Add Fine Porcelain Chinese Maiden Statues To Your Home!

If you explore the latest collection in the Basil Street Gallery Decor, you will find some beautiful and meticulously-crafted pieces.  Some remarkable works that came into Design Toscano's possession are beautiful, exclusive Japanese Garden Statues made from porcelain. 

The Blossom Princess Porcelain Statue is a beautiful and unique piece to add to your home decor! Surpassing even the most detailed Asian collectibles, this fine porcelain sculpture by the amazingly talented artist Lin Wei Dung is a marvel! Its soft hues and tinted glazes highlight a meticulously hand-cast and hand-painted sculpture that delights the eye at each new discovery. From the tiny bird perched amidst tree blossoms to the bangle bracelet on her tiny wrist, this enviable work is truly gallery-quality art.

The Lady on Ming Qing Settee Porcelain Statue is another exclusive piece that looks good in every home! From her individually hand-painted nails and flower-laden braids to the traditional courting settee upon which she is perched, this Asian beauty is awash in the soft-hued glazes that have made Chinese artist Lin Wei Dung's work so collectible in his native country. Bring the delicate splendor of Asia into your home with this intricately sculpted porcelain work of art.

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