A Stone Garden Angel Who Plays Her Harp

Angels are among the most classic and beloved of garden statuary. With their flowing gowns, beautiful, Music from Heaven Angel Statueserene faces, and huge, otherworldly wings, they remind us of heavenly protection, peace, and comfort during difficult times. They look fantastic in any garden but one angel statue stands out for her musical qualities.

The Music from Heaven Angel Sculpture would be a gorgeous work of art on on its own but with the addition of a wind chime harp, she becomes one of the most interesting resin garden statues in your backyard. The strings on the harp that this angel is playing are actually wind chimes and they help give the garden an especially peaceful, magical atmosphere.

With wreath in her flowing tresses, robust feathered wings, and detailed gown, our musically inclined angel sits at the harp and plays for all guests to the garden. Painted with an antique stone finish that recalls the appearance of Victorian era angels, don't be surprised if this quality resin statue becomes one of your favorite items. Given the beauty and unique nature of this sculpture, it should come as no surprise that she is one of our most popular garden statuary items.

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