demeanor will make you feel as if someone understands during those frustrating and stressful of days. Since no one wants to look like a gargoyle, it may also remind you that the anger might not be worth the effort.

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