A Greenman, a Peacock and a Fawn

Home décor means all parts of the home to Design Toscano and we have beautiful sculptures of greenmen that can be placed throughout your yard and in your home.  A very unusual item is the Greenman Iron Door Plate which was intended to protect a heavily used interior door, perhaps a swinging one.  The solid cast iron plate is 10 1/2” tall and sports a carved greenman face surrounded by multiple swirls, leaves and birds. 

Greenman Iron Door PlateThere is no place better to browse for gift giving this season than through our many varied collections of statues, wall art, reproductions and other unique things.  The peacock is an elaborate bird and certainly makes a great subject for an artist to sculpt.  A glorious statue is The Peacock’s Sanctuary Sculpture which is over a foot tall and hand painted in colorful tones.  He is perched on a small bird bath and watching the world go by with his marvelous tail trailing behind.

We have wonderful and adorable animals that our artists have created of designer resin and hand painted to be as realistic as possible, such as our Meerkat sculpture.  Now we have another adorable animal, but this one is cast in foundry iron and aged.  This unique piece is The Deer Fawn Sculpture and depicts a cute fawn intricately sculpted and standing over a foot tall.

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