Add a Touch of Paris to Your Living Room with This Table

Paris, France. Few other cities generate as many romantic feelings as the French capital. One of Europe's Eiffel Tower Metal Side Tableclassic cities, Paris has been the seat and center of French society for more than a thousand years. Founded by the Gauls, inhabited by Romans, and beautified by centuries of French culture, Paris is filled with art just about everywhere you look. The white church of the Sacre Coeur beckons from atop a hill. The wide expanse of the Champs Elysees is flanked by Parisian cafes and leads to the massive Arc de Triomphe. The church of Notre Dame is covered in statuary, Gothic Décor, and gargoyle figurines. The Louvre displays one of the finest art collections in the world.

There are so many wonders in Paris that it can be difficult to pick sites to visit. However, one place that should never be left off of any itinerary is the Eiffel Tower. Jutting into the air above the picturesque buildings of this old city, this monument represents Paris for millions of people around the globe and brings to mind the elegance, class, and romance that fill her city streets. Bring those feelings into you living room with the Eiffel Tower table. This small table that replicates the base of the famous Parisian tower is perfect for serving champagne or escargot and adds romance to any night of the week.

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