A Touch of Egypt and a Dieting Dragon

Egyptian Skeleton Sentry: Guard of the Temple BoxDesign Toscano is the place for you to find everything in Egyptian art and design items for a décor of Ancient Egypt.  We have all of the usual things such as statues of King Tutankhamen and Cleopatra, but we also have some unusual things like the Egyptian Skeletal Sentry: Guard of the Temple Box.  This little box is protected with detailed carvings of the goddess Wad-jet and a great place to store many types of items.  If Wad-jet were not enough protection, there is a wonderful sentry skeleton on the top wearing an Egyptian headdress.  This unique item is only available at Design Toscano.

For more in the world of Ancient Egypt, you need only browse our Egyptian tables and furniture collection and if you are looking for a lovely small storage area, the Keepsake of the Pharaoh: Egyptian Curio Cabinet. This wood cabinet is 16” Desktop Gothic Goblins: Dieter the Dragonhigh and is painted with picture of Isis and Nerfertari.  There are hieroglyphs around the border and it is lovingly finished by hand.

Even though it is still summer, many people are starting to pick up things with the winter gift giving season in mind and in our gargoyle gifts section there are many, perhaps somewhat strange, practical gifts at good prices.  One is Desktop Gothic Goblins: Dieter the Dragon, an adorable goblin with his tongue out and mouth opened wide so that you can feed him candy, pens, paperclips and other stuff on your desk.  He is hand painted in lovely goblin green and would make a great gift for a co-worker.

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Name: Phoenix
Time: Monday, September 23, 2013

what's in the box that the humans skeletons guarding.

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