Add a Touch of Asia to Your Home and Save Money Doing It

Tian Shan, the Asian Panda SculptureAsian art is elegant, has an ancient appeal, and never fails to be a topic of conversation. Since so many Asian-themed statues look as if they could be displayed in an art museum, it's easy to assume that items like Asian garden sculptures, and Asian garden statues must also be terribly expensive. Fact is, there are plenty of beautiful, Asian-themed decorations and Japanese garden statues that are entirely affordable.

For example, Tian Shan, the Asian Panda sculpture can entertain guests to your garden for less than $100. It doesn't even cost $26 for a serene, lotus-sitting statue of the Goddess Guan Lin. These are just a few of the Asian outdoor statues that can be bought for low prices.

The interior of your home can also be decorated with an Asian artistic touch for less than you think. Guests to your home will wonder if you started collecting ancient Chinese art when they see the authentic looking Emperor Xuanzong' Fat Horse statue. Beautifully detailed and elegant Geisha statues will also be topics of conversation for anyone visiting your home.

The time for adding a touch of the Far East to your home has never been better than now. All Asian decor is 20% off its regular price from now until Sunday, February 5th!

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