A Greenmen Witch, Baby Sea Lions and Dragons

Weekend Sale June 24th through June 26th

Please remember that our Weekend Sale, June 24th through June 26th will be featuring our Classic Garden collection.  The greenmen are often a part of this collection and this might be the weekend to come and view some of these unusual statues and wall figures.  One that is a lot of fun and wonderfully made is The Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenman Wall Sculpture.  You can decorate your garden wall with this foot and one half detailed sculpture of a rather ugly witch wearing a wonderful witch’s hat surrounded by poison ivy leaves.  In typical greenman fashion, she is unusual but wonderful.

Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal StatuesAll of our animal sculpture is detailed and hand painted like our popular tiger sculpture.  Many of our artists have been working hard at making the animal offspring equally great and just a little bit cuter.  A fine example is our Floating Sea Lion Pups Animal Statues.  These three little sea lion pups are basking on a rock with one that is floating around nearby.  You can put them in water because they literally float; fun for the koi pond or any other water feature.  They have the great detail and beautiful hand painting of all our animal sculpture.

Summer always seems to be a time for gift giving from graduations to birthdays and weddings.  For the graduate there is no better place to look than in our gargoyle gifts section.  Here you find things that will make the grad’s new office just a little different such as The Desktop Dragon Hatchlings: Set of Three.  Here you have three little dragons just being born and still wearing parts of their eggshells.  Who would expect that on an office desk?

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