Add Angelic Splendor to the Garden with Our Biggest Stone Garden Angel

Grand Cathedral Angel SculptureAngels are representative of that which is holy, mysterious, and beyond comprehension. According to lore, these immortal beings watch over and protect us in times of danger and duress and very rarely reveal themselves. Incredibly beautiful to the point of being terrifying, these messengers from God leave a big impression on anyone who actually claims to have seen one. Most of us, though, have to settle for seeing statues of angels in churches and in our own backyards. The best angel sculptures are those that express a holy trio of majesty, beauty, and peace and few do this better than our Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture.

Standing more than six feet tall, this majestic angel acts as an impressive centerpiece for any backyard. Modeled after breathtaking angel statuary from churches in Rome and other major European cities, our tall angel has elegant flowing robes and long hair. She holds her hands out to welcome guests to your garden and gazes down with wise, peaceful eyes. However, the most impressive features on this angel statue are her large, outstretched wings. These are no small, folded, feathered appendages but big, beautiful wings with highly detailed plumes. Put this impressive garden statuary on a pedestal to give her even more height but don't put her on display during freezing weather.

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