A Potpourri of Sculpture

With Mother's Day coming up in the beginning of May, it is time to think of the perfect gift.  If mom likes to decorate her garden, we have many garden cherub statues that she might find adorable and that may reminder of her kids.  As we look with anticipation towards Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali Sculpturesummer, the Summertime Reflections Cherub Garden Statue should be just the thing she would love.  The wonderful little cherub lying down just gazing at flowers in a pool of water is serene and playful at the same time.

For mom or anyone looking for serenity in their garden or yard, they should look at our Buddha outdoor statues.  Sometimes Buddha is shown as joyful and almost playful, however, his figure is most often connected with tranquility like the Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary Sculpture with the Buddha statue in a contemplative state sculpted in a prayerful pose.

In keeping with the theme of serenity many of our Asian and Japanese garden statues are perfect for a serene garden or yard space.  Maybe not the Sumo Wrestler, but the Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali Sculpture is a figure which is totally bent over in meditation and prayer with his hands covering his face, giving a sense of serenity to the area around him.



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