A Swimming Elephant Statue Plus Sweet Lambs

in For a Swim Elephant Lawn SculptureWhen you picture large or small outdoor elephant statues, you would generally picture an elephant with his trunk raised high and in a walking stance.  Even our wonderful outdoor elephant table has that stance.  However, the In For a Swim Elephant Lawn Sculpture is actually three pieces of beautifully hand painted designer resin sculpture.  When placed in your yard, it shows the rear, back and head of the elephant with tusks and trunk and looks as though the rest is underwater.  This is an exclusive and great fun.

Our animal sculpture is all wonderfully hand painted with the animal musculature sculpted in great detail, such as our tiger sculpture.  We have lions and tigers and bears plus more.  There are several enjoyable farm animals in our collection such as Yorkshire Lambs Garden Statues: Sitting Lamb & Standing Lamb.  These are baby lambs, hand painted in our excellent detailed tradition and look like they are part of a wooly herd in your yard.  Again these are Design Toscano exclusives.

We have a penchant for producing wonderful large statues that have the same fine sculptural details of our smaller statues.  Certainly our large Buddha statues are an example of that.  For the many gargoyle lovers out there, we now present a large gargoyle statue.  This is Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons Gargoyle Statue and he is not for the faint of heart.  He sits on a great plinth and stares with scorn at the world around him.  Do you dare put him in your yard?

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