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Stacked Frogs Cast Iron StatueMany of our well designed reptiles love to have fun in the garden like the tortoise statue does.  We have iguanas, tortoises, turtles, snakes and many fun frogs.  One of our fun frog sculptures is the Stacked Frogs Cast Iron Statue.  This statue is done in cast iron, so is weighty enough to hold open a door and really attractive in a green patina.  There are four frogs piled one on top of the other from the biggest to the smallest, maybe starting a game of leap frog.

Our garden statues gnomes are sculptures for the yard that work hard, sleep hard and sometimes just want to have fun.  One of their fun sculptures is the Dancing Duo Garden Gnome Statues.  This gnome couple seems to be doing the dosey doe, swinging their partner to music that only they can hear.  They are dressed in traditional gnome with the red hats and the long beard on mister gnome, dancing around your flowers or vegetables.

If you are interested in a medieval theme in your yard, we are always getting more and more medieval statues and artifacts.  A very authentic knight statue is the Replica 13th Century Medieval Warrior Soldier Lost Wax Bronze Statue that stands four feet tall and is cast from a 19th Century French bronze statue. 

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