A Unicorn and a Red-Eyed Frog

We have several statues of mythical legend such as our Bigfoot statue and, who knows that one might not be mythical.  A beautiful statue is The Enchanted Unicorn Sculpture celebrating the mystical creature well beloved by all.  This Design Toscano exclusive statue is over a foot tall, sculpted in extraordinary detail and hand painted in pastels.

http://www.designtoscano.com/product/code/BB262038.doWe have many sculptures of reptiles, like lizards and other small creatures like our popular tortoise statue.  A new guy on the block is this adorable and intriguing Red-Eyed Tree Frog Statue.  The frog with bulging red eyes has traveled from the Amazon rainforest and is distinctively hand painted in bright green and yellow colors.  He can be fitted anywhere, but will find a place in your heart.

Our animals are very often hand painted in the colors of nature, like our outdoor elephant statues in gray with large white tusks.  However we do have several sculptures done in bronze that show off the incredible detail that the artist put into creating the animal.  One of these detailed and also fun animals is the Long Necked Goose Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture.  The goose’s long neck gives it a feel of high fashion and at the same time the detailed webbed feet are ready for a splash.  You even have the option of having it flow water from its beak.

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