A New Sculpture to Accompany Your Meerkat Statue

The Meerkat Clan StatueMeerkats are some of the cutest animals around. With their large, dark eyes and penchant for standing on their hind legs, these little relatives of the mongoose are just too easy to adore. In the wild, they live in large family groups on the African plains and make their home in a complex system of burrows that they run to at the sign of predators such as eagles or leopards. Sculptures of Meerkats from Design Toscano let you add that same cheerful charisma to your backyard or garden. It's hard for any animal to compete with the adorable appearance and behavior of the Meerkat but a new arrival at Design Toscano just might give them a run for their money.

While Meerkats enliven the African plains with their actions, Ring-tailed Lemurs ham it up on the island nation of Madagascar. Found nowhere else, these primates also move around in large family groups and have a masked appearance somewhat similar to that of the Meerkat. However, they have much longer tails and instead of standing on their hind legs, sometimes crawl all over each other to get a better look at their surroundings. This animal yard statue will make for the perfect complement to any of your garden Meerkats.

Buy the Ring-tailed Lemur Family Statue from now until Thursday, May 17th and get 15% off the regular price!


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