A Snake, Iguana and Elephant

Giant Burmese Python Snake StatueWhen one thinks of an extraordinary type statue what comes to mind?  Perhaps our Big Foot garden statue or even an alien statue, but what if you were thinking of an animal that actually exists in some part of the world, what would that statue be like?  Well it certainly might be like the Giant Burmese Python Snake Statue which is eight feet of colorfully and authentically sculpted, hand painted python.  We think that this lovely python will make people walk a little bit away from your yard.

We love our reptiles here at Design Toscano and naturally we make them as lifelike as possible, an example being our tortoise sculpture.  While tortoises and turtles are actually seen every now and then, how would you like a reptile that would bring the tropical rain forest to your yard.  This exotic guy is the Tropical Iguana Sculpture who stands over a foot tall and is now on sale.  He is hand painted in the greens, yellows and a little pink of the reptile of the rain forest and he sports a pouched chin and is sculpted in excellent detail.

If you know someone who absolutely loves our great outdoor elephant statues and collects every elephant they see, then we have the perfect gift for them.  A very dignified and lovely walking stick called the Elephant Pewter Walking Stick because the handle is an elephant head elaborately sculpted out of solid pewter.  The stick itself is polished hardwood and would make an excellent collectible.

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